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Hannah Normandin

2 years ago

The staff treat my animals very well, I've never had pets be excited to go see the vet but they seem to love the people who take care of them. Not only that but they are very thorough when it comes to needing care to make sure no stone is unturned.

Sylvia Hill-Eley

2 years ago

They help me take very good care of my poodle

Adam Thomas

2 years ago

Great service and really knowledgeable. They offer curbside treatment as well.

Steffany Simpkins

2 years ago

Dr. Vann and staff are absolutely wonderful.

Patricia Paschal

2 years ago

My son has been taking his canine Cambria there and they always are in high standing with us because they treat her wonderfully.

Thomas Thigpen

3 years ago

I've been taking my pup here for 10 years and I could imagine taking her anywhere else.

Stephen Caddy

3 years ago

Been taking our animals here since we moved here in may 2018. Love the vets and vet techs!

Nicole Schenker

3 years ago

Walton Way Veterinary Clinic completely saved the day today!! I called with a request for them to see my pug who had gotten a cut just beneath her eye. Dr. McMillen was able to see her almost immediately, even though she had a full schedule. The reassurance that the staff was able to provide, along with the excellent care makes this the best veterinary clinic around. I could never thank them enough for what they did for my furry family today!!

Nick Sites

3 years ago

Vet was very helpful when we found a stray alongside a highway. Came out and checked for microchip and provided us with recommendations on what to do since we were traveling back to CA.

Jo BoNe

3 years ago

Professionalism with heart and empathy. I respect everyone here completely. The thought and class they put into how they handled when our dog passed after 15+ years was unparalleled. I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for veterinary services.

Jade S. Wolfe

3 years ago

My little girl had an infection in her eye. She and I both have terrible anxiety but due to COVID I had to stay in my car. The staff were so kind and compassionate and let me know how she was doing every step of the way. The vet was very clear in her suggestions and recommendations.

Essilvo Sulejmani

3 years ago

Great service, nice quaint place that is really friendly and prompt

Ashley Mooney

3 years ago

Great first visit for our new puppy!

Alexis Gibson

3 years ago

My dog went in for emergency surgery yesterday and even though its only been 24 hours, he is feeling WAY better. Thank you to everyone who took care of my furbaby! We both appreciate you all so much!

Braulio Adorno-Colon

4 years ago

Knowledgeable and Friendly staff, always treats me and my pet like family.

Whitney Worden

4 years ago

This will be my first review I have ever left because I am completely heartbroken. My wife and I brought our kitten who was very ill here and only Xrays were taken which then lead to the vet saying that the only option was exploration surgery which was then followed by the vet saying " I love doing surgery!" excitedly. Afterwards the vet said if we wanted to go forward with this surgery we would have to go to the emergency clinic because they were closing soon (Understandable) but they will send our Xrays to them. We went to the emergency vet where this vet clinic failed to send our Xrays so we had to pay for 2 xrays to be done (Again, things happen) but afterwards this emergency vet clinic asked if any blood work or fecal samples had been done by Walton Way (Which they should have offered and done so). So we had paid the emergency clinic amount for a blood draw and a fecal sample. They weren't left with much from this office so they also suggested an exploration surgery which would then still more than likely be inconclusive so they suggested to tube feed this little guy back at home and see if he eats. Long story short we went to a new veterinary office because he got rapidly worse and they they found that surgery would have never been necessary and it was his Kidneys as shown in the Xrays. The Xrays that this vet clinic took clearly showed his kidneys were abnormal but failed to mention anything about them. I am extremely upset about how we were treated but also I feel we were completely scammed. He suffered an extra 3 days because this vet clinic failed to see that he needed more than just surgery done. As an owner and animal lover I made sure we did everything possible to save his life and thank goodness we went to another clinic because we found our answer that was clearly able to be seen by the hands of a proper vet.

Sarah Randall

4 years ago

We love the vets and staff! Our dog Rusty loves it too, hes always excited to get all the attention and treats. Going to the vet is not so scary anymore. It is obvious they love our animals and treat them like they are part of their family too. Highly recommend!

Ariel Mitchell

4 years ago

Dr.Vann is an amazing Vet and has an awesome, friendly staff. Great experience! My pet and I both left very happy

chantall stella

4 years ago

Took my puppy german shepherd here for maybe almost a year. He has severe skin issues and allergies. My husband always thought they were a little suspicious with their fake smiles and fake caring of animals. But I always told him to be quiet its fine here LOL! Well my mind changed and here's why. Since the beginning they have put my dog on all kinds of medication to help with his itchy skin and at one point it helped but nothing stopped the issue. We needed to do an allergy test but we decided to try cytopoint first. So we began the injections. According to Walton way vet clinic, these injections needed to be done 3 months in a row at first and then we see how far he can go after the 3 months before he would need a next injection. Every appointment we had for injections the nurse never once showed us the vials in the room we were in, and everytime she came in with the syringe it would be completely hidden in the palm of her hand so we never even saw the medicine amount in the syringe. My 80lb German shepherd needs 2 complete vials put into that syringe due to his weight. The amount to give depends on the dogs weight. This one injection costs over $120 everytime ok. We stopped going to this vet and now we go to grovetown animal clinic! DR.M gave our dog his cytopoint, he showed us BOTH of the vials and prepared the syringe right in front of us. Our dog kratos is itch free within an hour of injection. This leaves me to believe that Walton way vet clinic was certainly NOT GIVING MY DOG HIS FULL AMOUNT OF CYTOPOINT. I can tell by the way my dog reacted to the grovetown animals clinic cytopoint. It was a complete difference. Walton way clinic has received so much money from us it makes me sick. Another event to mention. My German shepherd had an infection in his ear I forget the ointment they put in his ear but when I went home and researched it stated that this certain ointment can cause deafness in a dog. And that any veterinarian should mention this to a customer before use. They never mentioned it to us. And its funny because the day they gave him this ointment there was a new nurse or doctor whatever she was said that alot of people are against this treatment and she was smiling as she said it. But she was happy Dr.van would allow her to use this ointment on my boy. That was the last time we went there. They are there for the $$$$ and if your dog has skin issues beware of this place. It seems like they love skin issues, it's a way for them to keep making you come back to collect your money. Dr. M at the Grovetown animal clinic is great in every aspect! We did an allergy test with him and now my big boy kratos is just fine! Living a normal dog life! We do have to keep him on an allergy shot but we now have answers and we know how to properly treat him! I certainly do not nor will I ever recommend walton way veterinarian clinic to anyone.

Chris Fulmer

4 years ago

Very friendly & compassionate staff.

Gabriel Smith

4 years ago

So patient and kind. My best friend died a few years back and they sent me his ashes along with a paw print on a card.

Gloria Reid

4 years ago

They are an excellent clinic. They truly love animals and you can be sure your pet is well cared for.

Jordan Lambert

4 years ago

So caring, patient and knowledgeable!

Josh McCubbins

4 years ago

Wonderful people who love pets!

Kristin Haney

4 years ago

They we're super helpful and nice.

Kymberly McCarty

4 years ago

They are so good with Buster. Easy to get an appointment and they are very hands on

Magaline Gearhart

4 years ago

Thank you for all that you do!

Marge Joniec

4 years ago

I’m so very impressed with this hospital and it’s staff! Our dog Grace was given red carpet treatment with great care taken to reduce her anxiety. The professionalism and friendliness makes it easy to trust Grace’s health to Dr. Vann and her staff.

Robert Snyder

4 years ago

Terrible vet. They do not listen to what you ask for.

Rose Aiken

4 years ago

They r so nice to my two little baby cats they took real good care of them

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