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Dan Tillotson

2 years ago

Main appointment on the phone for my kitty. Lady at the front desk had too much attitude very ugly very rude repeated herself as if she enjoys her entry level position. I upon arrival the same lady with multi-toned colored hair absolutely unpresentable to say the least. And then another lady in the back come out to greet me and she had the same Subaru driving attitude.... I would not suggest visiting this place unless you voted for Brandon enjoy tofu and are vegan and braid your leg hair driving a Subaru

Hope Rock

2 years ago

We got the information and help that we needed. They were accurate and really kind!!!

Liz Cash

2 years ago

We've been using them for over 20 years now. They're amazing and care so much more than any other place I've ever used. Can't say enough good things about this veterinarian clinic.

S Kim

2 years ago

It's so kind here. I will continue to visit.

Bunny girl

2 years ago

Nice experience . very expensive

Black Armstrong

2 years ago

Great Customer Service Patient and Friendly Professional

Rosie Ho

2 years ago

My cat had an abscess that popped and I took him here since it was closest. The procedure was $350. The pain medications they chose to give him caused him to have an adverse reaction, causing him to develop an ulcer, leading him to completely lose his appetite, vomit, and become lethargic. They demanded $181 for bloodwork or $90 for symptomatic treatment for a problem they caused. They also demanded him come in for an abscess follow-up, where they did absolutely nothing except take $40 from me. I asked what the “doctor” did and all she said was “just listened to his heart.” I don’t trust this place at all. UPDATE: I did reach out to Banfield in order to handle this satisfaction 6 months ago. They told me my complaints were documented and that they would get back to me. They never did. I’m still $400 short. Go to Gwinnett Vet instead. Much cheaper prices, faster services, and their treatments have yet to negatively affect my pets.

Christina Held

2 years ago

My puppy is not usually nice at the vet, but he does his best with this location.

AlanaSue Fowler

2 years ago

Love our Veterinarians at Banfield locations. I've been to the snellville location (GA) and Lawrenceville location over the years. Both Dr Williams and Dr Innis as well as the other Dr's in the clinic have been supportive and helpful. We just went through an illness with our sweet dachshund who is 14 now and I'm sure I drove them nuts with questions. Through the many phone calls and appts. We had, I never felt like I was a bother. They are extremely busy and are following Covid CDC recommendations so give yourself extra time. The staff is working hard to get all animals the care that they need. They are all very helpful and will guide you through your process. I'm so thankful to have The Banfield Team and Docs caring for our sweetie.

Jeudy Lopez

2 years ago

Kinda expensive even on the little things but I guess that’s fine if it’s about your pets health

Kristina Aliaga

2 years ago

Very convenient and the staff love the pets.


2 years ago

Sasha loves going there and they treat her like a princess❤

rose mcduffie

2 years ago

Drop off Luna this morning and was not told about the doctor being in surgery all morning by the staff called and then came yo the office where I was told about the surgery the doctor had and that Luna was waiting fom or her to make sure everything was done it is now about 4:30 pm and still no release r hi

Jessica Wright

3 years ago

I love Banfield and all their lovely employees. My dog Ivy is always treated well during her checkups and visits.

Joel Jones

3 years ago

Had an appointment scheduled for today at 9:30am (I have a form with the appointment written on it) but the lady at check in didn’t see it. After checking name and phone number she just immediately jumps to trying to schedule me for a week later. I said no, I have an appointment and can show the confirmation. At that she literally huffs and throws her hands up in exasperation. I then show her the appointment confirm that was given to us and she again speaks in a huffy, exasperated tone saying that it’s handwritten and not in the system. I said she can understand that it being handwritten and not in their system isn’t my problem - that I’m there for the appointment time I was given - and then this lady snaps back “well it’s not my problem either.” This lady should be fired. She’s rude. She had zero customer service, especially for something that was THEIR mistake. All she needed to do was say, “I’m so sorry, it looks like the express location didn’t actually put your appointment in. Unfortunately we’re all booked up today so the next available appointment is here.” But nope. She had to be rude and huffy. My wife called after the fact and she was apologetic for the express locations mistake but not her own nasty attitude

Roxana Martin

3 years ago

Good place for dog ????????

Collinda Shingledecker

3 years ago

Great pet hospital. Great staff! Love this place

Kimberly Maugans

3 years ago

I know about the pandemic, but when you toss a 78 yr old legally blind woman and her completely blind dog out to the curb TWICE to make her wait for her exact appt time (yes she was early as she is not in control of her transportation) THAT is unprofessional. They had a completely empty lobby with lots of benches. Each time she walks from the car to the door she takes the risk of tripping and falling.

Demetria Haywood

3 years ago

Very pleasant staff, they show love to your pets.

Ju Ju Clark Jr

3 years ago

A little too expensive for certain meds, n treatment.

Stephany Sifuentes

3 years ago

Love the staff’s! They take great care of my three fur babies. Going on 10 years with y’all.


3 years ago

Great customer service, they will work with you very closely when you need help

Crystal Batts

3 years ago

Very clean on the inside. Doctors and support staff make you and your furbaby feel welcome.

Denise Crosbie

3 years ago

They took great care of my cat Oscar. Very pleased with their wellness plans for pets.

Deinedra Mensah-bonsu

3 years ago

Honestly, this is a waste of money. The people are so kind when your starting everything but later after already being $530 in debt to them after the first visit, they show their true colors and treat you and your dog with little to no respect. I can’t say all the staff is rude because that would be untrue but some of the nurses are rude and you can tell that they’re out for your money. I understand in this pandemic, we need to social distance but have some respect when talking to and handling someone else’s dog. I assure you that free pet visits are not worth it. They don’t do anything or prescribe anything to suit you’re concerns

Debbie Breshears

3 years ago

They took in my dog right away after being hit by a car. They took care of her well and explained to detail what was going on and the treatments needed. The also explained the cost and gave me my options. A little expensive, but had to do at that time. And I was new in the area. Very polite staff and caring.

Imstupidboy Thenoob

3 years ago

“Over Priced” “You will spend less money at a normal vet” Do not recommend taking your pet there! They do not know what they were doing with our cat. The did not diagnose her correctly and gave us a prescription that did not work. I had to take her to a normal vet since her problem only became worse, she was fully examined by our new vet where she was treated with so much love and care not to mention they KNEW what they were doing and helped her. Banfield gave my cat and my self a horrible experience due to putting a needle in her to make her sleepy so they can get a urine sample when they should of recommend a pill instead. I can only imagine how they first handled her when she was in the back with them and I was not there I feel it’s all about the money for them. I paid over $300 for a $70sedation $90 amoxicillin LMAO I could of gave her my kids meds, office visit and urin analysts. They are a joke!

J Meneses

3 years ago

Great, on time, friendly, and all the staff is knowledgeable!

Jen Olds

3 years ago

They have moved. No longer in Petsmart. Across the street in a stand alone building. In same shopping center as Harbor Freight, Starbucks, Hooters. If someone hadn't told me by Petsmart, I would not have known. Very unfriendly front desk staff. No good morning, no hello.

Eunice P C

3 years ago

The ladies are very nice, and always take good care of my pup

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