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Caroline Wicker

2 years ago

My daughter and I love this place. Always friendly staff.

Alice Wilkey

2 years ago

Went to take 2 kittens that showd up at the house because we could not keep them. They was turning us down when a young couple saw them they had came to adopt a kitten and luck up and ended up with the two we had. God is good. Nice place....

Taneisha Glover

2 years ago

I took my Yorkshire Terrier to get spayed. The ladies at the desk were very polite and helpful. Check in went well. My dog is doing well in her recovery so far. Great price and hopefully her recovery continues to go well.

Jayden ?

2 years ago

Take my dog their to have his checkups done overall a pretty good experience

James Thor

2 years ago

These folks are snakes. Secured a dog on Thursday so they could adopt the dog out from under me on Monday. I went in here and visited with 3 dogs. Ledger, Crispin and Gogi. I selected Gogi and we were all excited and I pulled out payment. Then was told that I can't pay for the dog or put a deposit until I filled out the application. The was told that she won't get adopted over the weekend due to the holidays and to go home and fill it out. I said that I will did that and pick her up on Monday so ce I would not be home most of the weekend. I went home and immediately filled out the application, went to Walmart and bought several hundred dollars of dog stuff so my little girl would have everything. Called on Monday at 10:45 am and they adopted her with 0 good cause other than, "we messed up". 2nd place to do this to me. Ft Benning as well. Was going to adopt a total of 3 dogs. One mother and two puppy's. Now I am getting 3 dogs from breeders which means 3 dogs will get out to sleep that aren't getting adopted. Sleep well. Update:. I cannot reply to their response. Ma'am, you're stating policy where policy was not part of the agreement. This was a "you will get the application over the weekend because I can't introduce her to other dogs just yet and I'm picking her up on Monday" with a "she'll be here Monday". There was no discussion of being here at 10:00 a.m. This was an understanding between me and your staff that day. There was no indication that the dog would be adopted at all before I picked her up on Monday with the application submitted beforehand. That was the discussion. This was a conversation and a discussion between your staff and myself and I was promised that the dog would be there if the application was approved prior and I would just pick her up on monday. If I wasn't serious I wouldnt have dropped that kind of money to make the dog comfortable in her new home. Now, in regards to the phone call I received No phone call, have no voicemails. There's no validation unless you want to submit call records and I will be happy to do the same that says I was never called and there was never a voicemail. I'm pretty sure whoever was called if there was a phone call that took place, that person probably ignored the voicemail because it certainly was not me. No discussion needed at this point, I've adopted a nice beautiful little girl and she is going to stay with me forever. That does not negate my experience with your shop. I guess the real issue to address here is have your staff follow your policies and don't make empty promises to the customer. And leaving a voicemail, in any case, is not contacting the customer.. Good luck in the future.

Dre Hayes

2 years ago

The staff was professional and punctual. Sad that most customer's didn't have masks on and coughing all over the lobby.

Sidney Hornsby

2 years ago

I can't find a way to contact anyone for a cat I just found, the poor cat is from paws humane. wth

Jen M

2 years ago

Too busy to help. Not going to return your call. Friday morning work-in way too busy.

Elena Graves

2 years ago

Very helpful staff, complemented a stray cat I found lots and helped me check for a microchip without charge.

Christine Starley

2 years ago

Wonderful loving staff for all the Cats and Dogs needing homes

Margaret Phillips

2 years ago

Patience is needed. But caring folks. Very helpful to ALL!!

Blaq Berry

2 years ago

I came here to get my rescue dog neutered in October 2021. I was one of the first 5 to arrive and multiple people came in with cats and dogs after me. I can guarantee you I was the last person to be checked in. Nobody else paid before leaving their animal but ME. I conversated with another dog rescuer there for the same service I came in for (neutering). They only charged her 15 bucks and me 100. I RESCUED MY DOG TOO!( they only gave me 1 pill to cut in half for his pain. I called another vet and the said they give a 7 day supply to comfort my dog????) It was my second time going there and the first time I came they overcharged me for the services. You can guess I'm black AND never going back.

Brooke Hoover

2 years ago

Ladies at the front desk are extremely rude and unprofessional. Never returning. I will stick with Animal Ark, Harris County Humane and Animal Control for my adoptions in this area.

Theresa Berry

2 years ago

I wish they would answer their phone.

Robert Lorenzo Huff

2 years ago

Was looking forward to adopting a dog filled out the application and was told that they would give me a call back tried to contact to do follow up in regards of the adoption no one is answering the phone and it has been a week since I’ve been trying to Contact but the staff are not answering calls.

Randall Kiddy

2 years ago

Very wonderful place and helpful staff

Rachel Smith

2 years ago

Horrible to staff. Doesn’t care how animals are treated. If staff speaks out against it they are fired.Also one of the workers dog has bite multiple people at paws and other locations and the employee continues to bring dog around. They also say they are a no kill shelter but they do put dogs down. Also one the vets keeps killing dog. They say it normal complications when dog is being fixed. But it is not. It is carelessness. This place needs to be looked into.

Darryl Rushing (Nobody)

2 years ago

Very efficient kind the staff there are excellent. The facility works fast and within 2 days had a great home for the dog. Thank you so much cuz I was so worried about him. Apartment complex wouldn't let me have dog.

Janice Hill

2 years ago

Do not donate to this place they are not taking care of animals the way you think! We had 5 stray kittens we found under the shed in the backyard and the lady at paws told us their wild animals the best thing you can do is just let them be ! Her suggestion was to stop feeding them and they will go away !!!These kittens are about 7 or 8 weeks old !! Terrible place do not give them your money!

Joel Martin

2 years ago

The staff there is extremely nice and helpful. Got my two babies fixed and they're healing up currently!

Wesley O Shrock

2 years ago

Had my cat neutered for cheap

Tarren Bruce

2 years ago

Great place to take your pets. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. We will continue using their services.

Paula Smith

2 years ago

They do so much for dogs and cats and work with the local animal control to help keep it a no kill facility.

Mattie Stringer

2 years ago

Thanks ???? ???? for your help today with my very special best friend Ms Lacey Stringer I am Missing her ???? ???? so much. I will keep y'all in my prayers ???? and ❤ Thanks again Mattie Stringer

Alex MillerDarkEx

2 years ago

You as s holes have yet to respond to my email request i sent back in December of last year too donate 3 kittens to you after I called to ask about donating them to yall which is why I sent the email because the Lady told me I need to email request to set up a donation. I have the money as well so what is the problem with responding to an Email! Sent on a different email not from this google account.

Carol King

2 years ago

The staff is always very helpful and informative! They do an amazing job with the animals and help strays! ????

Charlene Martin

2 years ago

Very caring staff and usually pretty quick in and out.

Leaonzia Layton

2 years ago

Great with my dogs friendly customer service.

MP Ossa

2 years ago

I found 2 Ángels there and gave them a forever home. Pls donate to this amazing organization so every animal is matched to a loving owner.

angel burns

2 years ago

Not a good variety of dogs. All boxer, pitbull or mixed/mutts.

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