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Joanna S

2 years ago

This rating is only based off of the customer service we received from the hospital at the back of the store. The employees at the registers are amazing and will always get a 5 star. But why is it okay or even normal for an African American lady at the receptionist desk to talk and speak to us with such an attitude, as if we were the dumbest people to show up that day. It seems normalized that she even acts this way to customers. If anyone else spoke the way she did, it’s definitely a complaint to corporate. It was so disrespectful and unprofessional how she was that we had to let her know we were only doing what we’ve been told, where she decided to lighten up a bit and say they’ve been telling us to do things wrong. Help us out, we came to you for a reason, not to be told “nope”, “mm-mm”, “that’s not how it works.”

Tameka Hardeman

2 years ago

Everyone was very helpful and nice

Kenyana Smith

2 years ago

Amazing store with an awesome staff???????? I go there for all my fur babies needs.

Ashlan Rosier

2 years ago

After my experience today, I will never come back to the grooming salon. The young lady with the colored short hair has a horrible attitude and laughs at you when you’re trying to explain your frustrations. Then stormed out because she was upset. Do not recommend

Ashlynn Findley

2 years ago

I took my 8 year old Aussie to get groomed at this store.I have to say, I am VERY particular on how she is groomed.. I was nervous but Jade in the grooming department gave my girl the BEST groom and cut she has EVER had! I would recommend Jade and the whole grooming department at this store to anyone!


2 years ago

This review is based on the grooming salon. Absolutely horrible. Upon check-in, the groomer that I scheduled with was running late “on Jade time” per the young man that checked me in. That was the first red flag. Then upon picking her up there were 2 fees charged (eventually groomer took off) that were not communicated with me when I booked or at check-in. Then when my dog came out…this is what really upsets me. All of her cut details are in the system from previous years, we’re confirmed by the man checking me in and when I got her…she looks just like she did when I took her. I have to agree with some of the other reviews regarding the grooming salon. You all need to do better. Needless to say, we will NOT return to this grooming salon. Extremely disappointed with the service. Never. I mean NEVER again.

Elliott O

2 years ago

the employees at this petsmart are always exceptionally nice and they always have the exact cat food I need.

Jaszmine Pendergrass

2 years ago

Employees were very knowledgeable and offered me information about trainings for my dog which I felt was very helpful! The employee that checked me out even helped me save some cash!!! Overall best experience as a pet owner will return!

TURBO boyy

2 years ago

The dog was in good spirits when she left the office, I was not (GPS kept taking me to the Walmart parking deck) , Pet Smart is adjacent to the top Walmart parking deck at this location ( on top ), GPS was aggravating.

Michelle M

2 years ago

I'm going back to get me some kittens ????

Tom W

2 years ago

It's a good pet store. The staff was friendly and helpful. The prices seem high for the live fish.

Redemption Road K9

2 years ago

The "Store Lead" Jason Abbott denied an RVT the purchase of a rat because the RVT did not want to buy multiple rats. When asked about this, Jason Abbott said it was his policy not the store policy or company policy. After speaking with PetSmart Corporate, we were informed that this is absolutely against company policy and offered a gift card to make up for it (which we politely declined). I'm sure Jason is a decent guy somewhere in his life. But working pet retail does not in anyway suggest that you are an animal expert of any sort. Having "associates" who believe in your own personal made up policies is even less valid. You've done your company and the animal a grave disservice Jason. Rather than a loving home, this animal has a cage at a store and Jason's baseless anthropomorphizing instead. Leadership starts at the top. Do better Petco.

Safona Billings

2 years ago

The fish I purchased for my grandsons didn't last a week!!!

shayla Thomas

2 years ago

Employees are the laziest!! They close 20 minutes before they are supposed to so they don’t have to deal with customers. Losing a lot of money and customers but they need to get home early so I guess

Tahlia Grady

2 years ago

Jade always does a great job with my two Australian shepherds Cooper and Kona!! Thanks so much! Definitely suggest seeing her with your fur baby :)

Zara Hatten

2 years ago

Petsmart is my store I live it there. You can never go wrong with them.

Aj Parham

2 years ago

Cashier with black nail polish was superb helpful and knowledgeable

Shannon Ke

2 years ago

It's a PetSmart! The staff is friendly and helpful, and I can find most of what I'm looking for here for my dog. I think they have a groomer inside and a clinic maybe too, not sure though. I bought my dog's travel kennel here and they were very helpful throughout the process and the eventual return. Thank you PetSmart!

Randy D. Adler

2 years ago

The most engaging and best run PetsMart.. All the associates are a welcome breathe of fresh air ....

Patricia Campbell

2 years ago

Cashier was very helpful and attentive.

Jay Lansdaal

2 years ago

Atlanta Howell Mill location: The groomers seem to do a great job when grooming the dogs, but they cannot seem to hold to appointment times. Dogs get stuck in a cage for hours before anyone looks at them, even with an appointment. My last groom (with appointment) took 5 hours from appointment time. They apologized, and I brought my other dog this week, with a note to not have her sit in a cage for a long time because she’ll get stressed. They stuck her in a cage and called after two hours to tell me they didn’t do anything, and wouldn’t, because she vomited after being in a cage for two hours.

Steve Blubaugh

2 years ago

The employees are always nice. Quick tip, their food selection may sometimes only have smaller bags. Buy a bunch and ask at checkout that they price match the price per pound of a larger bag. They happily do and I'm grateful for that.

Blade Schaekel

2 years ago

Great staff but lots of dead fish in aquariums

Chuck E.

2 years ago

Ran in an bought some dog treats. They have a wide variety. Quick and easy. Some of the treats are for training. Some of the treats are for being a good boy when I leave the condo and come home.

Jamissa Rainey

2 years ago

I honestly love the Cashier (l forgot to get her name) but she’s amazing everytime I shop for dog food and treats. However, I let my puppy get a puppy bath here. The groomer insulted my puppy. She kept saying that he had dreads comparing him to matted dogs. I felt very offended and insulted as I am a first time pet owner. She was also rude to the other dog she was grooming. I suggest the manager has a team meeting on professionalism and being sensitive when making comments about our pets.

Patrice Cryer

2 years ago

I didn't even recognize my dog..and TRIED to charge me extra...saying the toy poodle was difficult....she is nicked bald....she now has a mullet and fleas..not the poodle cut with the little pompom on the feet...BALD!!!!!! where is the reviews with the does your dog look like Phyllis Diller and is unrecognizable ????????‍♀️ I sat in my car and literally was so bad, the manager waived the $80.00 bill. #diamond #motherisbigmad

Ms. Swanson2u

2 years ago

They employees are very helpful


2 years ago

Really great friendly staff, super helpful and obvious animal lovers. Thank you!

Whitley Flowers

3 years ago

I’ve been trying to call the store and even pressed pick up option to see if I could get through. I left maybe 30 mins ago.. there was a power outage and crazy thunderstorms that came and all the registers were down. We were all just stuck there waiting. I was calling because Im looking at my purchase history and the cashier didn’t ring/scan everything. It’s Memorial weekend and I’ll be leaving in the morning, but if someone wants to pick up the item I can have ready for you. Or just pay the difference when I come back in which I’m sure will be in the next week.. my baby girl eats A LOT! Spoiled with all the toys there..

Dawnyale Allen

3 years ago

One of my favorite locations of this otherwise very commercial petshop ????

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