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James Thor

a year ago

Spent 5 min in there. Least expensive dog was 4500.00. I wanted a dog, not a car note. I have lived all over this world and I have never seen a dog for $4,500 that didn't have some papers showing some champion bloodline.

Richard Sapp

a year ago

Dogs cost 3500 dollars unbelievable

Cathy Jones

a year ago

I want another parakeet and they have a wonderful selection I'm going back in January and get my second baby

Jen Jennypants (JenJen)

a year ago

Jackson was absolutely epic! We are ecstatic to be taking Bjorn home with us today. This young man went above and beyond to make sure we understand the process. I'm so thankful that Bjorn and myself get the best treatment that keep hims safe. Warranty, Health, and financing was easy and fast. Best experience ever. I highly recommend coming to petlands for forever pets and if you want to be taken care of find Jackson.

Libbi Ezell

a year ago

Jackson was so helpful and nice! Great experience

Mary Cowart

a year ago

Jackson is so sweet! Such a huge help and we enjoyed every bit of the buying process for our sweet new Bassett!

baby girl

a year ago

Had a great experience here.. Steph was a wonderful pet counselor and made our overall experience the best it could possibly be.. She had a wonderful personality and was very helpful! The only thing I would change about the entire experience would be the prices of puppies! While they are absolutely precious, $4,000 is a little steep and completely unaffordable.

Cameron Grant

a year ago

My experience at overland was fantastic. Jackson Gunnells quickly helped help and gave great service. He helped my find the puppy I was looking!!! He also even helped get the best deal for him. When I’m ready to look for another puppy I will be definitely going back there and hopefully get his service again!!!

Cieerra Nikolee Baileey baaby

a year ago

Jackson Gunnells is the best!!!! He helped us get the most adorable puppy!!! If you need any help picking out the puppy and getting the puppy he is the best to go to!!! Most definitely recommend talking to him if you are looking!!!!

Davon Odom

a year ago

The prices on these puppies are absolutely ridiculous!!! Who finances a puppy???

Ten Trap Conquest

a year ago

Not very knowledgeable in the animals they sell.

Kencarra Fuller

a year ago

Love the place however the puppies are too expensive ....

Alyssa Mapp

a year ago

The place is almost a unreal they gave me the best think in my life and she ( rudy ) is a Service dog ????‍???? . We have gone through so much I’d don’t know what I would do without her ???? they are good with the dogs Heath. I you wanting a dog I think (know) this is a great place to find your soul mate if I can I think you can to.

Darrius King

a year ago

Nice welcoming staff, but terrible at bartering prices. The amount they ask for are a bit beyond unreasonable. So, say the dog is $7900. Your counter offer is $4000. Which honestly that's still a lot, but I understand they are trying to make their profit back. So they turn down $4000. (In cash I might add) So think of this. You can literally fly to any state in the country and pay 7 times less than that. That's including the plane ticket, round trip, a room for a night, pet carry on and all that would actually be well under $4000. Not to mention if you have $8000 to spend on a dog, why wouldn't they think "Hey, the customers can easily take that large amount and travel elsewhere to get better deals for dogs" And if you're wondering, yes, that's exactly what I plan on doing. Going out of town for a day or 2 for much better deals, with the same full breed dogs and creditials.

DocOlly's Gaming Office

a year ago

Not a bad little shop for pet needs.

Lily Marie

a year ago

Absolutely awful they shouldn’t even be in business. I bought my dwarf hamster from them and at the time I didn’t know a lot about Dwarf hamsters but after owning one for sometime I realized how awful the conditions are for their poor hamsters they leave the top of the cage open which allows customers to just wake up sleeping dwarf hamsters (dwarf hamsters are nocturnal and should not be woken up during the day) they don’t have enough bedding in the cage for burrowing they have barely enough to cover the floor. They only have two hideout covers for about 20 hamsters. And they only have 1 wheel for about 20 hamsters, hamsters need to run at least 6 miles a night one wheel is not sustainable for 20 hamsters!!!

M Parret

a year ago

Nice pet shop with most things you'd need for your pet. The best part is the petting station allowing customers and potential pet owners to pet, pick up and view their available pets. There is hand sanitizer available all around the petting station.

Magnifico Nico

a year ago

A pet store that works with AKC and has responsible puppy handling sessions

Roger Owens

a year ago

They have great pets. Too expensive though.

Ron Kent

a year ago

It's awesome to go in and play with the animals! I take my son in there a lot! ????

Ryan G

a year ago

This was the first time I had ever visited Petland. My friend told me that there was a German Shepherd puppy there and I just had to see it. Being a GSD owner already, I stopped by and there she was, a beautiful little Shepherd. I noticed some minor things that made me feel quite certain that it was mixed with a husky or the like etc. This is not important as she was still quite pretty and had decent standard. I played with the dog for a short while and noticed that she had a upper respiratory infection of some kind (probably bordetella), some yeast build up on her pads and in sections of her fur, and also she lacked the true build of a GSD puppy muscularly etc. At this point I am upset slightly that she seems to be going through a rough time and doesnt seem to be getting quite the care she needs. (The infection and yeast being my main concern). Regardless, I was curious as to the price the had for adoption. Not being familiar with Petland as a company I was slightly shocked when the associate told me $4700. Now firstly, I can (and did) get a Purebred GSD for considerably less. (Btw 5k can get you 2-3 AKC registered GSD puppies and probably cover some classes). I then asked if she was purebred to see what they would say. I was told she was a purebred no doubt. Now its important to remember that without a DNA test it is hard to rule out the breed specifics, but I promise you this poor baby was not a purebred by any means. Purebred or not this puppy was adorable and sweet and I hope she finds a wonderful home. But please do not be conned by this company when they try to sell you a sick, non-purebred dog for easily 10x what it should be valued at. Final note, take better care of these poor animals. They are defenseless, asked for none of this, and are literally living on metal grates with towels on them. They are sick and no ones cares. Have some humanity if you are in the business of living creatures.

Dewonn Farrow

a year ago

It was not a good experience

Ellen Talley

a year ago

So cute puppies, however they don't wear masks. Not good.

Insanity and Insomnia

a year ago

If you have any "exotic reptilian" animals don't come here, all the animals are furry besides birds and beta fish. And to anyone who has Hermit crabs... Go to Petsmart.

Eli Mitchell

a year ago

Awesome place! Wish we could have taking a dog home

Charles Bell

a year ago

The staff was helpful an friendly

Ariana Smiley

a year ago

Stephanie is great! Helped us purchase our sweet Australian shepherd.

josh bryant

a year ago

Hope is the most friendly employee up there Always has a great attitude and a smile !

Erica Key

a year ago

$4000 for puppy mill morkie...

Renette Johnson

a year ago

Most pleasant pace I have been at

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