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Musa Ghanayem

2 years ago

I love doctor weir. He's terrific and cares about the animals.

Siri Hatcher

2 years ago

I don't know about these bad reviews - sounds like they had a problem with the office staff - but I haven't. I've been going to Dr. Wier for at least 20 years and love his compassion and knowledge of the animals. Prices are fair and haven't gone up a lot over the years. He's always there when I need him and always knows what to do. Recently I dealt with some of his office staff - in particular - Erin, who gave me some great ideas on how to present kittens for adoption and really cares for the animals. I wouldn't think about going anywhere else.

NYChef 2017

2 years ago

This place is a dump. First the people, The doctor is very weird and awkward and looks like a child molestor. See for yourself. I’ve also been told by a former employee that he is not licensed and that areas that are supposed to be sanitary haven’t been cleaned in years. The manager up front is a nasty witch. She talks like she hasn’t finished the third grade and is trained to upcharge everyone. So not only is it bad service but your paying double. I used to live close by so I knew a few people that went there and two of their pets died during routine neutering. 2 in one month? That’s not a coincidence. That’s incompetence. This place is a bona fide scam. A few of us are getting together to report him to multiple boards/agencies to shut this place down.

Melanie Gray

2 years ago

This place is unprofessional and the hours are never accurate. They do not return calls. I own a dog business & needed vaccinations for myself & PupnCuts (excellent groomers btw) The owner gave them permission to send me records so I could send to groomer. They sent to groomer but not me???? I even went during operating hours they posted online & would not let me in the building. I saw 2 employees walking dogs & tried to ask them. They just looked at me. Word of mouth travels quick especially in the Network of folks who are wealthy. From the outside it’s a complete run down building… it’s a dump! I would never take my dog there. Thank goodness I was able to change my clients mind & she has decided to never take him there again for any type of service.

Jasi Lanier

2 years ago

Horrible customer service... Holly should be fired... Booo

Desiree N

2 years ago

My actual detailed review is too long so here is an abbreviated version. DO NOT BRING YOUR ANIMALS HERE. Disastrous and cringe-worthy "customer service" from Holly. Believe the other reviews. They don't let you know when your pet is ready for pick up. Their "system" is to send a text when pet is ready, I never received a text. When I told them I didn't receive a text and asked to get a phone call next time, Holly became irate saying it was my fault. When we went to pay for the $245 service, they REFUSED to tell us what services had been performed on our dog. Although we asked repeatedly, they still would not tell us. Holly ANGRILY said she was NOT going to sit there and go line by line of the bill with my husband. There were about 7 lines on the bill. Holly said my husband threatened her when he simply said "we can discuss this matter in person" as they conduct all business over the phone and refuse to let anyone into the clinic. That would be fine if they were really into Covid safety, but they don't even wear a mask when they come to your car to pick up your pet. Do yourself a favor and avoid this place. If you're questioning if this is an isolated incident, read other reviews, read their yelp reviews. This behavior is common practice for them and they are doing NOTHING to resolve it.

Amy Bielawski

2 years ago

For unknown reasons this office is always closed, nobody answers a phone and I have left 3 VMs with no return call. I think they are done..

Sarah Neill

2 years ago

Kennels are grates with no blankets, animals are mistreated, doctor doesn’t even have a license, look it up. Malpractice is being performed daily. (This information comes from an inside source, previous employee). DONT COME HERE

marcus edwards

2 years ago

Always a great and pleasant experience bringing my baby girl Lady Tiffany here

J Slade

3 years ago

We should have trusted the poor reviews.

Courtney Maldonado

3 years ago

Don't bring your pets to Lawrence Animal Hospital. I have never had so much difficulty getting my dog's regular preventative medications filled before from any other Vet in the past. LAH's lack of responsiveness has been incredibly frustrating for something that should be routine, an easy and seamless process. I brought my 12 year old lab to Lawrence Animal Hospital for the first time in October of 2020 for a routine check up and a refill on her preventative medications. I order her preventative medications on Chewy, which was denied by LAH. With some back and forth and several attempts, I finally was able to get LAH to approve my dog's 6 month supply of medication from Chewy. I chalked this up to it being a new vet for us and doing business under Covid conditions/restrictions. Six months later, when I ordered her refills, the prescription was denied again, without explanation. Friday, May 7: I sent an email asking why prescription was denied. I did not receive a reply. Wednesday, May 12: I called office and asked for return call specifically from Holly Goodman, the person I was told is in charge of approving online prescriptions. No return call was ever received. Wednesday, May 12: I sent another email asking for an update. Thursday, May 13: I finally received an abrupt email from Holly Goodman (Practice Administrator) advising me that a current fecal test required. No apology or acknowledgement of the lack of timeliness was included. Thursday, May 13: I sent a reply asking for more clarification. Nothing more than annual visit has been required from any other vet in the last 12 years. No reply email was received. Friday, May 21: I sent another email advising I will drop off stool sample. I asked for confirmation that prescription will be filled and expressed frustration over Holly's lack of responsiveness. No reply received. Saturday, May 22: I drove to the office to drop off the stool sample. I knocked on the door and the attendant looked at me and ignored me. I called the phone number on the door and finally got a woman named "Dee" to come to the door to collect my sample. I sent yet another email confirming that I dropped off sample with Dee in office and asked for confirmation that Bella's prescription will be filled. No reply received. Monday, May 24: I sent another email asking again for confirmation. No reply received. My dog's 6 month supply of heart worm preventative medication is yet to be received almost a month after I ordered it. I will definitely not be bringing my dog back here again. I brought both my cats to another vet for their annual check up.

e. grajales

3 years ago

My family and I have been coming here for over 30 years. They’re always on point and the prices are reasonable.

Terrye Bucy

3 years ago

I am updating my review of Doctor Weir's care of Tucker, my healthy cat until Dr. Weir made the decision to give Tucker a steroid shot for hair loss. Tucker has always been very healthy, until he Doctor Weir gave him the wrong drug. Tucker was slowing down and very sick and we took him to Doctor Weir where we were told there is a 50/50 chance the shot for hair loss can lead to a cat becoming diabetic. Wow. Damage is done now, Tucker is diabetic and we can't take back this injection. Dreaded trips for Tucker for blood work! Prescription food, medicine, insulin. All because of a shot I would never approve had I been informed of the potential side effect. I looked up the steroid on websites and found other pet owners experiencing the same issue. Tucker recovers and the next problem is from damage to his kidneys/ Stage 4 Renal Failure. Tucker's kidneys were in terrible shape. Tucker tried the medicine, we tried IV's and then Tucker refused the medicine. I have 18 years of medical records to prove Tucker was a very healthy cat until the shot. Of the 18 years, I took Tucker to another vet practice. I moved Tucker to Doctor Weir because he was close and the Doc was a referral from a neighbor. During Covid I had to drop Tucker off and I understood the guidelines. When I called to discuss putting Tucker to sleep, I was told we could DROP HIM OFF and they would bring him back out. I asked if Dr. Weir would come to our home, NO. His office is 1 mile away. I asked if they could refer me to a group or someone who would come to our home. They did not have one referral. No one in his office thought to have a referral for people who do not want to DROP OFF a beloved family member to be put to sleep. When I called twice to ask to speak to Doctor Weir about putting Tucker to sleep, no one ever returned my call. I located Lap of Love and they came to our home and it was a peaceful passing for Tucker. Still, days go by and no call from Tucker's Doc. I visited the office and requested Tucker's records and let them know Lap of Love came to us and Tucker was not suffering now. Not one word from the person at the desk, someone who knew me and Tucker. No one said, sorry for your loss. Just another day in the office. Covid of not, there is no excuse for how this was handled. I liked the Doc because he had a country Doctor feel. But when he decided to give Tucker a shot knowing it could cause Tucker to become diabetic and eventually have Stage 4 renal failure, all faith was lost. That is a decision for a pet owner to make and not a vet. I would have declined the shot! Instead, Doctor Weir made the decision and Tucker paid for his mistake. It has been almost a year since I let Tucker peacefully leave us. I 've waited to post the review knowing I have pondered the events and my conclusion is based on fact and not emotion. Doctor Weir did not look out for Tucker and no one in his office cared enough to say "sorry for your loss". Hurtful to put your faith in a Doctor and this is how it turns out.

Natalya Boyd

3 years ago

Lies about pricing and charges you with a lot of extra fees .This vet doesn't communicate with you nor answer important questions. They give you the run around by saying the doctor will call when they never do. Will hold your animal overnight when not needed to for extra pricing on your bill.

Elizabeth Marston

3 years ago

We used to go to Briarcliff animal hospital, and changed because I heard great things about this place. It looks like a dump on the outside, but the inside is VERY clean! Dr. wier was AMAZING with our bailey. Very gentle & was comforting her during her vaccines. That’s what stands out to me in a Vet, he treated my doggy like his own! ❤️????


3 years ago

Can't say enough good things about Dr. Weir. My first kitten had eye infection that makes his eyes itchy, Dr Weir just so efficiently and accurately diagnosed it, one shot of antibiotics, eye drop for next few day. it was cured within 3 days, he's been healthy ever since! got another kitten few month back. the kitten came home with all sorts of health issues. dirty ears that gets dirty everyday no matter how we clean it or what medicine we use, eye and nose discharges everyday as well. first vet visit at another place didn't cured it at all. then we came back to Dr. weir. again, accurate diagnose, and treatment. ears cleaned within a week, eyes and nose free of discharged with 3 days!

Becca Wolfe

3 years ago

Treated my cat well. Sent pics which had me knowing she was ok.


3 years ago

They have the utmost care in mind for your pet and you ☝️????

Dennis Boone

4 years ago

It's a small operation with the friendly and knowledgeable staff willing and able to care for my dearest asset, Fourlegged Judy. It's the only place I've ever left her side, knowing that she's in good hands.

Ed Rodgers

4 years ago

Dr Weir is knowledge and caring. The prices are reasonable.

Miska Zavadil

4 years ago

Very unhappy with my recent experience.came for rabies shot and nail trim and was charged over 100 dollars.the receptionist failed to mention the fact that the rabies shots come with wellness exam..everyone expect the extra charges!

Neysa Rivera Andrade

4 years ago

I've been going here to take my rescues for about 20 years now. Dr. Wier is wonderful!

Susan H.

4 years ago

Dr. Weir and his team provide excellent care for my cat. I have been to many vets over the years with many pets. Since moving to Atlanta, I discovered Dr. Weir, and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of care we have received. Not only is the team compassionate and kind, but Dr. Weir always looks for the most cost effective route. This, in my experience is very unusual, to say the least. Highly recommend.

Tonya & Stuart Dailey

4 years ago

The are the best and have big hearts for your fur babies

Ninja Money

5 years ago

THIS IS A MUST READ!!!!!!! Terrible, shotty, incomplete grooming on 4 of my dogs. Neighbors could NOT believe it, they even took pics to post, letting people know to stay away from this place!! . The dogs looked worse after the grooming then before and i had to spend an hour brushing them out bc she didnt fully dry any of the 7 i brought in. I told her id come back in the a.m. so she can finish the grooming job. Then, out of the blue, the Office Manager is calling me several times over and over and sending me several txts , saying that i would be "removed from the premises "????????????Pictures and txts will be posted all over Facebook. DO NOT GET YOUR ANIMAL GROOMED HERE. Im sure the doctors there are wonderful tho!!! *****IN RESPONSE TO OWNER POST : ITS DEFINITELY a true occurrence, i have several pictures, before and after, (with documented time of pick up), and txts and proof of phone calls. If something doesn't occurr, then there wouldn't be 2 sides to a story!!!! It definitely occurred and i have more than enough proof!???????????? i also have credit card proof that this occurred along with several home security cameras that prove the times i took them to be groomed and what time i got back with them. Thank goodness for a family member who is on the Board of Directors at Facebook and high profile attorneys!!! UPDATE!!!!!!!: its October 5th, over 200,000 people in the metro Atlanta area, have seen the pics, the threatening txt messages and phone calls, from the OFFICE MANAGER and of the job this groomer did on my dogs, or should i say what she DIDNT DO!! Many OTHER GROOMERS have seen all this too and they were in disbelief, just as my neighbors and I are. I told the groomer from day one, i couldnt groom the dogs myself anymore bc my health has gotten so bad, in and out of hospital AND SHE STILL DID A HORRIFIC GROOMING. Counsel has found other scary reviews on what has happened to other animals that are taken there for grooming and boarding. We will NEVER let this rest, we will keep reminding people... keep your dogs and hard earned money AWAY FROM THIS GROOMER AND OFFICE MANAGER!!!!! We know how a business is supposed to be run... my moms family started a worldwide empire in 1888, plus we have over 10 companies in the United States. GO TO Buckhead Animal Clinic instead!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ariela Ehrens

5 years ago

Dr. Weir is the best. That's all there is to it!

Christopher Hall

5 years ago

excellent doctor and staff. pricey of course


5 years ago

Faithful client for over 15 years!!

Dorie Stratton

5 years ago

Love dr weir and staffare

Fernando Reyes

5 years ago

Great place! Dr. is awesome and nice. They have a really good service for temporal living.

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