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Brenda Barfield

2 years ago

Went to store Mon to request a renewal on a prescription for my dog, called again Wed and again today. l had not received a call back and don't understand with more than 1 vet in the store why it is taking so long as I have been using Banfield for the last 15 plus years in other states as we relocated and this is the longest I have experienced getting a prescription renewed!

Marie Andrews

2 years ago

Takes way to long to get appt just for shots. It was like to weeks. I understand they may be busy but how long does it take to give a rabbies shot. I have the health insurance and can never get into see a vet when your pet is sick. If I didn't have the insurance to have her either cleaned and vaccinations I would go some where else.

Audrey Smith

2 years ago

We’ve been paying for a pet wellness plan for years now. YEARS. But Banfield has gotten super shady—at least at this location in Augusta. We had our bloodhound fixed here today. They quoted us an extra $100 this morning. That’s fine to pay for the extras. No problem! But when they called to let us know she was ready, the price went up to well over $200! -This morning: “Her meds won’t cost much extra. Expect to pay about $109 total.” Great! -This afternoon: “Her meds were an extra $75. Total $220!” Plus they charged us for the microchip when that was included in the wellness plan *we signed up for*—and have been paying for each month! Our monthly payment hasn’t changed, so I’d like a refund! What a crummy way to treat customers. The double charge is ridiculous. They knew how much this would cost; there’s got to be set prices— the person either lied or had no business talking numbers on the phone with anyone. And this is not the first time they hiked up prices AFTER the service was over. This location is the worst. Doubling the cost (when by the way, there were no surprises during surgery) is pretty stinking rotten.

Jack Lovelace

2 years ago

Ask for kim! Great customer service.

David Price

2 years ago

Amazing staff. Our family fully trusts everyone here with our pet’s health.

Eliza Dane

2 years ago

I LOVED the Banfield Pet Hospital in Woodstock, GA. This one, on the other hand, is getting on my last nerve. Twice now I have had to drive the 1 hour it takes me to get to the Augusta location just for them to tell me that my appointment doesn't exist. While this might seem like "oh, she's just not sure when her appointment is" I promise it's not. The first time they had to reschedule my appointment because they "couldn't take her" at her original time, I never got an email or anything saying she had been rescheduled. She was coming in for a booster and they rescheduled her outside of the time frame she would've needed the booster, meaning we would've had to do the process all over and that I would have to pay out of pocket for both shots(we have the wellness plan, and it only covers the shots once). This time around I scheduled to have her spayed and the girl at the counter said a date and time and said "I have to double check with the doctor, but I'll call you if we need to schedule her for a different day". I never got a call, so I come in and a different girl says "we don't have anything on the schedule for you". So, not only was it not today, but the original girl didn't schedule ANYTHING. Like I said, I loved Banfield when I lived in Woodstock, I have the wellness plan because of how great they are. But this location has made me seriously consider going somewhere else entirely.

John Butler

2 years ago

Nice people, who didn't charge an arm and a leg:)

Ed Burkett

2 years ago

The telephone number on the rabies dog tag provided by Banfield is their corporate billing department. When I asked the employee who answered I was told to call the "local" Banfield vet office. I asked if she could give me the "local" Banfield vet telephone number. I was told I could look that number up on the internet myself. I looked up the "local" Banfield vet number and called. When the "local" Banfield Vet office employee answered the phone, I was immediatelyasked to hold. I asked why, and was told the employee was helping a customer at the desk. After waiting over five minutes I hung up. There are better choices for animal care.

Beth Hasbrouck

2 years ago

We love Banfield and all the staff! They are great with all our animals

Megan Cardinal

2 years ago

Do not recommend. Especially their puppy plans. Not worth the value, especially if you get the flea and tick addition. They neglect to tell you that it is a yearly contract and I’ve yet to be able to actually get an appointment with them whenever something is wrong with my dog because they are so overbooked. End up having to go to another vet which defeats the purpose. Literally any other place is better than banfield

danny long

2 years ago

My dog loves this vet. Wife drops him off in am they call and tell you when they are done

Sweet J

2 years ago

I couldn't imagine Taking my fur babies anywhere else ♥

shontaye crenshaw

2 years ago

Customer service is great. They really take there time to talk to you about your pet and willing to answer any questions you have. The only reason I dont give them a 5 star is because we got on the plus plan for our pets with them and they didn't tell us its a full contract for 12 months. so if your dog dies or you decide to rehome your pet you HAVE to pay off the remaining balance. :/

Michael Williams

2 years ago

It's more like a factory not. A vet

Melissa Pippin

2 years ago

They did a excellent job on when i brought my cat and i appreciate the excellence. Thanks so much

Jarrett Dillingham

3 years ago

I took my dog there in obvious distress on Saturday they were the only place open and my dog couldn't breath they wouldn't do nothing for him cause he didn't have an appointment so he passed later that night!He would still be alive had they did something but they didn't do nothing just sent me away told me to go somewhere else!Now my baby's gone and the pain from that is unbearable and they are to blame!

Ronda Montgomery

3 years ago

Very comfortable bringing my dog here. Clean friendly staff and very time efficient.

Renoir Montalvo

3 years ago

The service was great! My "pet" was treated like family and not just another animal. He is considered a valued patient and loved family member! His treatment was wonderful and I was given options for payment! I was also able to discuss the treatment plan with Veterinarian to get the best results for my fur baby! He even gave me a great preventative health care plan for the future.

Marie Hannans

3 years ago

Great experience. The staff and vet were so kind and caring.

A'Jada Burke

3 years ago

Dr.Corrales is really great and I preferred dealing with him. It’s unfortunate that he’s no longer there.


3 years ago

Amazing staff. They are focused on taking care of pets and humans. Ensured I had the right plan for my dog.

Rose Patton

3 years ago

Though most of their staff are friendly, they are a disorganised and their front staff have trouble dealing with any sort of volume. Even when I am technically just going to PetSmart but pop over to weigh my dog, I always notice confused or unhappy customers. The last like 4 or so times iv been there something on the front staff's side has gone wrong or their communication with customers lacked significantly. For a couple examples: There was the guy there to drop his dog off for an appointment they scheduled and they couldn't find his appointment and it took about 20-25 mins to resolve it, in the end it was a miscommunication on their end. For another example, the lady who was being charged too much because she had decided opt out of something that they originally planned to do, and for the staff to identify and rectify the problem took 5 trips between two people walking to the back to ask questions for them to say 'you're right, hold on' and another around 10 mins just to fix it on her bill. They didnt really explained to the lady what they were doing and she was getting frustrated and they treated her like a hard customer instead of identifying her frustration as a lack of proper communication. My latest challenge with them is getting them to send off my flea, tick, and heartworm prevention meds approval to chewy. That was after I called the office and let them know that chewy was about to cancel my order if it didn't get done. I was assured it would and today received an email from chewy that since they had received no response in a WEEK, they cancelled the order. This just further assured me of their disorganization. They always seem to have at least two staff up front though, so I'm not sure if it really is just that they don't know how to balance the work load because of high volume (which is still a problem), if their staff just needs more training, or they don't value enough or prioritize organization. I would have given two stars but the vets I've interacted with seem to be good though. With covid, I've only met two and both have been very kind and very patient when I had lots of questions about my dog who got sick and ended up there for two days. But again, on the flip side, I was told they would call me throughout the day to update me (she was there ALL day for two days) and I ended up having to reach out to them at noon and 4 both days to get my own update because no one called, sometimes only to get "we don't have any information, someone will hopefully call and update you soon." They also said they would call each day for the following few days after she was allowed to stay home to check on her and I only received one call early in the morning the first day. Which more so bothered me that with how sick she had been, and after paying such a large vet bill (which they charge more than most other vets iv called around here), they didn't fully follow through in the way they committed to. Only reason I'm still there right now is I travel to and from Virginia a bit and Banfield is a chain and can easily transfer her records so she can be seen at any location, and there are multiple around where I go in Virginia.

Catherine Packer-Williams

3 years ago

Dr. Gupta is thorough and compassionate.

William Lawson

3 years ago

Great care for your pet. Have helped us with the best and worst times with our dogs.

Hannah Bacott

3 years ago

Went here because I found a lost pet and needed to have her scanned for a chip. Representative at the counter was extremely nice and assisted me with this. Thank you!


3 years ago

Service was excellent, but the prices are a little high. All in all I would definitely recommend them!

Stephen Parris

3 years ago

Great service, they love animals

A Angie S

3 years ago

The veteranarian and her staff are very friendly and good with my cats.

Regina Thomas

3 years ago

I just started taking my pet to Banfield and so far I am glad I made a switch. The staff is nice and very helpful whenever I bring him to his appts. The prices are reasonable and affordable.

T. Warthaw

3 years ago

My baby Chris was feeling bad and the staff at Banfield Pet Hospital worked to get me the quickest appt available to help him feel better as soon as possible!!

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