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Julia Daniell

2 years ago


Stacia Ray

2 years ago

There are no words to describe the kindness and compassion of Dr. Stevie and her team. This place went so above and beyond what ANY vet has ever done in our 25 years as pet owners. Our pocket pet was gasping for air on a Saturday night...we …

Laura Adams

2 years ago

This vet practice was amazing with my daughter’s dog, who was almost dead when we brought him in. After working on him tirelessly for hours, they diagnosed him with Addison’s disease (which came on very quickly). My daughter spent the night …

tamila kianfard

2 years ago

I took my girl in for some major stitching- I was freaking out. But my girl's vitals were stable and overall fine-- but I was not. Belle made sure I was, she understood what needed to be done to calm me down and it was truly impressive. The …

Karen White

2 years ago

Amazing, knowledgeable staff in a caring environment. I love the concept of getting to stay with my dog for all procedures and the ability to visit any time. Shout out to Dr Corley, Joe and Jennifer!


2 years ago

Staff are highly knowledgeable and compassionate about animal care. Animal owners are allowed to be present for treatment when practical. Billing practices are transparent and procedures are performed with prior consent. The facility is …

Jennifer Froneberger

2 years ago

Our sweet two-year-old King Charles spaniel started feeling badly on a Friday, and by Saturday he was lethargic and not eating. The symptoms were vague but noticeable enough to be alarming. We called several emergency vets in Midtown where we live, and every location was either closed (lack of staff due to Covid) or had 4+ hour wait times. We decided to venture OTP to find a hospital, and were so fortunate that the universe led us to VEG. From the first call, when we were asked if we would like to speak to a doctor - !!!! (that NEVER happens) - to entering the practice, sitting with the technicians and doctors as they worked tirelessly to help our sweet boy, to the follow up calls and photos as he spent the night getting continuous care and cuddles, as well as the immediate and cheerful response to all of our phone calls ... it was incredible. I have never been surrounded by so much love, caring and professionalism in all my years of taking pets to emergency facilities. Customer care is unmatched. All the staff clearly adores animals, and their owners too. We did ultimately have to take our sweet puppy to our regular vet who diagnosed a likely autoimmune disorder - which the doctors at VEG suspected, but as that is not an emergency issue (and is a very complex problem), we ultimately had to take the next step to get an official diagnosis - but he used the very thorough tests that VEG had already done to give us a huge head start in solving the issue. I am so very grateful to everyone at VEG for being there for us when we most needed it. A very well-deserved five stars for this practice.

Nicole Kadom

2 years ago

they took such amazing care of my lucy and let us come visit her anytime we wanted to. im so thankful that lucy was brought here because they have the kindest staff and helped her heal quickly

Khatiga Nasir

2 years ago

The worst clinic I ever vent to. I was told to go here from another clinic. They said they take rabbits for emergency care. But I seemed like they took care of dogs more than anything else. My rabbit was really sick and they barely attended him. My husband keep trying to get their attention because they took over 3 hours just to give the rabbit any fluids. They did not listen to my recommendations as a healthcare professional. They very barely attentive to my child and only cared about dogs. My child dies within a few hours. They don’t even deserve 1 start. I recommend don’t take your pets there if they are not dogs because they could care less and you will be left with a dead child and a large hole in your pocket

Kimbely Hardage

2 years ago

The staff and doctors here are beyond amazing. I brought my kitty Bootsie here on the recommendation of the equally amazing Crabapple animal hospital. They thought she had pneumonia but when I arrived she was almost unresponsive. The vet techs immediately sprung into action and had her in an oxygen chamber. I was taken to a private room and a very sweet young lady ( I’m so sorry I can’t remember your name!) comforted me and bright me a drink and tissues. The techs worked tirelessly on my Bootsie for over two hours, they let me sit right there with her and kept me up to date with what they were doing. Dr. Corey (I believe that is her name) was so kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. Unfortunately my girl wasn’t going to make it. They let me hold her as Dr. Corey let my baby transition to the other side. I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate your empathy and compassion for me yesterday, it really felt like you all are passionate about your jobs and truly care for your patients and pet parents. You all made a horrible experience a little less hard. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jennifer Menze

2 years ago

VEG was there for my puppy’s tummy troubles on New Years Day when her regular vet was closed. Their staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The office is very clean and had plenty of seating. We received great care and my puppy is feeling much better. They even follow up a day or so after a visit to see how your pet is doing. I also liked that they’re very upfront about cost and options. I will definitely use them again if I need emergency care in the future.

Christopher rodriguez

2 years ago

Had a emergency with my dog and came here. Service is phenomenal, location is clean and tidy. Staff has a understanding of they are doing and will explain everything throughly. They will deal with you based on the severity of the other animals I believe. Pricing for all bloods works are 450 Initial visit is 170 alone X-rays are another 500 These are not mandatory and you can add/ remove as you deem fit. Great hospital never the less

intrepid traveler

2 years ago

I've always had multiple dogs and cats in my household and have experienced many types medical emergencies, so I am no stranger to vet and ER fees. My dog needed overnight care while recovering from a spleen removal. He's 12 and has a heart condition so he needed extra monitoring throughout the night. I had heard that VEG was more reasonably priced than Blue Pearl and I thought I'd give them a try. I was truly shocked when I received the estimate for 2 days of hospitalization at VEG-- $4,600 if he needed a transfusion, $3,600 if no transfusion was necessary. The VEG estimate was more than twice the cost of his very complicated 3-hour surgery. I looked through all my invoices for surgeries that INCLUDED 3-4 days of hospitalization and 24-hour care from Blue Pearl, and all were about half of the $4,600 VEG estimate. In fairness to VEG, the staff provided Migo with great care and were very nice, but the clinic's pricing is outrageous and I will continue to use Blue Pearl and Animal Emergency Center in Sandy Springs in the future.

Jon H

2 years ago

Amazing staff very compassionate. Highly recommended. They took care of my dog quickly on Christmas Day. Thank you so much.

Lew M

2 years ago

Wonderful , friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff. Extremely clean emergency, examining and waiting rooms.

Allison Smith

2 years ago

Christmas morning my dog became bowel obstructed. It was a horrible event and very scary to see my dog be that sick, but I am SO glad I took him to VEG. If this nightmare had to happen, I'm glad it happened there. I was absolutely flabbergasted by the expertise, professionalism, bedside manner, and comfort provided by everyone at VEG; namely Dr. Gonzalez (a literal superhero), Dr. Bible, Brooke, Courtney, Christina, Meg, Erian, Kells, Precious, and Alexis (only to name a few!!). Their job is one of the most difficult I can imagine, and they all handled every challenge with grace. I truly cannot thank them enough for saving my dog and making this experience as palatable as possible. They not only took care of him, but me as well. They allowed me to stay with him and do some of the simpler tasks involved in his care in order to minimize stress on him- he is aggressive and afraid of strangers in his space. Not once did they refer to him as a "mean" dog- only spicy! I appreciated this beyond belief. They were so understanding and accepting of his difficult nature and I am so incredibly grateful for everything they did for us. Thanks to them, my best friend is home safe!

Laine Bristow

2 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about this place and the people who work here. Kind, considerate, caring and professional only speaks to a small part of what we’ve witnessed during our time here. I am eternally grateful.

Sydney Vogt

2 years ago

I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience here. My St. Bernard ate a needle from popcorn stringing, and 5 days later it was stuck in his rear end. I called several places but needed somewhere I could stay with him. Surprised by how many places do not allow you to be with your pet....not the case here, I never left his side. I am so grateful for this place. First off it is impeccably clean and really a new take on vet care with an open air concept. I had called and spoke with the doctor beforehand, and I felt like I was ushered-in from the moment I opened the door. Every one was so kind and attentive. The entire staff seemed so productive wether they were working on their own things or were all needed in one spot, they were very fluid and such an awesome group of ladies. I never felt pressured about choosing his treatment or the cost. They were very thoughtful and would ask if I was comfortable, prior to doing things to Ru. They went the extra mile and trimmed his nails and cleaned his ears while he was sedated and the doctor, Becker, was super quick and thorough to get him treated correctly and sending us on our way. The needle was removed, he was examined ., and with no 'punch in the gut' financially, we are together by our fireplace in 2 hours time. I was very impressed and wish they had a place this seamless for my real children. I cannot thank you guys enough for making such an easy go of what could have been a rough night. Amazing work.

Lia Valentina

2 years ago

I wish they were a regular vet as well because they are beyond awesome. My Dane has pneumonia & was suffering a lot & unfortunately, my vet wasn’t very helpful other than recommending VEG. So happy that they did. VEG went above & beyond for my Zeus. They did as much as they could to make my family comfortable. Honestly from Alexis calming me down when I called to tell them I’m on the way, to Lin doing Zeus’s intake to Dr. Corley, Dr. Sands, Gabbie, Meg, Christine, Sandy, Dr. Howell & Dr. McLean & everyone else involved in his care, thank you so much. (I apologize to those that I didn’t mention, I forgot a lot of names). This group is compassionate, willing to work with you, and is worth every penny. I got to sit with Zeus the whole time & went home only for food & 3 hours of sleep. These people really care about animals & watching you succeed as a pet parent & watching your fur baby succeed. I would always recommend VEG. I’m just praying I don’t have to see you guys anytime in the near future ????????


2 years ago

Veterinary Emergency Group in Alpharetta was amazing. My dog was ill last night so we made a late night visit and were treated like VIP guests. We got immediate service, I never had to leave my dog behind closed doors and we were checked in and out during her treatment so our visit was less than 45 minutes. I drove past another emergency clinic to try VEG and was not disappointed. If you live anywhere close to here please check them out. Amazing open lay out, the staff is amazing in every way. We were seeing the doctor within minutes. I cannot recommend them highly enough! I have had fur babies more than 25 years and have never had this level of care.

Tara Greene

2 years ago

If I could give the techs and doctors 10 stars, I would. It's taken me a while to write this review, as there was a very sad end to our story. Back in September, we took our 11 month old Goldendoodle, Ollie, in to VEG on a Sunday morning. He had been limping the week before, took him to our regular vet, they said looked ok, probably a strained muscle, and gave pain and inflammatory meds.He had been laying in his bed a lot, and not wanting to go up stairs, but did perk up when given meds. By the third night though, he wouldn't get up to eat, we had to hand feed him, the next day he refused his cheese/meds, we knew something bigger was going on, and took him to VEG Alpharetta. From the moment we walked in, everyone was welcoming, and made me feel comfortable with my concerns. They immediately started bloodwork and x-rays, whatever other tests, trying to find out the root cause of his symptoms. Later in the day, he started having seizures, and I was informed that he needed to be transferred to the specialist hospital in Sandy Springs, to be seen by neurologist and other specialists. The plan was for him to stay there overnight, and for us to take him in the morning, but at like10:00 PM, and this is on a Sunday night, one of the doctors, and two of the techs volunteered to drive Ollie to the other hospital. They felt that he needed to be seen FIRST thing, and wanted him to be there when the drs come in. I drove to meet them there, probably less than 10 minutes behind, and when I got there, the VEG doc was going over his case with the other doc and he was already getting settled in. Note that up until this point, we didn't think that this was something terminal, but when the doc asked about a DNR, we understood. Unfortunately, he was seen the next morning by the Oncologist and they found he had lymphoma basically all over. There was nothing to be done, and we were saying goodbye later that afternoon. This entire experience was of course devastating, BUT I believe the staff at VEG went above and beyond, and can't imagine going through this experience anywhere else. I've been telling every pet owner I know that if you need emergency care for your pet, go to VEG across from Avalon! We just got our new puppy yesterday, and I know where I'm going if he isn't feeling well, I'll tell you that! Thanks again to VEG.

Taylor Patterson

2 years ago

BOTTOM LINE: Being able to stay with your fur baby while they're sick is an absolute game changer. Friendly and kind staff. If your babe is truly sick, they won't get the care they need unless you're prepared to advocate, push, and demand to read every report yourself. Would we go back? If we absolutely had to return to an emergency vet, we would be willing to return here. However, we would go in prepared to demand a strong attention to detail and actual care within the veterinary practice. PROS: 1. Really nice, clean facility. 2. Open concept and owners are allowed to stay with their pets. This was HUGE for us as we were able to stay with our sweet pup for the 24 hours she was at VEG. Being able to sit with her and offer comfort when she was so sick and scared instead of putting her in a cage and just leaving her was truly everything. 3. The staff were all incredibly kind and didn't rush their time with you. 4. Staff walks you through a proposed treatment plan and cost estimate before they provide services. 5. Seem to do best at patching up pets or emergency surgery. CONS: 1. They do not regularly check on patients. Because we were the only family that stayed 24 hours with our fur baby the evening/day we were there, I know that they aren't checking in on your fur babies sitting in crates as often as you might think. I also know if I had not been there to advocate for my girl, she would have sat in a cage for way longer than 24 hours. 2. They do not take a medical history or ask follow up questions as new evidence presents itself. In our case, we landed in the ER because our pup ate a string (we saw her eat it). X-rays were inconclusive so they gave nausea meds, fluids, and said they wanted to keep her for observation and perform another X-ray 8 hours later. It wasn't until the day after we were discharged when I received the write-up and vet's notes from our stay. When reviewing the vet's report I immediately noticed that the radiologist reports specifically noted signs of pancreatitis. Now, if VEG had bothered to ask if our girl has a history of stomach trouble or pancreatitis I would have been able to tell them that she had a pancreatitis flare up for the first time back in July. But they didn't. And I didn't know to ask. 3. They will do the bare minimum. The day after we were discharged, we ended up at our regular vet (thank goodness!). She immediately called out that VEG had failed to do bloodwork (to look further into pancreatitis or anything else). After running a blood panel we confirmed pancreatitis as well as an infection that required antibiotics. She was still dehydrated and they gave her more fluids (subcutaneously which we'd asked about at VEG and been told were unnecessary). Our regular vet also ran a stool and urine sample. Ultimately, we were able to conclude that while she did eat a string (again, we saw her eat it), the string had nothing whatsoever to do with her symptoms.

Whitney Rudeseal Peet

2 years ago

An absolutely incredible, warm group that treated our dog Ginger with the most love and care as if she were there own. Forever grateful to this vet. Thank you all so much for what you do. ❤️????

Marci Haber

2 years ago

I highly recommend VEG ER facility. VEG Hands-down was the most amazing experience. The staff is kind and attentive, the team of Dr.s and techs Show such affection to your animal. What a warm and welcoming environment to be in especially when you have a sick puppy.

Katelin Johnson

2 years ago

The best emergency veterinary care I have ever experienced. The staff provided very frequent updates, answered all my many questions, and treated my cat like he was their own pet. Everyone from the vets to the techs to the people running the front desk were so compassionate and helpful. I was also so amazed that there was no "behind the scenes." They have an open concept design so you are able to see the whole facility. I saw nothing but animal-loving staff working diligently in pristine conditions. The price of care was more than justified for the quality of service provided. We could not be more grateful to have VEG's help with our sweet and squishy-faced cat, Ollie. Edited to add: After we checked out, VEG sent all of Ollie's treatment info to our regular veterinarian and to me as well. They took incredibly detailed notes and you can see just how frequently they were checking in on him. When I spoke to our vet later he knew exactly what was going on because of their diligence.

Jerry JT Thomas

2 years ago

What can I say expect this was the best “pet experience” I’ve ever had. This group are great communicators, respond with urgency and are very knowledgeable. They me and Benz with a serious issue after hours. They got Benz on a speedy recovery! High highly recommend them!

Christine Grace

2 years ago

Words can’t describe how wonderful this place. You would think they’ve known my dog his entire life. This is the best decision you can make for your animal. ❤️????

Austin Hazan

2 years ago

Best vet staff i have ever worked with!! If it's a real emergency - you want your pet in their hands.

Maria Miller

2 years ago

My experience with this practice was only over the phone, but I still wanted to leave a review. Even at 4am, they were so nice and understanding of my concerns when I thought I needed to bring my dog in. They discussed some potential options and prices with me over the phone and when it turned out that I didn't need to come in, they seemed genuinely happy that everything was fine. I can't tell you how much I appreciated their kindness and patience.

Olivia Cajuste

2 years ago

I cannot express the gratitude I have for the VEG team. Extremely attentive, informative, affordable and caring. The receptionist on the phone had a soothing/calming voice that it helped my neurotic self to calm down and actually go there. …

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