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Katie Grizzard

2 years ago

Worst customer service EVER!!!! Lady who answers the phone is extremely rude and acts as if it is a burden to assist someone. I spoke with her on 3 different occasions this week about an issue she changed her story each time of why they couldn't help with my surrender and even said I should take my dog to animal control. I thought this was a no kill shelter and then to say that. I do not want the pup harmed she is just too much for my older dog. I will never go back to this place even if it was a cold day in hell. Whoever is over this place really needs to get a hold of things especially customer service 101 since people are adopting from them paying outrageous prices mine was $350.00

Jen M

2 years ago

Hard to get a human or a call back.

James Thor

2 years ago

Seems to be some good folks working there.

Gage Join

2 years ago

I adopted a kitten from them and the very next day he was having watery stools. I was told he had been up to date and had no issues. I was told he had been given medicine and had been treated. I go to the vet two days after adopting him and he has coccidia. The only way to contract that is to get it from other animals. I have no animals so he had to have gotten it at the shelter. I then paid $135 from the vet to get him better. I called Animal Ark to let them know and told them I was upset. They could care less. I told them that since my kitten was housed with all the other kittens, that those kittens probably have coccidia as well. They didn’t have much to say. So if you adopt or have adopted a kitten from animal ark in the past week or two it’s probably sick and they act like they do not care.

Stephanie Holladay

2 years ago

I would never recommend this place to anyone. The older short lady with glasses was very very rude. When we arrived we was on vacation and my daughter who is an adult wanted to adopt a dog. We found one completed the application has to be completed before u can look at the other dogs then was told that it was to far for the dog to go. The point I’m making is when we arrived we told them we was on vacation from Florida. Instead of wasting time we should have be told that we don’t do out of state adoptions. The rudeness was uncalled for but I told her it needs to be in policy no out of state adoptions. This dog was going to loved and spoiled and I pray someone will adopt him.

Delaney D.

2 years ago

Called about a stray cat in my neighborhood that is hurt and asked if I could possibly bring him there and in the middle of asking if not was their a number or other resources I can contact to get him help the receptionist rudely interrupted me and said that by law I have to call animal control. I understand but she didn’t have to interrupt me when I was obviously upset about the stay day. Receptionist could have handled it differently.

Charlene Rallo

2 years ago

The premier adoption site in Muscogee County.

Betty Robinson

2 years ago

Never heard from the chapter in our county. So I don't know how it works.

Candice Franks

2 years ago

I picked up the dog of my dreams. My heart was renewed with the adoption of my furry friend. I stood in the Ark and cried when I thought someone was going to get him before I could take him home. He is amazing with kids!! I love him so much????

Heidi WuzHere

2 years ago

Very friendly people working here. I like that they have a pet living room area for you to sit & visit with the pet one on one. We started with a "sleepover visit" to see how the dog got along with our home pets...and it really went well!! Animal Arc works with you and we'll make sure to bring food and donate to help them. Remember, your pets are apart of your life, but you'll be their whole life. We'll always get rescues.❤️❤️❤️ ** These pics are taken at our house with a "sleepover visit" to meet our dog.????????

San Men ' Jo

2 years ago

Had my baby vacs and fixed.

Shirley Pittman

2 years ago

Went to visit a chihuahua but instead was shown Muffin, a terrier mix. She was so loving, adorable, very playful but really had my heart set on the week old Chihuahua that was being taken care of. They had two Chihuahua's there but the workers had gotten them both. Maybe the baby will survive and I will be able to adopt

Channon Emery

2 years ago

Great staff, caring owner. Great place to adopt a dog from

Jim Quinn

2 years ago

A couple days ago, my partner and I adopted a kitty named Cross from here, renamed Oberon, King of the Faewild. Personally, I have been involved with Animal ark since 2017 when I completed my Eagle scout project for them. From then until now they have always been extremely friendly, helpful, and kind to the animals at the shelter.We couldn't be happier with our new baby. I am also extremely happy that this is a no kill shelter as all animals deserve a second chance. Oberon has crossed eyes and some vision problems and I know other shelters would not have given him this second chance at a new life. I love working with Animal ark and plan to help in any way I can. But for now, I will be taking care of the sweetest kitty ever ❤

Karen Guillory

2 years ago

Love it!!! My first experience with Pet Adoption and Animal Ark made it painless. Puppies, puppies, and more puppies. I'm now the proud fur~parent of: "Ms Queenie". Filled out application online, so no hassle with adoption process. She is sooo Adorable!!! Highly

Melody Paasch

2 years ago

This maybe a no kill rescue However their adoption fees are WAY TOO HIGH PRICED. $250.00 to adopt a puppy is RIDICULOUS.

GuineaPig Army

2 years ago

Friends of mine have admitted that to adopt dogs they have to lie on applications about things because of how strict they are. Another friend of mine adopted a dog that bit her. I have seen someone with a mental disability be denied a dog “at all for their family”. They go off unreliable information for websites when researching their adoption applications. The dogs mostly live outside all the time even if it’s in the shade they are dirty and muddy and crowded. Yes it’s better than death at animal control, but by how much?

Dorothy Underwood

2 years ago

This place is awesome, we enjoyed it and the exhibits were very well staged.

Candis Bacon

2 years ago

Awesome place and great peeps...I got my youngin from them.....????

Juan Perez

2 years ago

loved it. Just got me the best dog from there. House broken, friendly, loveable, and my new best friend. Thanks for Tank, he is awesome.

Christine Miles

2 years ago

Couple weeks ago they were was outside Target holding Adoption Day, and the people who was there with the animals was so rude, when me and my niece walk up. They would speech to other people but not us. I spoke when I walk up but no response at. I was looking for another dog for my home but after there rudeness, I left. Maybe they need more training in customer service or find another job that more well suited for them. Animal Ark please teach your staff how to be more friendly and not to judge people.

Amaryllis Benejan

2 years ago

Never Answered my email for a dog I was interested in.

Jim Flanagan

2 years ago

Was going to adopt a dog,they don't return calls or messages.

June Wood

2 years ago

Wonderful, caring, selfless staff, who take care of so many furry, hairy, and feathered sweet, loving creatures who need so much love, medical care, nutrition, and homes. All belong here and all deserve good lives. Love them, as we do all of our animal care rocks!

Johnson Wade Yarbrough

2 years ago

Although they're short staffed, they're getting things

Dayton Berry

3 years ago

Friendly staff and well-kept facility

tik tok

3 years ago

not sure who but some lady tried to charge 400$ for a pup? a mixed breed? you’d think a funded shelter wouldn’t charge so much..bc they’re FUNDED not a private shelter. adorable puppies adorable kittens one nice lady who does volunteer work. blonde haired lady has horrible attitude and horrible professionalism. absolutely horrible. never been treated worse. would’ve easliy payed 100-200 for the pup but 400$ for a husky mix? no.

Mark Tinney

3 years ago

We're very sympathetic to my loss as I donated my pets stuff to them

Alice Halsey

3 years ago

Got my kitten here. Love my kitten, we thought the kitten was female. We were told she had been speyed, when I took the kitten to the vet turns out she was a he and had been neutered, still love my kitten, must have been a typo????

Stryknyn !

3 years ago

Wonderful staff experience. Very clean establishment and pleasant environment. Animals seem to be taken care for vary well.

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