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Carolina Ka

2 years ago

I love this place, i already had 3 of my cats neutered, and they are very professional and excellent prices

Joey Milne

2 years ago

What an awful experience. Now I do have to say though, that the prices were very fair and close to the best you will find. I can't say much for the facility as we were made to wait outside with our pets until it was our turn. While waiting one of the staff members went family to family to register the pets. This is where things really went south. The staff member that assisted us was clearly a dog person and showed great enthusiasm when dealing with a family with a dog. Yet when she got to us and we had a kitten, she was short, cold and rude. Seeming to argue with everything we were doing. See our cat is special, and has been trained to walk on a leash with a harness. She made it clear that she disagreed with our holding her in this way, and said so quite loudly. She insinuated that we were unconcerned for our pets safety and said that the chances of her getting away and dying were very high ( all while looking at the other customers and including them in the conversation to back her up). It was not only embarrassing but also infuriating! I'm not the kind of person to openly argue in a place of business, and when I even tried to explain why she was safe and in good hands, this rude employee continuously cut me off. There was a saving grace though, the young lady that came out to pick up our kitten to bring inside. She was wonderful! When she returned her to us she complimented on how excellent she behaved and walked on her leash, and let us know that the vet was very impressed with how advanced she was for her young age. She even thanked us for taking the time to teach and interact with our pet! While I will never return here with our cats, I hope that this review will change things for the next pet parent that goes there.

Laurie Cory

2 years ago

Got my baby updated on his shots , had blood work done and had him neutered. Super sweet my understanding staff who are willing to answer any questions you might have.

Laura Painter

2 years ago

We adopted our kitten from Planned Pethood. Adopt don’t shop.

Ingrid Hall

2 years ago

Love this place for affordable pet exams and vaccinations. Still hectic during vaccine clinics despite implementation of COVID measures.

Grayson Morales

2 years ago

friendly place and great service, Humandoodle Here ????????????

Beatrice Wallace

2 years ago

Took 2 dogs to get spayed, blood work and all their shots and it cost less than taking one dog to get a check up. Wonderful friendly caring staff. GREAT PLACE!!!

Jennifer Dorton

2 years ago

I have often referred people here for affordable surgeries but today my daughter took her kitten to get spayed. She was already fully vaccinated and I myself as her veterinarian vaccinated her and sent proof of vaccines to them at 8 am this morning. Claiming they never got the information (fax went through with no issues) They went and revaccinated her and charged my daughter for it. Refuse to remove the charge which is their error. Nice way to increase revenue I guess, ethics be damned.

cathy holman

2 years ago

They are spaying and neutering feral cats for a colony of cats.

Scar Beoulve

2 years ago

This place is just amazing. I took my cat and my dogs here and they took extra care of them. I highly recommend this place. For my dogs I was called shortly afterwards and told I could pick them up(about 3-4 hours) for my cat I had to pick her up at the time and the clinic didn't put her cone on.... but after three attempts at it myself I managed to get it so my cat couldn't get it off.(might want to also mention they missed a loop in my dogs collar, however my dog never got it off despite that fact) with all that in mind I gave it a 5 star because this place deserves it.

J Rose

2 years ago

I had just had my cat neutered and so far he's doing fine. After a few hours he's back to his old self and he's starting to play. My vet wanted almost $400 but for $50 and a $50 donation I think it's a lot more affordable.

Ivy Radcliffe

2 years ago

First time at the planned pethood today to get my kitty Boo neutered. Everyone I spoke with was very friendly and informative! Great atmosphere. Will be back if anything else comes up. Thank you, planned pethood!

Moxie girl Stein

2 years ago

Excellent. Love them and how well they help animals!

Obdulio Asencio

2 years ago

Great place ???? bery good service they really care about my dogs thanks ????

Keith Minor

2 years ago

Perfect for puppy shots and spay /neutering. Rabies is only for 1 year but if you to once a year, it's perfect timing. Thank you guys!

Gwen King

2 years ago

Staff caring and explained everything after the surgery...Raine is a happy puppy

Courtney Law

2 years ago

Pretty efficient at getting pets through for shots but their payment and receipt method does not work well at all. Waited 30+ minutes just to get receipt after submitting payment online. Super overbooked on the weekends.

omg_yulii C;

2 years ago

Love them, i bring my feral cats here to be TNR’d and also my pets to get fixed. Amazing and caring staffs!❤️

Kim Smith

2 years ago

I have not used their services yet however I will be in about a month maybe sooner as we have to get our kitty cat our girl whiskers fixed she'll be a year over 29th and it's experiencing heat and this is now the second time unless well in less than 8 days I know they'll do wonderful for her and they sound like a great great organization

Eduardo uribe

2 years ago

Treated my puppy very well and excellent customer and friendly service!


2 years ago

These guys are great, they took good care of my little kitty as worried as I was and the knowledge they shared with me. Thx you PPH. ???? Xena ????

Miranda Saxon

2 years ago

They do good work for people who can't afford necessary procedures for their pets

Maria McDonald

2 years ago

They did a great job with my cat's spay surgery and she is recovering well. However, they could do with better organization. When I dropped my cat off in the morning I was told that I would recieve a call or text when she was ready. At 4:15 I recieved a call asking why I hadn't picked up my cat and was told that they never called or texted when a pet was ready, I was just supposed to pick them up at the pick up time (3:30) So I apologized and arrived to pick up my cat by 4:30. When I got there, I called from the parking lot and another person came out to meet me. I said I was there to pick up "pet's name" and they asked me to wait in my car so that someone could get the paperwork together and bring her out. Fine. Ten minutes later, someone comes out of the front door and shouts my pet's name. I say I'm her owner and that person asks me to "wait in front, and we'll bring her right out" So I go into the lobby just to be berated by a woman who wants to know why I'm inside and just who told me to get out of my car. Apparetnly I misunderstood and I was just being asked to wait outside the door on the sidewalk (in the 90 degree heat for no good reason...). Time passes and eventually they come out with my cat. I get that this place does high volume and low cost. I get that they have rules and I might have misinterpreted them. But they need to get all their staff on board with what they are telling their customers to avoid confusion.

Kate Stith

2 years ago

I love this place! I've taken 2 cats there now to be spayed and for shots and what not. Jeannie, the lady that handles the TNR cases and trap rentals, went above and beyond to help me figure out what to do with the Mama cat and 3 kittens I found living in my houses crawl space. Without her advice and help I really dont know what I would've done. They're affordable and reliable, and very friendly. Wouldnt dream of ever going anywhere else with my fur babies!!

Jennafer Kirby

2 years ago

Had my two dogs spayed here two weeks ago and they have made a fantastic speedy recovery! Drop off was easy, they took great care of them, and they gave good instructions on aftercare. Was super nervous to leave my girls there but they made sure to let me know there was nothing to worry about. Everyone there was extremely nice and helpful besides the girl who answers the phone when you call.

Iris JT

2 years ago

Very organized and caring staff.

Joey Yang

2 years ago

They fixed my dog in a very fair price but the surgery was good. Highly recommended.

Carmen Burns

2 years ago

Great service! Great prices and an overall great experience! Will be going back there for sure.

Sergio Marin

3 years ago

My cat still in heat even after being spayed. Called to get help and they said it’s on me.

Win Norris

3 years ago

So kind and helpful.Appreciate the help and professionalism. Took great care of our feral kitty.

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