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Kenya A

a year ago

Terrible customer service. Their website and the sign on their door says one person can be present during the exam. Not to mention, their employee brought me into the exam room after waiting 30 mins in my car. The vet (I assume that’s who it was because she never introduced herself) basically accused me of sneaking into the exam room and demanded that I tell her who let me in there. Then, she runs out of the room and yells ( I could hear her through the door) that there was a human in the exam room to other employees! Did she think my pet was going to pay?? Someone else came into the room and tried to “explain” why I was wrong for being in the exam room. Again, your employee brought me in! I had specific questions about my pet and this was my first time at the clinic so excuse me for wanting to actually wanting to be a part of my pet’s health care. They tried to give some excuse about Covid and a recent outbreak, which means you exposed me too by bringing me into the office! I was masked and am fully vaccinated/boosted and was not close to these people at all (who were clinging to the door like their life depended on it). The last straw was when I was told it was fine if I left because all the other clinics are doing the same thing! It’s a shame the way businesses have forgotten how to treat customers lately. You have lost not only me as a customer but the person who referred me and I hope others who read this review.

Amica Laileung

a year ago

I love the staff and the comfort and the cost that's most important.

Ian Rehn

a year ago

Dearborn is such a friendly, helpful place to take your furry friends. they care a lot and take the time necessary to bring professional high end treatment. They go out of their way to help in any way that they can. Highly recommend.

Viral Vid

a year ago

I will never trust my dog to these people ever again. Terrible service and even worse customer service. All they care about is money.

Porsha Lackey

a year ago

Terrible vet. Don't go here.

Josef Otto

a year ago

HORRIBLE phone system. Wait on hold until you're to "1st or 2nd caller in the queue" then get dumped to the original menu over and over again.

Rachel Stanley

a year ago

I had been taking my dog to Dearborn for years, but eventually they just stopped returning any of my messages, calls, etc. Despite telling us we needed a follow up appointment, they didn't return any of my messages over several months, so due to this total lack of communication, I have been forced to find another vet.

Brynna Loomans

a year ago

I recently adopted my cat, so this was her first visit. I made an appointment for her because of a tapeworm concern and we got it all sorted out and treated at her exam. All of the staff members were so kind and absolutely loved her. They helped me sort out some discrepancies in her health records from the shelter and went above and beyond to make sure they don't miss anything, knowing that she came in as a stray.

HBomb Jensen

a year ago

I brought my very very scared dog in for his first yearly check up and they were super sweet, being sure to go slow and doing their best to make sure it wasn't a traumatic experience for him. They also went the extra mile to note his chart to ensure that if anyone sees him again they'll know that he's just gentle and afraid. While I was checking out, I mentioned him being scared of the fan and someone jumped up and unplugged it for him which I thought was really going the extra mile.

W Altine

a year ago

Doctors and staff and extremely empathetic and truly care about their patients. Dr. Wynne and Dr. Eichenbaum in particular are very giving of their time to ensure that pet parents understand the details of their pet's treatments and options. They have behaved responsibly throughout the pandemic, though it is obviously a strain at times.

Caitlin Rae

a year ago

We were looking for a new clinic after moving and have found it! When I called to see about getting my dogs in for annuals and shots, Tori was so kind and thorough. We came for Saturday walk-ins and were impressed by the facilities, staff, ease of the process, and value. Dr. Holmes and her assistant were wonderful and caring with my two nervous dogs. They won over my pittie for sure! Thank you, Dearborn.

Walter in Atlanta

a year ago

Great place to take your pet

Chelsea McFarland

a year ago

They are so so wonderful here! They are gentle and take things slow with my dog who has a big fear of the vet. Love love love them.

Emily Thomas

a year ago

I’m not sure if I’ve ever left an online review before, but I love and appreciate the team at Dearborn so much that I can’t not leave one! Like a lot of people, my dog is my best friend and I want her to have the happiest and healthiest life possible. They recently boarded my (beloved) shih tzu, Judith, for a few days, and I knew I didn’t need to worry about her while I was out of town (or even when I had to pick her up late because my car broke down), because they were taking the best possible care of her. And I already knew to trust them with her care because they’ve been treating her for a scary, life-threatening illness for more than two years now—making sure she’s healthy and treated well (and comforting ME about her condition, which has been no small task). I have no doubt in my mind that they saved my dog’s life, and that they take the most gentle and loving care of her while she’s there. They’ve also been incredibly responsible about Covid precautions. I just love them!! **Edited to add: I’m not sure what other people’s experiences have been, but the reception team has been PARTICULARLY kind to me. Dearborn is one of the only vet services in town to offer affordable prices, and they’re dealing with a pandemic and anxious pet parents, so of course their reception team is busy and stressed. But in my experience, they’ve all been incredibly polite and warm and kind and gone out of their way to help me. I love every single person at Dearborn (and so does my dog).

Tina Tyson

a year ago

Vets are professional and explained treatments well.

Shante DeBurst

a year ago

If you're looking for an excellent vet for your four-legged family member, you've found it. We have used them for years, only stopping for a time when we relocated for a few years. We had to make tough decisions recently and final arrangements for our sweet baby. Dr. Brittany Wynn (and everybody there, truly) was so kind, thoughtful, loving. We are heartbroken, but the process was somewhat eased by their care. We couldn't be more grateful.

John Ballard

a year ago

A half century of care for this family’s pets.

Rita Semien

a year ago

Although the staff is friendly, the Vet frequently gives me the wrong pet information and always refers to my male dog as female. This made me wonder if I was receiving appropriate medical advice. Also, the facility reeks of pet feces and urine!!!! During my pet’s last and FINAL visit, He went in smelling great and came out straight up STINKING. The smell of my dog on the drive home was unbearable. The last time I boarded my Gucci there, he became extremely ill due to PURE NEGLET. He went in healthily, stayed 4 nights developed diarrreha during which time he did not receive proper care because of the over crowding of animals. He stopped eating ,and drinking, developed a terrible rash on his bottom in addition to a high temp. I never received a call about my dog nor did the contacts I listed on the boarding firm notifying me Gucci had become ill, but made the horrifying discovery myself when I picked him up. This was devastating as Gucci’s condition was critical and required hospitalization for a week.

Georgia LaMar

a year ago

I have been a loyal client for 20 years- The wonderful Vets and all the staff are fantastic! I can't say enough good things about all the staff. They are caring, concerned and spend time with both the owner and the pet. I will continue to go! post note: My mothers dog Teddie crossed the Rainbow Bridge and Dearborn was so kind and sent the most precious card! xoxo

Daniel Hedges

a year ago

We love this place. The are the best! We have been going there for 10+ years. Thank you Dr.E!!

Ivan Segovia

a year ago

Dearborn is just marvelous, and Dr. Cely is always so thorough with Charlie! The entire staff is welcoming and knowledgeable, and are as adept and thoughtful with advanced surgery as they are with each wellness visit for my senior dog.

Kathy Rockwell

a year ago

I really liked their protocols and policies. The bill was actually cheaper than I was told on the phone and there were a couple of additional things that needed to be done. The people were kind, professional, and nice to my pup. This was my first time visiting this vet and, for now, I am very happy with them. I am taking my second dog next month. Hopefully, it will go just as well :)

Lucky Cat

a year ago

Everyone here actually cares. They are amazing people who fight the good fight and don't get nearly enough recognition for it. Their COVID-19 protocol are top-notch. Coming here I feel my pets get quality care by a qualified staff.

Angela Malone

a year ago

We have given this place a try for several years now. The front desk is the most horrible experience with customer service ever. Always in a terrible, rude and stressed out mood. We actually caught the entire front desk bad mouthing us one day. I was horrified. They make no room or answer the phone for old clients with emergencies.. One of the girls behind the desk was acting very strange and out of it. We were a little suspicious about her behavior. We have spent close to 20k at this place and totally regret it. Even regret giving them our credit card info. We paid thousands of dollars for a surgery that was unnecessary we later found out from a doctor. We have also had to return medicine that was expired when we paid for it. They have turned us away when our animals have been sick after we were told to come in "first thing in the morning." The front desk recommended an emergency vet who lost our dog's body after it passed away. I had to go in and identify it after a week. When I very nicely mentioned it to the front desk they did not care, rolled their eyes and just walked away. Do not trust this place with your animals or money. We regret every dollar and year we have spent there due to the horrible employees at the front desk.

leonard cooper

2 years ago

I followed the protocols as published for an appointment for my sick dog. On arrival I knocked on the door and was greeted with a person with the check-in clip board. He took my information with my phone number and said he would be right back. Other people had arrived after me and did not have to wait. They were taken in immediately. When I saw a figure of who I thought was the man who took my information I opened the door and called to him "Are we going to do this?" About 3 people came at me with their pants bunched like I was a criminal. This is typical of the treatment by the staff. They raved about how they're working so hard. I said go back inside and get the work done. Eventually my dog was taken in, then a tech comes out yelling at me that she's trying to call me but my number doesn't work. She did not get the phone number I gave at check-in, typical of the office staff. All of my previous experiences have been similar, with the staff being insensitive to the customers and not providing service in a professional and competent manner. Yes, I am a customer purchasing a service which is very poor there. As a matter of fact my dog is still sick and now I'll take her to a real doctor. I will not go there again even though I have used them since the early 1970's (9 dogs). It was under different management then and very good. Their prices have gone way up, they push services and drugs that are unnecessary and when you refuse they create FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) until you relent. The vet always gets mad at me when I won't buy her over priced flea and tick medicine.

Valerie Gilbert

2 years ago

I love Dearborn Animal Hospital. They run a tight ship and have developed safe protocols during the pandemic. I especially like how gentle and loving they are with my dogs. They go above and beyond a veterinary business by being involved with local community shelters and rescuers and they offer people who bring in stray animals a first check-up free of charge.

Dani DeVito

2 years ago

Unorganized and don't know what they are doing

Nicole Stegall

2 years ago

I have received positive services from Dearborn. Dr. Gideon has cared for my pet, and I appreciate her kindness to Minky who just turned 13 years old. Thank Dr. Gideon. Nicole, Minky's mom.

Eli Smedley-Thoms

2 years ago

Love the model they've adopted for the pandemic. Always feel safe bringing my pets to see them.

Benjamin Jeffares

2 years ago

Been taking my dogs here for years. They're honest and they don't gouge.

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