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Madison Bates

2 years ago

Absolutely amazing! I have a Dalmatian who started agility at 8months old with The Dogs' Spot! He progressed so much in such little time. Laura the owner is so good at what she does! She always took the time to answer all of our questions and give us quality feedback in lessons. LeAnn also gives absolutely phenomenal feedback in lessons. We laughed and had a smile on our face during every lesson! They both are experienced professionals and make training so much fun! We were regulars for several months and even celebrated Hugh (my Dalmatians) 1st birthday with them. Watching Hugh progress each lesson and see his confidence grow from a scared puppy to a confident dog was well worth it! We were devastated to have to end lessons. I haven't seen a better agility program ever! The Dogs' Spot we are so grateful to have met and worked with such amazing people like you! Love, Madison and Hugh

Jane Jackson

2 years ago

What a great place to take my Jack Russell to get rid of some excess energy at flyball classes. Stephanie is good with leading these dogs thru the training they need and the drills practiced are well planned to ensure success in competition down the road. Thank you Dogs' Spot and Stephanie!!

Shannon Wells

2 years ago

As a dog trainer myself who know works in animal sheltering, I am picky about where I refer adopters, and The Dogs' Spot is top of my go-to list. This is who I turn to for help with my own pets and where I send my family.

Linda Bullock

2 years ago

I have sent a detailed e-mail and left a msg on their machine. No response. Came highly recommended too bad I can't agree.

Aubrey Anderson

3 years ago

I learned about The Dogs' Spot when I was at a local dog park & met Laura, the owner. My dad and I brought one of our doggos to The Dogs' Spot for reactive dog training. All owners go through a training with Laura to understand more about the training practices used. I nearly cried because I finally felt that I could do something to help me better help my dog. Class was taught by 2 trained & certified instructors who themselves had reactive dogs. I REALLY loved the methodologies of positive reinforcement. My dog isn't perfect, but neither am I. The skills learned in the Reactive Dog I class were crucial in our interactions.


3 years ago

Called for over 2 weeks after being recommended by my veterinarian. No responses. Fine. Moving on to another professional.

D. C.

3 years ago

This was our first time visiting The Dogs' Spot. We signed up our recently rescued 9 month old "puppy" for the 6 week training program. Their pricing is competitive and affordable. They just relocated to this location and are still reorganizing some things, but overall it was a great first experience. At first, our new puppy was embarrassingly out of control, but the trainers and staff knew exactly how to handle him. He eventually settled down and learned a few things the very first day! Everyone was very polite and knowledgeable. I can only expect that this place will just get better and better. We are looking forward to continuing our dogs training here. Highly recommended!!

Charlotte Harris

3 years ago

This is a caring effective dog training experience

Theresa Patton

3 years ago

After trying to set up an evaluation from their recommended vet which I had to make several calls to because they didn't answer I finally got that done Which I don't know what they were supposed to evaluate but it was just sitting in a room talking about what my dog did, there was no physical evaluation. This place never responded back to me about confirming a training session. even directly texting the trainer there was zero response. s

Jordan Wandfluh

3 years ago

Sophie and I have been going to the Dogs' Spot for several years now. We use to do a lot of agility classes but now that she is 11 we are incorporating Fit Paws to keep her active, flexible and agile. The Dogs' Spot is not only a wonderful place for Sophie and I to keep our bond strong but the people there become like family. They offer so many different classes and are so knowledgeable.

Catarina catz (catzeyes012)

3 years ago

Love the class and I really like the instructor, she takes her time and she uses positive reinforcement.. can't wait to have some free time to go again..

Becky K

3 years ago

I have learned so much about how to live with and train my dog. All the trainers I have worked with were patient and knowledgeable. I cannot recommend them enough. My only complaint is that they don't offer a wider variety and greater frequency of classes. My pup needs a lot of ongoing socialization and the dog enjoys going so much. I wish they offered more on an ongoing basis.

Deana Fajen

3 years ago

Just completed the puppy training with Tracy and LeAnn. Greatly enjoyed the class. My puppy was so excited to go to class every week and she learned a lot!

jeremiah hall

3 years ago

Great human trainers teaching us the way of the dog.

Jim Dumond

3 years ago

First class was good, instructor has some good points, just doing things live with some feedback that I was doing the right things was better than the basic internet instructions. Location is hidden away a bit, but the facility was nice enough.

Renee Johnson

3 years ago

First time at the fun run and had a great time.

Sara Henke

3 years ago

Fantastic training group. Reasonable pricing, great trainers, and huge facility!

Terri Brown

3 years ago

Teaching Carter to be a good puppy!

Amy Walsh

4 years ago

This place is great! They are so patient and always give great feedback

Steve Perry

4 years ago

You really see the passion in what they do and if you are very serious about dog training, you will want to check this place out. They are an abundance of information and very willing to help. With this, they should get five stars, but here are my suggestions. Although you have classes that you can start at any time and with some payment plans, you can make up at any time, I feel that everyone starting together at step one and seeing everyone progress together is very helpful. Starting with a class that would be taught later on was confusing, when we really just need to master the basics first. I also strongly suggest recording the business owner doing the initial people course or have someone sit in this 90 minute class and help her see where she can improve. Taking 60 minutes to cover only 6 pages of her PowerPoint presentation and trying to cram in the remaining 20 slides in 30 minutes is not a prepared presentation. Spend less time on the details of how you clean up dog waste if the crew is instructed to do it. We only need the elaborate details if you want us to make sure they are doing the steps and report to you if they are cheating. We also really don't need to practice on how to give a dog a treat with the fear that they will move their mouth and we'll miss. So we miss. Good chance the dog will still find the treat. A large part of this class wasn't worth the price: it was free. As soon as this class was done a guy stood up and right in front of everyone thanked her for the class, but stated that he won't be back. It was crazy rude and we agreed that it was best to just leave and never come back if that was the case, but you can't help think that if this presentation was better, more people would be back. I think that it also didn't help with him giving some excuses why he won't be back, taking up more of our time when we were very ready to get out of there. We went through the course and are continuing to work the skills we learned and realize that a good part of training is for us as the people to communicate to each other on what we are doing and what words we are using. Dogs have a limited vocabulary, so we are working on making it simple. Maybe when we are ready for some advanced training like obstacle course, we'll be back at the Dogs' Spot.

Julie Hall

4 years ago

A great place to train with your pups! I have taken puppy classes and also beginning agility through advance agility classes. Although there is a wide variety of options. Instructors are very knowledgeable of dog behavior and always there to help. They strive to know you and your dog to personalize the training to meet your needs.

Jenn Carr (Jnfr)

4 years ago

We have been to a few classes so far and it has been top notch. The trainers are so personable and really work with you to help you learn how to work with your dog. The small classes are great so that you get a lot of one on one training. I look forward to more classes!

Jason Crowley

4 years ago

We have two pups and have been through the puppy and "Surviving Adolescence" classes. Tracy has taught most of our classes. She's great, and all of the staff is very knowledgeable. They've helped us a lot with training our new pups, keeping them busy, and helping us understand how they think.

Elizabeth Blair-Finn

4 years ago

Great classes! Extremely knowledgeable in current techniques. Very helpful with problem behaviors. Can't recommend them highly enough!

Angie Deras

4 years ago

Having been in the Animal Welfare industry for 18 years I cannot imagine a better place to go for help in dog training. They were even willing to work with my house Pig! I would never go anywhere else for my training needs!

Tom McKaig

5 years ago

Great Dog Training Facility. I first used The Dogs Spot 12 years ago to train my Labradoodle. We just got a baby goldendoodle and went straight back to The Dogs Spot.They only use positive reinforcement training methods. After only a couple of weeks of classes and following instructions my puppy recognizes her name, Sits, Downs, and is learning to walk on a leash. The Dogs Spot offers training from puppy kindergarten through advanced training. The staff are really knowledgeable and want to help you succeed.

Ryan Willett

5 years ago

Great training program willing to work with specific needs for each dog

Michelle Ingersol

5 years ago

Laura is so knowledgeable, patient, and fun! We love coming here for training our four legged friend!

Ed Wendell

5 years ago

Great place for puppy training.

Pam Vogt

6 years ago

Great training facility with super trainers. My dogs and I love the classes!

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