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Mike Bowers

2 years ago

Update Jan 14, 2022 - Last night our old lab gave us another scare and we went running to AEC. Within minutes someone was out to greet us. Dr. Maloy took wonderful care of our girl and the whole team was terrific (again). Very thankful that when we cannot see our vet, they are always there for us after hours. Tonight was the third time in 6-months that we’ve needed to visit Animal Emergency Center of Sandy Springs and each time the overall service and care for our dogs has been exceptional. On all three visits Dr. Joel Landrum has been our attending Vet. I really cannot overstate how much we appreciate and trust his guidance and care. Highly recommend!

Dakota Atkinson

2 years ago

I didn't even go here but called twice and their staff was extremely compassionate about our pet. They had a very long wait but referred us to another place (pet urgent care of buckhead) that was great as well.

Jessica J

2 years ago

Never coming here again. Find somewhere else maybe they will actually care about your pets.

Claudia McCloud

2 years ago

I have never in my life experienced so much understanding and compassion. My 5month old kitten Binx had FIP there was nothing we could do for her and we didn't want her to suffer. They told us to take all the time we needed before and after. Talked me through the entire procedure. Said don't watch what I'm doing just rub your baby, talk to your baby. I honestly couldn't have asked for better! They also afterwards sent me the sweetest card for the loss of my babygirl!

Melinda Golden

2 years ago

We had to come here on Christmas Eve because they were the only vets open and we were visiting from out of town. Everyone was really nice to us. Even though we had to wait a while (the parking lot was full at one point) they were able to help us and we left with the medication our dog needed. The cost was very reasonable.

Jena Young

2 years ago

Always very responsive when my animals need immediate attention. They are very good at explaining aftercare instructions.

Rev. Darby Christopher

2 years ago

My cat was suddenly sick with kidney failure. Dr. Biddle and staff made the whole situation go as smoothly as possible for us. I’m so grateful we landed there on a very difficult day.

Kara Young

2 years ago

We had no wait at the emergency clinic when we came on a Sunday afternoon. The team at AEC was very thorough and called me at every step to give me an update. They were also very transparent about the cost and charges through the process which I really appreciated. I hope we never have to come back but if we do we will definitely bring our dog here.

Leila Washington

2 years ago

The emergency vet close to our house was temporarily closed so we drove here and it was a great experience. They got our sick dog in quickly and Dr. Biddle gave us lots of useful info and options for care. Great staff to work with as well, all very caring.

Tamar England

2 years ago

We visited the clinic recently and had a wonderful experience. Dr. Biddle and his staff were kind and helped explained the treatment for our dog. Thank you!

Seth Price

2 years ago

Terrific response time. Quickly diagnosed my dog’s issue and remedied it immediately at no charge. Fantastic.

Sarahi Solorio

2 years ago

You have no idea how grateful I am to have come to this place ! I just got my first dog a week ago , a 7 week german shepard . I am new to having a dog , my puppy was sweating , weak , and not eating when I came home from work . I knew something was terribly wrong , i was so scared that I was gonna loose her . My fiancée and I saw the good reviews and decided to quickly rush over and have Athena attended here . Turned out she was positive for Parvo, it was a heartbreak to me , I couldn't stop crying , I was so scared . Dr. Clare Maloy told me my options , we decided to go with the parvo treatment in order to see if my puppy would be able to fight the virus off . Dr. Clare Maloy was so understanding and I couldn't have asked for a better doctor to look over Athena . Turns out that the next day around 8pm I got call letting me know that Athena was doing great and that I could take her home. They gave me medication to give her at home , and the price for the treatment was in my price range . Athena is currently doing amazing at home , she's eating normally , playing around and running like before . Thank you to the whole staff for all their hardwork , Athena is grateful as well for making her feel back to normal. Thank you for saving my baby!!!

Caitlin Smith

2 years ago

I don’t feel it’s appropriate to respond with laughter when someone is looking for a doctor to see their very sick dog. The employee who answered the phone cut me off five words in, said “let me stop you right there, we are at max capacity” and then proceeded to laugh while explaining to me what max capacity means. I completely understand what max capacity means. I understand some people laugh when they’re uncomfortable, but for an employee who deals with animals in crisis and their owners on a regular basis, I think this person could have: 1. Crafted more compassionate response and 2. Not wasted any more of my time with a lengthy explanation of what max capacity when I did not ask.

Barb Waring

2 years ago

So grateful for Dr Malloy and the team who took such good care of our sweet Karma. Dr Malloy recommended the right diagnostics needed to gain a better understanding of what we were dealing with and helped us get the right care. While the diagnosis was not what we expected or wanted we had the information needed to make decisions. Thank you Dr Malloy for your kindness and professionalism. You and your team are appreciated.

Amy Ivan

2 years ago

Our family has lots of dogs and over the years, we have visited several emergency clinics. Earlier this week, we had an emergency and the emergency clinic we usually go to said they were at "maximum capacity". It makes sense that would happen, but I've never specifically been told that I could not bring my pet in during an emergency for that reason. We ended up at Animal Emergency Center of Sandy Springs. They quickly diagnosed the problem and started treatment for my pet. We believe their quick action saved our pet's life. We found the two assistants to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful in what was a very stressful situation for us. We hope to never have to go to an emergency clinic again, but it's likely will have another emergency. This is going to be our first choice for emergency situations. Thank you from Michael and Amy Ivan.

Jeff E

2 years ago

Dr. Biddle did an amazing job! He was very professional and he took great care of my 11yr old schnauzer! The prices were more than reasonable and I will definitely use this vet again in the future! Thank you!

Mackensie Kayler

2 years ago

I’ve taken my pup here a few times and they have been incredible! They’re fast, responsive, proactive and are very smart. I completely trust this emergency vet!

Kirsten Nantz

2 years ago

This clinic has such a kind staff who took extraordinary care of my dog Lucy. After she had her spleen removed at another vet clinic, she started struggling and was in a lot of pain, wouldn't eat, and was breathing heavy late in the evening. We rushed her to this emergency vet. I didn't know if she would pull through--but thanks to this fantastic clinic, my 14 year old dog is wagging her tail again and back to normal. Great communication from the staff and super caring. Thank you so much!!! I know my dog was in great hands.

taylor parrish

2 years ago

I will never come here and don't recommend this clinic to anyone. I understand my situation might have been different because my kitten wasn't in critical care in their eyes (I am sure they see gruesome things) but this was an emergency in my eyes and it wasn't treated as such. There was no care and she was completely MISDIAGNOSED! There was a 4 hour wait at the Decatur Emergency and my car doesn't have working a'/c which is why we came here (no wait and I understand why now). If you read their assessment it doesn't match up ("No known vomitting" -mind you on three separate occasions I mentioned she was vomitting clear fluid- and at the end of the game paragraph assessment "Vomitted clear fluid this morning"). This is just one instance of where it doesn't match up; there are 3 cases of such that it doesn't make sense/add up. Also, Dr. Slider put words in my mouth, I said dry heaving and she said "coughing". Then on the assessment wrote owner unsure. The vet, Amanda Slider, showed no care or interest ( I assume because she didn't consider my kitten as a dire emergency but still UNACCEPTABLE). She diagnosed her with Feline Herpes (no eye discharge, no coughing, no sneezing) and prescribed her Famiclovir 125 mg. My understanding after seeing my own vet is that this is described for severe cases, which she wasn't. I was fostering kittens when one of my own got sick (she's 6 months and extremely active so when she stopped eating and didn't want to play I became extremely worried). --> Dr. Slider didn't listen to me, put words in my mouth, misdiagnosed my cat and gave me a serious medicine that my kitten didn't need. My kitten had a fever. She wasn't given anything for the fever. There was no trying to understand why there could be a fever. It was just oh you're fostering and those fosters have watery eyes so feline herpes. Mind you the kittens that I was fostering all tested negative for Feline Herpes!!!!!!!! (turns out my foster had an abscess which is what was causing his watery eyes and cheek swelling). I have all these records but no one wanted to take the time to listen or figure out what was wrong. I just want to prevent another person coming here and having this experience. $278.47 for a misdiagnosis and waste of time.

Keith Ellsworth

3 years ago

I found a very sick kitten in a parking deck nearby. I couldn’t just leave it to suffer/die, but since I was fairly far from home, there wasn’t much I could do for it, either. I called one emergency vet in the area, they would not help a stray and told me to call animal control. Called Ashford Dunwoody Emergency Vet and they told me to bring the kitten right over and they would help it. That’s true compassion at work, and to me demonstrates that they are in business foremost to help animals over profits. What more could you ask for in a vet?

Mary Laneve

3 years ago

they saw us SUPER fast and were incredibly nice. they were very understanding of my panicked state, while it turned out to be a false alarm, they were very understanding of my worry. they were also very helpful when i called ahead of time.

Meredith Covington

3 years ago

Our experience AEC of Sandy Springs was amazing. I took our 6 mo puppy in late last night after I was worried he ingested part of our phone charger. Dr. Landrum and Jessica were incredibly helpful and were able to take Clyde in right away. They updated me while he was in there and really took the time to care and talk me through everything. Was in / out within an hour. Highly recommend!


3 years ago

After having a horrible experience late at night at another emergency vet that wanted to charge me 3K, this hospital not only settled my fears but they went above and beyond with caring for my 9 week old kitten. They understood what needed to happen to help and not try to bombard me with tons of expensive tests. My kitten is doing better and I'll follow up with our regular vet. Price gouging is terrible at most emergency places but these vets are reasonable and actually care.

Tyler Meyer

3 years ago

Decided to come here just after midnight on Sunday when our 15-year-old chihuahua had a neck issue that was causing him a lot of pain. In a less emergent situation we would have taken him to UGA (or Tiger Tails, our regular vet) but wanted him seen right away. The front desk was super responsive, the wait was minimal before we were checked in, and after her exam Dr. Maloy called me (I was in the parking lot for social distancing reasons) and walked me through all of her findings and her recommendations. She was super patient, answered all of my concerned dog parent questions, and said if we had any questions overnight or in the morning to let the front desk know and she'd follow up. I couldn't have been more impressed with the treatment and care our little old man received there. Would recommend them to anyone in the area who needs emergency vet service!

Adam Beauchamp

3 years ago

Incredible experience dealing with Animal Emergency Center of Sandy Springs. My knuckleheaded dog sliced his arm open flying off the deck after a squirrel, and the team here could not have been more compassionate, prompt, and courteous. From arrival to leaving took under an hour on a Sunday night, and the pricing was far more reasonable than I expected. So glad I chose this vet over the big corporate competitor down the street!

Russell Reams

3 years ago

These folks were were so helpful In a situation where my regular vet has just gone downhill in quality and left my dog in need of a critical test and prescription. They saw Bailey quickly and today he got is medication on time.

Terry Cape

3 years ago

What an amazing, professional and personable staff!! Had to take our sick dog in late on a Sunday evening and they were prompt getting him in and diagnosing his illness. Highly recommend!!

Lynn Adams

3 years ago

Hands down the very best emergency vet around. I have always had many animals and have had multiple occasion (unfortunately) to use them for over 15 years. I have never been disappointed. Their expertise, knowledge and compassion is always extraordinary.

Amber MacDonald

3 years ago

Our puppy had to have surgery for an abdominal obstruction. This is obviously something that no pet parent wants to experience but the entire team here made our experience great! The doctor and vet techs were very informative and were great at giving us updates while she was there. We are so greatful have our pup back home! Prices are definitely the best around too.

Rachel Nakhuda

3 years ago

I needed an ultrasound for my 12 year old kitty after she stopped eating and drinking. After my local vet couldn’t find exactly the cause, I was referred to another center almost two hours away from me for the ultrasound, but I was discouraged by their reviews and the fact that they’d have to keep her (and charge me for) an overnight stay since they could only do the scan early in the morning and having a small child, it would’ve been impossible for me to get her there on time. I found this emergency center online and although they are an hour away from where I reside, they were able to examine and perform the ultrasound immediately upon arrival, after hours and on the weekend. Dr. Biddle was absolutely incredible and determined not only the probable issues, but also immediate remedies to help my cat. His findings were complete and he took the time to make it easy to understand what was going on with her. After returning home, my kitty went directly for her food and is purring and happier than she has been in days. If I were to ever have another emergency with her, there is no question I would return to Dr. Biddle. A+++++++ service, expertise and pricing for the services and quality of care.

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