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David Massie

2 years ago

Don’t make the mistake of supporting this business. Listen to all of the bad reviews, they are words of warning. Sara had been grooming my dog for many years and I never knew what was actually happening. My dog would get physically upset knowing what was in store. I thought she was just nervous. After the last and final groom I saw a cut on her face. I called Sara multiple times to discuss, she would never call me back. I finally spoke to her on the phone and she took no responsibility whatsoever. No apology, no empathy, nothing. After years of getting my dog groomed every month, and graciously tipping for the service. Sara knew exactly what she did to cause the cut on my dog’s face, that’s why she didn’t want to talk to me about it. What a disappointment. I wish I had trusted all the bad reviews. I wish I had understood why my dog would get so upset every time we took her there. Don’t overlook all the warning signs - do not support this business!!!

Teri Moore

2 years ago

I really love taking my dog here.. great place!

Tony M

2 years ago

Took our dog in with open arms after having left Atlanta 3 years ago, came back to a happy fur baby and even a departing gift for him. Thank you so much


2 years ago

Upon bringing my cat home from this groomer I noticed that he was acting skittish and strange and licking his back leg a lot. After taking a look at his back leg I noticed a GIANT cut down the whole length of his leg that was no doubt caused by the clippers. They either need a new groomer or new clippers either way I SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOLD ABOUT THIS WHEN I CAME TO PICK UP MY CAT. What I was told was how sweet my cat was and how they all liked him so much . AND I TIPPED THEM. Yeah, they all liked him and thought he was so sweet because he is an angel that probably didn't even make a noise when they were butchering his back leg. Never again will I take my cat to another groomers. It was my first and last time.. They have ruined it for all other groomers. It's just not worth it. My poor cat it's been a week since he was cut and he still isn't acting right. He's been traumatized and I have only myself to blame.

emily Abraham

2 years ago

Don’t advertise cat grooming if you refuse to groom a cat that you haven’t groomed since they were a kitten! I can understand if you try and you’re unable to, but just not letting someone even schedule an initial appointment is ridiculous.

Ms. Sinclair

2 years ago

They take great care of my cat for grooming and always have availability. Thank you!

Christopher Lue

2 years ago

sent my dog to get groomed came back with a big gash they called a “scrape”

Joseph Harris

2 years ago

I took my dog in for full shampoo, cut, nails,etc, when my husband brought our dog home her ears were not clean nor were they cut, it cost me 77 dollars and I feel I got crappie service, I tried calling back there closed for a week

Amberly Main

2 years ago

Was able to make an appointment and bring my dog in the same day! The owner seems to really care about the dogs, I originally went in to get my dog shaved down but she recommended against it because it was still too short from the previous hair cut so we just went with the bath. I appreciated her expert opinion and recommendation. Will be back for sure!

Lola Ransom

2 years ago

So I sent my dog here for a full groom and no one told me that my dog had been cut not once but twice under the ears. It’s scabbed over and I didn’t notice until someone pet my dog and was wondering what was going on…I was not told. I kept wondering why my dog had been so skittish lately. It’s bc I took her to a place that cut her. Never again. I’ll add pictures later but I just had to add this first.

Amy Gallagher

2 years ago

We do grooming and boarding here very sweet staff.

boonie jackson

2 years ago

I'm never disappointed when my pet to paw palace of Atlanta. Good customer service

Ky Kyster

2 years ago

I loved it when I first started working there. I love the animals and the customers are usually great, as well as employees. However, the owner often smokes weed In the back and overworks literally all of her staff. She brings personal life to work with her and will probably fire you over what you said to her or what happened to her off duty and you didn't even do or say anything wrong. Literally destroyed all of my confidence and only now after 3 to 4 years later I'm now recovering mentally from the way she legitimately tore me and someone so close to me down years ago. The pros I got from working here we're the things I learned about how to properly clean and take care of animals and also working with customers and answering phone calls. I was supposed to be a manager and only made 8 bucks an hour and the owner made it my responsibility to both clean, take care of animals, bathe, be on day care duty, AND answer calls AND schedule appointments, and will constantly give random tasks for me to do throughout the day so much so that I'm not even working one position on each day. She would overbook and have several dogs and cats sitting in the same kennels or "suites" as she put it, at one time. She Also steals hours from her OWN GROOMERS!! But then will overbook her self and take all the grooms for herself. Oh she also works there almost 24/7 as a groomer and when she isn't doing her grooming, she's also doing 50,000 things at one time, and also micromanages sooooo bad. On days she isn't working there, she watches her employees strictly on camera and even when it's slow, no customers are in the building, everything is clean, laundry is done, all dogs have gotten food, water and play time and there's literally nothing to do, she will see you sitting down on camera ON HER OFF DAY waiting for calls or sitting down in the daycare center waiting for the shift to end or the next time to let the dogs out to the daycare, and Call front desk to say that you as a receptionist for the day needs to babysit your coworkers and make sure they are doing THEIR JOB!! She once banned chairs COMPLETELY!! Even for receptionists... And no chairs were allowed in daycare either.. also lots of pets get in there without proper paper work... Oh and did I mention the actual use of Marijuana at the facility... Right behind the building. Don't believe me? I guarantee, if you are a very frequent customer, do this: if you walk in and don't see any staff at the front desk, but just before you walked in you could smell some weed.. look for the owner. Look into her car, she may be smoking a blunt of marijuana. And if you don't see the owner smoking in the car, check behind the building to the left side.. garuntee you that you may see some staff and or The owner smoking a blunt during work ours right outside one of those days. I'm 420 friendly, but this treatment she gives to her staff and even friends and family is just out of line. She's really nice at first, for a good while, and also can groom dogs and cats very well in an impressive time and manner, but her micromanaging, overworking of herself and staff, and even the stealing grooming appointments and hours and tips from her OWN GROOMERS is just despicable. So I give it one star. I will never support paw palace ever again. But I will say that people aren't lying that the grooms are great, but she puts way too much on her staff by overbooking even when there is no more space for dogs or cats to be boarded or grooming appointments for herself, thus, overworking the entire staff, compared with her micromanaging. Don't work here. Please. If you're a customer, Don't support the owner, I'd suggest to instead to talk to the groomers (not the owner) separately and ask if they can groom your dog outside of the business. The owner treats her staff like SH*T!

James Dustin

3 years ago

This is the first time I’ve ever written a Google review. I brought my six month old puppy in for her very first groom. I told them all I wanted was for them to brush and bathe her. I specifically said, twice, “do not cut her hair”. The man even repeated that they would not cut her hair. When I picked her up all of the hair on her face has been cut off. She is a Norfolk Terrier and now looks like a freaking Yorky. I am incredibly disappointed due to the fact I gave such specific instructions. I’ll never go back.

Robert Beard

3 years ago

I have taken my cat to Glamour Paws roughly 6 times total with the first 4 visits being spectacular. The second to last time I get a call after 3 hours saying that my cat isn’t in the mood for a grooming and to come pick her up. I come and they give it another shot and groom her in less than 20 minutes. I was very happy they gave it another try and appreciated the effort. When I went to leave the main groomer stated “We will put some notes in the system so next time instead of your cat waiting so long to be seen we will get to her right away!” I thought that was super nice and thoughtful and made a lot of since considering most cats sitting in a cage for 3 hours with dogs running around probably get a bit stressed and become “difficult” to work with. My cat literally won’t even hurt a bug and has never bit anyone! So fast forward to today. I call and set up an appointment and I tell them about last time and they say okay we have an opening at 12:30. I drop my cat off and they say we will call you. Two hours go by and I pull up to Glamour paws and sit outside as they still haven’t called to pick my cat up. After 20 minutes a Jeep pulls up and the main groomer (the one that told me next time we will get to your cat right away) and another employee hop out and are getting groceries out of the car. They went grocery shopping lol. That’s cool and everything but after 5 more minutes I walk in and they haven’t touched my cat! 2.5 hours later. What happened? Why didn’t they get to my cat right away like the notes they said they would put in the system? This was their idea and I never requested any special requests. Why promise something and than literally do the opposite and go do errands etc. anyway they tell me 45 more minutes. Than 20 minutes later they tell me the cats in a bad mood and they won’t groom her... so 3 hours wasted and a stressed out cat later I’m being told no. I pull my cat out of the cage and she is fine, no aggression being shown. Usually the main groomer is so nice, but today she wouldn’t even look me in my eyes and was the opposite of her typically very professional and nice self. I understand and respect that if they are uncomfortable with an animal they shouldn’t have to groom them. I am not upset with that. I am upset that they made a promise that was THEIR idea and when I went back they didn’t do any of that. So now I’ve wasted my off day and still have a very furry and unnecessarily stressed out cat all because they didn’t deliver on their promise and notes in the system to see my cat quickly. If they had just tried within 15 -20 minutes and the cat wouldn’t cooperate I could have picked her up and saved everyone’s time and stress. Most likely she would have been groomed and I would still be a very happy customer. I hope that main groomer lady goes back to her usual awesome self! I think this is the first bad review I’ve ever written in my life btw. I even left them a 5 star review 8 months ago when they were so nice and thoughtful. I hope this isn’t their new norm...

Toya A

3 years ago

Paw Palace is the best! My dog has been coming here for 4 years. Sara the owner does the best job cutting my dog. My dog has never looked any cuter. She cares about each animal that comes in a treats them as her own. She even lets my dog roam around after she is finished with her. I love PAW PALACE. Defiantly the most caring and knowledgeable groomer in Atlanta!

Teeonnica Gooden

3 years ago

I’ve been going to Sara for over 10 years I hate to say I am very very disappointed in how Sara has handled my dog Prada while she was boarding her. The first time Prada boarded with Sara she was left in the dark in a cage that they call “suites” with a small rug full of pee. Prada was shivering and scared. So i tried again once more recently and it was even worse. Prada was scheduled to board Thursday-Tuesday I paid $177. I spoke to Sara before i went out of town and gave her my expectations while Prada was in her care(Prada is older now and needs special care she’s slightly deaf and has cataracts) Sara agreed to uphold my expectations and take her home with her and assured me the only time Prada would be at the shop was if she was there, she even offered to give her a bath. two days into Prada stay(Saturday) i asked my mom to go check on Prada(mother’s intuition) and to my surprise Prada was in a cage and Sara was “out sick” for the week. I got no call text or email relaying this info to me from Sara nor the staff!! My mom took her home that day and went on to tell me Prada was dehydrated and she also had pee stains on her! I tried to contact Sara for almost two weeks about my disappointments and I was unsuccessful. Instead i spoke to her husband(Carlos i think)about my concerns and I asked for a refund of the days she didn’t stay and he responded very nonchalantly saying they couldn’t do that. All they could offer me was a credit on my next boarding. They didn’t even allow me to use the credit towards grooming! That was a June the 23rd and I STILL haven’t gotten a call from Sara even though I’ve left several messages for her to call me. PLEASE DO EVER EVER BOARD YOUR DOG HERE EVER!!!!! She is good with grooming but due to they way my dog and myself were treated i will NEVER take Prada there again. It’s really upsetting to me because it’s so hard to find a good groomer and sitter that your dog bonds with all in one. Now that Prada is older she needs special care and i don’t mind paying as long as my dog gets the good treatment she deserves. AGAIN DO NOT BOARD YOUR DOG AT PAW PALACE! If anyone knows of a good groomer and sitter please pass their info along.

Genevieve Bos

3 years ago

Great staff and my dog seems to like them - no shivering or apprehension when she show up- and wagging her happy tail when I pick her up. Also very reasonable pricing.

Albert Florvil

3 years ago

Great customer service overall far as scheduling etc but my poor dog was butch to the T and coloring only her ears. …

Angie Ameerally

3 years ago

Got our standard poodle groomed and blown out during a same day appointment. We had to wait a little bit past our expected pickup time, but they gave us exactly what we wanted and Peppers clearly had a good time playing and socializing during her time there.

Percy Christian

3 years ago

Excellent service perfect for stay overs.


3 years ago

Good place for your loved furry family members....little steep prices compared to other locations.... Not sure what added benefits for higher price....if they highlight that maybe will give 5 stars....don't like that they never gave us a tour of the facility ....we don't know what's going on in the back ....

Nettie Perkins

3 years ago

We just brought our cats in for the first time to get soft paws on their claws, and Paw Palace was amazing! They said it would take about an hour to get them on and sure enough, they called us an hour later to come get our fur babies and we couldn't be happier with the results!! We will definitely be coming back every 6-8 weeks when these shed off :)

Bud Sasser

3 years ago

We had a great experience! This was our dog's first grooming experience and our first time leaving him alone with anyone other than ourselves. When picking him we were a little worried about how it would go leaving him alone, but upon arrival we could see him playing and his tail wagging! We asked for a simple haircut and we're satisfied. It was clear he was treated well based on his demeanor when we picked him up! We're going back and I recommend you all who are reading this to note that some of the negative reviews also state they have been going to Paw Palace for years (or working with the owners) and have only left a negative review?? Odd to us, but again we enjoyed our experience and look forward to next time!


3 years ago

I absolutely love this place Sarah rocks the staff rocks just everything about this place is just amazing!

Deshia Kitchen

3 years ago

They get you in and out

Essence W

3 years ago

Worst groomer ever! My dog left there with a choppy haircut and with his nails half way cut . Poor quality!

Ariel Ley

4 years ago

I have a 2yr old golden doodle who is as curly as he is playful. Paw palace is both an amazing grooming salon and dog daycare. Alfie was EXHAUSTED after his last play day :D

Jared Denson

4 years ago

We have taken our dog to a few daycare and boarding facilities around the city and no where have we found a group of employees more loving and caring for dogs than Paw Palace. …

Jessica Hinee

4 years ago

This is the worst grooming shop EVER!!!! The owner attitude is very Horrible , An the grooming takes forever ????????

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