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Rabecca Y

2 years ago

Five stars all across the board! My pup does not have the best history with certain breeds and has developed anxiety. Because of this I had a hard time trusting many daycare facilities. Sarah and her staff have all been amazing in handling my dog and making sure he is still able to socialize and have fun. It makes me so happy to see him wiggle with excitement when I tell him its time to go to daycare.

Michael Morais

2 years ago

Love the way they make our family and pet feel special ❤️

Shirley Knight

2 years ago

Very happy with the grooming and jack and Lucy seemed comfortable. They will be spending the night this week

Evelyn Karina Becerra

2 years ago

OMG we are in love with our little TEDDY haircut ????

Gayle Short

2 years ago

I have my pup groomed monthly. I know he is being well taken care of by those who handle him for the 3 hours we are not together.

Joniecia King

2 years ago

I absolutely love Pleasant Paws! They took very good care of my previous dog, who passed in Oct. 2020, and they have been taking care of my puppy since May. She comes home happy and tired every time!

Emma Williams

2 years ago

Major Bentley loves this place. I see why, the staff treats my dog like family. They are awesome greet us with a smile. Very friendly and professional. I can’t imagine my dog going any other place. Thank you for having a great staff that Bentley looks forward to seeing often! Great job guys! Emma W.

Coree A

2 years ago

Our dog loves it here

Bill Etheridge

2 years ago

Love this place! Haleigh wakes me up on Daycare early. She enjoys going and playing with her friends. Sarah and the staff there are so friendly. They are great with dogs. Their training classes are positive re-enforcing and they take time with each dog. Then they show the owner how to use the commands. I highly recommend this place!!

yissel rosales

2 years ago

i love this place! My dog loves going to daycare here and by the time we are leaving the parking lot she is already dozing off. They are also the only place i trust to groom Sienna unlike other places i’ve gone to we’re they don’t seem to care about her or her anxiety. Pleasant Paws will actually have you talk to the groomer with any questions or concerns which i really appreciate. Highly recommend to anyone with a fur baby!

Pam Kowalewicz

2 years ago

The environment at Pleasant Paws is very nice. My two Miniature Schnauzers love coming to be groomed. Our oldest Bunny had the obedience training 3 years ago. Our newest puppy Dora just completed her obedience training. I am happy with everything at Pleasant Paws.

Matthew Godfrey

2 years ago

I wouldn't take my dog anywhere else! The staff is THE best!!!!!!?


2 years ago

Very friendly staff. Always attentive to the dogs and their dog moms/dads. Our dog loves going and has made play mates instantly. She is worn out by the time we pick her up and spreads out across the living room floor for a long nap after. They are separated by size and temperament. And even have a designated "rest time" there. I haven't used boarding yet but only because we've not needed it. We have been using them for almost a year for their day care service and it is highly recommended. The cool thing is that the boarding animals get to play with the day care animals during the day so they get yard time, play time, nap time, etc. Absolutely love this place!


2 years ago

I love this place and so does my Biscuit. They communicate with me any time I call and responds quickly to voicemails. I love when they take pictures of all the dogs when playing. Definitely would recommend this place for your pooch.

Elfrieda Ellison

2 years ago

Always attentive to my boys.

Laquanda Boney

2 years ago

My baby, Georgia, was a pit bull mixed and most daycare centers would not accept her. But Pleasant Paws did!. She attended daycare and occasional boarding for six years. I LOVED that the caregivers would send me pictures of her from their personal cellphones because I did not have an social media account. The way Georgia would react when we pulled into the parking lot let me know that this was a place that she enjoyed and felt safe. When I am emotionally ready to add another Fur Baby to my life, I will use Pleasant Paws again.

Natalie Strother

2 years ago

I’m very satisfied and amazed at how quick my puppy learned the commands. All the staff are nice . Sarah is a excellent trainer and I will be bringing my puppy back

Tina Smith

2 years ago

I have two German Shepherds Thor and Whiskey that go to daycare, have been groomed at Pleasant Paws and have been boarded as well. I have also sent Thor through advanced training and Whiskey basic training with Richard and Sarah. I completely trust them with my babies and will not go anywhere else. They only pair them with the same "energy level" and personality since they know Thor can play very hard and be challenging at times. I have never had a issue with any of the team at Pleasant Paws and will continue to always use them for their needs. They are even considerate of when my mom brings them for me and will come get them out of the car for her since she is 72 and can not handle them both together. I drive 30 minutes now since moving further away just for they can go play at PLEASANT PAWS!! too bad they do not have a bus or can swing by my home in Monroe and get them for me for they can go more LOL!!!! Thank you Sarah and Richard for all you do!!!

Stacey Culbertson

2 years ago

I hate to leave a negative review but believe in speaking my truth. I boarded my dog Fluffy here for the first time last week, for a quick 4 day trip. Upon pickup, it appeared all had gone well. Though I hardly saw any pictures (one picture only) of her playing on their social media pages during her stay, I assumed all was well. Fluffy seemed fine when they brought her out. However, its been a week today and things have changed. Over the last few days, I've noticed Fluffy seemed to be breathing weird and making a grunting sneeze with a runny nose. I didn't think anything of it at first, my lightbulb was delayed. She's also been making a very weird noise when sleeping like she's having difficulties breathing/snoring. Then last night I noticed an excessive amount of mucous coming from her nose. Then it hit me! She caught a bug from her stay here. When I examined Fluffy's bedding area here at home, I notice she has been apparently sick with this for the last several days due to the nasal discharge I found dried up on her bed. She is fully vaccinated including the "boardetella" vaccine which is supposed to be a requirement for any dog to board. Outside of being there, my dogs do not and have not had contact with ANY other dogs. My point is, I knew she had to have caught it there. I then called them to let them know Fluffy is sick and to ask if they had other folks complain about their dogs coming home sick? Richard did admit he has gotten a few other calls with this concern. That tells me exactly what I suspected that my dog caught it there! I didn't get into the blame game but I did expect an apology at a minimum. Instead, after initially admitting he rcvd other calls about the same issue, he kept implying she could've caught it anywhere? That makes no sense at all due to my dogs being home and not coming into contact with any other dogs outside of Fluffy boarding there last week. I realize these things do happen with boarding exposure to so many other dogs but a simple acknowledgement of her catching it there and an apology would've been appreciated. Not the best experience for a first time client- Update: I see another client posted a review about their dog also CATCHING KENNEL COUGH AT YOUR FACILITY days after mine came home sick! So what's the common denominator here Richard? I'd imagine there are more dogs that got sick but is somehow under the radar. You having first hand knowledge about other sick dogs at your facility but suggesting Fluffy possibly got it elsewhere is what was RUDE and deceitful. At 7 years old my dog HAS NEVER had kennel cough until boarding there with you. I stated she got it there because it is a FACT she DID. She hadn't been any place else she could've come in contact with a sick dog outside of your establishment. When I explained that and rcvd PUSH BACK from you, is when I said what I said and had every right to. Key word here is accountability or lack there of....Again, instead of DEFLECTING and DENYING, an apology was warranted at a minimum. As a first and LAST time customer, I trusted and paid you to provide responsible compassionate care for my dog. When I told you she was healthy until she came there, I meant that because its true. You should've taken responsibility and apologized. Yet you have the nerve to tell me what I should not say but show no concern for my dog getting sick and the inconvenience? The audacity is mind blowing not to mention the additional cost I incurred to have her treated. Thank God I followed my mind and chose not to board my 11 year old dog with you and kept her home. Her getting sick could've been life threatening. Funny you didn't deny it on the 2nd kennel cough review made by that disgruntled client but gave me smoke and mirrors. Terrible experience!

Shawna Jones

2 years ago

I was recommended to this groomer by my sister. I booked a appointment only to get a call a week later saying that someone messed up the schedule in they double booked the appointment in would need to reschedule. So I canceled all together just seem very unprofessional in the man did not really seem to care. Called back a few months later to book again. Got drilled by the man that answered if completed a profile online this went on for about 2 mins. He finally decided to look my info up to only tell me for a full groom it’s 2 weeks out! Never asked did my dog need a full groom. I was not going to write a review until the second time I called in received poor treatment! Word of mouth goes along way .

Noelle Keys

2 years ago

We love Pleasant Paws. I board my Beagle Mr. Miles here for vacation and Holidays. The staff is always friendly and kind to him. Being a beagle he barks A LOT, but they love him just the same. They always tell me how sweet and good he was. Mr. Miles comes home with clipped nails and a sweet smelling coat. Great place to board your baby.

Lynn Hennelly

2 years ago

Love these guys! My dog always has such a good experience there, since she is put with dogs she's very compatible with. Also, they get more play time with other dogs than other kennels I've checked out in the area. Love love love it!!! The best place I've found yet!...

Kelli Mateker

2 years ago

These people are amazing. They were super accommodating when our first border fell through. They were also very friendly and helpful and were able to take our dogs last minute when we experienced a sudden death in the family. Jett and Roux had a blast, and we will definitely be using the again in the future. Thank you guys so much, I'll definitely be recommending you all to everyone I know in the area.

Denikka Danyell

2 years ago

I’m a pet parent of a teacup poodle that is 16 years young! Miss Ruby is a vivacious healthy and smart poodle that is very well taking care of and extremely loved! She was doing exceptionally well PRIOR to her visit for a general grooming appointment. OUR BOO THANG… came home with an infected EYE, and we immediately rushed her to the vet. Our veterinarian says something got in her eye but of course we don’t know what happened. When we called Pleasant paws to inform them of our baby Ruby’s eye… they became defensive. I spoke with the owner while at the veterinarian to inform them that her eyes were irritated immediately after being groomed and we believe some soap/ sprays or something else got inside her eyes. Of course… they said we use all the best products, and had zero compassion for our baby and told us we shouldn’t bring her back as though it was Ruby’s fault! We are distraught because our baby is older and has been doing so well up until this grooming appointment. She is now having to use drops in her eyes daily because of this issue! Not to mention the money we spent every week taking her back and forth to the veterinarian for check ups for her eyes. Thank GOD we could afford it but paying all this money/extra money simply because the groomers at pleasant paws were NOT pleasant to our BABY! This is so sad because she was a regular client and we always tip extremely well. However if you LOVE and CARE about your Baby’s well being… I BEG YOU… please don’t take your baby there. We are so grateful our baby is fighting back and is still her vivacious self but she can NOT see as well as she use to before we allowed them to groom her. I don’t like writing bad reviews, but I wish I could’ve been warned to save my baby’s eyes!!!

Lydia Marcassa NettlesCrabtree

2 years ago

I bring Cass, a goldendoodle to be groomed here since he was a puppy. They consistently respond to my request, and are a great value. Having priced other groomers I do not believe I would be going anywhere else.

Erika Salazar

2 years ago

Do NOT bring your dog here. I dropped off my dog being his normal and healthy self. He's a very active very friendly dog and the most food motivated pup I've ever met. I picked him up after TWO days of boarding and he is not only covered in deep scratches, but also covered in puncture wounds and his right eye is so swollen he can barely open it. He no longer eats or drinks anything and he is now struggling to even walk in the yard to go to the bathroom. I called pleasant paws as soon as I got home from picking him up and they said they had noticed the scratches because he was playing with puppies with sharp nails. This is odd considering their policy is to alert the pet-parent if any injuries occur, yet if I hadn't called them inquiring about what happened, nothing would have been said to me; almost as if they're attempting to hide some sort of animal neglect, abuse or even cruelty that took place. They then told me they don't know how he got the puncture wounds on his paws, tail and sides, but they assured me they'd look into it because they knew he didn't have them when he came in. I called them twice a day while my dog boarded there and they said he was doing great and that he had only eaten about half of his meals, but they never mentioned anything about the scratches they very clearly knew about or the puncture wounds. I called them back the day after I picked him up because I was told I would get an update on how he could have gotten those puncture wounds. The OWNER, Richard, told me I was overreacting and that it was my dog's fault. He blatantly ignored my concern and completely dismissed me, even though the woman I spoke to the previous day assured me that the scratches had taken place in their facility and that they were trying to figure out how they happened. I simply want to know what could have happened to my dog so I can better help him recover at home, but if that's overreacting then this place clearly does not care about your animals boarding here. This is a place where they claim to "care for your pet as if they were their own," I would hate to be their pets if this is what they are okay with. My dog is a very active player, but I have never come across so many wounds on any pet after being boarded. He goes to dog parks regularly and he never comes home like that. He's boarded at a different facility for longer and was completely himself after I picked him up. I've ran a dog boarding/day care facility myself and no dog has ever gotten such bad wounds. I simply wanted to understand how they let the dogs play to the point where they are DRAWING BLOOD on other pets, and how a dog can be covered in wounds, but the pet parent was never notified. They don't know dog behavior and I am certain the dogs are not being monitored properly while they are playing with others. One of the first staff members I spoke to even expressed that they were SHORT STAFFED so something could have happened while they were away helping another customer. If you don't have the staff to adequately care for the dogs then you shouldn't be taking more dogs. This is further proof that this place is only interested in financially benefiting themselves and don't care about the dogs here. Also, notice the sarcastic and rude remarks that are made to anyone who posts an honest review criticizing them and know that this is their low level of professionalism.

George Strobhart

2 years ago

The staff is GREAT here! They have been caring for my dog, Rocky since they opened up. It started with a bath to them caring for him when my family and I go out of town. He loves it there and gets very excited soon as we pull into the parking lot. I can go on and on about their awesome staff that are very professional and great quality of work! You should definitely check them out!

JoAnne Krasnicki

2 years ago

Sara and her team are always good to out Koda.

Karen Pena

2 years ago

Great first experience! My dogs were groomed by Lyndsey and she did an amazing job. They look better than they ever have after being groomed.

Hannah Day

2 years ago

This was tge first time I ever used a kennel and my dog came home with kennel cough. I called and told them and all they said was "yeah that's going around right now" kennels are supposed to close down for 2 weeks after getting a report so that they can clean and try to make sure other dogs don't get it.

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