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Nikki Esberry

a year ago

Went in looking for puppies and the only thing that was said to me was to sanitize my hands and stand behind the line. No customer service what so over. For the prices on all those puppies, I would expect way more at least when it comes to customer service !

John Prasanna

a year ago

They asked me to stay behind the line. None of the puppies were happy because they were locked behind the cage. I don't know who is the owner but two sales ladies didn't even show much of the interest. Decided to find our new family member somewhere else. Sorry.

Paola Yaguas

a year ago

This place really sucks! They said whatever they want just to sell the puppies. 6 months ago I bought my baby that is “cavalier King Charles spaniel” but now, he is not that kind of puppy. It’s to different and I know isn’t the same breed. Don’t go there !!!!!!

Luis Villanueva

a year ago

Horrible place!!!They make you stand 6 feet away from all the cages to not spread viruses by touching the cages and they don’t even have a mask on SERIOUSLY!!!. Petland have same prices and better location,clean and spotless

Chris Horton

a year ago

The place stinks bad. Markups are heavily evidenced. Puppies are insanely overpriced and they are all small breeds.

Paulino Fortin

a year ago

I very nice and clean.

Nick Cooper

a year ago

Just bought a puppy here for my daughter's birthday, they were amazing, very professional and helpful...

max gonzalez

a year ago

**** BEWARE, FILLED WITH FAKE 5 STAR REVIEWS **** EXTREMELY overpriced !! $4500 for a teacup is Ridiculous. They make you stand 6 feet away from all the cages to not spread viruses by touching the cages. If you plan to charge double or triple the prices, be prepared to let people get close to their purchase. ****Highly recommend to shop somewhere else *** FDA CDC- Can pets spread COVID-19? There is currently no evidence that animals are a source of COVID-19 infection in the United States. Based on the limited information available to date, the risk of pets spreading the virus is considered to be low. If your pet is sick, consult your veterinarian.

Dora Hendrix

a year ago

My husband purchased my Shih Tzu from here. My baby girl, Fiona, is just precious and healthy. Staff was very helpful and friendly.

Red Rose LLC

a year ago

They sale defective puppies was planning to breed my girl miniature poodle with a male poodle that I purchased from here and turns out he only has on Testicle… so I won’t be able to Breed them like I planned too and now my vet recommends that I should get him Neutered what a complete waste of $5000 if you plan on breeding your dog an purchasing a dog I recommend going else where.

Big Yonccc

a year ago

So far my new fur baby Gucci is amazing and lively , I got a blue Merle toy poodle. He will be seeing the vet soon to make sure he is all good and healthy, the lady was super sweet to me. No complaints so far . Hopefully he’s all in the clear . They did say if anything wrong severely they would refund me and handle it. Not what I’m wanting because I’m in love with my baby poodle???????? yes they are expensive but I feel as so far it’s worth it, have bad anxiety and he’s been helping so much ????

Kia Relefourd

a year ago

Thank you so much. The first time my wife and I went there we felt uneasy the young lady was very pushy and really didn't know what she was talking about. So we left. We came back a week later dealt with a blond hair blue eyes I can't remember her name but she was very helpful. Her communication was very much appreciated ???? ☺. We went in with the intention of buying one we ended up with a yorkie and shizu

Jean Ghislain

a year ago

Good puppies but higher precious

Christy Davis

a year ago

Was very skeptical about purchasing a puppy from here, but of course fell in love with one of the little babies as soon as we walked in. Prices were reasonable, in comparison to other places, and the puppies seem to be well taken care of. Staff was very helpful and friendly. We love our new baby.

Nefertiti Taylor

a year ago

The puppies prices is to much but they are cup size. You can not get close to the puppies and hold them like you do at Petland.

Jim Perdew

a year ago

Great place to find your fur baby

Andrea Leon

a year ago

Great experience! We got our baby Oliver from here. We were very skeptical at first due to the nasty reviews about customer service but let me reassure you that is not at all the case. EVERYONE there was professional and super welcoming. They were patient with our millions of questions and concerns, in the end it was such an easy “yes” to purchasing our puppy and such an easy transition to home. Our puppy is all love and super friendly to other dogs/people... you can tell he has been properly socialized. Our personal veterinarian did an extensive checkup and said he is super healthy too. The ladies and owner were extremely helpful and nice. If we get another dog, we would definitely go back there. Only thing to be aware of is that they do have elevated costs, be prepared to spend about $4,000 on a puppy, if you aren’t ready to take on that expense than do go in. I wish they would have offered a bag of food with the puppy since he was so expensive but other than that it was a great experience. All the dogs were in crates but if you are interested, they hand over the puppy for you to snuggle and play with. All their pricing and breed info is clearly displaying on their crate so there are no surprises. I recommend you arrive early, the later you arrive in the day the more people there are and less likely you are to get the one-on-one attention you’d like. Our puppy is in the pictures below- he is a yorkiepoo 12 weeks old and his name is Oliver.

jo page

a year ago

Say they are AKC, but they gave me a bogus certificate, from themselves! When I asked about my real AKC purebred registration, I was hung up on! Won't give you any info about where they come from....because they most likely buy from puppy mills for $200-$300 each. (This is the typical practice of a bad pet shop.) And since only less than 10% of people actually leave a review, if all the good reviews were legit (NOT! tons of duplicates) they will have sold thousands of puppies! Where are they able to purchase for resale thousands of puppies?? Ugh, Yeah, puppy churning puppy mills. Then they cram them back into tiny, unsanitary cages where they cross contaminate the diseases from the dozens of puppy mills from which they came! They should be forced out of business! What's with the many store names they use anyway? Everywhere I look, this place shows red flags. Try shopping from the AKC's list of sellers instead.

Levi Calhoun

a year ago

Friendly people do have pups for sale

Liv inez

a year ago

I went with the intention of just browsing and checking out the quality of the establishment since the website did not list the breed I was looking for as being available. To my surprise they did have the Teddy Bear Yorkipoo I always wanted. They said he had just come in and had not yet been added to the video. Kennels were very clean and the staff was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable about their dogs and the necessary care they require. Would highly recommend them. After posting my review I decided to read through some of the other reviews that has been submitted and in the defense of this establishment… 1. Yes their puppies are very expensive; but still less than Petland. I paid 4200 for my YorkiPoo but I have many friends and coworkers that paid nearly as much for their more common breeds from local breeders. (Husky, Rottweiler, Mastiff) 2. I have been looking for this breed of dog for almost 15 years while living in three different states and unless I was willing to drive or fly across state lines to visit a breeder or purchase site unseen from a website there would’ve been no way for me to obtain my new baby. 3. Without hesitation I was allowed to hold several of the puppies and also play with them in one of several play pins that they were set up there. They did require us to wear mask but that was about the only restriction. Every puppy that I asked to see was removed from its kennel and handed directly to me. The bottom line is I think this place does as good a job as any human can possibly do but in the end they are just human and as humans none of us are perfect. As far as the person with the fainty Pomeranian. We were given explicit instructions as to the tendency for these small breeds to become hyper glycemic and the necessity to feed them every 1 to 2 hours and if necessary to give them this “sugary type paste” nutritional supplement which they provided.

Obdulio Asencio

a year ago

The dog are way to spensive

Mia Pemberton

a year ago

The staff isn't friendly, however the environment is very clean. I purchased a black male Pomeranian a couple of months ago. He was born Feb 17, 2021. He is very playful and the love of my life. My concern is that his front legs collasped suddenly while walking in his room as if he fainted. He recovered immediately like nothing happened. This incident has happen twice on the same day. My vet mentioned he may have low blood sugar. I'm aware he had another brother or sister from the same litter. It breaks my heart. I want to keep him until we grow old together. He is still playing and eating "Hills" pet food. Has anyone experienced this with there puppy? Keep my baby in prayer.

Saron Wasse

2 years ago

I might get a husky pup here because of all of the good reviews. I am looking for a surprise birthday present for her and she really wants a husky so me and my friend are going to hopefully go to puppies from heaven and get a husky for the whole family. can't wait. I will do it this summer. I know they shed a lot in the summer and I hate vacuuming, but it is fine.

Thrisha Hightower

2 years ago

We have had our little Bichonpoo “Dude” for 2 weeks and he is the best puppy! His first Bet check they said he was in perfect health! Puppies from Heaven was easy to deal with and gave us lots of info on getting started with our little baby!

Eryn Landry

2 years ago

Went in looking for my daughter a puppy as a present to her. Walked in, was told to stand behind the line and use sanitizer. That was all the employee said to us as we walked around looking at the puppies. The other didn’t speak. Not sure if we could have requested to touch them ..or not. Honestly left the same way I went in ... looking for a puppy. These pups are nearly 5K which we went in prepared ... I would assume a bit more customer service would have came with that price but we’ll go find a pup else where. ????

Carrie Tolbert

2 years ago

Courtney L---If you purchased a Pug or English Bulldog, I am not interested in breeding. So, please contact me if you want to re-home the puppy.

Nikki Liu

2 years ago

Bought my first designer puppy here, and she's in excellent health, with no allergy, super easy to take care of.

Raisa Alvarez

2 years ago

It was great but a bit pricey everyone was kind and we love our new member of the family Fifi

Courtney L

2 years ago

Do not purchase a puppy from here!! I recently Purchased a puppy here and once purchased we were given vaccine records which had additional comments about our puppy undergoing surgery. By then, the transaction was made so it was nothing we could do and we were under the impression that had a clean bill of health. Once we brought our puppy to the vet, we were told that the puppy’s condition can be passed down to her litter, so breeding is NOT an option! That’s a major problem as we wanted to breed later down the line. This was a very sloppy and MISLEADING transaction as this should have been told to us as soon as we picked her out and before the deposit was placed, not when we’ve paid the full amount. Read BBB reviews before purchasing. Will be reporting this to BBB and taking legal action.

Annalise Hayes

2 years ago

Love this place so much its so clean it doesnt even smell like a pet store! Got my little Cavachon here shes so cute and playful my kids totally fell in love

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