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Lecretia Johnson

2 years ago

Today we lost our beloved Zeb. Dr. Ray and staff were the absolute best during Zeb's illness. They truly care about the entire family, patient and humans. Thank you Cat Clinic for your compassion and care.

Ann Mcginnis

2 years ago

Dr. Ray did a great job on my kitty Sis. He spade her while she was in heat and didn’t overcharge me. I had called other vets who were going to charge double what Dr. Ray charged. Sis is a happy healthy kitty now that she’s spade. Thank you Dr. Ray and staff.


2 years ago

Stay AWAY from this clinic. This vet's fees are ASTRONOMICAL in every caveat of his business regarding cats. He even charges for the release of cat records. Cat records! A simple fax! Even other vet clinics have spoken negatively of him for this and other reasons. He truly believes that because he "specializes" in cats, that he can charge an ultra premium for his services. He's not any smarter than other vets who also see felines!

Kastacia “Kapurrsiaryu” Dixon

3 years ago

Dr Ray and staff are you notch! Very professional, friendly, extensively feline knowledgeable and have an EXTREMELY relaxing, cat designed environment. They come to the cat for all diagnostics, which is SO nice! And I got follow-up from Dr Ray (not just a courtesy call, but a thorough evaluation) after the appointment to discuss our next steps. SO glad I found them!!

Catie Baker

3 years ago

Dr Ray is the best. He has amazing “bedside” manner and has helped our cat so much. When other vets couldn’t diagnose her, he was quickly able to determine the problem and she is doing fantastic now.

Josh Tamayo

3 years ago

The clinic is very friendly and it's obvious the vet cares about the cats just as much as you do. Also doesn't push unnecessary services.

Ortho Doc

3 years ago

I respect Vets immensely, but our family would have to say this is one of the least professional vet clinics in Atlanta. Our experience was- Unresponsive. The Dr. and Staff , showed Poor judgement, Along with numerous Misdiagnosis. I would recommend a handful of Vet clinics, even humane societies, before suggesting The Cat Clinic of Roswell for your Cat. Sadly, our cat suffered.

Brian Lee

3 years ago

Quality care from thoughtful, knowledgeable folks. My kitty will receive his care only from them.

Chad D

3 years ago

It's in an older home in downtown Roswell. The doctor is amazing and took great care of our cats. One of our cats is a senior and had cancer and the doctor explained what it was and unfortunately we had to put him down. Our other cat had pink eye and after attempting home remedies, he prescribed something that was worked rapidly. The cat with pink eye is anxious, but was calm with the doctor and I was shocked. He'll be his vet until the cat died or the doctor does.

Paige Young

3 years ago

This is the best vet I’ve ever been too. I actually live down in Atlanta and discovered this place while visiting my parents. Both my cats suddenly started having a hard time breathing while I was visiting. The Cat Clinic was able to fit me in right away and it turns out my brother sister pairing are allergic to other cats, go figure. Dr Michael Ray took time to walk though my cats history and thoroughly explain cat asthma and possible triggers like my sisters new kitten. I’ve since then brought my cats in for their annual exam and they were just as lovely and attentive. This is now permanently my new vet and I highly recommend them to any other cat parents.

Jennifer McCarren

3 years ago

Dr. Ray was so observant and knowledgeable that he caught something that would have been fatal to our cat. He scheduled our cat for emergency surgery and saved him. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to trust Dr. Ray and his staff with our feline friends care!

Jeremy Harris

3 years ago

Me and my wife have been taking our cats to Dr Ray for the better part of 7 years.... the care and professionalism given to each of our “fur babies” is of the highest quality. Anna, Penny, and Dr Ray and the rest of the staff have always been honest, professional, and above all... loving to us and our cats. It’s the only place for us.

Zack Benz

3 years ago

We took our cat in for a grooming/dematting (he's too fluffy sometimes). When we picked him up he was out of it, not dematted, and stressed beyond belief. He made a huge mess in his carrier he normally hangs out on whenever it's out.

Amy Miller

3 years ago

If you have a kitty, this is a must visit clinic. I was a client years ago with a since passed furbaby and really appreciated their services. I was in my late 20's then, and we didn't have Google and the resources we have today. Needless to say, I knew next to nothing about cats at the time. Finally got a new kitten last week (20+ years later) and after learning so much more about them over the years, you NEED to take your kitties to someone who specializes in cats. They are totally different than dogs and need the expertise that a vet dedicated to the species can give them. If your vet does not love cats (I love my puppy vet, but they are not thrilled with cats) you need to change! Dr. Ray and his staff are a pleasure to work with. He has a wealth of knowledge on felines and all things kitty related. Just like each of my children had different needs, my pets do as well. My kitty is not a low maintenance dog, she is a high maintenance cat. She is loving and obedient and playful - in her own way. Let the staff at The Cat Clinic of Roswell help you make your cat the best she can be by giving you the help, resources, and medical care that your kitty deserves.

Anna Elmore

3 years ago

We changed to this vet about a year ago, they are taking care of our geriatric cat and our younger cat we definitely recommend for both ages and in-between! They have been amazing and realistic with us about our older cat and factor in life with both cats in the household to make sure we have a happy cat family.

brandy lambert

3 years ago

I have a purebred Persian and when I first moved to Georgia I met Dr Ray as he was right down the street. Out of all the vets I have been to between here and Alabama he is the best. I tried a different vet after I moved thirty miles away to Lawrenceville and my cat was again over sedated which has happened more than once. I made the thirty mile drive back to Dr Ray and it was worth it . He is amazing with my cat Izzy! I will not go to another. Thank you Dr Ray !

Camille Puckett

3 years ago

Dr. Ray has been my veterinarian ever since 2010. I love the laid-back atmosphere which is great for the cats and the care that he takes with each one of them. From the first time I met him I’ve had nothing but a comfortable and confident feeling about him and his staff. You never feel rushed when you’re there.

Nadine Hokayem Dali

3 years ago

I suggest that you read all the 1 star reviews before taking your cat to this clinic because you can see a pattern of sloppiness and irresponsible behavior. I did not read the reviews before making an appointment but got lucky and realized something was wrong at the last minute and I explain: My cats have fleas and my priority was for us to find a vet clinic that lets us in with the cats instead of waiting for them in the car or dropping thrm off as part of COVID precautions. I wanted to be able to be present with the cats because they are very nervous. I arrived 5 minutes early, I waited outside the clinic in the heat for them to open the door and they didnt. So after knocking on all the doors I called and finally the receptionnist answered the phone she snaped at me because I told her I was waiting outside with no answer at the door.( First red Flag) Then she said that I need to drop off the cats as it is the COVID protocol and that I could not enter the clinic while I had specifically asked her while making the appointment if they are requiring people to stay in their car and she answered NO we don't do that ( second red Flag) She denied saying that to me and she did it in a very rude way. Not only she did not apologize for the misunderstanding she tried to twist the truth....( third red flag) Fortunately for me, when she behaved this way I realised I was dealing with a dishonest person so I asked her to cancel our appointment and to delete us from her files. Now, while I was writing this review, I read the other 1 star reviews and I wish I had read them before making the appointment.

Robert Edmondson

3 years ago

We moved our cat from a cat and dog practice to Cat Clinic of Roswell. Our cat is fussy and doesn't like to be handled, coupled with diabetes. We were having all kinds of troubles with our old vet, and Dr. Ray changed our cat's world around for the better.

Sarah Gullett

3 years ago

The Cat Clinic of Roswell has always treated my family and our cats well. We started taking our cats there in 2013 or 2014. Unfortunately our last kitty had to be put down this week, but the staff were amazing and kind have helped us through the process. This is the only place we were willing to take our senior cat with health problems and Dr. Ray is very knowledgeable and kind, and especially skilled in the care of senior kitties. He has never pushed us into procedures.we didn't want or anything, only given us the information and supported us with the direction we wanted to go. I highly recommend The Cat Clinic of Roswell for your cat's needs, especially if you have an older cat who needs extra care.

Aaron W

4 years ago

I brought my oldest cat in for a checkup because he was experiencing severe discomfort in his ears. Dr. Ray diagnosed my cat with having “skin allergies”. This was in December 2018. Last night, my cat had a seizure due to being misdiagnosed; he actually had a infection caused by a ear mites. Today, February 28th, 2019, I took my cat to Town & Country Veterinary Clinic where my kitty received the proper care he needed in order to overcome the ear mites as well as the infection. In one day, all three of my cats were examined by Dr. Tracy Adams who was able to pinpoint the source of the ear mites, treat all of my cats, and finally deliver relief to my fur kids. I will never return to the Cat Clinic of Roswell. Additionally, the manner in which Dr. Ray “man handled” my cat was not only unprofessional, but it was downright alarming to my fiancé and I as we sat in the examination room and witnessed the horror.

Beatrice Wallace

4 years ago

Excellent care!! Wonderful staff!! They care for you cat like it's their own.

Brad Newton

4 years ago

Been taking great care of our cats for many many years

Katie Alice Moore

4 years ago

Dr. Ray and his staff are some of the most compassionate people around. Dr. Ray has a wonderful connection to our cats and really pays close attention and is patient to listen to our concerns and questions. I would recommend them for the care of any cat.

Navaz Hussain

4 years ago

Doctor Ray was very knowledgeable and compassionate like the rest of the reviews mention. The staff was friendly but was unclear and disorganized. The inside of the business could use a good cleaning and a little air conditioning. I would recommend refining the processes they have in presenting the information and recommended services.

William Hamby

5 years ago

Dr Ray is excellent at what he does plain and simple. It feels like you are talking to a friend just from the first time meeting the guy. Gives a very thorough checkup of your cat as well as telling you everything he is thinking about the situation rather than leaving you in the dark. His love for animals, especially cats, is readily apparent in his work. The vet tech was also informative and very personable as well as the wonderful receptionist whom had a cat lounging on her desk. The environment here is much more calming the typical veterinary hospital while still having an extremely high quality of care. Anybody giving this place any less than five stars is either looking for something to be upset about or just plain out of their minds. Best vet I have ever taken an animal to, period.

Amy Marie

5 years ago

While I would like to give this place a one star review, I am giving an extra star due to two reasons. 1. We did not have with Dr. Ray, we were told he was out of town for a conference. 2. The front staff was very friendly to us upon arrival, and very professional. We had Dr. Bahr as our first time visit at this vet. As stated she was filling in for Dr. Ray. Dr. Bahr never once asked us if we were okay with receiving the vaccinations our kittens received, she just told the vet tech to go grab them for her. Dr. bahr also treated my girlfriend and I as if we were inferior to her due to the fact that we are college aged. She even said “I know you are young but...” before talking to us in a condescending tone. I understand having concern for others pets and giving knowledge and advice, but there is a way to do that. She told us that feeding our cat Friskies is comparable to us eating McDonald’s every single day. She then spent 30 minutes talking to us about the way that we should be feeding our cat, and gave some very odd advice (such as giving our cats whipped cream or canned cheese in the morning). She was extremely narcissistic, odd, and rude our entire encounter with her. She also at one point used a snappy tone towards the vet tech, that we found very unprofessional. When we had called about pricing beforehand we were told that it would be around $180. Come to find while checking out that we owed $280. Definitely not pleased about that. Prices should not seem hidden, we should have been told throughout the process what exactly she would be doing along with the price points of each task she would be doing. Dr. Bahr has sadly lost you a client.

Ashleigh Smith

5 years ago

Love love love this place. If you have a cat then this is the place you should definitely go to. Dr. Ray answered all my questions and concerns about my little kitty. Thank you Dr. Ray!

Nicholas Bednar

5 years ago

We have two cats and brought both of them up here separately. Dr Ray is absolutely amazing! The whole experience felt as though they were trying to meet my cat on his terms as best as possible, instead of just man-handling him and getting us in and out as quickly as possible. During the visit the wealth of knowledge shared is more than enough alone for the visit, add to that the friendly demeanor and the patience from the staff in handling my cat! The Cat Clinic of Roswell has earned themselves a lifetime loyal customer/patient! I would recommend nobody else!

Phillip Gheshner

5 years ago

Great care for my cats at a great place. Highly recommend.

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