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josefina lorenz

a year ago

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Athena & her mom. As a fellow vet tech, I hope you all know how much you all are appreciated. You do amazing work by offering this important service. ❤️

Candie V (Candie V)

a year ago

Thank you for showing so much love and compassion to Athena and her Mom ❤️

Amanda Fazio

a year ago

Thank you for showing Athena and her momma so much love and compassion. ❤

Rachel Fullard

a year ago

The women that run this place are truly angels. They are kind and observant and love animals. They were available at the most difficult time in the life of my family. They explained and comforted and offered advice. They are exceptional and went above and beyond for our family. Highly recommend. Also the financial terms were explained up front so there were no surprises. Affordable and compassionate.

Tara Headrick

a year ago

Look no further for a vet who has a heart of gold.

Jennifer McClure

a year ago

I cannot say enough about my experience with Dr. Christi and Carmelle. They were extremely responsive to my inquiries, very compassionate & informative throughout the entire process. They treated our girl and family with the utmost respect. While the decision to let our girl go was a heartbreaking one, it was a comfort to be able to be at home where she was happiest. The care they provided left me with a sense of warmth & peace.

carol ulmer

a year ago

Thank you so much for making an unbearable occasion bearable. You are truly a gift from the Lord.

J. L.

a year ago

To be clear, this is not a review of this vet's services, but her reliability for in-home exams. I decided to try a mobile vet due to my cat becoming fearful and aggressive at in-office vet appointments, but also being in need of an exam as he seemed to be in pain in his abdomen. I found my experience with Dr. Christi frustrating due to a last minute change in plans which led to a delay in services for my cat who was in pain. I reached out for an appointment on Thursday and she was responsive by replying quickly. I sensed that she was hesitant to have an appointment during the consultation, but chalked this up to me misreading her. For example, she mentioned a couple other vet offices that she would recommend for my cat if I wanted to take him in to an office, which would have been fine except I was reaching out to mobile vets because I wanted to avoid going to an office and I informed her of this. We confirmed an appointment for Monday on Friday. On Monday, about 30 minutes prior to the appointment, I received the attached text message in which Dr. Christi reported she no longer felt comfortable sedating my cat at home. This seemed unreliable and unprofessional to me, but I thanked her for her time anyway. However, I believe the professional and ethical thing to do in this situation would have been to have let me know this by Saturday or Sunday or to have declined the appointment during the consultation. Unfortunately, my cat waited the entire weekend for an appointment that was canceled. This led to my cat needing to have to wait longer for an appointment. I ultimately decided to have him euthanized due to a fall through with this vet, another mobile vet, and not wanting him to be in pain any longer.

K Campbell

2 years ago

Dr. Christina and Carmelle came to our home today for our aging rescue dog and I could not be more pleased! Our Gracie is very high strung and Gentle Touch Home Vet was the perfect choice for not only Gracie but myself also! Dr. Christina and Camelle took a lot of time to sooth Gracie before getting to the exam and even then, they were so gentle yet thorough with my aging baby! Along with all that, I was offered a lot of suggestions for Gracie's future care plus the doctor was quite sensitive to my financial situation. I highly recommend!!! Update!! Our Gracie girl had a visit from this amazing lady vet and her assistant yesterday, and once again, I cannot say enough good things about them both! They are simply amazing, thorough, compassionate in the care they give our 13+ years old girl! HIGHLY still recommend!

Val Croft

2 years ago

We used their services to euthanize our 15 year old bischon Murphy. They cared for him so beautifully in our home, in his own bed. They were considerate, caring and gentle. It made losing our dog so much easier. I would absolutely recommend their services.

Thomas Sparkman

2 years ago

Dr Christi and Camille just left our house after helping Cosmo, our best friend for 15 years, transition to a much better place. We could tell that they truly love helping animals and were respectful of our feelings during the process. They also were at our home way after normal hours because Cosmo was having difficulty breathing and he needed their help today. What a blessing! I can not recommend their services enough. Thank you Dr Christi and Camille.

Sharon Emerson

2 years ago

Dr. Christi made a miserable day more bearable. I made the decision to euthanize my sweet girl, recently diagnosed with a second cancer. I contacted Gentle Touch, and got a quick response. Dr. Christi was so patient throughout. On the day of, she answered all of my questions, even the ones I asked twice (was I doing the right thing?). She examined my cat closely. Reassured me. Then explained each step in the process. Once my cat passed, she gave me the time I needed to say goodbye. The whole experience was so loving and respectful.

Mina Lac

2 years ago

When we open our arms to these pets we call our babies we never think ahead of the times we may have to say goodbye. Dr. Christi and Carmelle were compassionate and helped made the process more easy going than we expected. We said goodbye to our baby of 12 years and feel at ease that we chose Gentle Touch to help with the departure. The ladies were very patient with us and also did not rush the process. They made sure we were ready before initiating anything. I hope I won’t be needing of their services any time soon but I will definitely keep them in mind if ever needed again. Highly recommended for a more loving personal touch, did not feel like we were with doctors or vets but with friends.

Kitty Killington

2 years ago

Dr Brown helped us every step of the way through the last month of our pet's life. She's afraid of vets usually and he made her comfortable at home and treated her with care and respect and gave us the ability to give her a really comfortable and happy last few days before he finally helped us say goodbye here at home so she didn't have to be stressed out. I wish it was under better circumstances that we had needed his help but I cannot thank Dr Brown enough for all the help he gave us in making her last month a good one.


2 years ago

Both for end of life, and routine health care, Dr. Christi and her assistant are worth it. They have been a godsend for our super stressy cat(s) who cannot handle trips to the vet, and also at our most painful moment when it was time to say goodbye to a most beloved pet. They are truly gentle and kind, allowing us to be with our Louis, and time to grieve. It must be a very hard job, particularly as it is one of their primary calls. But they do it with grace, and coming to the home allows our pets to leave the world in less fear and discomfort, and a little more dignity. We can't thank them enough.

Jennifer Arnberger

2 years ago

We had Gentle Touch to our home because our pitbull- terrier can be a little apprehensive at the vet and with COVID-19, I couldn’t accompany him into his regular vet’s office. Gentle Touch came to us, gave our dog all his vaccinations, heartworm test, etc. Our dog was super calm and we were able to get him caught up on his regular care. Thank you Gentle Touch. I would definitely recommend them.

Jen Roberts

2 years ago

I had to say goodbye to my dog of 14 years on 6/17 and chose Gentle Touch. WOW - just wow. Extremely grateful for Dr. Christi and her assistant. I was on a blanket in my yard with him which is where we put him to sleep. She honored what I had to feel, and how ever long that took, before saying goodbye to him forever. As someone who has been through this several times with other dogs in the past, she is a true light in this field of work and worth every penny. If you are approaching the time that you need to say goodbye, please consider doing it in the comfort of your pets home and with Gentle Touch. Forever grateful. xx

Emma Ceplina

2 years ago

I couldn’t have asked for a better pair to come and see my Muzzy on his last day. I knew that he was in bad shape and being a 20 year old cat, there probably wasn’t a lot left that we could do for him. They expected late stage kidney disease, but he was already so far gone and so old, I didn’t want him to die in a vets office from treatment. They reassured me of my decision and talked me through everything, and even allowed me to hold him as he passed. Today I received a card from them with condolences for my boy and a seed starter so I can plant flowers and think of him as they grow.

Shelby Failing

3 years ago

Dr. Christi is fantastic! We have used her for years. She is so patient and kind with our fur babies! Her prices are very reasonable and everyone is much happier without a trip to the vet!!

Sophie Mott

3 years ago

Dr. Christy is Awesome. It's wonderful to have a vet at your home! She's caring and very knowledgeable!

Meagan Lucas

3 years ago

These ladies are amazing! They were on time, patient, detailed with what they were doing for my cat’s check up, and you can tell they love what they do. Best prices that I found for at-home vet services. I would recommend them to anyone!

Brandi Lampman

3 years ago

I can’t say enough wonderful things. Dr. Christi was here in my darkest hour and helped me send my Poohbear off exactly the way I had envisioned. She even came and personally delivered Poohbear’s remains back to me, which spared me even more heartache of having to pick him up. I am fortunate to have found her. She helped give me strength to give the gift of peace and love for my Poohbear when he needed me most. Thank you so much for all you do.

Allie Johnson

4 years ago

Dr. Christi and Carmelle drove two hours each way in the pouring rain on a Monday to help our sweet 22-year-old cat, Jazz, who had gone downhill over the weekend and could barely stand. We wanted Jazz to be able to drift off to sleep comfortably at home without the trauma and discomfort of a visit to the vet's office. We had met Dr. Christi years ago when our dog, Gobo, was in severe pain from spinal cancer and needed to be put to sleep, and we couldn't find a local veterinarian to come to our house. Once again, Dr. Christi and Carmelle were incredibly kind, caring and professional. They explained everything to us in advance, took plenty of time and were very gentle with Jazz in how they spoke to her and handled her, making her totally comfortable. It's hard to put into words how much it helps to have a wonderful, caring team like Dr. Christi and Carmelle there when you have to say goodbye to a beloved pet.

LJ Owen

4 years ago

I was very impressed by Dr. Christi and her demeanor. Saying goodbye to a beloved companion is never easy, yet she did everything to make sure that both my dog and I were at ease. There was no rush and she listened to me tell stories of my dog. I am beyond grateful for her kindness and compassion. I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Kimberly Sullivan

4 years ago

Wow! Amazing Vet service. These lovely ladies were so amazing with my two cats. One cat is extremely anxious and they were very caring while treating her. The other cat has more personality and they were amazing with him as well. Their knowledge was excellent and their compassion matched. I couldn't recommend them enough. They gave me exactly what I needed, nothing more. My babies are responding excellent to their recommended treatments, as it shows in their increase in spunk, both jumping around and being more playful. I would give more stars, don't choose anywhere else!!! ????????

Jan Vaccaro

4 years ago

Five stars is not adequate enough to describe the wonderful experience that I had with Christi and her team. They exhibit such compassion and care for you and your cherished pets of which I cannot adequately describe. Having your fur baby put to sleep at home will forever change the way you feel about euthanasia. I am grateful for their help during one of the most difficult times in my life.

Casey Hartnett

4 years ago

These are amazing people. . These people really listened, talked, and empathized. For my hard to transport cat this will always be first choice! Really can not recommend enough. Edit: I had to use their services twice within months of each other. They were so kind and caring. I had also personal issues at the time and losing two pets was obviously hard. If you are needing a kind person to help your pet to a new kind of tomorrow, they are who you are looking for.

Tracie Coole

5 years ago

Dr. Christi was amazing in treating (and ultimately euthanizing) my geriatric Black Lab at home. Elvira suffered from Laryngeal Paralysis, so a car ride to the doctor was out of the question due to breathing crises and rear-end weakness. Dr. Christi was compassionate, knowledgeable, and candid -- all of which was needed and will forever be appreciated.

Penny Alligood

5 years ago

Fantastic experience! Surprisingly, I think my kitty would agree, too.

Naima Fouad

5 years ago

They helped me say goodbye to my kitty last night. He was suffering and they helped me put an end to it. They were very professional and sympathetic. I hadn't used their services before last night but they fit me into their schedule due to my pets condition. I highly recommend this business. They truly care about animals.

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