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ayisha britt

2 years ago

I called to ask questions no remorse and does not know what to say out her mouth.

Larisa Read

2 years ago

I started taking my rabbits to windward after mislhandling from their previous vet and a recommendation from GHRS. So far we've had one bunny with a kidney infection and another with a recurring tooth abscess. Both rabbits made a full recovery thanks to drs and staff at windward. Communication and service has been great for me too. My only complaint is a doctor (not dr Colby) prescribed the wrong antibiotic for my rabbit's abscess and I had to drive up to get it drained a second time and get the correct medicine, which cleared the issue up. Caring for pets is not cheap, and that goes especially if you have exotics. That said, many of the negative reviews here only reflect costs and not the actual outcomes. Services for exotic animals are extremely limited, and Windward sees massive quantities of animals for a variety of conditions. Despite this they are able to conduct all the tests and procedures necessary (on site!!), call back quickly with results, and have good manners and respect throughout. I understand this comes at a cost and I say: don't let the prices deter you from seeking the best for your pets. From my experience it has been more than worth it.

Mason Poe

2 years ago

I'm so grateful for my experience this week at Windward Animal Hospital. It's difficult to find a vet that knows and cares for Rabbits. I felt they understood how to care for rabbits right when I walked in the door. (They have two pet office rabbits!) They knew the answers to the questions I was going to ask even before I asked them and I felt I was able to build a level of trust right out of the gate that I haven't had before. Thank you.

Rebekah Kennedy

2 years ago

I have two rabbits, and Winward takes amazing care of them! The staff is friendly, welcoming, and extremely helpful. When one of my rabbits got sick, they squeezed me in the very next morning. Dr. Colby is the best!

Amanda Thompson

2 years ago

I have to express how much I appreciate the staff at Windward! They are so kind. I also really felt Dr. Colby's expertise was superior. I felt like they really wanted to do what was best for my bunny and helped explain everything they did for her. They were also just so communicative throughout. So thankful!

Sinyoung Pak

2 years ago

My rabbit had a urinary problem.(clear pee at a random spot outside of the litter box) I got into a room and the technician listened to my problem/asked the bunny's diet and took my bunny away to the back room (I thought the doctor will come to the room to examine the bunny like other hospitals do) Before speaking with the doctor, the picture is a bill that I got when the technician came back (without saying the bunny looks okay or asking if he is behaving different or anything). The bill includes the doctor's visit, Blood Test, X-ray, parasite screen, Anesthesia, some medicine (if there is a problem), microchip & registration, Vaccine, revolution, Teeth Clip. My bunny is 5 years old, lives inside and does not have teeth problem or anything.. I am not sure if all of these are needed at this moment. (Also, medicine before the result of the test? and the bill could be higher after the result?) I did not proceed with this procedures except the annual exam. I wanted to ask a question (if a clear pees means something related to UTI) to the doctor when I was paying in the front desk.The front desk lady told me to ask her the question instead and her asnwer was "It's okay. It's normal." I personally did not feel comfortable with this service.

Shannon D

2 years ago

The Staff at Winward Animal Hospital is amazing! They know how special our fur babies are and treat them with exceptional care. I want to personally thank Dani and Madison for their help on Saturday. My bunny was not feeling well and became very irritated with me trying to give his medicine. Dani and Madison kindly offered to help me administrator his meds and showed me some helpful tips as well. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH! I would never take my bunny anywhere else.

Laura Norman

2 years ago

Dr. Colby and his team are awesome - their care has helped my three bunnies aged 7, 8 and 10 stay in great shape. I also love their support of rescues. Very kind and knowledgeable people who will go out of their way to help your pet!

Holli Threlkeld

2 years ago

By far the worst vet experience I've ever had. A bunny I was adopting was taken here to be fixed, have an exam, have his nails clipped and teeth filed. Once I had ownership of the bunny I called the vet to confirm the surgery as I was going to take him to another vet to have him examined. He had bald spots on his legs which I asked about and they assured me it wasn't from them. His nails were in pretty bad shape as well but was told that he wasn't supposed to have that done because he wasn't scheduled to have an exam which goes against what was on the invoice. When looking at him myself I was almost sure he wasn't actually fixed and when I took him to my vet they confirmed he wasn't fixed and needed a nail trim. Luckily other than that he is in good health. I called Windward back to explain that he wasn't fixed but the doctor was too busy to speak with me on the phone and they made me an appointment to bring my bunny in to re-check him. I ended up canceling the appointment because this vet can not be trusted and the last thing I want is them handling any of my animals. If you love your bunnies take them somewhere else. This is not the place to recieve good, honest care for your rabbit.

Claire O

2 years ago

If you have a rabbit anywhere near Atlanta, this should be your vet! Dr. Colby and his team are TOP NOTCH and I have received nothing less than excellent care each time I have come in. I know my bunnies are in the best of hands when I leave them with their team!

Jenny Ingram

2 years ago

I have trusted Windward and Dr. Colby with my almost 7 year old Holland lop since he was a baby - with neutering, an emergency visit, and general care. I am always impressed by their professionalism and the care that they have given him. Dani is amazing - always answers my questions to the fullest extent and is so friendly and helpful when explaining things to me. I would never go anywhere else!!!

T Bentley

2 years ago

Dr. Colby and his staff are AWESOME!!! The customer service here is exceptional. We have been in 4 times this week with a sick baby ferret. The entire staff is always so kind. It is hard to find exotic animal hospital with so much compassion for pets.


2 years ago

Honestly would not recommend, we brought our rabbit a little over a year old in due to him being extremely skinny and lethargic, they looked over him and gave us a quote for the day of $600 this bunny was my baby so of course we went ahead and let them did what they said they where going to do, they did 2 xrays and NEVER went over them, didnt even tell us of they looked fine or not, gave us antibiotics and sent us home making us pay $700 which we were told to pay $600, we gave him his antibiotics at 9 and an hour later he passed away. We called in the morning and they told us they gave us the wrong bill and theu where extremely busy, which was a LIE as they just opened and no one was in there, and then they wanted us to pay over $900 as they gave us the wrong bill? I think not. They are money hungry and now my 2nd bunny that was bonded to him his upset and missing him, again would not recommend.

Wil Downing

2 years ago

If you care about your rabbit do not take them here

Abbie Traylor

3 years ago

Dr. Colby is the best rabbit vet in Georgia. Maybe in the United States and/or the world. Everyone knows veterinarian care is expensive and for rabbits it is always double the expense. However, Dr. Colby charges more than any rabbit vet I've attempted to take my rabbits to. Over the years I have learned not to take them anywhere else and to just take them to Dr. Colby. We always ended up there anyways. He has also seen our cat. All the other veterinarians were going to just go ahead and pull out all of his teeth. I really appreciate Dr. Colby for having a different option!

Nevaeh Warren

3 years ago

I’ve taken two of my bunnies to this location for neutering and not only do they offer amazing prices, the staff is also super kind and helpful with any questions! As a first timer with taking pets to the vet, both experiences were easy breezy and I felt like my bunnies were genuinely cared for ???????? I’ll always recommend this spot for pet owners :)


3 years ago

I only really came here because it was recommended by my local house rabbit society; I trust them. But I was not impressed with the customer service though, one particular employee stood out to me, unfortunately I did not catch her name, but she was an older woman and had a bit of snippy attitude.

Mary Jo Gantt

3 years ago

Snickers loves Ben and Dr. Colby. They have cared for him since he was a puppy and at 11 years old is in great shape. They are very responsive and helpful when we need to contact by phone. When we first got Snickers, I remember Dr. Colby saying that his job was to keep us out of his office. That really made an impression on me. All of his staff is very personable. I highly recommend.

Laura D.

3 years ago

Dr Colby is amazing. I wouldn’t take my buns to any other vet. Dr Colby probably sees more rabbits in a week than other vets do in a year. If you have a rabbit, please take him or her to this wonderful veterinarian. Rabbits are unique animals and require medical care from a vet with ample education and experience with rabbits. I highly recommend Dr. Colby.

Yamini Sharma

3 years ago

Extremely disappointed in the customer service at this place. Dr. Colby was recommended to us for our rabbit. While our experience was not great the first time we took our rabbit here, due to the lack of communication and clarity, we thought it might be due to everyone adjusting to the new model of working due to the pandemic. The recent call with their staff made me realize that I would not want to go here anymore. We wanted to get our rabbit spayed and i got inconsistent pricing from their staff in a matter of 2 days ($300 on one day and the next day when i called to schedule, it was $500-700). The deal breaker for me was the condescending and rude tone of their technician Heather. I would not recommend this place based on my experience.

Shay Grant

3 years ago

This may be a long review, but it’s meant to protect every rabbit owner from bringing their bunny here for medical care. My 8-month-old Netherland Dwarf, Poppy, was taken here on July 7th to undergo a neutering procedure on low-cost day. Prior to the day of the procedure I had to call the office THREE TIMES to ask them to email his pre-op paperwork. Each time I called different “receptionists” answered and said, “oh we’ll send it to you by the end of the day.” This should have been a red flag for me, but I forgave them because of COVID-19 and businesses are still having a difficult time adjusting. I picked Poppy up on the day of his procedure and everything seemed fine until I noticed a red mark on his right hind paw. Not being 100% familiar with surgical procedures I assumed maybe it happened when they placed the needle/IV injection there. However, when I woke up the next morning, I noticed the top of his hind leg was BALD. So, I immediately contacted the vet and told them what happened. Why did I even bother? The “receptionist” tells me to email a picture and they’ll give me a call right back with a “diagnosis.” An hour goes by and NO ONE ever contacts me so once again I have to make the effort of chasing them down as I always have. At this point I’m upset due to the lack of communication and urgency. They told me to put a sock on it because he’s just frustrated from the surgery. I do that but after a few weeks his leg did not improve. On the morning of August 11, I brought him in to be evaluated because that was the only appointment available where he could see the “rabbit expert.” I guess that was Dr. Colby but who knows because I never met him better yet even spoke to him on the phone. Once again a random worker called me and told me that Poppy needed to be prescribed medication but never told me exactly what his medical diagnosis was. I continuously asked the random worker what was wrong with him. She gave me extremely vague answers. This is where the situation gets worse. They prescribed Poppy an antibiotic that cost me $100+ and GABA Pentin to treat the nerve problem in his hind leg. I walked away with a ~$300 bill. The most upsetting thing is that nobody sent me home with any written general information or detailed instructions about the GABA Pentin. I was not told until the end of his treatment plan that I needed to ween him off the GABA Pentin (I later found out that you cannot abruptly stop administering the medication because it is a very strong drug and has serious side effects). After telling me to ween him off they failed to provide any information on how to do that. He had a difficult time after I took the medication away. My baby was perfectly healthy before July 7th. After a long battle with a lack of communication, urgency, knowledge, poor staff, Poppy passed away on August 25th. After his passing I called the vet to let them know what happened and the lack of sincerity blew me away. They never let me speak to Dr. Colby for DETAILED ANSWERS. Not only did they blame me for his death (only because I did not bring him in for poor service and they couldn't receive more money from me) the only closure I received was “We can do a necropsy just let us know when you want to bring him.” Also, they tried to charge me $240 to have him cremated. ***BY THE WAY I HAVE ATTACHED A PHOTO SHOWING THAT THERE WAS NO WEENING INSTRUCTIONS ON THE BOTTLE AS TOLD. IF YOU LOVE YOUR BUNNY PLEASE RUN. THERE ARE BETTER VETS OUT THERE.

Richard Federation

3 years ago

We have been patients of Windward Animal Hospital since we moved here over 15 years ago. Dr Colby has done an amazing job with all of our pets 2 cats, 2 dogs whom all of which we feel are family members. The entire staff is very informative and willing to go above and beyond. Recently our dog Gideon had his ACL tear and Dr Colby performed a hard-core surgery. He painted a potentially gloomy end-result but was hopeful. He said a lot of the outcome has to do with our tenacious after-care and limiting movement. We did exactly as they said and Gideon is doing fantastic. We feel blessed to have found the clinic. Even though we moved from Johns Creek to Dawsonville (NW Dawson county) we still drive almost an hour and a half to go to Windward Animal Hospital. Thanks for all your team does.

Patricia Krause

3 years ago

This is the most knowledgeable vet office for rabbits in the entire metro area. I live on the Southside, but gladly travel all the way up here if my bunnies get sick. I have had a male bunny neutered here and had a urinary tract infection and just recently a severe jaw abscess treated here. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable, this is a really calm environment which is so important for nervous little bunnies. Care is expensive, but this is an exotics vet. They are very reasonable though and do listen to me as an owner if I confirm that my bunny does not need stasis treatment although she has an abscess because I was able to force feed her for example. I have so far enjoyed the care my bunnies have received from this office and will make sure to return next time my bunnies need anything.

Lindy Thompson

3 years ago

I waited in the car an hour before anyone brought in my dog. Mind you, I made the appointment because he was having nonstop diarrhea. Another hour before anyone saw him. A third hour before they brought him out. 3 hours, $475, never talked to a vet. A little communication would have gone a long way.

Derek Finke

3 years ago

After receiving poor, inaccurate, overly priced customer service, we received a free follow-up and medication as recompense. However, after an incident where the medication was knocked off the counter and ingested by our pets (2 cats and 1 dog), the doctor informed us that there should be no issue. However, the particular variant/dosage of medication if ingested by cats can cause blindness, permanent neurological issues, and often death. This seemed like a very important detail that was overlooked, and resulted in our cat being hospitalized. The owner then responded that we should have been grateful for the free follow-up, and omitted the severity of its impact after being ingested (which were confirmed by another animal hospital, the drug manufacturer, and poison control). On top of all of that, we took our cat to another hospital where he remained overnight and received superior treatment at a far more reasonable price.

Carol Roach

3 years ago

After Spending a horrible weekend with a very sick rabbit and no vet clinic to see him where I live I took Sam to Winward. I found The staff to be warm, professional and Caring! I had emailed Windward Over the weekend and started calling first thing Monday morning. They took my call And set an appointment for me to bring Sam in. In the meantime the person that checks their email for the weekends called me to make sure I had gotten an appointment. Long story short the with much Care took care of Sam, made him feel better and may feel better. I will not hesitate to take Sam or any other animal that I have back to this clinic. They had good communication with me about the condition and about treatment. I think they’re fantastic and I’m grateful that I found them!

Courtney Gurley

3 years ago

Dr. Colby and his staff are well versed in rabbit medicine. My medical needs bun always received the highest level of care. It’s definitely not cheap but it’s well worth it to know your animal is being taken care of properly.

Bruce Lyman

3 years ago

Windward Animal Hospital has been absolutely wonderful to our dog, Jenga. They have been very accommodating with my crazy schedule and found that they took every measure to save me money when they could. I appreciate all that you have done. Thanks.

Jayda Mcneill

3 years ago

The staff kept me informed on the status of my beloved rabbit while I waited in the parking lot due to COVID-19. The woman I spoke to was kind and didn't sugarcoat any of the diagnoses to inform me of the severity. Floppy was 9 years old and had advanced uterine cancer that spread through her body. I am grateful they let me in the building with my mask to say goodbye. Ben and Dani were kind. Dani asked if I wanted to pay in advance while I was holding Floppy during her final moments. I handed her to my partner, and in the 60 seconds it took for me to checkout, Floppy had fallen limp in his arms. I wish the staff would have given me that time, as I feel immense guilt Floppy spent her passing away from me in confusion, fear, and pain. There was an older woman at the receptionist desk with dark hair- I didn't get her name. This woman would have you believe global warming is a myth. I've never met anyone in an animal clinic who was so cold. As I left I still thanked her and she didn't turn her gaze or respond to me at all, sobbing as I was. I feel so hurt for any pet owners who have had to put their pet down and be met with her. I unfortunately cannot remember this tech's name, but she had blonde-ish hair. I don't believe I see her on the Meet Our Staff section. Her kindness and compassion was very warming and I give her many thanks. Thanks to the whole team, except the woman manning the front desk with a permanent scowl- visible even through the mask. Thank you for your care with Floppy. I miss her deeply.

Jonny Bricks

3 years ago

The negative reviews of this place are accurate. They seem desperate so there are shady sales tactics to drive up your bill. We were quoted $400 the night before we brought our dog in. The assistant says after a brief conversation "since hes a senior dog now we'll go ahead take labs okay" most people prob say okay not realizing it's going to drive their bill up an additional $200+ the assistant presents it as more of a statement than a question so people just nod and go along with it. If they weren't being shady Hed be clear that labs are significantly more money and give you an option. Even at the end we were given flea and tick meds which we didnt ask for which drove our bill up $75 more than we were quoted so they still up sold us without notice. Ok the girl at the front desk was nice but pretty much seemed like she didnt want to be there. For being my first time there I never met the vet before or after I picked my dog up. That's abnormal and not a good way to bring people back to your practice. Doctor Client relationship means something. So overall it feels like the doctor stays back in his office and rarely comes out and has his cronies up front using vague terms to trick people into paying a lot more than they expect. I see I am Not the only person they tried it to but I'm prob one of the few they werent able to trick. You may have a better experience than me but I'll never be back

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