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Logan Elder

2 years ago

Friendly, amazing staff and extremely sweet pets!

Mary McQueen

2 years ago

I don't know what happened to this facility? I used to volunteer there. I am trying to adopt. Nobody answers the phone or appointment requests. I am reporting them. The reviews are horrible!

N Strumentals

2 years ago

I spoke with a lady in the parking lot concerning the rescue of a kitten. I learned a lot and she was very helpful.

Christopher Hiatt

2 years ago

Really bad screening process. Was trying to adopt a mother cat and her two kittens to keep them together. Gave them my vet info which they called to check for vaccine status. Vet had no record of vaccine so they declined the app. Of course the vet didn't have current vaccine records. I don't take them to the vet for routine vaccines. I take them to vaccine clinics at the pet store or schedule in home services. They should have just asked for vaccine records. Absolute idiots.

Andrew S

2 years ago

Terrible experience with the screening process. Took over a month playing phone tag, trying to get staff to answer emails, and having send to documents multiple times, only to be rejected for the cat we wanted to adopt. I get that its a volunteer organization, but everyone seemed uninterested in actually trying to get their cats adopted. No explanation was given for our application being rejected, but based on the other reviews, we assume our application was denied because of their secret no outside policy. We were asked about if we would let the cat go outside and we felt like the line of questioning was pressuring us to say we might put the cat on a leash and supervise its outside time if it really showed an interest in going outside. If they didn't have a coercive line of questioning in the adoption interview and arbitrary correct answers to the questions, they might actually adopt out some of the cats that they've had for quite a while. Frankly, I'm concerned that there's some kind of fraud going on here. I'm not sure why else they would so resistant to finding homes for their animals.

Lilli Laney

2 years ago

If you ever had an animal that was not fixed, don’t even bother. They strongly disapprove of this and don’t let you know until they follow up with your vet. My poor mother got so attached to a cat and just wanted a companion and they rejected her only because she had a dog 10 years ago that was not fixed. You’re better off looking somewhere else. Save your time and tears by finding a more giving animal shelter. With so many rules, I find it hard to believe that these animals ever find homes.

Juan Ortiz

2 years ago

Man this place is weird. What happened to the days when you can walk in look at a pet you might want to bring home and just talk to someone about it. This place is locked up and by appointment only. Then they ask you fill out a paper for a …

Valentino Way

3 years ago

Their customer service is horrible, the management is rude. And they have the worst communication skills ever. They tell you things at the last minute instead of upfront

Nico J

3 years ago

TLDR; My adoption experience was pretty bad. They establish requirements that are not communicated to the interviewee, then blacklist you from ever adopting from …

AGood Grrl

3 years ago

I respect pre-screening questions to find a good home for an animal. However... declining applications for an adoption for someone who can truly provide a good home seems a little ridiculous. I have never surrendered an animal to a shelter or humane society. Never abandoned an animal nor been unable to care for it. I have had a cat since the day he was born. He's 13 years old. I have a 4 month old kitten who is very energetic and needs a friend. I own my own house. Don't have a spouse I need to make co-decisions on and no allergies. Own my own business. I don't have to move for work. Yet I was denied a kitten that I wanted to provide a good home for and be strictly indoor. Unfortunate that they are denying potential good homes tor the babies based off assumptions... very sad.

Nicholas Walton

3 years ago

They have no desire to adopt out any animals. We set an appointment at the Cat Cafe in Marietta where we picked out two cats and completed the application. The timing on the website is a lie, 48hrs. It was 3 weeks before we had any communication. We left a message to follow up with them and did not receive a call back. After 6 weeks and 2 phone interviews they stopped contacting us. No follow up or explanation why we would not be allowed to adopt. However I believe it’s because we answered the question of “would you allow the animals to go outside” with the explanation of we would provide a safe, screened in porch area to provide the animals with an outdoor experience. We have had multiple indoor/outdoor cats. As you can read in reviews below, others have had the same experienced. We have had multiple cats and dogs, and have never had such a bad experience trying to adopt a new pet for our family. The cat cafe owner is absentee. As overheard from the employees, the owner doesn’t care if the business is successful. The cats are stressed out and on top of each other. We will be looking for breeders.

Jessica Kenney

3 years ago

Based on my experience with Cobb Humane Society, I will have to agree with other reviews left. I appreciate the vetting and interview process because these animals should be going to loving and caring homes. However, when you are asked a “what would you do if the cat should an interest in going outside?”, they are setting you up to not be approved. The cat I had applied for would have been an inside cat 100% but yet I was rejected because I stated that if the cat truly wanted to go outside, I would do so safely by using a pet stroller or some other means. I was notified the next day I would not be approved because they have a strict “no outside” policy. This policy is not communicated. I would consider finding another organization to adopt from!

Jonell Banks

3 years ago

I am very disappointed with the humane society of cobb. I went to interact with the cats at java cats Cafe to see how they would take to me. I found 2 cats that followed me around and i enjoyed playing with them. I filled out the application that day. 5 days later i called because i hadn't heard from them and left a message. I got a call the next afternoon for an adoption interview and was told they would get back with me on 4 days. I didn't hear back from them so i again called and left a message. They called back the following day after hours to inform me they will not allow me to adopt the kitties and would not give a reason. I since have been to another cat adoption place where i was paired with my current kitties... but it shouldn't have taken so long for the humane society to get back with me only to deny my adoption request without cause! I've grown up with cats, i own my own house, and live alone with no roommates or kids! What's wrong with this picture? Deny a pair of kitties a loving home to a qualified care taker?

Christen Hedrick

3 years ago

I’m really sad to say this, but I am disappointed with Cobb Humane since COVID-19 started. My husband and I browsed online and found a few cats we wanted to meet on their website. It took days to hear a call back after an initial …

Ben Stepanek

3 years ago

Absolutely unacceptable communication from this supposed "humane" society. We interviewed with them, and they then took us off the list without notifying us because I stated that I had built a custom deck gate and retainment for our last …

Katherine Barron

3 years ago

Went to rent a trap, and was very pleased by the entire experience. Everyone was very kind and friendly, and offered advice about catching the community cat near my house. It was a very positive and affirming experience.

Maureen C. Allen

3 years ago

Impressive for the care they give the animals, evidenced by the photos. (Online visit.)

Megan Leavell

3 years ago

I wanted to completely re-do my review for this No Kill Shelter. I had originally posted a negative review when trying to get someone to speak to and contact me back about adopting a cat and the process. It was around the holidays, so now I …

Norah Blocksom

3 years ago

Staff was Friendly & Helpful!

Paul Posl

3 years ago

I really didn't expect to write a negative review of the Humane Society, but our experience with them was abysmal. We found a lovely pair of cats at the associated Java Cat Cafe just off the square in Marietta. We applied that very day to adopt them and were told that it could take up to 10 days for approval through the Humane Society of Cobb County. Fine, we thought, we are happy that they thoroughly vet people before allowing adoption. Well, we heard nothing from them and gave it an extra couple days and checked in at 2 weeks. No return phone calls, despite our daily calls and getting only voice mail. After another 4 days they called us to say that our application had been lost. I make the 2nd application over the phone and they said that they would expedite the process and we would hear back from them in 2 days at the most. We have not heard back from them yet, and it is now well past 4 weeks since our original visit. It is so sad that willing and qualified adopters are treated with such disrespect. If we truly were turned down as adopters, we at least deserved a call or some kind of notification. I said qualified. At the 3 week mark, we went to Good Mews adoption center in East Cobb and left with a sweet pair of cats.

Cassandra L (cassie81)

4 years ago

Humane Society of Cobb County : (Let me inform you about this nonprofit) ... 1. They are not affiliated with The Humane Society of the US nor the county (gov). Thus they only received financial help through the generosity of donations, …

Gwendolyn Reed

4 years ago



4 years ago

Lived seeing the cats & dogs if only I had a farm to adopt them all!

Melanie Smith

4 years ago

The people were very helpful

Michelle Buffkin

4 years ago

Closed?! Drove all the way from Dunwoody to address provided, 148 Fairground St SE, Marietta, GA 30060. I get there, doors locked with info directing to another location, 1060 Al Bishop Drive. 12m away. And they're closed as well. And …

Rabid Mayday

4 years ago

Thank you for all that you do.

Viktor Stepanov

4 years ago

I totally respect what they do but it seems really hard to get ahold of them.

Hollie Lawing

5 years ago

I dropped by at first, and the woman wouldn’t let us in- appointment only?? I was looking to adopt a kitten. ???? I then tried to call, day after day,and no one answered. What is happening there inside?


5 years ago

I called to inquire about a pet adoption and the young lady I spoke with informed me that I had to have a scheduled appointment to visit the facility. She then asked me several pre screening questions about my household and yard. She stated …

Donna Herfurth

5 years ago

Wonderful organization. I had numerous feral cats in my neighborhood, mainly because when people were forced to move they abandoned their cats. After 2 years of working with one of the moma cats she trusted me enough to bring her babies to …

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