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2 years ago

I recently adopted a cat after the new year and before I could even look for a vet Andrew reached out to me and made it extremely easy to schedule a visit. Reco and Lindsey made the entire process painless when I arrived, and Dr LeFavi had a great bedside manner with my pet, who definitely wasn't happy to be at the vet's office. I highly recommend this location to anyone looking for a Vet. Best wishes, and happy 2022.

Julia Robinson

2 years ago

I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS VCA! Camelia and Anthony were so polite and helpful! Everyone was sweet and welcoming and patient with all my questions. Dr.Clarke is a Saint and you can tell the he and his team all care about what they do. They made the experience for my new kittens first time visit super easy and welcoming. They even have a welcome board for newbies (Vigo is my little one). I just can't get over the difference in my past experiences with other vets versus here. Night and day difference and I will be bringing both of my kitties from now on and recommending them to everyone!!

Shaikh Manan

3 years ago

Best place to take you pet. They take care of it as family. Dr. Clark is awesome

Jennifer Cenanova

3 years ago

Dr. Clarke was very good. I tried to book a follow up when my dog went downhill some months later and wasn’t able to get Dr. Clarke on my days off work. I asked the Assistant Vet what else we can do to help the pain and the eye infection. She said nothing and suggested eye ball removal and he should be wearing a cone. I told them he can’t eat or drink with a cone on. After i asked if he can wear a patch to protect his eye. She also said no. I watched the Pack TV show and they had dog goggles. That would have been awesome to know about when letting him outside or when leaving him home while at work.

V SinClaire

3 years ago

Staff is nice, but pricing is almost 3-4x higher than local vets for testing. It also feels like they tend to include unnecessary tests that are very costly as well. Like others have said, definitely a corporate profit first mindset here.

Van Call

3 years ago

The wisdom at VCA pets is awesome! My pal North has an allergy, and he's doing much better after my visit with them.


3 years ago

I've finally mellowed out enough to speak true and proper about the experiences received here by the staff. When I first visited VCA, that was on December 20th in 2019. As required by most veterinary clinics, I was aware that my pup, Dakota, would have to undergo a physical exam and we were also popping in to get his bordetella shot updated. My coworker ranted and raved about how their CareClub plan saved her so much money as it was a discounted membership that allowed you to pay for routine shots and other procedures subjective to your plan of choice monthly instead of coming out of pocket all at once. For a college student, it sounded like a great idea at the time... We arrived and check-in was very prompt, information was filled out, weight was taken and we were ushered into an exam room within 10 minutes or less. The vet tech was very sweet and we had no trouble confirming everything with her. I greatly appreciated her giving my pup the treats they had on hand since he was very anxious to be in their facility and not looking to be poked and prodded again. And then Dr. Wolf came in, he was noticeably very wary of Dakota and kept his distance. Questioning me as to whether he was aggressive and would bite, but I can't fault him for that as my dog didn't look nearly as friendly as he is. As the appointment progressed, even though Dr. Wolf praised Kota's health and weight, he failed to answer the most important question I'd had regarding a bump on the back of my dog's neck that had made it's second appearance within 2-3 months. Even went so far as to point out multiple, smaller bumps beneath my dog's skin which stressed me out to no end. I asked him repeatedly about what could be done to figure out what they were and was met with the same discouraging answer that he'd never seen this type of thing before and nothing would help. Ended up telling me to come back if the bump appeared again since it was going down, but that left me feeling unsure and we just decided to move on. He also tried to sell me on Lepto before he left, but his explanation of the vaccine left me feeling like that was something unneeded. I ended up signing up for their CareClub anyway before I left and received a goodie bag full of information and one complimentary dose of Interceptor and Simparica. Figured I could just schedule around Dr. Wolf's days for any future visits. Fast forward and we're popping in again on January 13th in 2020 for Dakota's very first dental cleaning, which was covered by the plan I chose. I dropped him off first thing in the morning and the receptionist slid consent forms across the counter for me to sign. Please take note that I was given a written run down of the treatment plan that was to take place that day, all of which included fluids, the dental procedure, hospitalization, scans, etc. Nothing that was shown to me included the heartworm test, Giardia, and another bordetella shot, all of which had been done when I'd picked him up around 3-4 pm. I was rushing to get back to work, so I didn't have time to go back and forth but I'd called the following morning and spoke with the hospital manager to express my confusion and frustration. Dara, the manager, admitted to me that the doctor on duty (Dr. Megan Harris) didn't read over my pup's files correctly and they vaccinated him again for something he'd received 3 weeks ago. I was credited back for that without a fight. Unfortunately the Giardia and the heartworm test were where we repeatedly butted heads despite records being provided that they were still up to date and by her tone of voice, got the impression they she just wanted to be over with the conversation and could care less if I was still a client by the end of it. After a few weeks, Dara and I had a few conversations regarding canceling my membership as I no longer felt comfortable trusting them with Dakota's care, nor was I willing to risk surprise charges for these expensive visits. It's thanks to her understanding and willingness that this clinic is rated a two instead of one.

steve hester

3 years ago

I was there working not for a pet but they seem very nice treated the animals and owners well if I lived on that side of town I would go see them


3 years ago

My dog needed shots and checkup before we went to Florida. Everyone wore masks and limited the number of people inside. I was very comfortable waiting in my car. Did not have to wait and total visit didn't take long. Doctor came out to consult and adjusted some things to meet my needs. Highly recommended

Ivan Perez

3 years ago

Really Friendly people and place for our 2 month pitbull. I will be returning more.

Emily Van Dellen

3 years ago

#1 Vet clinic in the USA! Our dog is too anxious and aggressive to even get her nails trimmed right now so we are taking her for "Fear Free Visits" in which a technician reads a story and/or just spends 5min feeding your dog treats and making them feel comfortable. How cute is that!? All of the techs have been AMAZING with our dog, despite her aggressively jumping at them once or twice every visit (muzzle on). We are amazed by and so grateful for everyone who works here!!!


3 years ago

All staff are great and pleasant to deal with and Dr. Clarke is especially caring about each individual animal, going above and beyond in his treatments and concern for their whole health.

Debora Nunya

3 years ago

This was my first time going there. They were actually recommended by a friend of mine. So, I had a serious concern about my cat. It was something that have never experienced with any other cat. I was praying that it wasn't anything real dire, and I was praying that whatever "it" was, that it wouldn't break the bank, so to speak. Without going into all the details, I'll just give you the, or in this case, the FATTY (attempt at humor). My cat is at the moment, too far to clean herself. Dr. Clark was absolutely amazing and quite informative. And my interaction with his staff was exceptional! PS. The visit didn't even come close to breaking the bank ????

Danny Bryan

3 years ago

I brought in a rescue cat that I grew attached too. As I was trying to rehome him he became very ill... I took him there and apparently his bladder was blocked. They said they could treat him blah blah blah for over 3 ground. I saw the itemized bill and asked them if they could lower it or remove some services. They refused. So many of the items were obviously unnecessary. They chose to price gauge and as a result I had to put him down. Bc of this price gauging I will never return. So sad what greed can do to people. Pure greed caused that cats unnecessary death.

Clark L. Miller

3 years ago

We are new to the area and our 15 yr old pup needed outpatient surgery....we were so thankful for their care and compassion they showed. Vet came to car window with our pup to debrief surgery and after care. Highly recommend!

Christian Banchs

3 years ago

Best care and attention to detail. Dr. Clarke is fantastic!!!

Candice C

3 years ago

I've been bringing my cat here since 2016, one dog since 2012, and the other dog since 2018. They also take really good care of my animals, and even remember their names. The staff remember details about my animals, and are incredibly friendly and informative. They are taking wonderful precautions for this COVID-era, including pet dropoffs, and a questionnaire that can be completed online. I also get a phone call by the staff prior to my appointment to confirm any details or any questions I have, and to talk about my pets wellbeing. I also get a call after the dental to update me about anything. Pictured: my meow not enjoying the fecal test.

Aniket Vyavahare

3 years ago

Dr explains everything in minute details. Staff is very friendly. Place is very well kept. Reducing a star just for the bills that we get.

Eric Lawrence Reid

4 years ago

So friendly and knowledgeable. Scheduling online is easy and they send text reminders. They're always great with my pet.

Heinz Heinisch

4 years ago

Wonderful staff and great service!

Jesse Friedman

4 years ago

This place does extreme price gauging. Our dog had an ear infection over the weekend when our regular vet was closed. We called this hospital, and they said they were full, but we could drop her off, and the vet would take care of her when she had a spare minute. When we got there, the vet tech (?) brought us an estimate of how much it would cost to treat her. The total was approximately $900-1200. I looked at the itemized list, and it included $300 for medication. A quick Google search told me the most expensive medication for ear infections wouldn't be even close to that. We declined their services and took her to our regular vet the following day. It cost $160, including medication and everything. We told our vet how much this hospital wanted, and they were shocked. They said they couldn't even think of what the vet at the hospital could possibly have thought would be necessary to charge so much. I understand that it was the weekend, and they're one of the few animal hospitals that was open, and I anticipated paying extra accordingly. But charging THAT much for such a simple procedure because you know people are desperate to stop their dog being in pain is truly awful. Update: I e-mailed August 30 after seeing the response as requested. I received an automatic reply, saying "I will be out of the hospital from Friday August 23, 2019 till Thursday, September 5, 2019" and nothing further.


4 years ago

The people at VCA are very professional and sweet. Thank you for your kindness and encouragement while I was there with Magnus. You helped to make a difficult situation a little less scary. Thank you for taking care of my baby boy!

katherine Lawson

4 years ago

Knowledgable and friendly staff. Excellent care for pets.

Lisa Ayala

4 years ago

The most caring group of veterinarians! Thank you so much for your lovely sympathy card.

Nataliya Lev

4 years ago

The staff is nice; the prices are way too high. What I find more troubling is that they constantly include unneeded tests. Unfortunately, we will have to look for another office.

Patrick Hall

4 years ago

We've been with them for 20 years and they are like family!

Robin Kasson

4 years ago

The Roswell location is awesome. They treat your pets like their own. My rescue gets so excited when he goes in and sees all of his friends there. They are very accommodating to the anxiety experienced by your pets...

T Warmouth

4 years ago

Nice staff and they have a wonderful greeter named Ajax!

tyler salsbury

4 years ago

Had to get my 9 month old dog a booster shot. The process was super easy and we were in and out with in 30 min

Daniela S

5 years ago

I adopted my Sushi last December and have been bringing him here for all his check ups and the staff is always so thorough and SO NICE! Sushi is a shiba mix and can have some serious attitude but everyone is always lovely to us and I can trust we are in the right hands ❤️

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