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Rachel Seibert

2 years ago

I had an emergency last New Years and All Species was able to take care of my guinea pig Ross Geller. I am so appreciative of their responsiveness and professionalism. They also made sure to call and update me on his status as well as do a …

Fernando Beltza

2 years ago

Looks like my pig, Crispy Bacon, got shot in the back.

Teri Harwell

2 years ago

They play on people's emotions. Wanted to give my dog who was in congestive heart failure oxygen and x-rays for 3k. Told us my 12 year old dog would have a chance if we paid the money. Shame shame. He was dying

Leslie Carrere

2 years ago

I just asked flat out if this facility had an Avian certified veterinarian and I was told yes. This is a LIE! Dont trust this facility!! It is a FACT that there are no avian certified veterinarians in Georgia! They have an exotic specialist, which is NOT the same. I maybe would have trusted to bring my birds here IF they had been truthful with me, but they flat out lied! Therefore I cannot trust this hospital. Wow! Editing my review based on response from facility……Sorry but your dead wrong! There is such a thing as an avian certified veterinarian! It is a special certification in addition to an exotic certification. The fact that a business in this line of field doesn’t know that makes me even more weary of their abilities to treat animals. Just WOW!

Jeani Wampler

2 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR ANIMALS HERE!! Not only us the veterinarian incompetent...... they will wait 6 YEARS to claim that you owe them HUNDREDS of dollars in interest on a ZERO BALANCE, and instead of contacting you, they will send you to COLLECTIONS to try and ruin your credit!!!!

Monica Morga

2 years ago

I brought my dog here after being attacked by a pitbull. This place took FOREVER. Then after "examining" him, they came out and gave a invoice for what is needed done with a total of almost $3,000. I did not feel safe leaving my dog here over night so I politely asked if they could ateast give me antibiotics for his pain and they said no because I wasn't doing what they wanted me to. I waited to take him to another hospital and turns out he DID NOT need surgery and that he did not have a hernia. This place just wants money. Do Not Recommend.

Melissa Warren

2 years ago

This office will not work with you financially. You have to pay 100% up front. My ferret had a broken leg and they wanted me to produce $5000 before they would do anything beyond the X-ray. They wouldn’t even take the x-ray until I paid for it. If you need emergency help and you can make the drive, go to Auburn University’s small animal hospital. They also have one for large animals as well. They were amazing and treated my ferret promptly. They did not demand money before evaluating my baby. They have him pain meds and then we made a plan for treatment and payment. Go to a place that actually cares about your animals, not just your money.

Marcelino Velasquez

2 years ago

A place that doesn’t respect the wellbeing of animals they are supposed to serve, in life and even in death. I’m appalled by how they conduct their work here and treat the owners of said pets. I strongly suggest you look elsewhere for pet care.

chris sewell

2 years ago

Katie Was very Mean to me and was very unprofessional


2 years ago

abusive to the animals and clients.

Adrieanna Young

2 years ago

Very unprofessional and asks for too much money for mediocre job. Attitude problems also. Never coming to this place again it’s super trash. Don’t ever come here if you truly care for your pets.

Ada Martinez

2 years ago

Made an appointment for first visit one week and a half ago. The appnt was for annual physical and a chip device for my 7 month old puppy. Had given my job notice that I was going to be off on this day. When I arrived, they didn't have the appnt scheduled and was told to fill out paperwork and that it would take more than one hour to SEE if she was going to be seen on that day. I called another vet and reschedule her. After reading all bad reviews, I must agree that this is not a suitable place for your beloved pet.

April Bennett

2 years ago

Thank you, Dr Innocent, and your extremely caring staff for saving the life of my African Spurred (grand) tortoise. Three days after surgery and she is back happy grazing and basking in the GA sun. Your expertise, incredible experience and medical training is impressive. Others that have left very hateful reviews may not understand the value of emergency exotic vet care or exotic care from such an educated doctor; however, I do. These same people are not screaming at Ferrari or Bentley for their exorbitant costs of repairs and maintenance for their exotics! Dr. Innocent, you keep on robbing death every day; you are exceptional.

Brittany Black

2 years ago

This place is a joke. Save your precious time in a emergency situation and go anywhere else. All these ppl care about is money. Seriously, they are ugly people. They truly do not care about you or the situation you bring them. Stay far away!!!!!!! Update 11-18-21 Response to your response. I have done nothing but state the truth. It’s your actions that are at fault here, not mine. We ended up getting an improper diagnosis with an immediate ultimatum of surgery for approximately $5000 or death. Luckily we knew other professionals to consult with on a weekend and Monday morning came around to show a much different situation. We are so glad we did not listen to your “professional” advice. You have been reported to the proper places already.

Corey Maddox

2 years ago

My rabbit was bleeding, unknown to me how. I came to the hospital, told them it was an emergency. One other car in the parking lot, having a good time laughing with a nurse/vet standing outside the car. I called, they said wait. 10 minutes later they come out, “please fill out these forms then we can take your animal in.” 6 pages of forms. Hurried and did that. Called and said it was complete. Told to wait. 10 minutes later, still nothing. Had to go up to the door and knock to get someone to come out. What kind of “emergency” service is this? You’d think these people would actually care about animals enough to give an emergency an actual response.

Jake Shipp

2 years ago

Please do not use this facility! They did nothing for my dog and treated me poorly. All they did was examine my dog and tell me everything that was wrong with her expect actually taking a look at the one thing I brought her in for. I spent 125 dollars for nothing and they didn't even give me any advice on how I can handle her symptoms until I can get to my normal vets office the next day. This place needs to be as a last resort only.

Mason Poe

2 years ago

I would NOT recommend them for Rabbit care - perhaps even in an emergency. If at all possible take your animal to Windward Animal Hospital. 1) On arrival the nurse was overly peppy with the news that my rabbit could either have surgery or put down. 2) they recommended a barium study and charged 3k - I later found out the study probably wasn't needed. 3) I received conflicting answers on the survival rate of from the nurse and doctor. (Nurse said 90% death rate, doctor said 10%) I ended up transferring to Windward Animal Hospital and the experience was totally different and we had a positive outcome at the new vet.

Ray Hutcheson

2 years ago

If only the purge was real. This place is a joke. Years pass by and I still think about how you treat me and my dog that I had no choice but to put to sleep because of your ridiculous price to save him.

Vertta Starr Moody

2 years ago

Great vet hospital so grateful for the care that Dr Innocent and the staff gave to our dog Harley . She is on the mend and doing great


2 years ago

I do not recommend anybody to take your beloved animals here at this practice. I don’t believe that Dr. Innocent who is the owner of this practice cares about the animals at all. Only thing he cares about is money and pride. I took my dog here at midnight because she was having diarrhea all-day. Due to covid, they only offer curve side services. Before he asked me any questions about her conditions, he sent a technician to get the payment agreement signed for the abdominal X-ray ($375) Because I wanted to make sure if that would be the best test for my dog, I asked if I can talk to the vet. He called my phone, and we started having the conversation. And the conversation goes like this.... I do not believe she would have swallowed anything.. based on her personality so there is a low chance of having an obstruction on her GI tract so I feel like it will be better to have the blood test first. We can do the x-ray if it is not an infection. That was my logic. But he immediately got so offended and told me because he has the degree and I don’t, I need to listen to him. I told him I am not trying to argue with him, and I respect him, but I just know my dog. Then, he said he denies servicing my dog and I can go somewhere else if I don’t agree with him. It was at midnight and I wanted to work it out with him because I didn’t think I was being unreasonable...... My dog is 4lb and she is a picky eater so she’ve had this problem before and my regular doctor did not require an X-Ray. I really believe if he geneunly cares about animals, there is nothing that would have offended him so much that I want the blood test over the radiography. I had to go a different emergency vet, and the vet at the other office did not even mention to take x-ray when she examined my dog. And I still paid $125 for an examination. (I did not agree but they held my dog as a hostage until I sign the receipt) In conclusion, there are many many vets who cares about animals not so much about their pride and money. I would recommend you to take your beloved animals some places where you receive deserved services.

Tyrani Milks

2 years ago

This was the worst experience I have had at a vet clinic. I brought my pet in and was left to wonder what was happening to him for 2 hours. They had no way of contact that I could reach them because their phones were suddenly down, but when my mother called they answered immediately. When I finally got news I was told a set of xrays were required. I was told my pet had a extremely enlarged spleen and a hard mass in his stomach. When I finally talked to the vet, and asked how was it he knew the issues, he said it was because he just knows and has been doing this for 25 years. He had done nothing other than feel his stomach. When I asked him to plz understand I just want more info on what's going on and what's going to happen and that I'm upset he proceeded to tell me , my being upset has nothing to do with the situation, that I'm only upset because I have an attachment to my pet. It took 3 hours to get my pet back, and take him somewhere else. Where I took him did full blood work, xray, and ultrasound. Found no enlarged spleen, no obstruction but did find he had a slight case of pneumonia. 225 I couldn't get any info or help. 340 I got full work up, a kind communicative staff and a follow up call where they double checked his xrays with another radiologist and found the problem ailing my pet. I would not recommend this place and will never come back again.

Nick Redden

2 years ago

If I could leave negative stars, I surely would. I’ve delt with stasis in several of my rabbits before and the typically treatment they get from Auburn University consists of gut motility meds, pain meds, fluids, and a very thorough exam that doesn’t include X-rays. That treatment listed above has saved my rabbits in emergency cases each time they had stasis and then we returned for a check up on the underlying reason. Each videos, the DOCTOR came and spoke with us in great detail, not some office assistant who runs the front desk. If your doctor can’t bother to walk outside or even pick up a phone to explain his findings, then he or she can not be trusted. This placed only seemed concerned with money and how much they can squeeze out of you by placing fear in you and telling you that this is the only hope you have to save your pet. Please people, if you have an exotic, find a doctor who actually cares enough to speak with you about the findings rather than playing telephone through an office assistant. Our little boy is ok for right now, and that was without using their meds that I did not usewe will take him to Auburn in the coming weeks to get some real answers here.

Maria Ridgeway

2 years ago

My husband and I took our rabbit here from Alabama for care because of suspected GI Stasis. Our regular emergency vet was not available and our alternative did not have a doctor available so we ended up at All species. It was after hours so the emergency fee was $225 just for an exam which is already quite expensive. We had been to another emergency vet near this area previously (only 2 months ago) and this was around what the exam, diagnosis, and entire treatment for GI Stasis cost after hours if that puts it into perspective just how outrageous the cost is. So after the exam an x-ray is recommended for $350. We proceeded with this and they find that in fact our rabbit does have GI Stasis and gas buildup. From there they recommended hospitalization because they said his case was severe. Due to the cost, we were not able to do this and they refused to send us home with any medication, instead recommending pineapple juice and fiber powder from the pet store. These are "natural remedies" that i cant say would or wouldnt help (and they couldnt either.) I don't even know if they are actually safe. They did recommend critical care powder though which I know is good. The normal treatment we would be given elsewhere is subq fluids, motility medication, and pain medication. We asked about this and they really couldnt answer my questions about why these were not being given except about pain medication which "won't fix the issue." While that is true it would make the animal more comfortable and rabbits are known to not eat when in pain. Getting a rabbit comfortable, hydrated, and their gut moving is essential with GI Stasis. We were also told to withhold food which i know for a fact is wrong. After much debate, done by making the poor tech/receptionist, Sierra (who was very nice and probably the only good experience here) play telephone with us and the doctor because the doctor never bothered to speak with us directly, the doctor finally said they would give us medicine to go home, but it was an odd drug we had never heard of. We decided against giving it to our rabbit until speaking with an actual rabbit-savvy veterinarian. After all of this money and time (and nothing actually done other than an xray and exam) we got home and he was already back to normal and eating. He is okay for now and we will follow up with another vet that is actually rabbit savvy. This place is an absolute waste of money. I wouldnt take any rabbit here. There's a reason they weren't crowded. Listen to the bad reviews. We made the mistake of not checking them first. The doctor we had was Dr. Garry Innocent

kram chedda

2 years ago

Terrible customer service from a few employees an supervisors, I spoke with a night supervisor tonight she had an awful attitude she is careless about animals an people no matter the circumstances. Our conversation was recorded, atleast that’s what the operator says, their employee’s dont know whats going on, one person says one thing then someone else says another. I literally hate this company i hope it either shuts down or some serious changes start happening as soon as possible. They charge you an arm an leg for poor service

Jocelyne Simington

2 years ago

I took my hamster there at 3:00 a.m. because she was lethargic and not herself. My main source of communication was with the vet technician who was getting her information from the vet i asked speak with a vet directly and that still took a moment to do. They wanted to keep her for 2 days for monitoring which only consisted of seeing if she was eating or drinking. I was going to leave her because I was desperate and want to make sure she was OK but the more I asked about their course of action the more uneasy I felt and decided to take her home thankfully she has an appointment in less than 24 hours With her vet. The vet himself lacks empathy.

Dat Tran

2 years ago

Called about emergency pet situation and was told to wait outside for a call back within 15mins. Waited 45 mins and decided to call back for any updates and got replied with "we don't take care of that animal." Why didn't they tell me at the beginning when I told them the situation.

Sabrina Kochan

2 years ago

My dog Yuki is doing well. Thank you !

Tyesha Ross

2 years ago

Very unprofessional. My small dog was attacked by a pit bull dog and needed immediate medical attention. I was asked to fill out forms and pay 125 dollars before he could be seen. I was told that the vet would shave his hair to better examine him which was fine. After being in the back with the vet for only five minutes the nurse come out with a long list for treatment needed that came out to 3500 dollars that had to be paid in full before any services only having 1900 dollars I was turned away. When my dog was brought back to me he still had all of his hair so there were no precise exam done but I was charged for one. I would never recommend anyone to go there to be treated the way I was treated.

Tanya Smith

2 years ago

I took my do there for emergency care on Aug 29th. He had lost control of his back leg (which I found out 3 days later was IVDD). I sat in the car and was provided paperwork to complete. A young lady took it from me and came to speak with me moments later. She stated that it was expensive to get care there and that my dog likely sprained his leg and he appeared to be doing fine. She never did an assessment on my dog. I stated that I had insurance but if she felt that he could wait I would take him to his veterinarian the following morning. I trusted her judgment because this is my first dog but I regret delaying his treatment. Please find somewhere else to take your pet! My dog had surgery on Wednesday and I’m praying that he recovers (both of his back legs are paralyzed).

Yolanda Washington

2 years ago

Update: This update is late. We've unfortunately stopped going to this vet. Dr. Innocent is great, however, the staff has become less kind and caring. Which is a shame, because as I stated, Dr. Innocent is a good vet. We'd been with them since our first budgie in 2016. I wish them well and hope the staff gets better. We always have a great experience when we take our birds to see Dr. Innocent and his staff. Everyone is friendly, kind, and we are very comfortable with the care our "fids" (feathered kids) always receive. It's normally difficult to find a vet with avian knowledge and we are blessed to have them.

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