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Whitley Webb

a year ago

I didn’t make it in for my dog to be seen because I was told they’re already closed (Google hours says open till 12- it is 10:57 PM) and I was told my closest option would be in Summerville, SC. What a joke. They should really remove the word Emergency from their business name.

Stevie Rodriguez

a year ago

Thought I’d give an update - my dog ended up having severe pancreatitis (no, we did not give him anything to cause this!) and spent WEEKS in the care of CVets - they are fantastic and caring. Definitely worth the drive to Columbia. After many treatment plans, we finally did a plasma transfusion and my guy is still with us today! Very scary situation but he could’ve been cared for even sooner. I’d give zero ⭐️ if I could! I brought my dog here to be seen as they are the only “24 hour emergency vet” in the area. Well, they a NOT even that!? I arrived around 7:45pm on a Saturday to be told they were not taking any more patients for the evening since they only had one doctor and that I could drive to Columbia to be seen?! Very false advertising when you are in need of a very specific sort of care.

sally fairey

a year ago

If I could give zero stars I would. We had an accidental poisoning and instead of waiting on hold listening to the answering message over and over, we left Aiken SC and drove to the clinic . It advertises ER 24/7. We got there at 3:00 on a Saturday afternoon. The doors were locked and no one would answer the phone. Other people and their pets had been waiting in the parking lot since 2:00PM. We ended up having to turn around and drive our dog to Columbia SC where he was seen and began treatment within minutes of arrival. This place should not advertise that is is a 24 hr emergency clinic we wasted precious time looking for medical help for our dog. At least update their answering machine to say they are not open.

Morgan Orial

a year ago

Called for an emergency since my dog had stopped breathing and was performing CPR so I called to see if they could get my dog in immediately and the women who answered the phone said we could bring her in but after I told her we were performing CPR for several minutes, the women says our dog was probably no longer with us then proceeds to say “You can bring her in if you need help with disposing of the body”. Maybe saying something a little more sensitive next time for someone who JUST lost their pet and not referring to their pet as trash.

Meredith Fairey

a year ago

If I could give zero stars I would. We needed emergency services for our dog while we were visiting family in Aiken the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This location in Augusta stated on the website and via the phone answering service that it is open and if your pet is having an emergency to come there immediately. We drove there and there were eight other cars in the parking lot with their pets. No one was answering the phone or being let into the facility. Have some decency and change your phone recording to say you are closed. We wasted an hour that could have cost us our dog's life. Do not go to this location unless someone answers the phone and confirms they are open.

Kimberly Pogue

a year ago

I took my dog to Blue Pearl after he had gotten into dark chocolate. It was 630 in the evening right after our regular vet had closed so I decided to take him to Blue Pearl. What a waste of time! The woman on the phone was so heartless and rude, basically just dismissed us completely. She said that they were already “too busy tonight” and that we would need to drive to Columbia. Ummmm I’m sorry what????!!!! You are too busy to do your job? I am a healthcare worker in an ICU. I know busy. That’s just what we do in order to take care of our patients. It’s not always ideal but you do it. You don’t turn people or animals away!!!! What would happen if we could not make it to Columbia?!

John Donnelly

a year ago

Their phone message neglected to mention they were closed the Saturday we needed after hours care for our cat. The only closed sign was on the door which we saw after driving almost an hour with the sick cat. Based on that alone I would not recommend.

Joan Franklin

a year ago

G.Runnels , DVM is my satisfaction of question about my dog treatment, exam and blood lab work after done .

William Bargeloh

a year ago

checked website said they opened at 2:00 on Sat,. Their phone message also said 2 so at 1:50 we were there, Saw paper on the door and also said 2:00 open. Their were 3 cars waiting with sick animals. I checked their web site again and all the way at the bottom was a message that they would be closed on Sat. Great emergency vet!! I guess animals are not allowed to be sick on Sat.

Alejandro Alfonso

a year ago

It's Saturday and I have a kitty with fleas. So I google every place available. BluePearl says they are open until 10pm. I arrive by 7pm and no one in site. I proceed to call and no answer. Try to press 1 for emergency and no answer. Everywhere I go points to this place that is supposed to be open and nothing

Amanda Payne

a year ago

My kitten got out and was hit by a car. I immediately called them did the prompt for emergency emergency no answer. Called again and did prompt 2. Told the lady my cat was hit by a car and she responds with there is nothing they can do because there is no doctor available, go to Columbia. I said that’s too far and he won’t make. She again said legally there is nothing we can do because we do not have a doctor here. I said Columbia is too far and he won’t make it. What is the point of being an “emergency vet “ if you cannot even function as one. False advertising!!! This was a serious critical situation and zero help from the emergency vet. Why is there not a on call for situations like this?? How many more pets have to die because you blue Pearl cannot do your job. Columbia is an hour away and time is of the essence. Worst emergency vet ever!! So much better when Augusta Animal Emergency was here. Blue Pearl has been an absolute nightmare. What happened to patient care being the primary responsibility? We literally have no emergency vet in the CSRA.

Joseph Holland

a year ago

Not happy at all very expensive waited 4 hrs for then to just give me fle meds the put my dog under just to swab his ears did not clean them at all. And the dr walked off 3 times as I was asking him questions as if he had no concerns with what I was saying I’ll definitely be going back to Martin town rd animal hospital and not here

Shirley B

a year ago

Never, never did I say Never again will I bring my fur baby back to this Death trap. 1,100 dollars down the drain to do nothing but frightened the bejezzus out of me about my dog's health. Lying hacks.

Squirrels AndMeese

a year ago

I dont want to be extremely mean, but the vet could be better. There are no upfront pricing so we didn't know the total until we checked out. For your info though, 460 for an office visit and an xray. Do with that what you will. Will probably never come here again. Overall not a good vibe from the front desk to the visit with the vet.

Jim Channell

a year ago

The website, the sign on the door and the phone recording indicated this place was open until 8 pm. I arrived slightly before 6 pm. They require customers to remain in their cars and call in to the business. I guess they are fully bought into the COVID hysteria and do not consider vaccination status to have any meaning at all. After waiting on hold for approximately 15 minutes and having to restate my desire to remain on hold every 3 or so minutes someone finally picked up the phone and told me they were closed, at 6:15 pm. When I informed the person on the phone that their website and the repeated recording I had been listening to had said they were open until 8 pm I was told "the vet left at 6 so we are closed". I gave this horrible place one star since giving zero stars was not an option.


a year ago

After a terrible experience at another Blue Pearl location I was apprehensive about having to use this company again. Of course my pet needed veterinary care on a Sunday and we had no choice. We were in and out in just over an hour, the staff was efficient, and the doctor was thorough. Pleasantly surprised by how different this visit went.

Summer Bowden

a year ago

They checked my dogs vitals and said everything was great and also said her tongue wasent purple when it clearly was. Gave her pain medicine and sent her home only for her to just die moments when we got home.. wont be coming back and wouldn't recommend to anybody.  Operation hours sucks. On their signs and phone recordings  it says  open 24/7 and there is nothing on the building stating otherwise. Only Google. My dog deserved better and deserved more attention. No I am not a vet but i know that they should of saw that something was seriously wrong... you are better off taking the drive to Columbia. I had a better experience there.

Catherine Peacher

a year ago

UPDATE! I Found what was wrong with my dog! See picture below! I had to hold her down and force her let me see just to remove this from in between her paw pads! She screamed when I removed it! They didn't even look at her paw!!!!!! DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd leave 0 stars but it's not an option. Took my dog in because she has been limping for 2 days and something is wrong with her back paw. They took my dog in the back for over an hour and came back with a piece of paper saying my dog is not limping. Whixh is a total lie. Even the vet tech saw her limping. She limped all the way to the car and is continuing to do so. I spent 172$ to be called a liar. I'll never go back there

William Gay

a year ago

My 8 week old Boston Terrier puppy jumped off the bed and was screaming in pain. I looked up this place to see what time they closed. Website said 8:00. I got there just a few minutes past 7:00 and was told they were not seeing any more pets for the night. I asked if they could x-ray his leg so that, if it is broken, I could take him somewhere else. Their answer was no, they ahead already quit taking intakes for the day. IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR PET, STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.

Sydney Garrett

a year ago

My dog had very large mass on his lung and I was referred to Dr.Knuckle by someone from Columbia. I can’t say enough great things about him or his team at Blue pearl! They were amazing! I was given frequent updates as well as pictures while he was there. His surgery was a few days ago and he has been great ever since!! So extra thankful for this team!

Madeline Johnson

a year ago

Everyone was really nice and showed kindness and concern for my dog. Prices were up front and no hidden costs. This place saved my dogs life and I’m so grateful they were able to help him!

Jacquelyn SchmidT

a year ago

After 10 years of having the most amazing dog we could ever ask for, we had to recently put our family dog down. The service there was amazing. People were great and though the cost was very pricey for my families budget, we loved Reese and she needed their services. I will say one thing that I am very disappointed about. After everything is done and my family is continuing to grieve, I keep getting emails from this facility begging for a review. I rated the facility accordingly to how they treated us and our baby. They again were great. Maybe…. next time you can consider the fact that our family is still grieving and constant reminders about taking a survey for the place where we lost our dog isn’t the best idea.

Drew Wiles

a year ago

Steer clear of this place. What a joke. They just want your money.

Sidney Llorance

a year ago

This place is not 24/7. I had a true emergency with my cat and no one was physically there and no one would answer the phone. If you advertise that you are 24/7 on your signage at least have someone available by phone to answer questions and advise on what can be done until somewhere is open. I saw later that the website has listed an hours change but honestly it makes no sense if your purpose is to serve as Augusta’s only emergency vet clinic and it still says 24/7 plain as day when you drive by.

Todd Arrington

a year ago

I would give zero stars if I could. We took our dog in to this 24 hour emergency pet hospital(which it isn't 24 hour) then we sign for the estimate and when we go to pickup our dog it's 550.00 more then what we approve. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.

Derek B

a year ago

It's not a 24/7 animal hospital like the sign says.

Alexandria Bell

a year ago

Not 24/7. Change your sign or at least answer the phone. Waste of time. Hope no pet dies on the way to this place because no one will come to the door anyway. Update- worse than I thought. Called them at 730 on a normal work day. Still wouldn't intake because the doctor was doing something that would have ran passed closing time. What a joke of a place.

Amber Leigh Dossett

a year ago

Don’t get me wrong, my experience with the staff was great, they explained everything going on with my cat very well, and it was much appreciated. The reason for the lower stars is, the wait. You can sit here anywhere between 2, and 7 hrs to get seen. Which is ridiculous if you have a genuine emergency. Also, why call yourself a “24-7” clinic if you’re only open at specific times, on specific days? Those were the downsides for me. If it isn’t a serious SERIOUS emergency, I’d recommend, but if you need immediate car, just skip, and go to Columbia.

Lisa Renew

a year ago

I needed an emergency vet on a Saturday, everyone in town says to call BluePearl for after hours care. They advertise 24/7 on their sign, however their hours are far from that as advertised and they are NOT open on Saturdays. Not the place to go if you need EMERGENCY care for your pet.

Scott Hooker

a year ago

Advertising as a 24 hr pet hospital. I showed up after traveling 45 minutes to get there only to be told that they are not 24 hours anymore due to not having a vet on staff. The lady that answered the phone was not compassionate and would only recommend a vet in Columbia SC… another hour away!

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