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Chase Parham

2 years ago

Dropped my 2 corgis off at 8:30 in the morning for a simple Butt trim and deshedding treatment. Was told 3-4 hrs. Called at 1 to check in and they have yet to start on them. Finally was able to pick up at 4:30 that afternoon. $150 later they not only had a tacky butt trim but was charged for a full groom and they still have been shedding for 2 weeks after. Would not recommend this place to anyone.

Trisha Hall

2 years ago

Our Bear LOVES this place. He’s plays hard at daycare and sleeps well.

Mark Kooyman

2 years ago

While the folks caring for the dogs and the facilities are good, the owner fails to understand customer value and respect. I experienced a very arrogant conversation when I called in with some questions with a part-tie groomer who answered the phone. When I called the owner the next day to discuss the conversation, the owner told me that I was the problem. His staff is more valuable than the customers. Not the value proposition I was taught. Not going back.

jaseer sabour

2 years ago

I brought my husky in for grooming they told me they would demat some of her mats but instead i came back to a full shaven husky if anyone knows anything about huskies they are not supposed to be shaved at all they are double coated and they still charged me $115 this place is not a good place for you babies do not take them here

Anna Marie Jones

2 years ago

Picked up my dog with a raw nose from being stuck in a cage. They told me it was “turf burn”. Also had to make another vet visit because she has kennel cough!!! Did not receive any paperwork or feedback about her stay & they also brought me the wrong items back. Will not be coming back!

Alayna Shaffer

2 years ago

This is my go to for boarding my aggressive dog. However lately they have been very disorganized. I asked for a bath 2 times ago and it never got written down. This last time nobody wrote down my entire reservation. What if there were no kennels left? Unacceptable. They desperately need a new system or more competent staff. My dog has also been scared to come in the last few times and I don't know what made her switch like that. However the staff is usually nice and know my dog. So I give a 3 for previous good experiences but otherwise would give a 2. Also their prices have gone up which is unfortunate. If I remember it's $45 per night.

Kevin Killian

2 years ago

One night boarding with bath and nails. Seemed to be a good experience.

LOA Nest

2 years ago

On top of them adding charges without our consent I witnessed them do the same to another customer. As soon as they left, the groomer was cussing and calling the customer out of their name saying “I’m going to get my money.” That’s extremely unprofessional. They don’t care that they aren’t charging what they quote. The front desk isn’t compassionate or concerned about their customers.

Brooke Mooney

2 years ago

I absolutely love The Dawg House. My dogs love to be groomed and go to daycare. The employees take excellent care of my dogs. I wouldn’t want to take my dogs anywhere else. Thank you for always taking care of my dogs the way you would take care of your own!!

Katja M. Edgar

2 years ago

I imagine the Dawghouse might be a great place to get your dog groomed. It is *not* a good place to board your cats, however, as I did several weeks ago. The side room for cats is very small, with too many cat kennels in too small an area. The folks who work here seem friendly; Luke, in particular, was very kind to me and my cats. But the reception desk is in the dog grooming area, and chaos reigned during both my drop-off and pick-up visits, with too many people trying to do too much in too small an area. Super frustrating and inefficient. My cats were boarded at the Dawghouse for 5-6 nights. When I picked them up, the cat room was filthy, smelly, crowded with cats in individual kennels. I was told all cats had a chance to rotate in and out of their kennels for exercise time in the cat room at large. I have no way of knowing if/how this worked, but it seems a hard thing to manage with so many cats of different ages, temperaments, and health situations. At pick-up time, my two little boy cats were obviously stressed, they had lost weight, and their eyes & noses were goopy with upper respiratory infections, which required a trip to the vet. I will need to do a lot of traveling in the next several months, and I will be looking for a new boarding place for my cats.

kate fleming

2 years ago

I work near them and I am watching them leave all the animals outside during the ENTIRE rainstorm we are having right this moment. The dogs are barking, jumping, crying etc. to get inside. No employees can be seen.

Capprianne Stotler

2 years ago

I was just an employee there and I started on Sunday was my first day and I’ve been out sick with myself and my children well today which is Friday I called them to tell them I was in the er with covid symptoms and get told my fired that they hired new employees because of me being out and sick but yet 3 other employees were sick with the same thing. I hope they get fired and to be honest I wouldn’t let my dog stay there half them daycare workers don’t care about your dogs they just sit around on their phone so I really would think about taking your dogs and cats some where else. I’m not gonna have a job due me wrong due to covid this world is in a bad place right now.

Elliot V. Haynes

2 years ago

They were totally awesome they kept apologizing because I had to wait , I didn't mind cause I was enjoying visiting with the all the fur babies

Emily Probst

2 years ago

Had a pleasant first experience and will return. My Golden played all day in daycare then had a groom. Smelled great, looked awesome and she seemed to have a great day. She and I both really liked the manager Patrick.

Erica Hollaway

2 years ago

FIVE STAR REVIEWS ARE BOUGHT NOT EARNED! It is amazing this place is still is business. The front desk will give you a discount for your stay if you leave them a 5 star review in front of the owner. This facility is DANGEROUS! Not clean, no water for dogs, employees don't wear masks. Have personally seen owner be abusive to staff. Owner also drinks on the job (yes we can smell it on your breath). Please quit enabling this behavior and find another facility if you value the health and well being of your dog!! Update: Still amazed people use this place. Another RED FLAG, dogs are not required to have a Kennel Cough vaccination. Your pet WILL GET Kennel Cough, worms, or an early grave if you board here. Please stop using this place!

Alana Eavenson

2 years ago

I picked up my dogs after a weekend of boarding to find that one of them had a bad, dirty heat rash under his chin. I had to take him to the vet where they shaved and cleaned the area and gave me two prescriptions to fight infection. I understand that things happen, but they didn't inform me of the rash or clean the area. On top of this, every time I pick up or drop off my dogs it takes about half an hour. I could forgive this if they took proper care of my dogs, but after this rash, I will never bring them here again. I ended up having to pay a $66.12 vet bill for my dog after he was left in their care. It's a small price to pay for his health, but one I shouldn't have to because I trusted this place with my baby. They are extremely disorganized, negligent, and unprofessional.

Charlotte Warren

2 years ago

We typically have a great experience here, but the last experience was less than ideal, and we will not be bringing our dogs back. One of our dogs was supposed to get medicine daily, and he only got about 2 of the 10 doses. Thankfully he is ok. Both dogs also came home and were much more skinny than typical. A lot of their food looked utilized, but it didn't look like they ate it all. I also gave a call and email to speak with the owner about the medicine issue, and never received a return call. Our dogs are family to us, and unfortunately I no longer can trust them to treat them like family, as I previously trusted them before.

Ford fjord

2 years ago

I tried to take my dog for his first grooming appointment a month ago. Not only did they not have my appointment on the books when we called the day before, but at the first utterance that my dog is nervous and doesn't love people touching his paws, that was it. They were never going to touch my dog. My 1 year-old 15lbs long hair Chihuahua mix gets whiney when he is nervous. I'll be the first to admit he is a jerk sometimes but I have been working with him in preparation for this first grooming session. I needed a professional to work with him and make him feel safe for this first experience. Instead they ostracized me like my dog had already bitten someone. The employee offered us a bath and nail trimming, I told her I could do that at home and rather my dog needs a haircut desperately. I watched as her eyes rolled and she said "well we can see." He had matting on his ears and his behind and that didn't even cause alarm to this groomer. Instead we walked out of there infuriated before they EVEN TRIED ANYTHING. They didn't even really attempt to even accommodate an anxious puppy, it was so clear immediately that they wanted nothing to do with us. Pretty sure there was even a whole phone conversation the prior day about how everything would be alright. Yeah sure.

Gena M

2 years ago

I have no idea how this place is still in business. if I could leave zero stars I would. my friend left for 5 days so boarded her two dogs here. when her and her boyfriend picked up her two boys they were in 2 separate crates behind the building with no shade, food or water. The pads of their feet were burnt, and both very dehydrated. They clipped both the dogs nails when asked not to. they paid for additional services, so their two pups should've been treated very well. with or without the additional services no animal should be treated like this. the dawg house groom should be ashamed. Since sharing her story on facebook NUMEROUS people have came forward with horror stories from this place. PLEASE. do NOT send your fur babies here!!

Caroline Livingston

2 years ago

My boyfriend and I have been sending our puppy here for almost a year now and he LOVES it!! He absolutely hates car rides and he especially hates them when it involves having to leave day care. Their staff is very responsive, especially on social media and I so appreciate them sending me photo updates of him daily❤️ Their services are the most affordable in Athens and they treat you like family. Highly recommend The Dawg House!!


3 years ago

This is a good place if you find the right groomer and stick with her/him. We were lucky enough to be paired with Shelby the first time. She obviously adores our dog and always asks us at pickup if the cut was the way we like it. One time …

Christina Garcia

3 years ago

Great place! My dog loves going to doggie daycare there and the staff is super friendly.

Ricky Hall

3 years ago

The front desk people they have give mixed information. I called on Friday and was told I could bring our dog to board on Saturday. When we arrived they had closed day boarding due to an accident but never called to inform us so we wasted a trip. We were told to return on Sunday and when we called to make sure so we didn’t make a wasted trip for they told us they were not day boarding again. Very confusing. It seems they don’t have all there ducks in a row.

Audrianna Pullen

3 years ago

I had a horrible experience with this company. When I booked the reservation I was told the dog evaluation was not required. When I arrived, I was told it was. The people who work there don’t know anything about the pricing even if you ask for a break down. I was quoted one price and ended up paying something completely different. They claim part of the pricing issue had to deal with the size of the dog but the price I was given was when the person was looking at our dog. We were also told that the owner would contact us about our issues. Apparently that person doesn’t care enough about building a rapport with their clients or they’ve never heard of customer service. A simple conversation could have gone a long way. Instead, their solution was to have the receptionist call to say nothing changed. I would not recommend this place to anyone. Stay far away!!

Rusti Woods

3 years ago

My yellow lab came out looking like she had a blow-out. She smelled so clean.

Joy Faulkner

3 years ago

Best place to get your dawg groomed .

Coach Cate

3 years ago

Animal abuse takes place here, not to mention unsanitary conditions. Absolutely do NOT bring your animals here.

Holly Kaplan

3 years ago

Always use Dawg House as the are the best dog related service providers in Athens

Ricardo Moreno

3 years ago

I really enjoyed seeing the dogs there the people there are amazingly friendly and they were very helpful and it's a convenient location I highly recommend

Loys Camp

3 years ago

Good service, and good care of my pet

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