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Si Chen

a year ago

Brought my dog to get a lump on his leg checked out, when I got a call from the doctor to go over the cytology results I was told that it could be cancer, might not be, but to just keep an eye on it--if it could be cancer, why aren't we …


a year ago

DON'T GO HERE! Went to this place because it was more affordable...mistake. They are quick to swipe your card in office before you leave but drag their feet communicating in all aspects. Good luck getting someone on the phone that actually …

Larshay Johnson

a year ago

Very dissatisfied. I was scammed into a plan for a pet. Long story but very dissatisfied will not refer them to anyone I know. Overpriced veterinarians

Matthew Falkler

a year ago

On Tuesday the 21st, I took our family’s two cats to Thrive in Midtown. Our oldest cat, who wasn’t even two years old at the time, was scheduled for a full exam, vaccine updates, and a nail trim. When he returned from the exam room, I was informed by the Vet that while his vaccines were administered the nail trim wasn’t done and the exam was only partially done. I was told this was because he was moving his tail and being squirmy and hissed some. He did not attempt to scratch or bite anyone. I didn’t question the Vet not giving a full exam, they are the experts. I was also partially blamed by the Vet for not giving him a sedative. Fast forward to Saturday evening on the 25th, I’m taking my oldest cat to the ER. He couldn’t stand up and was in a lot of pain. He was immediately diagnosed with a full urinary obstruction and his blood work was in really bad shape. With a bleak outlook given, we had to put down our cat. My family is devastated. I have called Thrive three times since Thursday the 30th and once via online message. I have been told twice Management would contact me but I have heard zero from them. We want a resolution why our cat wasn’t given a full exam. He was a 9 pound house cat, not a cougar. If they felt he was being difficult, put him in a cone then administer the exam! I was also charged fully for an exam. My family is now left second guessing if a full exam had been giving, it’s a possibility an issue could have been found then and addressed which could have saved his life. We’re upset and furious and have received no sense of urgency from Thrive management to reach out to us. I have never posted a one star review publicly but this is my breaking point. We had also been going to Thrive for nearly two years. This isn’t how you treat clients, period.

Jason Kim

a year ago

I take my two cats and a puppy to Thrive. They are always kind and provides great service!

Syd Addi

a year ago

Quick and efficient! We were taken to a room upon arrival and only waited a few minutes before being seen. The staff is very kind and helpful. I love how there aren't any surprise fees, every charge is explained and you can accept the amount before they perform any service.

Staci Bullock

a year ago

Dr. Barksdale and her team really are wonderful.

jazz Davis

a year ago

I’m a new pet mom and the service was fast and efficient. I bought my pup to get a wellness check up. Immediately I was walked to the exam room and and was seen. They explain everything and stayed to answer all my questions. They even clipped my pup matted hair for free. The vet did not force any unnecessary vaccines or meds but offer me to return again to receive proper vaccine. I feel stress now and it has helped bring me closer to my pup. Thanks Thrive

Bree'Anna Aguilar

a year ago

Best vet ever. The staff is all kind and knowledgeable and services are super affordable. My puppy loves every staff member he meets so you know they’re good people :)

Alex Smith

a year ago

This place has awful customer service, they don’t care about you, they only want your money. I will not be back, I left feeling like I was treated less than other people who visited this facility which is an awful feeling. I arrived to my appointment 9 minutes late & the front desk immediately told me that I’m 12 minutes late and that he would go check to make sure I can still be seen. He stayed in the back over over 10 minutes and then 25 minutes after my appointment time, I was told that I can drop my dog off and pay for day care in addition to the vet charges and still have my dog seen while she’s at day care. I explained to them that I have other appointments and am going out of town so rescheduling or dropping my dog off for day care for a few hours wasn’t going to work for me! They gave me no other option and made me feel like they didn’t care about me at all, tried to charge me more money and wasted my time by me standing there hanging around waiting an hour after my original appointment for them to see if they could take me just to receive no help in the end. I understand being late throws your schedule off but me being within 10 minutes late should not forfeit my appointment and throw me to the curb. There’s a way to provide customer service and this company just does not care.

Adriana Acosta

a year ago

Thrive have us amazing affordable care, they were accommodating, reliable, and attentive. I will continue to use them.

Christopher Martin

a year ago

I had a really good experience with Thrive in Midtown! I recently adopted my cat, Mitzi, and made an appointment for her yearly vaccinations. I researched several vet offices but Thrive was highly recommended by a close friend who works in the veterinarian field. As soon as I arrived, I was escorted to a exam room and the appointment didn't take long at all! Our vet tech, Deseray, was very professional and friendly and Mitzi warmed up to her right away. Dr. Carson was very knowledgable and had no problem answering all the questions I had about providing the best care for Mitzi. The pricing was relatively affordable and they made sure I knew upfront regarding the charges. I was so happy that Mitzi did so well at the vet as I worried about it for weeks before our visit. I'll definitely be bringing Mitzi back her for next visit. :)

michele torres

a year ago

Great experience! Staff was extremely friendly, facility was super clean and the price was so much better than the high end boutique vets. HIGHLY recommend

Nicole Nemiroff

a year ago

Unfortunately, I had to give this place 1 star. I bought a Doberman puppy from a breeder September 10. When I picked him up I realize they cropped his ears, and I was unaware. Immediately I knew something was wrong and thrive on N. Side Dr. . It was the only vet that had openings a couple days after I got him. I told Dr. Tia Barksdale that I was worried about him he was feeling warm, she told me that dogs temperatures are normally higher than ours so I tried not to stress about it. I also told her I was really worried about his ears. For some reason the breeder put nylon inserts in them and I have never heard of that before. Whenever I took my puppy for a wellness check she missed that there was a suture left in his ear that was never taken out. She also missed that he had fleas. I went up there multiple times they ended up giving me flea medication a couple days after I took him home. But I don’t understand how they missed it if I’m in for a wellness check. I showed her all the paperwork from the breeder, it says the nylon inserts have to be removed after five weeks. She told me that they do not do ear cropping or anything with ears, but she was willing to try. They charge me over $300 for her to take it out, on the bill it doesn’t say anything about your cropping because they do not do that which was fine. So they put it under another service. I started to doubt her once she told me to send her a YouTube video on how to take care of the ears. She said she would take the nylon out but she has never done it before. The whole staff was looking at me crazy because of his ears, and made me feel so uncomfortable and not welcome it was not my fault that the breeder did this. I ended up taking him to three other vets, and an animal hospital. If I wouldn’t have taken him to the animal hospital he would’ve passed away. I don’t understand how she missed that he had an ear infection, an abscess, almost went deaf, necrosis, and he has pneumonia. And I called thrive and texted them they basically said good luck and have a nice day. Please do not go to this horrible place. They will not give me a refund, it’s not even about the money, I just want my puppy to be healthy. Thank God I followed my instinct to take him somewhere else or else he would be dead

R. L. Arnold

a year ago

Love taking my daughter Porsche here.They are always very professional and the rates are reasonable too.

Vanessa Shell

a year ago

The staff was so welcoming, kind, and helpful. I’d recommend this location to anyone.

Victor Alexander

a year ago

It takes a week to get your dog in to be seen. I'm finding some where else to take my dog because these guys would rather refer you to an emergency clinic than tell you to come in and take a look. Very dissatisfied.

J Renee Carter

a year ago

Save yourself the frustration. Called on 9/9 and scheduled an appointment for 3 weeks out with the 3rd party answering service. Please note that all phone calls go to this third party company in India or South Africa. I was told that this was the first available slot. I booked the appointment and asked to be put on the waitlist for any cancelations. I received a call about 5 minutes later, from the actual office, and was informed that I could have an earlier appointment 9/15 at 5pm. I took the appointment and received a text message confirming the same. Monday (9/13) I received a voicemail asking me to confirm the appointment. I returned the call at 5:43pm that same day (with the third party) and confirmed the appointment. I showed up today only to find out that my appointment was canceled. Who was available to assist me? Not one person. You can't speak to anyone on the phone - only the third party answering service. I entered the facility to voice my concerns and the only person available is the receptionist. Please believe the 1 star reviews about him. I was told that I could contact the manager tomorrow. So, I'm inconvenienced and have to reach out? I'm not sure that's how customer service works. But, I took her card so I could email her this review. I've seen the increase in 1 and 2 star reviews. Most of them involve scheduling and/or the receptionist. Clearly, the business model and/or personnel needs to change. Oh! I did receive a call to see if I wanted to schedule a new appointment for the 28th? Two more weeks out to examine a growth that is changing shape when the initial appointment was canceled in error on your end??? No thanks, we'll be seen on tomorrow's waitlist at another clinic.

Tabatha Smith

a year ago

I am a new puppy mom, I was very nervous about taking my dog Bentley just anyplace for his care! Thrive Midtown, has been a blessing from above. There prices are so reasonable, the location is near and there professional manners from the front to the back is Outstanding! I want to give a special shout out to Michael at the front desks! Michael it’s because of you I will continue to bring my Bentley to Thrive Midtown!! The Customer Service that you give to every customer that walk through those doors is Amazing!!! Thank You, Thank You!! For being consistent, caring, loving, funny, and having a Beautiful smile that greets us at the door❤️


a year ago

They are terrific with the pets. Our pet seem to have been comfortable right frome the times we walk in

Rose Brown

a year ago

My dog was seen at Thrive less than one month ago. She was x-rayed & given a full blood screening workup. When I called for treatment regiment I was asked to bring her in for more testing. I was promised a call back within 24 hrs-never happened. They seem more interested in billing than treating.

Jessica morris

a year ago

Arriving seemed genuine but during giving me prices of tests that needed to be done it seemed as so every call was another higher expense. After spending almost 600 dollars I still have no answer to anything. My poor dog is still having all the same issues and all I got was a option to bring her back in to spend more money. I felt like i honestly got ripped off.

Julie Bainbridge

a year ago

Dr. Barksdale saved my diabetic cat - it was a lot of work and they saw him weekly for a while, but everyone was so warm and welcoming; I feel very much like they know me and genuinely care about my pets. They are a very busy location, but always work with me to get a pet in last minute if needed. And they definitely accommodate to my work schedule as well, which is very helpful for someone who lives far away and can’t take off work often. Great team and I am very happy to bring my animals here!

Cee Jai Jones

a year ago

I began visiting Thrive during Covid and the staff from the receptionist to the doctors have all provided Styx and Miracle with first class service. I appreciate their safety protocols and especially their follow up communication after visits.

M. Blount

a year ago

Today was not like any other. We had to say goodbye to our Louie. I am forever grateful to Dr. Barksdale and the Thrive Midtown staff. Especially for Dr. Barksdale! She was wonderful, caring and patience with my daughter, Kristen which made the decision to let Louie rest easier. And Dr. Barksdale just met Louie and Kristen two weeks ago but was so loving. We will miss him tremendously but we know he is well. Again thank you, Dr. Barksdale and the Thrive Midtown staff.

Paul Krebs

a year ago

Our dog Jade has been seen a few times by the Thrive team. While it is sometimes difficult to get an appointment, the Thrive team seems to really care about the animals they treat and I feel confident that our dog is getting the best treatment. They really take the time to discuss the issues with the pet parents and make us feel like our dog is getting quality care.

Gabrielle Guerra

a year ago

I originally booked my appointment for 915 am and they pushed back my appointment an hour to 1015 without consulting me. They only notified me the day before that’s it’s been pushed back, giving me no time to rearrange my other commitments and only offering me a new appointment over a week after. On top of all of that, the morning of my appointment they call me and tell me they “cancelled” my 1015 appointment (the one I didn’t ask for in the first place) but they would be able to squeeze me in at 1115 or 1215? I told them no you already moved my appointment without asking and now on such short notice you want to move it again? I also had called the day prior and confirmed my appointment and they told me they had “sent” a cancellation text message. Super unprofessional to not run an appointment update past the customer and I won’t be coming back here again. Literally THE WORST VET IN ATLANTA DO NOT GO HERE!!!

Kiana Saatkamp

a year ago

My first time at this thrive location and they did not disappoint! I was in a tight bind with an upcoming move in a week and my dog came down with an eye infection of sorts and my normal locations couldn’t see me. This location called me first thing in the morning and got me in less than 2 hours later. The vet and the techs were more than helpful and understanding of my situation and so great even though I had never been there. I’ve never been disappointed with any of my thrive visits and this one was no different!


a year ago

They are always so nice to my pets and very safe and clean environment. The staff is super friendly specifically Abby. Will totally recommend.

Zachary T Long

a year ago

The Midtown location specifically is terrible. Awful communication and the people at the front desk are very rude. I went in for a simple nail trimming and it visually looks as if nothing was done and literally feels like nothing was done…if they were going to do this bad I would have just tried myself……waste of money and my time. Will never ever bring my dog back to this location.

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