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Samuel Soler

a year ago

Great Doctor and Staff. My dogs love going vet for boarding and check ups.

Lara Mealor

a year ago

Very nice experience. They have acupuncture too.,

Jenny centeno

a year ago

Online the information shows they’re open everyday from 7am to 6pm. I had an emergency and came here on a Sunday morning. A lady came out and said they were closed. Apparently there was some one here on a Sunday morning but they’re closed.

Jane Tucker

a year ago

My dog loved the Dr! Knowledgeable, friendly, caring staff!

Lisa Miller

2 years ago

Love Dr. Cutchin! He is an amazing diagnostician and surgeon. He listens to me and trusts that I know my dogs best. I totally trust his judgement with my dogs. I drive 45 minutes to his clinic when there are at least a dozen vets that are closer.

Kristin F

2 years ago

Dr. Cutchin has been seeing my animals for over 10 years. I've moved 30 minutes away and drive back to him for all their appointments. He's an incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, and talented vet. Will not take my dogs or cat to anyone else! In regards to pricing, this is definitely a case where you get what you pay for! He will not rush you or your visit. Takes time with you and answers any and all questions. Always gets in touch with you in a timely manner and is easily available. Dr. Cutchin and staff are exceptional.

Ned Kimball

2 years ago

We have been going there for 11 years. Our dogs get better Healthcare then we do. Dr. Cutchen and staff are great.

Gabrielle Casole

2 years ago

My family took several pets to Dr. Cutchin for +/- 10 years, for veterinary services as well as boarding several years ago. The staff was always absolutely incredible - truly could not ask for a more friendly, professional group. And overall, while I think the vet services were overpriced, I think Dr. Cutchin did an adequate job. My hesitance to give more than two stars stems from several off putting experiences I had with Dr. Cutchin specifically. When I was 16, I found myself in the unfortunate position of being the only person of driving age home when our elderly cat, near the end of her life due to a medical condition, started exhibiting signs of distress. I took her to Dr. Cutchin, with my younger sister, and made arrangements to put her to sleep. I have no veterinary knowledge, so I won’t pretend to know why - but the sedative given to my cat did not unfortunately fully sedate her before the second injection was given resulting in some very sad noises and spasms before she finally closed her eyes. At which point, my sister and I were told that she was “mostly gone” so we could leave. Unfortunately, I have had to put a few pets down since this experience. Fortunately, every other vet has managed to fully sedate my pet before administering the second injection and has allowed me time alone with my pet to grieve before leaving. Less traumatizing was the time my father and I expressed to Doctor Cutchin that our dog was no longer interested in his food and asked about any additives or tricks for making the food more appealing, as he was on a prescription diet. As opposed to answering our question, Dr. Cutchin told us it was not possible for an animal to get tired of their food. I’ve since spoken with my own vet now, who directly contradicted this statement. Bottom line - There are definitely vets out there with more compassion. I don’t recall any out and out rudeness from Dr. Cutchin, he’s just very direct. But something about my experiences there compelled me to share them all these years later.

Gina Rosbury

2 years ago

They are very friendly and affordable. Love them!

Cliff Mcglamry

2 years ago

Our family vet for years! We love Dr. Cutchen!

Lauren N

3 years ago

Even a one star rating for this “vet” is way too high. What a joke.

Debbie G

3 years ago

Staff is friendly and caring very professional. Dr. Cutchin is very knowledgable and skilled on both traditional and Chinese medicine. It is wonderful to have such comprhensive treatments availble. Dr. Cutchin has been instrumental in helping keep my 20 y/o Chihuahua well and healthy.

Gerald Robinson

3 years ago

Good care. Friendly helpful staff. Used this vet for 14 years.

Jackie Gerwitz

3 years ago

Staff was friendly. Reasonable price to get my dog's nail clipped. They don't do bundles for shots, they charge $21 per shot.

Jeanne Tedesco

3 years ago

Dr Cutchin and his staff, do a amazing job taking care of my fur babies. I have been going there since he opened. Dr Cutchin is very knowledgeable, Along with his Vet techs and Rhonda and Laura (front desk) taking care of necessities, explaining and going over everything on the bill. Dr Cutchin takes his time with each pet, and explains everything in detail, answers any questions you may have. I give Friendship Springs Vet Care an A++++ and wouldn’t go anywhere else

Judy Watkins Goheen

3 years ago

Super friendly staff they took blood from my pet and got him on sentinel & clipped his toenails

Wayne Martin

3 years ago

I have used Dr. Cutchins and Friendship Springs Veterinary Care for years with multiple animals. He is very detailed with everything he does. Rhonda and the staff are great. I would not go anywhere else. He always calls me in a timely manner to explain new situations and answers any questions I may have. Five stars is not high enough. Thanks Friendship Springs Veterinary care.


3 years ago

This practice is unreasonably expensive. Visit cost us over $1,000 for annual check up for 2 dogs w 3 months of flea & tick medication. Went once and switched to a Vet in Lawrenceville that did not have their hand in our wallet. I now pay for 2 dogs including 1 year of flea & tic meds a little over $700.00 and the care my dogs receive is superior to this practice. Save your time and money, go to a different vet.

Michael Perez

3 years ago

A nice, clean, and friendly atmosphere. We have three fur babies. Our puppy Gus, two cats, Babi and Ziggy. We have had a few emergencies and were accommodated. We love the care and concern Dr. Cutchin has towards our babies. Suzanne and Mike

Roadside Table

3 years ago

I miss this vet so much. I moved a couple hours away and have used a couple other vets and nothing compares to Dr Cutchin. I've debated driving back there that's how bad I miss the level of service and attention. Original review.... I'm a little hesitant to review anything important like this because I don't want to put a hex on it like I normally do so bear in mind that everything is subject to change without notice. My experience with this vet has been far better than other vets, specifically Dr Cutchin. Right off the bat, you can tell he is someone who lives and breathes his work both on and off the job. It's like it's a hobby for him. He can sit there explain something well beyond what someone would do if it was just something they did for a living. I can just picture him in his off time reading up on zoological pathogens and stuff. What I also really like is the ease of getting an appointment (when they answer the phone and/or return your messages, couggh cough) and the free re-examinations. I know the number one complaint with vets is the cost and veterinary care is expensive. Why wouldn't it be? It's for-profit medical care just like when you and I go to the doctor. The vets go to medical school. They have student loans to pay off plus all the usual expenses of running a practice. It costs a lot. They don't do it for fun, they do it to make a living. People like me ask for a scrip and buy the meds somewhere cheaper and they're left having to charge more for other services. I haven't noticed anywhere being significantly cheaper and in fact I have noticed the routine stuff was cheaper than other vets. Again, that can change. Some things I have observed that I would change, in case they're reading this... When there is something minor (not surgery) that they take the animals in the back for and I ask if I could be there, I'd like for them to say yes. Other vets have let me go in the back when I ask. Just saying. They also get a little weird when the exam is over and you're about to leave the exam room and they tell you to wait there for a moment. I don't know what the heck that is all about but they come back several minutes later. One time I asked why they did that and they said it was because there was a pitbull outside. Another time they said there was another dog coming through the hallway. It's just kind of weird. So what, there''s another dog. Big deal. Just sounds like there's another reason like they are trying to sneak in some sort of extra-terrestrial and they don't want anyone to see it. Another thing I have noticed is that they do not have an attached secure area to walk the dogs that may be boarding there. Behind the shopping center there is a service driveway (a fairly busy one that) that they must walk across with the leashed dogs to what looks like shopping center common area next to a detention pond fairly close to GA 374. That would make me a little nervous with my dogs who, under the right circumstances, would chase a squirrel right off a cliff, taking me or my dismembered limbs along with them. I would be hesitant to board there for that reason alone, not having a secure fenced yard area. You can't train the prey drive out of dogs. I'd recommend this vet. At least for now!

Stephanie Day

3 years ago

The staff is amazing!! They truly care about your fur babies.

tom mathias

3 years ago

Great place and very reasonable.


4 years ago

I have to say we found this veterinary practice to be unbelievably expensive. Be prepared to spend a lot of money here. The lady at the front desk is wonderful, Dr. Cutchin is knowledgeable, but made us feel as if we were bothering him with the questions we had. Outside of the vaccine for life program the prices for everything else are very inflated, be prepared to pay alot here! We ended up taking our babies to another Vet clear across town, way out of the way who was friendlier and did not have their hands in our pocketbook. **"""""""""""Update June, 2018 1 yr later from above review: It's official this Vet is all about how much $$$ he can get from you, either that or he has to charge more because he is small practice. Just wanted to post my comparison of cost and total care experience with this vet from last year and the Vet we moved to. I posted in my first review how expensive I thought Dr Cutchin's visit was, that visit included annual exam, shots, flea and tick / heartworm meds for 3 months, heartworm test + fecal. Cost at Dr. Cutchin's office was approx $1.012.00 for 2 dogs. My dogs are now 12 yrs old, they had their annual exam, shots, heartworm test, fecal, not to mention I purchased 12 mo flea, tick & heartworm meds with our new Vet on June 1st, I paid $725.94 for everything. I saved $286!!!!! Not to mention our new Vet talked with us in depth about their overall health and care. Mind you I have taken my babies in 3 times this year to our new Vet (not Friendship Springs) for this and that, always had a great experience nor paid a fortune. Maybe Friendship Springs is a good place if you require specialty care. I just think its ridiculous how inflated his costs are. I still think Dr. Cutchin has his hand in your wallet

Tony Simmons

4 years ago

This place takes good care of our many fur babies. The entire team is great and care about our animals. The vet, Dr. Cutchins, has a wealth of knowledge and experience. The entirety of the staff has been very pleasant. Thank you for the 3+ years of top notch service. I've read through other reviews wherein reviewers were complaining about price. I've found the price to match the quality of service rendered. Furthermore, we were informed of a price estimate before any procedure and the bill was always very close.

Stephen Mitchell

4 years ago

Vet. Seem not very friendly and have very over kill about sales. I haven't been back from several years ago as a customer. Feel like if you don't buy dog food, etc from him get impression your awful stupid person. Not a good visit. My dog is important to me and I don't think he cared.

Michael Lockaby

4 years ago

Absolutely love the staff at Friendship Springs. They have helped us through everything our pets have required and always make sure our pets are healthy.


4 years ago

Dr. Cutchin is a wonderful veterinarian, no matter how busy the office is he always comes in and speaks to me personally and answers all my questions. We have had to take our small dog in twice for emergency care both times the office was packed and both times he made time for us and gave our babies excellent care. I trust both Dr. Cutchin and his staff with all of our fur babies.


5 years ago

Dr. Cutchin is amazing. I found him with a Google Search when my dog's skin issues became too much for my partner and I to handle. He fixed him up & made me and my baby feel so comfortable while assuring me that I wasn't a terrible pet mom for what was going on. He took the time to answer any and all questions I had and I enjoyed my experience so much that I now bring my cats to him as well. He makes it an amazing experience every time. I had my female cat spayed at his office today and even though they close at 6, when I called at 5:55 with concerns about how she was looking, he and his staff stayed until I got there at 6:20. They were nothing but kind and understanding, luckily nothing was wrong aside from me being over concerned, but I was so grateful at the above and beyond service I recieved. His prices for everything are competitive but even if they weren't I'd continue to go to him. He's great with all my animals and everyone on his staff has been nothing but sweet and complimentary every time. I adore this place and will never go anywhere else as long as he is practicing. Thank you Dr. Cutchin, for making me and my babies feel safe.

Giovanna Cortes

5 years ago

First and last time visiting. Very unhappy with the service provided during my appointment this morning, 03/09/17. My dog, 2 years old 3lb chihuahua, much like any other dog was a bit shakey and nervous about the visit. As soon as i got there the first thing they did was to bring a mouth guard to put on her. Although i believed a bit of getting to know her would do the trick, I had no issue with this and agreed to have it done. When the doctor proceeded to put the mouth guard on however, i did not like the way he did it. It seemed very rushed, rough, and it put my dog under much distress. Her eyes became very red and began to have difficulty breathing. This got me very anxious so i brought it to his attetion, however he continued to do what he was doing as he insisted that he wasnt hurting her. i finally had to tell him to stop as the situation got worse, I ask him for my dog back and left the office. I had never had any vet treat her this way and it should never take anyone to put a dog under so much anxiety. A vet visit should be stress-free as possible and it was the complete opposite. I then decided to visit another vets office as i really needed to have her checked. The experience there was significantly better. They recieved her with a smile and greeted her to make feel comfortable. She was still a bit nervous at first however after a the veterinarian took her for a small walk on the leash around the office he was able to hold her and exam her with out an issue. I value every vets time, however you the dogs emotional and physical health should be your first concern as a professianal vet.

Kelly Avalos

5 years ago

Horrible service. I called to make an appt to have my pet be seen. I drove a long way- when i arrive the lady tells me the office charge given over the phone was wrong. It was a $50. I was told $30 just to get a dental estimate. Lack of service at their error. Obviously they didn't want my services or my money. Go somewhere else!!!

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