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Monique Garner

2 years ago

The vet called me after seeing my puppy. Answered all my questions as I am a first time fur baby mommy. The rep that came to get her from the car was so kind and understanding with all my questions as well. I know we will be happy here.

Cheryl Wayne

2 years ago

Office staff was rude due when I sent to pick my dog up from getting groomed. I went to get my dog call and text when I arrived and all I got was a voicemail . So I walked up to the office (first time going up to the office due to COVID’s protocols) and the office manager cracked opened the door slightly and I told her I was coming to pick up my dog from the groomer, she rudely said we are closed for lunch and that she did not know where my dog was. I was furious! She closed the door in my face . Long story short after I collected my dog after 45 minutes of waiting needless to say that was my last time there. The groomer and I agreed on a 1:00 pick up, the message the voicemail at that time did not indicate the office lunch hours. There is a small sign on the window of the office that indicates their lunch hours, but how would someone new like me see the office hours from the parking lot it is a distance away, the only time you would know that is if walked up to the building . I was only with this vet for 6 months in 2021.

Ed Williams

2 years ago

The service is excellent.. treated my Dory really well.this will be my Dory vet for now on.. Thank You guys for the really wonderful service..

T. Johns

2 years ago

Went to board my dog and if you're bording for about 3 days depending on the dogs weight tell me about $51 or more. They're very understanding of my needs. You can take your own food without being charged extra. I will say this if your …

J Gibb

2 years ago

This is our vet since moving to this side of town. I take my fur son to get his baths amd shots. Very clean and affordable. Loveable, educated staff.see you soon

D Gorgeous

2 years ago



2 years ago

I have been a customer at Snapfinger Creek since 1980! All of my dogs(12) have been taken care of here! My current fur baby gets excited when we pull up!

Betty Turner

2 years ago

Highly recommend Dr. Martin and her staff. Not only do they care about the well being of your pet, they offer you budget-friendly options --if that's something you require. They have an online store where you can order items and ensure you are able to get care for your pet in COVID-19 safe environment.

Crystal Braddock

2 years ago

UPDATED REVIEW: Dominique with customer care contacted me for feedback based on my review. She was willing to adjust my invoice accordingly and apologized for the confusion for miscommunication on policies and pricing. I appreciated her effort to keep my business, felt heard and valued as a long time client with history with the previous owner. I acknowledge the change of management comes with some challenges and I look forward to a better experience next time. ORIGINAL REVIEW The price gouging and unpublished rates need to stop. You need to give the public an opportunity to decide if they want or need to pay for the up charges you expect to keep your lights on...shameful. Your staff quotes one thing and your "system" bills another. We want to support our community, but this is how you do business. You got me once, but never again.

brenda lewis

2 years ago

Have been going to this vet clinic since I got my dog 14 years...he had gotten old and I was having a hard time deciding if time to put him down...Dr Martin gave him a 'quality of life' exam..and took blood work which I was told nothing looked abnormal.but..Trei deteriorated fast.. something was wrong...I called to speak to Dr Martin about putting in down...the receptionist, Gwendy said she would have Dr call me back.never heard back from.her..I called the next day.and Gwendy placed me on hold came back and told me to contact veterinary hospitals for assist..I am upset that the doctor could not or would not speak to me herself.... just as a matter of common courtesy....we were loong time customers..

Diego zacarias

2 years ago

Horrible staff and rude clerks on phone waste of time

Fayette Sealy

2 years ago

After being excited about how close this facility were to our home and also being black owned, this only lead to disappointment fast. Our Rocky was not digesting his food properly and we took him in for a well check to find out that he would be prescribed a special dietary dog food. Not the problem let me add…’s where things went wrong. After finding it more convenient and less expensive to just get the food from an outside carrier (versus paying an additional 14.95 delivery charge and waiting for the delivery)we asked for the prescription that were provided to us on Dr. Martin website. To our dismay the prescription charge would be $4.20 after our visit total were $210. I refused to be nickel and dime when other vets in the area do not charge for ridiculous reasons like this facility. This makes it very hard for us to support our businesses in our own neighborhood for conducting practice such as this. Needless to say we will no longer spend money for a service that attempts to rip its customers off. Bye Snapfinger Animal Hospital! PS…..let me correct my grammar! “ nickel and dime”! And also to add… complimentary service were offered. Lies will not help!

Jamahri Gaines

2 years ago

SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWEAR! I decided to go to this vet because of the good reviews I found on Google along with the fact that it was in very close proximity to my home, but that was a mistake. Every encounter with this vet has been problematic. I took my dog to the vet to get her shots Updated and spent at least 20 minutes in the parking lot before anyone came to get the dog. What is the point of setting an appointment if the vet is not going to respect the time? I’ve been needing vet records to send to my pet insurance and had to request them upwards of seven times before the reception ever emailed them. I had a clean closed because of the delays and had to go back to the process to reopen the claim because of their unprofessionalism. I’ve been was in the market for getting a second dog, but the rescue wanted to speak with my vet to ensure that the dog was going to a loving home. They attempted to reach the vet for about a week and could not get anyone to answer the phone. I finally get a second dog from another rescue Because this vet ruined my opportunity. I brought my new dog to the vet hoping that my terrible experience was a fluke because the reviews were so high. I arrived on time for my appointment and the receptionist did not call me to begin the process until 15 minutes After my appointment and then for me for the first time that they could not see my dog without his vaccination records. No one said this when I set the appointment. No mention was made when they sent reminders. I even caught before my appointment to see if they were still engaging in pandemic practices, and still, no mention was made. I quickly ran home to get the paperwork and they informed me that they will not be able to see my dog because we’re too far past the appointment, as if it is my fault that it took 15 minutes to even acknowledge that I was there. Before they attempt to say that my name is not listed as a customer, our dogs are listed under my fiancé’s name

Andrea Bolton

3 years ago

DO NOT GO HERE!!!! My experience with the tech, Natasha, was unbelievably unprofessional. I took my dog in to have his temperature checked. While waiting in the car at the facility, Natasha quoted me one price to which I agreed to pay. However when I was given the invoice, the price doubled. After going back and forth with her about the price difference, which I should not have had to do, she then tells me that she will adjust the cost back to what she originally quoted me. Not only did she talk over me while discussing the bill, she also told me that she “didn’t have time” to discuss the price difference before hanging up in my face.Once I paid, she brought my dog back to the car and practically threw him to me through the window. She didn’t thank me for coming, she didn’t mention any appreciation for my business, no follow up instructions for my pup, NOTHING! She treated us like trash and it was made clear that my business did not matter to this establishment. Needless to say, because of my interaction with natasha I wouldn’t trust this hospital to care for a PET ROCK. I’d rather drive a little further to a facility that’s more professional and have better communication skills.

Jermaine Hill

3 years ago

Very professional, nice atmosphere, good customer service

Torrie Burton

3 years ago

They took care of my baby

Brenda Bacon

3 years ago

Dr. T. Martin is an excellent, caring veterinarian who is very sensitive to the needs and medical care of my senior cat. The support staff is very helpful and courteous and kind to my pet.

Tyra Colbert

3 years ago

They take very good care of my furbaby.

First Last

3 years ago

First time visiting this morning. Receptionist, Monique, is super courteous and Dr. Martin seems genuinely nice. The facility is easily accessible and they were prompt and on time. And they took good care of my baby, a four month old Chiweenie named DhyMond Elyeese!

Wendy G Brown

3 years ago

Found that during Covid-19 this hospital provided alittle comfort for those of us that are fearing the spread of the virus to our pets. The staff came out and spoke to you with mask on in the parking lot. Wasn't sure how they protected your pet family members because we weren't allowed back; but when time to pay all of the pet parents where stuffed in the waiting room like sardines. It was hard to practice social distancing. For the most part I did like the location and the friendliness of the staff. They were also little bit more expensive then other hospitals in the area but for the most part i did feel as though they cared about your babies just as much as you do.

3 way

3 years ago

We order our dogs' flea and tick pills from WalmartPetRx because we save lots of money. WalmartPetRx's price is $108, Snapfinger Creek Animal Hospital's price is $197, and that's with their small $5 discount. WalmartPetRx sent Dr Martin a fax on June 3 asking her to send them our dogs' prescriptions through the fax or email. WalmartPetRx sent it again June 8 while I was on the phone with WalmartPetRx. I called the next day and WalmartPetRx told me that Dr Martin would not sign our dogs' (2 dogs) prescriptions so we could order their pills. I called Dr Martin's vet twice, June 8 and June 9. I found out that Dr Martin is only helpful when you order from her expensive site. So she charged me $8.40 to write 2 prescriptions for my dog's pills. I had to mail them to WalmartPetRx and save nearly $100. We only tried Dr Martin because she's a black owned business in our neighborhood but we have no problem driving back to our normal vet at Banfield. We tried supporting another black local business but Dr Martin showed that we should not come here anymore. Can customers spend their money wherever they want to? I'm a black Christian business owner of real estate companies. We do free work sometimes, we do work that we don't get paid for sometimes, and GOD sends blessings from all over for work that we do get paid for because we value people more than profit and it always pays off. Repeat customers that send you referrals are way better than one time customers who won't come back due to poor service. And they leave an honest but bad review.  Maybe my review might get one of Dr Martin's generic replies that you can see on other's reviewer's posts. I tried posting photos of her website's price vs WalmartPetRX's website so everybody can see proof, but this website will not allow me to post photos unless I join this website to make other reviews. Order the 6 month supply of Simparica Chewable Tablets for Dogs on Dr Martin's website and on WalmartPetRx and see the price difference of nearly $100

Amanda Young

3 years ago

Nice, family feel and friendly staff.

Audrey Green

3 years ago

Very friendly staff and the treat you the same every time you go

C Nobles

3 years ago

This VET is awesome! They really take care of the fur babies and the fur owners here with special care. Monique is one of the reciptionist here and os an absolute asset to this team. When you come here you feel like you are part of the team. Keep up the great work guys.

Pamela Coles

3 years ago

They are very caring of the pets they attend to

Lorene Henderson

3 years ago

I really love the services, but I don't like the fact that I have to send my puppy in without me all due to covid-19. Although I do understand the process.


3 years ago

Best animal hospital ever. They will take good care of your babies and offer great advice on home health care for them.

Noah Kess

3 years ago

We tried a few other vets and they were all very short with us, didn't seem to be very happy, and just wasnt a great experience. We came to snapfinger and it was a world better! They took great care of our Grape Jelly and they are always excited to see her and very friendly. Since COVID they have come to your car to bring paperwork and grab the pet, so you never have to even leave your car! They are great, couldn't recommend high enough.


3 years ago

Slow had a 3pm appointment and I waited a hour and half to get my pet back. Never been this slow before just for a shot and a nail trim

S Ave

3 years ago

Always take care of my fur baby.

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