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Jaycee Sisson

a year ago

My parents have taken their dogs here for years, and always had amazing care. When they had to put their latest dog down, the vet sent a handwritten note with their regards and how much of a pleasure it was to have them. I now take my dog here and have seen both of the vets. Both have a lengthy conversation explaining everything there is to worry about, if anything. Dr. Holloway led me in the right direction of getting specialized training for my dog, when I thought he had anxiety and needed medication. Highly recommend this vet’s office!

Tricia Moorehead

a year ago

Took my fur baby up there for a work in at 830 this morning at 4 pm I'm having to call them for an update. Then when I'm addressing my unhappiness I'm asked if I want my dog treated or not. If I could give them a have star I wouldn't. So unprofessional and rude! Told I could pick her up at 5. All day in a kennel not bothering to update any one.

Kira Fox

a year ago

I took my dog to see Dr.Holloway today and she did a great job. She was very thorough, knowledgeable, informative, kind, and caring. Im glad to have found a wonderful vet again.

Joe Brown

a year ago

Not available when you really need them

Queen Grace

a year ago

My fur baby had been having some issues regarding his nose and ears. Others vets I took him to said they saw nothing wrong but today I was pleasantly surprised to have a vet who talked to me and worried about Gus like he was her own. Will be coming back from now on!

Hannah Brookshire

a year ago

They care so much about your pets. My pet had an accident where someone shot him and they called the next day to check in on how he was doing. Very sweet, professional, and caring people.

Taylor Belcher

a year ago

I used to love this vets office. However, the current office manager is rude. While she's there, I won't be taking my babies back. I paid for rabies and parvovirus for two of my dogs. I was told everything was included, including the second set of shots. I was not told the parvovirus follow up shots would be $30 a piece again! I tell the office manager that's not what I was told and she said well it's common sense. Making out like I'm a liar and that no one there told me that. I said well that's a little rude and it's not common sense. I dont work here. She said they dont offer a package set of shots. You don't ever tell a customer that anything when it come to shots is common sense. If you need to be paid per shot, follow up shots, then you need to have your staff explain further. Her attitude was piss poor. Very unprofessional. It could've been handled much better.

Alec Doud

a year ago

We have had several visits here over the last few months to get our kitten her shots, spayed, and chipped. They have always been very friendly, responsive, patient, and have treated my cat well. When we accidentally gave my cat too many pain meds, they were very quick to respond to our questions and assure us that everything would be okay, and there have never been any complications. Thanks guys!

Charles Thomas

2 years ago

I took my 1st pet here for care. They DID have a good doctor. I called when I got a 2nd pet and the person answering the phone says they have a new doctor who cant perform all services the old one did. So they lost my business over a choice to hire a less experienced doctor. Also If you think they will call you back when you leave a message your wrong.

Addie Wood

2 years ago

I had just adopted a 8 week old ferret and they were super quick to get him checked out. The vet was super informative about his sickness. Highly recommend.

Sarah Elizabeth Thomas

2 years ago

We had a traumatic injury with my boyfriend's cat at 5:30 on a Friday afternoon. The vet staff stayed open for us to get the cat x-rayed and to provide us with treatment options. We are so grateful they were able to squeeze in the emergency visit instead of having to drive to Rome or Chattanooga with an animal in pain and scared. Thank you so much!

Sheila Powell

2 years ago

First time problem. Been coming here 13 years. The receptionist has poor customer service skills. My dog was sick, I was upset, crying. She yelled at me, wouldnt let me talk, hung up on me twice . Then ran outside and yelled at me. Guess her day was worse than mine. Otherwise good care. she ran outsude, yelling and swing her arms

Lynn Wysong

2 years ago

My little old man had a little problem, that turned out to be nothing. We have just moved here from FL. And the staff were all so nice and helpful they got us an appt for the next morning and the appt. was quick and not overpriced . The Dr came out and was very nice and staff was also.We loved our Vet in Fl., I feel comfortable that I found a vet I can take Lance to here in Ga. from now on. Thank you .

Kristi Keithley

2 years ago

I'm soo glad I started taking our newest addition to Animal Hospital of Go Co...these ladies are AMAZING..they treat every animal with love and respect!! And after my little Oliver's surgery, they even called the next day to see how he was doing..they take their time to answer all of my questions..So glad that I have an AWESOME place to take my little Oliver when he gets sick or just needs a simple nail trim.

Jacqueline Johnson

2 years ago

I have had a plethora of issues with this place recently. Last week, they didn't charge me enough and called me the day after to give me more charges. If that's all it was, I could overlook that but today was very disappointing. I had an 8 am appt. today. Two other cars pulled up and were taken care of. I was there until 830 until someone took my dog. I was asked for previous medical records, which the receptionist last week said she would take care of. Obviously, there was lack of communication because today's vet tech said they dont do that. I was also not given an ETA on how long today's appointment would be. I called the front desk to ask for a time, but disrespectully she said she was sorry she couldn't tell me. It was not an apology. It was a hateful please get off the phone explanation. Hopefully, they will be more professional the rest of the day and not call me tomorrow for more charges like they did last time. Please consider taking your pets to another veterinarian. I am taking mine somewhere else after being a part of this one for over five years. I wish this was not the case, but customers should be treated better than this. Update: When I picked my dog up, it was worse the second time around. They called and said she was ready. I said I have been in the same spot. I went to the bathroom for a few minutes at a gas station, but I came back to my same spot. After 30 minutes of them saying she was ready, I was confused. No one came out. The doctor finally did and was very nice. I appreciate her being so kind in what my dog needs. A few minutes later Robin came out and handed me my previous review and said she didnt appreciate my review. An honest review is not something you appreciate if it is not to your liking. An apology would have been what most people in customer service would do. Instead, she tried to make me feel ashamed of my experience. I told her I was confused on why they said she was ready, but my dog didnt come out for a long time. She said I was supposed to call. That was her response in a short, rude way. You guys call me to say she is ready and I tell you I've been sitting in the same spot in the parking lot, and I'm supposed to call again to remind you I'm in the same spot? That doesnt make any sense. Robin handed me my dogs records to ensure I go to another vet. Instead of making things right, she made things worse. Candace was also the person on the phone who was not very kind, and she was very short in her response. This is not to tear anyone apart. We should all take comments into consideration to do better. It takes me more effort to write a negative review than it does for you guys to give better customer experiences. Please stop getting offended on what I experienced. Simply do better for other customers. I have had great experiences in the past, but these past few times have not been great. If a customer has a negative experience, please do not say you dont appreciate their experience. I hope you all can take this into consideration, so others can have a better experience with their loving animals.

Heather Hamilton

2 years ago

Very frustrating to have a vet that you can't get an appointment with when your animal needs it most. We have called multiple times this week to try to get our dog seen for a possible ear infection and the earliest available appointment is a week from now.

Susan Johnson

2 years ago

My family and I have always had positive experiences with this vet clinic. They are professional and are like our extended family. They go above and beyond to help us and our furry babies. We love them!!

Jennifer Tate

3 years ago

I was very impressed with this office. They got us in on an emergency basis when they were slammed and only waited an hour. I loved the doctor and the girls that ran the office. Everyone was great and a pleasure to work with. Will return and highly recommend to anyone.

Dorothy Thompson

3 years ago

I've taken my dog Rambo when he was attacked by a larger dog and they were so great with him and explained everything clearly. They have brought my cat back from the brink of death. And that is not exaggeration. My pets love the vet!!

Kim Evans

3 years ago

Let me begin by saying, I have been with this facility for the past 10 years. This facility is just not the same since Dr. Jay & Dr. Betsy left. The vet I dealt with is not compassionate, and seems a bit short-tempered as well as a smart aleck. She minimizes the concerns you present to her about your pet and it feels like she wants to make you feel like a pion that she doesn't have time for (and that is just how I felt). And, just so you know, I dealt with her once around a year ago and felt all of the above about her, but I did give her a second chance. She will perform every test available if you allow her to do so and charges entirely too much. Took my sweet baby one day, paid for all the tests and medications recommended without question, called her the next day told her my baby was still very sick and she told me I had to make an appointment. I am a nurse practitioner and have been employed in medicine for 10 years...I knew my sweet baby needed immediate care, but all she could offer is that I make an appointment? Needless to say, I took my sweet baby to another facility where she was treated by compassionate individuals and passed on later that day. I am not saying the outcome would have been different whether she was first treated by someone else or not, but I will always wonder. I will miss Robin and Hailey, who are both amazing and patient, but I just couldn't do it any longer.

Made it by Grace

3 years ago

My dogs have been going there since 2012. I have always been given professional, courteous care. Do not feel rushed and/or pressured to do anything that I cannot afford. The place is clean and the staff is caring to both the pets and the owners. Highly recommend.

Michael Ogles

3 years ago

These folks always take great care of our Annie!

chihuahua bulldog

3 years ago

Whenever I call with a question or to schedule an appointment for my cat, they are always very friendly and helpful. They take time with me and do not ever make me feel rushed. When I visit the office, the staff are always friendly and helpful. The office and rooms are always clean. I have not ever smelled any foul odors like I used to at a previous vet's office. I completely trust them with my cat's health and welfare.

Olivia Earle

3 years ago

In reading other reviews, I am confused because Dr. Sarah is fantastic. She has helped us when the stray we adopted gave birth, spaying the same dog, shots for pups, and even putting down my husband's childhood pet. She is always compassionate, friendly, and helpful. Robin at the front is always such a joy to speak with! I travel from the next county over to come see them. I highly recommend!

Susan Dyar

3 years ago

Since I chose to not purchase preventative medications from this vet and instead asked for paper prescriptions - she charged me $10 each for two paper prescriptions- obviously she cares more about money than animals!

robin hagedorn

3 years ago

They where very helpful with my baby

Avery Davis

3 years ago

The new vet is awesome. She is very in tune with animals. Our York is, Blake, loved her. Thanks Doc. I am about to make an emergency call. A big stray dog jumped on my dog and bit his toe almost off . he seems to be in shock. So let's see what transpires.

Amy Ellison

3 years ago

I have been taking my cats to The Gordon County Animal Hospital for a few years. It is a small little place with little parking. They are knowledgeable, care about the animals and are friendly and professional. However, recently they lost one or two of their doctors. So now they can only see patients a couple of times a week. I can never be seen on the same day as when I call, and sometimes it's urgent. They always have to give me an appointment for a week out, which means that my baby has to suffer longer. They are always booked which is good, but it isn't convenient. Recently my cat was very ill and I couldn't get him in to be seen until the next week. They suggested that I call another clinic, which I appreciated. The other place got my cat in immediately. I will be going to the other place until the Gordon County Animal Hospital gets another doctor on staff.


4 years ago

Dr. Sarah extremely rude. Not the same as when Dr Jay was there. I called to make an appointment at tail end of my dog needing heartworm shot. I asked the lady on the phone if waiting another two weeks would require the heartworm test and was told "no" so I set the appointment. Upon arrival Dr. Sarah pushed for the heartworm test. I told her I only waited because she said it was ok. She said "I didnt say it was ok." I told her it didnt matter if it was her personally or one of her staff that told me that, it was all the same. She then said very rudely, "I am not going to argue with you" I asked her some other detailed questions about the procedure and she got so upset that she was being questioned that she walked off in the middle of the conversation! I took my dog, left and happily paid for the heartworm test, new patient exam and heartworm medicine at a new vet. And she thought it was about the money! No lady, it was about you having no idea how to talk to customers. I feel sorry for the people working the desk as they were innocent bystanders. I will never go back. By my estimation she lost about $1000 annually from my two dogs, maybe more. I hope her quick temper was worth it.

Ang Cochran

4 years ago

Since Dr. J left, this office is the least caring office in Gordon County. My mother has spent THOUSANDS at this office. However, when her dog began having health issues, they turned her away and said she could go elsewhere. No explanation, no reason, NO COMPASSION. That dog is her baby and she has nursed it back to health due to it having a VERY rough start on life. Multiple dogs and cats and THOUSANDS of dollars spent. You people should be ashamed of yourself. She's not the only one you've done this to! Multiple people have posted the SAME experience. Horrible, AWFUL office.

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