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Agustin Martinez, Jr.

2 years ago

Very nice people. Our pupper is doing great.

z's digs

2 years ago

Love ???? love all the people who take there time to save animal's. Those are the angels ???? who are amongst us the voice of the voiceless.

Richard Pattisall

2 years ago

Wonderful experience- these people care!

Ansley Peck

2 years ago

i don’t understand why adopting has to be so difficult. i have personally tried adopting through here and got rejected twice for rediculous reasons. like my vet info not being correct?? my friend has tried to adopt from petsmart twice as well which is through HHHA and got rejected for rediculous reasons as well. it’s so difficult to adopt an animal which is really annoying considering it’s going to a loving home. really upsetting to customers not to mention the rude behavior from staff.

John Friday

2 years ago

They do an excellent job of rescuing pets and finding them homes. They are angels.

Pam Rafetto

2 years ago

The nicest staff and volunteers! Very clean facility! ????

Kirk Rafetto

2 years ago

Found the cutest little lady.

Mark Harrand

3 years ago

They're doing a great job and if you can, please help them with donations.

Ivana Reynoso

3 years ago

Adopted our beautiful and loving puppy from here! Staff was friendly and helped us through the whole process. They were straight forward and warned us he had worms and vet diagnosed him with coccidia with some medication he got better in no time.

Paul Graves

3 years ago

Wonderful no-kill animal rescue. Staff love the animals. There seem to be a wide variety available and the process is very straightforward and easy. A great place to get a pet.

Judy Wood

3 years ago

Excellent place to get a kitten. Adopted mine in Oct. 2019. Love my kitty who was previously named Jin. We named him Stormy. Great kitty. All their kitties were so friendly and happy running around playing with each other and their toys. Clean well kept place. Kept their word when I said I was traveling 3 hrs to get him. They did hold him for me until we arrived. I love that they have my kitten seen by vet and fixed so I didn't have to get my vet to do it. We love our lilac point simease kitten.

Akeem Holloway

4 years ago

They really don’t like black people don’t let the smoke fool you ????????

Tom Alley

4 years ago

Amazing staff, they really saved this little girl. Thank You!

Stephen Berry

4 years ago

Awesome place to get a dog !

Harper my girl

4 years ago

Let's go there and volunteer w cats and dogs. Also, please, adopt them. We have the home and resources to help this innocent animals.

Alice Gonlin

4 years ago

A no kill shelter. Animals are well taken care of and staff is friendly.

Ayesha Waters

4 years ago

Great place to volunteer. Awesome shelter facility.

Carol Hunter

4 years ago

They always keep the animals as their top priority - safety, food, water,exercise!!????????

Clarissa Shaffer

4 years ago

We have adopted 2 dogs and they are so fantastic here. They are all about their animals!

Diane Barber

4 years ago

It's very sad to see the poor conditions the dogs have to be kept in. All outdoor kennels, wet because the area Floods around them it's very sad ???? They really need to update this facility.

Grace Slain

4 years ago

I am so devastated to give a less than five star review. My husband and I adopted a beautiful cattle dog mix, who was so sweet and friendly and playful. After only having him for four weeks, we were devastated to find out that he had late stage malignant histiocytosis (aggressive cancer) and that he would not live much longer. His organs were malformed, mostly enlarged, his lungs and stomach were squashed to his spine, and he had two litres of fluid in his chest. He had cancerous masses in every organ. I was able to speak to the people at the shelter, they were kind amd sympathetic, and I respect that sometimes dogs slip though the cracks, but I was informed that the animals that they take in are given absolutely no health checks beyond the blood test for heartworm. No even a basic blood test to check for infections. After six weeks of having our sweet boy, we had to put him to sleep, and it broke our hearts. Consult a vet asap after you adopt an animal from here and make sure they are given a thorough work up to avoid being put in our scenario.

Peter West

4 years ago


liturgicalinda Hamilton

4 years ago

A nice clean comfortable (esp for the animals) facility run by caring people who want to save as many animals as they possibly can and get them into living homes. They are open every day in a convenient location so it's easy to stop by to meet a dog or cat. Their reasonable adoption fee includes all of the pet's shots and neutering. It's the place to go if you are considering adding a dog or cat to your household.

Patricia courtney

4 years ago

Wonderful treatment of animals. Truly caring staff.

Nancy Elizabeth

4 years ago

I adopted a cat from the Hilton Head Humane Association. It was clean and the staff was very nice and friendly. I highly recommend the HHHA.

Matt Turner

4 years ago

Staff is great and so is the cause.

Martha DLugos

4 years ago

Very compassionate people. Got Milton there last summer after our dog had died. Wanted to help them and give back. Often take food there.

detroit flowers

5 years ago

The staff is really friendly.

Chris Garmston

5 years ago

A great no kill shelter. Kind people. Just adopted her there.

Cori Summers

5 years ago

Wonderful staff! Extremely helpful, patient and kind! Nice facility with concrete walkways, gated play area and clean stalls. We did not visit the cat house, but saw several wondering around the outside happy and calm. Everything was well laid out, clearly marked and very organized! We adopted from them almost 4 years ago and will continue to support them! Can't say enough good things about this place!

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