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c c

2 years ago

I have been taking my dog Hillary here for the past couple years for daycare and grooming. The entire staff is so warm, kind and caring towards her (and me) the BEST groomer - Rhea- she is so detail oriented and so good to Hillary! (She is a mini golden doodle) Thank you Piedmont Bark!!

Ryan Carr

2 years ago

Bodie came into our lives about 15 months ago and we have fallen in love with him. We travel quite a bit for work/pleasure and needed a place to entrust our little boy to while out of town. Piedmont Bark has been a great place to help us babysit when we were gone over this past year. Bodie gets so excited when we get to Piedmont Bark and that helps us know he is going inside to people who care and look after our fur baby. I also appreciate they keep tabs on our pet's vaccines and shots. I'm comforted to know they do this for all dogs to help limit health issues.

Kate McHugh Curry

2 years ago

My partner called to get a boarding slot and we were immediately denied because our dog was a pit bull mix. I’m thankful that we found out over the phone and can find a more accepting place for all healthy and well behaved dogs

Yaeli Golan

3 years ago

Met with the groomer when I came in and we discussed what I wanted to accomplish. I was told (after I asked) that if I’d like to cut some more when I come pick the pup up “no problem”. In reality, the groomer was not patient and not nice when we asked for some adjustments and the overall result (even in the places where we didn’t ask to adjust) was simply bad. Next time I’d like to spend a $100+ on a bad pup haircut we’ll take our buisness someplace else.

Milton Algreen

3 years ago

My Morkie gets his paw nails trimmed and filled. They are friendly, quick and do a good job. Place is spacious and clean.


3 years ago

TL;DR go to Rhea for all your grooming needs and Piedmont Bark is like an amusement park for the pups. Wow! This place is like a pup-aradise! I haven’t been able to do a full tour (due to covid restrictions), but you can tell it’s like the pups leave you and walk right into a whole bee world of fun. The lobby has skyscraper murals, the front desk looks like a little brick house, there’s a Statue of Liberty (not gonna lie, that one made me laugh. How’d she make it to the ATL?) Their staff is super friendly and everyone I met seems like not just a dog, but a true animal lover through and through. I cannot say enough nice things about RHEA H!!!!! Holy cow. She goes the extra mile every single time. From trying her hardest to accommodate (and typically exceeds) your time frame or time needs, to giving your baby all your love while you’re not with them, to doing the most diligent work, she’s truly a master at her craft and professionalism. We’ve brought in an ECS and she literally felt like satin to my touch for a least a week and a half (and this little girl plays and rolls around all the time) and we brought in a Golddoodle who came back the most precious teddy bear. Plus they have daycare and boarding! My girl was a bit shy at her first daycare drop off, but their manager, Kim, called and kept me posted on how she was doing all day. Hands down, if you really want to pamper your pooch and have them enjoy it too, take them to Rhea and Piedmont Bark.


3 years ago

I've been taking my dogs to Piedmont Bark for 16 years for Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming. The staff is knowledgeable, experienced, caring, and friendly. They are responsive to emails and requests. Piedmont Bark does a great job caring for old guys like mine!

Paul Holland

3 years ago

I've been taking my pup to Piedmont Bark for years for Daycare and for Grooming. The staff is awesome!! Very professional, clean, and responsive to emails and requests. Love it!!

Andrew Kreuzman

3 years ago

When I entrusted my 8 month old puppy to Piedmont Bark for daycare, I didn’t expect that when I picked her up later that day I would discover a large bloody laceration on her leg that required stitches. Her tail had also obviously been bitten and was missing hair. The reason, however, that I will never be returning to Piedmont Bark is not simply the injury. Nor is it the $800 emergency vet bill that evening for stitches and pain medication. No, the reason I will never return to Piedmont Bark is because I didn’t find out about her injuries from a phone call immediately after they happened. Instead, I had to be the one to find the injuries, hours after they occurred, when the blood in her fur was dried and matted. Staff not only didn’t notice the attack, but never noticed the wide bloody gash. How long did she sit in pain without any medical attention before I came to pick her up? This gross negligence is the reason I will never entrust any animal to Piedmont Bark again. My dog’s wounds were not hard to spot and they were serious enough to require an emergency vet visit. If Piedmont Bark cannot prevent or even notice that type of injury, I can never trust them to take care of my dog. I would encourage anyone who cares about their dog’s health and safety to find a different daycare where staff show even the bare minimum level of concern for the welfare of the animals they’re being trusted to protect. UPDATE: I spoke with the manager several times on the phone and they apologized profusely for the event, and especially for staff not having noticed. Because the injury went unnoticed, they agreed to partially cover vet bills.

Humberto Reinoso

3 years ago

Very friendly staff. Our dog loved it ????

Hannah Sackin

3 years ago

Please for the love of god do not send your dog here! I am a former employee and I have watched dogs get smacked and even beaten due to the lack of surveillance. The management is aware and does nothing about it.

al b

3 years ago

Always friendly and great service.

David Baker

3 years ago

Groomers are fantastic and they have been extremely helpful with my extremely anxious pup in helping her overcome nervousness.

Girish Gedala

3 years ago

Absolutely stunning and very dog friendly. Perfect place for running and evening walk. Central park of ATL

Gretchen Caldwell

3 years ago

I have only taken my puppy (Denver) there twice and he is always happy when we arrive and leave of course tired. The staff are friendly and keep you posted on how your fur baby is doing throughout the day. ❤❤❤❤

Kyle Sweeney

3 years ago

They have always taken excellent care of my pups - they love it there. Friendly staff and good prices - one of our favorites.

Rachel Adams

3 years ago

Piedmont Bark is absolutely amazing!! I could not have picked a better place to let my pup play and grow than with them. I appreciate how flexible and accommodating they have been with my schedule. Their staff is truly passionate about taking care of every dog that walks through their doors. We are so happy to be a part of the Piedmont Bark Family!!

Brandi Byler

3 years ago

We've been taking our boxer/bloodhound mix to Piedmont Bark for almost 2 years now and he absolutely loves it. The staff has always been attentive and kind every time we talk to them, and they let us know if anything out of the ordinary happened. For instance, once Copper twisted his ankle while playing and in the commotion of being hurt, managed to scrape the end of his tail as well. But the staff took great care of him and let us know what happened! I recommend Piedmont Bark to any and all of my fellow dog parents!

Adam Cohen

4 years ago

This is a great establishment. Kind, professional staff. My boxer and golden doodle LOVE coming, and they hate leaving. The staff know them by name, and they even have special events like splash bash for my kids to plays in the water!! Reasonable rates, although I’m upset they removed the 50 day package, and made packages expire after a certain amount of time.

Bhavna Mahadevan

4 years ago

I get my dog groomed here. The prices are reasonable and they always do a great job.

Amir Rakestraw

4 years ago

I thought everyone knew that Piedmont bark it's the best place to take your best friend with four legs in this case this four-legged creature who is the star name is Lola. And Lola says she gives Piedmont doggy bark four paws up! And she's always willing to sign you an autograph or take a picture with you because she is a superstar. ????????????‍♂️????????????????

Alex Croninger

4 years ago

Been taking my dog here for nearly a year, and have no complaints. Highly recommend Piedmont Bark. Pricing is fair compared to similar locations, the hours are good, and most importantly the staff is great.

Kaitlyn E.

4 years ago

Likely great for the dogs however terrible for professionals trying to get a job. Blatant refusal to hire someone with a lot of experience due to being overqualified. Unimpressed ????

Kathryn Seybert

4 years ago

Great staff! My dog always seems happy to be there.

Kathy Seybert

4 years ago

Wonderful place for your dogs. Mine loves it. Well run.

Lindsey Shoemaker

4 years ago

The mindset of the organization receives 0 stars. The kind managers and some stuff (minus the gentleman at the front desk) are the only reason why Piedmont Bark receives any stars at all. Genuinely hate to say it, but I'm disappointed. This place is only about a mile from my house, so I was hoping this would work out. I was given a little grief this morning upon showing up for my intro day with my pit mix. I was very clairvoyant in the registration process regarding my dog's breed, letting them know multiple times in multiple different ways that my dog was a pit/lab mix - for pete's sake, it's on her vet records which I sent to them for review over the weekend. I was unaware that it was an issue. Upon arriving, I was embarrassed in front of other customers about the breed of my dog by the man at the front desk. Everyone else at the facility was very friendly, particularly the managers. I was allowed to leave her there for her intro day, as she didn't "look like a pit". Whatever that means. I received a call around 11:30AM informing me that my dog passed the temperament test with "flying colors" and was "more than welcome" to partake in any of their services in the future. So, now that my pit mix passed the temperament test, I really want to know why this organization discriminates against pit mixes and pits in general? I understand that pits have a bad reputation due to irresponsible breeding and dog fighters, but why discriminate against an entire breed? Although she is half pit, my dog does not have a hostile bone in her body, as made apparent by the fact that she passed her temperament test. She does not bark, she plays well with others, and she loves belly scratchies. We have 3 cats at home, all weighing less than 1/4 of her weight. She has never so much as growled at any of them. She cuddles with them constantly, and I trust her to be in the house with them alone. I hate to think how much discrimination she would receive from this place and places with similar breed-specific rules if she looked more like a pit and less like a lab. I've met just as many aggressive pits as I have aggressive poodles in my life. The only dog I've ever been bitten by was a Golden Retriever  Point being, dogs will be dogs. Nurture matters MUCH more than nature when it comes to dogs. You can raise any dog to be vicious towards other humans and animals - bad behavior is not a product of breed; it is a product of the humans in that specific animal's life. Advice to Piedmont Bark: do your research. Stop "bullying" pit bulls, and I will consider doing business here. Until then, I'll be on the hunt for a new doggy daycare that doesn't discriminate based on genetics. Also: completely unrelated to my comments above, I have a strong feeling that she was crated for most, if not all, of the day. When I arrived to pick her up, she jumped on me. She only ever jumps on me if she has been in the crate for a while. She also seemed (and still seems) overly energetic, further bringing me to the conclusion that she was crated all day. So, I spent $25 for you to crate my dog for a few hours? I could've done that at home for free. Very disappointing.

Lori Denton

4 years ago

This is the dumbest design for a dog wash I have ever seen. It’s too high for dogs to get in and out of without hurting themselves, not to mention too high for me to reach around my dogs to bathe them completely. And there’s no ramp for dogs to use to get in/out. I had to wait around for 10 minutes until a staff member who could lift my dogs came by and helped. Also there’s nowhere to keep another dog except for the small crate in the back of this photo, which does not work my dogs. We had to rig the leash up to something on the wall to keep the second dog from wandering. The shampoo is so watered down, you practically have to use an entire bottle to get it to larger. Finally, the hose for the shower head is too short so it’s not easy to wash the undercarriage. Nice tile. Really poorly designed. The Whole Dog is around the corner and has a WAY better setup.

Marcia Ringo

4 years ago

They are the best doggie daycare in Atlanta

Se7en 1ne (Se7en)

4 years ago

I have two Catahoula Leopard Dogs the young is so hyper full of energy. Every time we take her there when she comes home she’s is so exhausted. When she gets home she will walk in our closet and collapses under our shirts. Lol!! :). Love it! The staff is always friendly and you can tell that they really care about all the animals!! I wish they would waste the dogs that go to the daycare before the owners come to pick them up!! Cause they sure do stink when you pick them up. :)

donavan moss

4 years ago

Went to get a nail clipping and they refused. I get it, my dog is a hassle. But if the teenagers at my local pet smart can handle all varieties of animals, I expect a niche boutique like this to be extraordinarily better. Just disappointed they didn’t even try.

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