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Russell Miller

2 years ago

Dr. Kestle is a thorough and well-rounded veterinarian. I highly recommend her for your general practice and reproductive services.

Timothy Weed

2 years ago

I could not be happier with my experience with Cliftwood Animal Hospital. The team did such an amazing job with my cat. They gave me regular updates, and went out of their way to make sure she got the best care possible. I cannot thank Dr. Kessel and Dr. Haley enough!

Wesley Smith

2 years ago

Knowledgeable staff friendly service. Safe environment for animals and humans


2 years ago

Came in to get a progesterone test and was told it would be extra for updated shots if needed. Drove their next day and when I get there the owner said, “ I’m not doing the test or the shots, those are my rules”. I was so confused s this is what we made the appointment for. No wonder it was empty in there. Bad owner and business ????????‍???? stay away!!

Christopher Joiner

2 years ago

As always the staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and caring.

Aracely Espinoza

2 years ago

As a pet mom you wanna take your baby to the best vet . This clinic in my opinion was unprofessional thank god we found a better place and also cheaper ! Take your pets somewhere else where ppl actually take care of them . They made me and my husband stress out !

Jack Michalak

2 years ago

Everyone at Cliftwood Animal Hospital is so nice and great with my dog, Oakie. We will be using them for a long time to come

Kim McNulty

2 years ago

I want to thank Dr. Haley for being so personable and professional during our baby Keibas spay. She was incredibly responsive and thorough in explaining pre and post op procedures as to what we would expect after bringing her home. Extremely detailed explaining meds and made herself available for any questions. Thank you Cliffwood Animal Hospital and Dr. Haley for taking such good care of our baby. I’d definately give 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ We are so lucky to have such a caring and amazing veterinarian! Thank you for all you do for our animals who are family to us.❤️❤️❤️

Alisson Cazales

2 years ago

Everyone was very attentive here and caring! I had no issue and it was quick visit :)

Andre Sanchez

2 years ago

Cliftwood Animal Hospital employees love and shows extreme compassion for their animals as well as their families. If you need to get your pet in asap they will fit you in as much as they can. They did an amazing job with my puppy and was very informative with telling my sister how to take care of the puppy.

Jamilet Nino

2 years ago

Surprisingly a pretty cool place, very helpful on taking care of my dog

jasmine Villarreal

2 years ago

This place is amazing ! The staff there is very friendly and caring ! I would definitely recommend this place !

Mayra Lopez

2 years ago

I have been bring my dogs here for a while what can I say this place is amazing. The love I got towards me and my animals was unbelievable. I’ll bring my dogs here for boarding and also getting them a bath and getting their nails clipped or drilled. I brought my Chihuahua here recently when she had to get a C-section because of birth complications all four babies came in healthy and safe they did a really good job comforting and taking care of my dogs and her puppies. I love the staff and I love the doctors I thank each one of them for the effort they put in to my animals and treating them like it’s their own I will be coming here again for my other Chihuahua when she’s ready to pop. I am 100% recommend this hospital There is no other place that I will go!!!

Osmara Cazales

2 years ago

BEST PLACE i could ever bring my dogs to. Employees are respectful, professional. All these other reviews are lies. Thanks to the owner whoever is in charge. Best animal hospital :) go and take your dogs as well!

rique castro

2 years ago

The staffs were great will definitely be bringing my pet back thank you

Gudda Guwop

2 years ago

I will never bring my animals here. I wish I could give 0 stars

Forever Ty

2 years ago

They are very unprofessional and don’t care about anyone’s time. DO NOT GO here. Your pet is better off somewhere else.

Michelle Jones

3 years ago

Dr Rebecca Kestle is the best! She is the primary reproductive veterinarian for my German Shepherds for the past 10 years. She is an excellent surgeon in times of unforeseen complications and has safety delivered several of my litters via C-section. She has also cared for puppies born prematurely and saved their life. Love you Dr. Rebecca.

Kacey Misskelley

3 years ago

I've been taking my Border Collie here for over over 3 years now for his vaccinations and boarding. I trust them completely. It's obvious they love the animals they care for. Don't hesitate to bring your pet here.

Kenneth Bethany

3 years ago

I am very happy with the outcome results for my Rootie. Doctor Rebecca very knowledgeable and professional and recommended anyone who wants a trust worthy Doctor ????????????

Kiara P

3 years ago

Booking an appt here was fairly easy and Candice the receptionist was helpful. But the day of the appointment was a disappointment. This place is very unprofessional! I took my dog here for AI/semen collection services with another dog owner & they rushed the entire process!! No dog can perform in a stressful & rushed environment. The vet rudely suggested that the other owner reach out to her breeding contacts to mate their dog with. How rude And unprofessional is that?!?! Never again!!


3 years ago

WILL NOT RETURN. August 14th my little dog started having spasms in his neck area. They were constant and would not go away, also he would not drink water at all. I kept him stable through the weekend and took him to Cliftwood Animal Hospital for a full exam. They told me they could not find anything wrong. They said that the blood work, fecal, etc were all fine and my option was I should go to a neurologist for the spasms. They put him on two medications for the spasms to see if that would help…. Few days went by with no improvement. Thursday morning around 3am my dog woke up jolting and yanking at his ear. I turn the ear inside out to see a black tar looking substance and it is solid red so I contacted them back that morning. I paid for a full exam on Monday and here it was Thursday and they wanted to charge me $45 for a follow up exam….. I asked them how this issue was not found on Monday and they ended up getting defensive saying they checked the ears and nothing could be found. So I told them I felt it was unfair to pay for another exam when this issue I felt it should have been addressed the first time. They sent me a long email and also told me I was being unkind and told me my comments show lack of trust. They clearly told me on Monday my only option was to go to a neurologist which would cost me thousands, They did end up giving a discount on the bill and we got him on the proper medication….. My Roommate picked my dog up from the vet that afternoon and they told him it is a yeast infection and the ear was so swollen that they could not get a good look at the ear…. If the ear was this bad then the infection was clearly in the ear on Monday, They clearly did not do a proper exam, and all they were wanting is to send my dog to a neurologist. They just wanted me out of the way. They showed no emotion to helping me or to my dogs needs. My dog will NEVER go back here again and I am very disappointed with how unprofessional all this was handled. They clearly are only out for one thing and that is to take your MONEY. Emailed them again on the 24th of August to see how long it will take to see results they said the ear will take one to two weeks to clear up and said just so you know the spasms are a totally different issue then the ear problem, I replied letting them know about when you massage or put pressure on the back of the ear the spasms will stop completely and that we were thinking that the spasms had to be because his ear is in so much pain…. I get a one word response back “nope” back from them. They are rude and if they feel like you are giving them any type of feedback on what they say they will get defensive. THIS VET OFFICE IS A JOKE AND A WASTE OF MONEY! They clearly care more about helping people breed high end puppies that sell for thousands, then helping someone with a dog adopted from the shelter and trying to help study every possible situation before automatically wanting to send me to a neurologist. All the comments you see about unprofessionalism is exactly what this place is. I took my dog to a new location to have a second opinion done and the vet observed Avery all day, checked all avenues, sent videos to other vets he knew, and was able to properly diagnose the issue. Also when the new vet office called to try and get records transferred she said they were rude with her on the phone. I then get a email saying here are your dogs records so you can have them and we don’t have to send them..... Save yourself some time and money avoid this office.

Noelle S

3 years ago

I’ve been trying to use Cliftwood for years, but they lie about the due dates every time, can’t bother to have the main vet around, and when she is-she will be sure drain you for every red cent you have, it’s not about nature at Cliftwood. It’s all about money, and a quick turnaround, they will get as much as they could possibly get out of you.Will turn a normal birth into a money making racket-and make you feel like you are the one who only cares about money and don’t care if your baby’s die. It’s super stressful, vets are supposed to have everyone’s best interests in mind but when you walk into Cliftwood they only see GREEN. A truly traumatic experience.

Victoria Bernhardt

3 years ago

I have been taking my dog to Cliftwood for years. It started off needing a place to board that had day care and limited animals since my dog does not do well in large groups. My dog LOVES going to Cliftwood and practically knocks me over to go in. The staff truly love animals and it shows by how happy my dog is to visit. For daycare/boarding they do assessments to see how your dog will interact with others and the type of temperaments they are good with. Vet care is straight to the point and they try to make it as quick and painless as they can to reduce stress on the animal. I have never been given a sales pitch to get additional tests or unnecessary treatments done. I am always presented options and the benefits/drawbacks of each in addition to cost prior to treatment. There are never any "surprise" costs. They are wonderful people and I will continue to bring my dog here.

Kim Huguley

4 years ago

My favorite spot really love the animals

Lauren Oliva

4 years ago

Very nice staff! Came for x rays and very nice yet professional!

Shivani Bhatia

4 years ago

Dr. Covington is awesome. She has a great bedside manner and connection with my dogs. She examines each and every possible diagnosis and openly discusses it. As a dog mom this means a lot to me ❤️. The staff is also wonderful - super kind and loving to each and every animal. The groomer is also spectacular. I really love this place and am grateful we have it in Sandy Springs.

Stephanie M.

4 years ago

Very good Canine Reproductive Vet.

Stephen Barnes

4 years ago

I went to Cliftwood Animal Hospital for the first time with my dogs today. The whole staff was amazing. The vet was thorough and took her time with the dogs. They seem to really love what they do!!! Very pleased with my experience and I will be back.

tj nichols

5 years ago

ABSOLUTELY the BEST in ATL. For us it is a THREE hour drive (NC) to go to her and is 100000% worth it. Most recently we took our Frenchie in to have xrays done to get a puppy count, they said 6 or 7 (the 7th was up higher and wasn't very clear). Well we went in several more times to try to determine when to do the csection. We went in on a Saturday expecting to be told that she wasn't going to be ready till Monday or Tuesday, based on other pg results. They got the results and checked the heartbeats too. Surprise! She was ready to have them THAT day! Dr. Kestle had already gone home for the day, her staff called her and she was in the office within half an hour and delivered 7 very healthy Frenchie puppies. Dr. Kestle herself checked up on us several times through the (holiday) weekend and even later on in the week(s) to check and see how the pups and mama were doing. You can tell she loves what she does and has great staff to back her up as well.

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