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Dana D'Annunzio

2 years ago

Felt dismissed and wasn’t sent home with all of the medications we talked about for my dog. Didn’t think I needed to check my bag the way I have to at a drive through window.

angela davis

2 years ago

The staff is very friendly and handles Dreamz with great care.

Jeremy Carter

2 years ago

Dr. Stacia is absolutely incredible as a vet and a human being. She is forthcoming, straight forward and highly adept at her vocation. I have the utmost confidence in her abilities and always feel good when my pets are in her care.

Lavada Foster

2 years ago

The staff and doctor was nice and friendly

Scott McLaurin

2 years ago

Always excellent service. Highly recommend.

Ginny Livingston

2 years ago

I wish there was a way to give -10 stars! NEVER EVER take your animal there if you care about them at all! My mother has been a loyal customer for several years since rescuing a senior (7 years) miniature schnauzer. She gets Maggie's teeth cleaned every year there. This year has a new vet. This completely insane woman sees fit to pull 15 of Maggie's teeth without consulting my mother. I can understand a few teeth, but 15????? My mom is 70 years old and lives on fixed income. Not to mention Maggie's is whimpering and whining and can't give her medication. I have never witnessed such inhumane acts from a vet. They are bottom-dwellers and I hope they rot in hell for the anguish they have caused. Absolutely cruel ????. I have several forms of social media and more than 19K followers. I will do my best to ruin this vet clinic.

Carol Ridley

2 years ago

All of the above! My 13-year old pup has allergies which flare up every 5 to 6 weeks requiring an injection. Great staff! So responsive!

Betty Wilhelm

2 years ago

Very prompt service, and no hidden charge

brina 2677

2 years ago

The staff is friendly and takes care of my 2 year old, 8 pound Yorkie. They did her spay surgery. I was VERY happy with it. :) No complications, nice incision, she recovered well. I loved how the doctor had a converstation with me prior to the surgery and answered any questions or concerns I had. The only thing is, I think it's time to upgrade to a bigger building or maybe include some renovations. But honestly, I do not mind so much because the service is AMAZING. And I rather have great service over the latest and greatest.

Deborah Walker

2 years ago

Thank u so much was worried about my 14 year old Chihuahua they gave so much love explained everything to me so now Petey is doing fine and I am relieved also wanted to thank Missy she is so special to us we love her

Ronald Curenton

2 years ago

My visit was fine everybody was friendly but I don't think that the vet veterinarian listen closely to what I had to say about my puppy because he hadn't eaten since last Thursday so I feel like they was more they could have done and hey passed away at 2:00 a.m. last night so like I said I really feel like there was more they could have done

Big boys bassin

2 years ago

My furbabies go to Northside and they always treat appropriately and discuss charges before administering anything. Highly Recommend.

Chris Moore

2 years ago

Everyone is nice and seem to generally care about my pets It is very expensive for medicines But that is true at all Vet’s I want to thank everyone at the office for being so kind

Jenny Mac

2 years ago

I brought my dog in for toe nail clipping and her rabies. Dr. Stewart asked if I had any questions. Good service!

Jonathan Neufeldt

2 years ago

No waiting in the front for more than a couple minutes. Exam room session ran quickly and smoothly.

Luigi Devoto

2 years ago

I was by an employee at petsmart, were I adopted my cat. This place is great, they always take care of my cats. Lately had an emergency with my male cat,and they were accommodating to get us in and check. Thank god they did saving my cat from his infection. So far this place just been great and excellent service, my cats are not upset to get check here, cat approval!!!

Seth Muck

2 years ago

We have been taking our cats here for the past 3 years living here. The vets here are patient and hard working. Services here are quality and not overcharged like other places. The staff here is always available to answer questions and have taken wonderful care of our pets through some hard times, including suddenly having to put our kitten down. We love Northside Animal Hospital and will miss it when we move!

Rhonda Kay Verhulst

2 years ago

This was my fur baby Papí’s first visit with Northside Animal Hospital, and I was VERY IMPRESSED with his current healthcare regiment, and future care plans as well! The prices are comparable with most facilities, but the professionalism and genuine concern for my Papì’s healthcare was PRICELESS!!

Heather Douglas

2 years ago

I just can’t say enough about Northside. Thank y’all so much for taking care of our Zeus. Dr. Stewart and staff are caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend for all your fur baby needs.

Bree R Bonner

2 years ago

My 15 year old cat was well taken care of. It was just a routine yearly exam but her first time at Northside. Thanks Northside!

Autumn Patterson

2 years ago

I called many vets in the area to bring my pets, and they were impressive from the beginning! Amazing customer service. Very friendly, patient, empathetic, and didn't rush me off the phone. I didnt spend a lot of time waiting, and the techs and vet were all SO amazing with my neurotic cat, and Handled him with such care. The vet also spent a lot of time with me, and was very thorough. I've been in the vet setting closely my whole life, and this clinic was IMPRESSIVE! Also, you can check out in the room, which I thought was amazingly efficient, and also less stressful for me, and my cat, since we just popped right out the exit to the cars. They have my business for sure!!

Apollo Ruiz

2 years ago

Dr. Stacia is the BEST!!! Won't recommend anyone else, best in town. Saved our dog's life, when another vet missed it. Thank you again for all that you've done.

Betty Kurtz

2 years ago

We took our 10 month old kitten here because he was having alot of problems with his ears because our regular vet couldn't get him in for a few days. After being highly recommended we decided to try Dr. Stacia. After we were put in a room the Vet Technician came into the room, she then took Q-Tips and was digging into our Cats ears hard enough to were she was bending the Q-Tip. After that she left and came back saying Dr. Stacia wanted to do a smear to look at under the microscope. This time I flat our refused to let them do this again to our Kitten. She then had another lady come in with her to hold our cat as she once again dug into our cats ear to get a sample with. After all of this with them doing everything Dr. Stacia came in explained what was wrong. She herself was really sweet, but after the idea they let the Technicians do everything when you pay for the Doctor to do it and they do not know what they are doing. Also they have no compassion for the animal. Our kitten was so frightened he sit there and was shivering then when they got done, he pushed his little body between my husband and the wall afraid of what they were going to do to him. I would NOT RECOMMEND these people after what they done to my kitten. As for Dr. Stacia, she was really sweet, we liked her but when you pay for the Dr. that is who should do everything and ease the pet's fears not let the technicians do everything. Needless to say, I WILL NEVER use them again. I will wait on my Vet Dr. Miller in Americus Ga whom our Kitten loves and sure doesn't shiver and stays so scared to do what he did.

chris green

2 years ago

I was able to drop my pet off in the morning and have his annual checkup done as well a grooming. He was definitely taken care of and was in good spirits.

George Bowling

2 years ago

My 9 year old pit had a stroke on Friday. I thought she would get better but Saturday I knew it was the end. Everyone I called wanted 200 dollars or more to put her to sleep rather than caring that my loving sweet baby girl was in excruciating pain, all they cared about was money. We are moving and I didn’t have much money. My friend told me about Northside Animal Hospital so I called them. They were so Kind and Loving! They only charged me 57 dollars to put my baby to sleep. I took her home to give her a nice little memorial. I’m so thankful for Northside employees. They cared more about my baby suffering. Then they cared about money.

Virginia Caraballo

2 years ago

Thier the best vet,they realy care about my fur babies

Juan Pina

2 years ago

We had issues with our yorkie having one of the puppy stuck and they took us with no appointment. They where able to conduct a C cession for the dog and get the puppy out with no issues. Thank you for your help and taking us last minute.

Brittney Long

2 years ago

I couldn’t have imagined a better experience than the one I had with the staff at Northside Animal Hospital. I was really embarrassed about the condition of our puppy. Timber was kind and professional while explaining what would need to happen to help Ty in the best way. The whole staff was kind and patient. Ty is on his way to a healthier lifestyle thanks to them!

Jonathan Jon-Boy Goodwin

2 years ago

Was not happy after finally getting a call back from a very sarcastic Dr.Stacia. Was informed she did not have a crystal ball to know why my dog was having seizures. And to why the tick meds prescribed weren't working which was my whole reason for trying to contact her anyway. And when I started questioning her on what and how she was treating my dog I was cut off Everytime I spoke and told what exactly he needed next to try and how much to give him. But was told it was how meds worked you try till you get it. And it went way south from there. With her basically even knowing my dogs condition and me asking questions I was told that she would get my dogs files together and that she felt that she was not the vet for me. Leaving me with my dog having to find a new vet and no help from her at all. Sorry she couldn't answer my questions but my animals are my family and she can learn to understand concerns that she may take as everyday no worries. Well now I have had to watch my dog go through 7 violent and painful seizures today and it's left him so sore and out of it. Simple questions that could have been answered that still haven't. And won't cause none of my animals will return to be seen by her. Currently with an appointment first thing in the AM. Thanks to the staff they have been wonderful and very professional each visit.

Melissa Hebert-Johnson

2 years ago

All of the doctors here are terrific. They always get you in if you need help. Very attentive to details of your animal’s well being and comfort. Dr. Stacia and Dr. Waterman are the best!

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