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Colleen Thaiss

2 years ago

Dr Johnson is a wealth of knowledge- one of the few vets around who operates on fish. Additionally, he has very good bed side manner, wonderful demeanor for all fur babies. His staff is incredible as well. My husband Eric and I have been with this practice for 23+ years- highly recommend!

Angela A

2 years ago

The doctor is great, honest, and reasonably priced.

Charlotte von Wolfle Greer

2 years ago

Staff is very kind, organized and knowledgeable and Dr. Johnson is a brilliant diagnostician. Prices are also super reasonable. We've been taking our animals to Dr. J since he was out of vet school, as have the majority of his clients.

Hamid Lavassani

2 years ago

There simply is not a word to describe Dr. Johnson. We had used Johnson Vet. for our two Pomeranians for their entire lives. Dr. Johnson and his staff had always cared for our pups as they were their own and treated us as part of the family. Unfortunately, the pups passed about five years ago of old age. I also have had a Koi Pond for the last 15 years without any problems until a few months ago. I started losing my koi one after another to Parasites and disease. I called Dr. Johnson to the rescue. Dr. Johnson went above and beyond to help me to save what was left of them, and also get the pond treated and ready for new fish. He visited my house several times and continuously communicated with me through text and phone calls for a couple of months until he had the problems solved and the pond under control. I wish there was a word or a way to show my gratitude to you and your AWESOME staff!! I knew we were dealing with a great human being and a great Veterinary Clinic the minute I walked through your doors 15 years ago! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Lanre Ojemuyiwa

2 years ago

Dr Johnson is the best veterinarian for your pet. He truly cares!


3 years ago

Best vet! We are positive what our other vet had wanted to do would have ended up killing our dog. Getting a second opinion from Johnson Veterinary Services was the best thing we did and we’ll never take our pets anywhere else.

Sittin Hawk

3 years ago

Charging for things without discussing/approving.

Susan Morabit

3 years ago

Dr. Johnson is PRECIOUS! He & his staff are so knowledgeable and compassionate, and genuinely care about people & their pets. Both of my dogs LOVE Dr. Johnson!

Stephanie Rosen

3 years ago

Fabulous vet, honest, no unnecessary tests or procedures. He and staff really care about the animals

Marybeth Rubinacci

3 years ago

We have been with him for 20+ years and had 5 dogs see him. Our first lived 16 years, second lived 13 years (and a copperhead bite), third was rescued as a senior and was well cared for while we had him, 4th rescued and within minutes told us she wasn’t right for us (bit my kid and dog within 10 minutes of having him in house and took him back to foster) and new puppy (we only took her to see him because she was from breeder and had 3 days to vet her and we now live in TX). He’s incredibly intelligent. He will always try less expensive options first when it makes sense and will spend as much time with you as you need. He also provides verbatim reports of what you discuss. He is kind and compassionate. He’s the only vet I’d ever use in the area.

monica bolsoniCafe

3 years ago

Dr. Erik and Staff are such good people! They care for my Granddogs and my 4 Furkids Miss Smokey????, Miss Tinny????, Oscar???? and Earl????with so much kindness! We really feel blessed for all these 13 years ???? Sending our love to you guys❤????

Amber Markisello

3 years ago

First off, procedures were done without authorization. Second, one of the unauthorized procedures was a Heartworm test, which would have been authorized is asked. Well, this office is a SCAM! The only way one can get preventatives is to purchase through the office. What vet tests then will not write a prescription. What is the point in even testing then?! RUN!!!!! They don’t care about the animals, it’s all about the money. I’m beyond baffled with all of this!! Multiple unauthorized charges and no preventatives because they REFUSE to write a prescription. RUN RUN RUN!!

Alejandro Flores

3 years ago

Nice people and great service, my dogs love visiting the place.

B. B.

3 years ago

Another reviewer said if you spend 5 minutes talking to Dr. Johnson, you'll understand why he (the reviewer) would trust Dr. Johnson's opinion, and I couldn't agree more! I have a friend who found a growth on her dog's eyelid that she wanted to have checked right away. Because she is confined to a wheelchair, I offered to make the appointment and take him. I was able to get an appointment for the following morning! I was very impressed with Dr. Johnson, as well as, the other members of his staff. He made sure to explain everything to me in detail and because he knew I would be relating this to another person, he also wrote out tlall of the points he touched on so his owner would be completely informed. Six months later and her dog has what appears to be an eye infection. Again, I was fit-in for a next day appointment, and again, Dr. Johnson and his staff were fabulous! I was so impressed that I made an appointment for my dog, and I have been going to my vet for 18 years. I was very happy with my previous vet, but not as much as with Dr. Johnson! It speaks volumes that I changed vets after going to the same vet, who I was happy with, for four pets over nearly two decades. However, Dr. Johnson's "pet-side" manner was as good as dog or cat owner could ever ask for in a vet! He is also conscious about saving you money and not doing unecessary procedures. Although I wasn't there for the dog's skin and it was not brought up by me, he noticed that he was a bit more pinkish than he should be, and told me if he began itching or the pink became more pronounced, to simply e-mail him so he could have the medication available for me to pick-up at the front desk saving me the $49 exam/appointment charge. It's unusual to find a vet, especially in East Cobb, that is not only incredibly knowledgeable with a wonderful pet-side manner, but also makes a point in helping to save you on the costs of your pet's care. I wouldn't hesitate for one second to fully recommend Johnson Veterinary Services to you!

Hilary Thornton

3 years ago

Doc Johnson and his staff do a great job at a fair price. Very COVID-safe process.

olivia bishop

3 years ago

We have been taking our dogs to Dr. JOHNSON since they were pups...about 11years. We moved to West Cobb 3 years ago but still drive 45 minutes because he is so good to us. Thank you all for your help. The staff is very helpful, too.

Ross Alexander

3 years ago

They've always taken great care of our pets, both cats and dogs! Doc Johnson has come up with some easy and cost effective fixes to problems we thought would be a bigger deal

TeriAnne M

3 years ago

Quality of care far exceeds expectations. I have never known a vet and staff that cares more deeply for the animals they are treating. They go above and beyond.

Veaya Stembridge

3 years ago

Great as usual!I love that they still take care of our cats, while being socially distant and safe. They came out and got our cats, and gave them all their shots and checkups while we waited in the car. Gave excellent detailed notes on each kitty. Very happy!

Morgan McCraw

4 years ago

I recommend everyone to come here. It's quality affordable Care with people that know what they are talking about. They were so wonderful when my dog passed away and they helped me out with advice when I brought home a puppy. The people seriously have amazing customer service and are just lovely to be around.

Stan Levitt

4 years ago

Doctor Johnson is absolutely 1st rate. Caring, communicative, and has a magical touch with his patients.

shea trenbeath

4 years ago

Dr. Johnson is honest, up front, and fair. He has very reasonable prices, and his entire staff is very helpful. Our whole extended family has been bringing our pets — 10 dogs and 6 cats — to him for almost two decades, and he's taken wonderful care of them all.

Thomas Mccraw

4 years ago

Dr. Johnson know his stuff and actually cares more about the pet and owners more than the money. He despises crupt veterinarians.

Rory Kiefer

4 years ago

Erik and crew take wonderful, loving care of my pets as if they were their own. I started going here out of locational convenience/proximity, but fell in love with the service. They have strange hours, but I don’t care - it hasn’t kept my dogs from getting fully satisfactory or better service. I recommend them. Erik will tell it to you straight, no BS. I like that.

Richard Hollenshead

4 years ago

Previously used several local vets. Newest family addition, terrier chi mix rescue dog, Josie, up until now picture of health, suddenly experienced urinary issues. Did not know anybody at Dr. Johnson's office, Heather worked me in next day!, pleasant experience Dr. Johnson and staff extremely knowledgeable and competent, reminiscent of bygone era when physician took time to personalize consultation to the patients needs and family concerns. Dr. Johnson and his staff the best!

Richard Amedee

4 years ago

They really care about your pet and your concerns.

Pat Townsend

4 years ago

Dr. Johnson is the best veterinarian I have found in the Cobb County area. He takes the time to listen and question you about your pet's problem and explains thoroughly how he will treat your fur baby. He is genuinely interested in your pet's health .

Morgan Sutton

4 years ago

Dr. Johnson and his team are AMAZING. They helped our sweet cattle dog puppy during an incredibly difficult time and they were nothing but helpful, educational, proactive and honest. My family has been seeing Dr. Johnson for the past 20 years and now that I have dogs of my own, we wouldn't consider taking them to anyone else! I highly recommend them if you want to give your animals the best care around!

Sandra Palladino

4 years ago

He treats you as if you and your pet were family. He is honest, practical and knowledgeable. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Monique Biddle

4 years ago

If I could give a zero review then I would. I have been coming to this facility for over 20+ years and the way I was treated was mind boggling. I spoke with Heather the day before and made a 9am appointment. When I got there today there was no appointment. I had my hands full with two dogs and and an infant. I asked to speak with Heather and it took 45 minutes for her to come and talk to me about the situation. Only for her to tell me (in a very rude manner), that I didn’t make an appointment and I would have to wait. Wait??!!! I already had waited 45 minutes from my original appointment. We chatted on the phone the day prior for a solid five minutes. She Looked up my chart while I was on the phone and saw that my dog had gone to the emergency room a couple of days prior. It was very important to get into this appointment and all she did was yell at me and tell me I had to wait my turn or she would get my file and I was welcome to leave and go elsewhere. That is not the type of customer service I expect after being loyal to a veterinarian office. I will be taking my business elsewhere after all these years. That is not how you treat any client!!!! She proceeded to tell me that they were understaffed for the day and had a fill in doctor.… That is not my problem and something that I did not need to know. The end result was her telling me to gladly take my business somewhere else if I didn’t want to wait. She said She would go get my file and I could take it with me. Well, guess what...that is exactly what I will do! Coming from another business owner, I would be mortified to know that that is how an employee dealt with my 20+ year client. P.S. Heather told me that I said I was taking the 9am appointment, but then the phone hung up. Well, if that is the case and she wasn’t sure if I was taking the 9 AM timeslot or not, wouldn’t a employee call the number back to confirm? They have all my information on file. I will say that Dr Johnson was not in the office Today. Maybe things would have ended differently if he was. Update: Lassiter Animal Hospital off of Johnson’s Ferry Rd. took me right away and that will be the new Doctors office for my sweet 15 year old dogs:) I had them transfer my file today. I was recently recommended by a few different people in the last couple of weeks. I guess everything happens for a reason.

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