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Lily Trapkin

2 years ago

The staff and vet at All Pets were so kind and got us in and out on New Years Eve within an hour. They treated our dog and spent time explaining his condition to us. Everyone was very helpful and the experience was noteworthy. Would go there again if we have another animal emergency!

Myra Rodriguez

2 years ago

Be cautious of this facility. Dr is not friendly and lack of investigation & exam almost cost us our dog's life.

Kristy Paz

2 years ago

This facility I just so ridiculous in being able to actually help. Basically they're established to euthanize your animal and nothing else. So don't bother going unless you're going for that. It is so mismanaged and the lack of communication between the people that work there and to the client is astounding. They will gladly let your pet go without medication and it isn't until you pin someone down to find out that they don't really care and their go to answer is to go see another vet. So obviously this place just wants to put your pets down and get you out the door and that be all they do for you.

Harry Ridley

2 years ago

This clinic deserves less than one star. It has been one year since we lost our little one to this harsh, inept technician and doctor. We were checking out at 2am after hours of testing when our beloved Bijou suffocated in my arms minutes after Dr. Edwards had given her an injection. Ericka, the tech who cared for Bijou, offered this advice…get another dog. She was cold and uncaring which makes me wonder how Bijou was treated each time she was taken to the back for another test. All of which were reported to be within normal limits. Our hearts still break for the needless suffering Bijou endured. We miss her so very much every day. Beware of All Pets Emergency Referral.


2 years ago

This place is one of a kind, and the staff is top-notch from the front end to the back, especially Nicole and Erica. Dr. Itkin is both brilliant and compassionate, and is the reason my dog, Rosa, is alive today. I can't say enough wonderful things about the team at All Pets!

Mia Isabel

2 years ago

We can’t say enough about All Pets!!! From the Vets to ALL staff they are informative, compassionate and just the best! 5 years ago 7/2016 our little (5 pound chihuahua) had a massive stroke in the middle of the night at 2am. Thank god we found All Pets. They saved her and with continued care at home she survived. 5 years later our poor Tink woke up Friday morning 8/27/2021 distressed and couldn’t breathe. We took her to our vet and by 10:30 in the morning because of the distress they were recommending putting her to sleep. They recommended 3 different vets for a 2nd opinion if that is what we wanted. All Pets came up and we immediately went and got Tink as a transfer. Thank god!!!! It turned out she had a enlarged heart and respiratory distress. Her heart was pressing on her airways to make it easier to understand. They put her in a oxygen kennel to regulate her breathing and with several medications and lots of care and gradually getting her accumulated to breathing on her own Tinkerbell is back home 8/30!!!! Our family HIGHLY recommends All Pets for the emergency care of their furr baby! Had we not taken her to All Pets we might not have our Tinkerbell with us today!!!! We are forever grateful to the caring and knowledgeable doctors and staff!!!! Much love from The Rios Fam! Thank you!

Melanie Waters

2 years ago

I would give zero if I could. We have an under weight 2 month old kitten that was having trouble breathing yesterday. When the Dr came in you could tell from the get go he wanted to say euthanize. He did the x-ray and found fluid around his lungs and abdomen. The first words out of his mouth when I asked what could be done was to euthanize him. I asked about medication and he said Lasix was the only thing and he had no idea how to dose it for a 1 lb kitten. We brought our baby home with fluid. I can't wait for our regular vet to open tomorrow, if he makes it that long.


2 years ago

Both my pups decided to snack on chicken wings and started to throw up within thirty minutes. Rushed them to All Pets and was very pleased with the care and kindness the staff and doctor showed when dealing with us. Amanda was helpful on the phone and during the visit. And Dr Edwards was very professional, honest and patient. I wouldn’t hesitate to take my pet here during an emergency.

Aiden Weng

2 years ago

Allpets did a fantastic job at providing care for my puppy! Fast service, kind staff, and fair pricing.

Doris Brickhouse-Hayes

2 years ago

Had a emergency situation yesterday. Gracie the family’s kitten got a toy stuck on her paw and could not get it off. We attempted several times to remove it but she would squeal so loudly, we decided we needed professional assistance. We drove an hour to ALL PETS EMERGENCY AND REFERRAL in Alpharetta, GA. When we arrived the staff there was quick with their assessment and put their plan in place. They took Gracie to an exam room and shortly thereafter she was returned ready to play. The staff and Nicole were amazing, compassionate and caring. Thank this wonderful clinic for giving our playful Gracie back!


2 years ago

The receptionist was rude and cold. She didn't take our dog and gave us a bad referral who charged a high and unreasonable fee. If you love your fury kid, don't go to this place.

Katelyn Davis

2 years ago

The nurses were so nice with our baby girl. They reassured us and made us feel at ease and we were out very quickly!!!

Landy Hayes

2 years ago

My kitten's paw was stuck in a toy and I called to see how long the wait was and if i needed to put my name on the list since it was going to take me awhile to get there (other 2 vets were closed) Ms. Tyra said no we'll take care of soon as we got there, Ms. Tyra had a room ready for us! Ms. Nicole, the vet tech was the bomb! She took great care of my Gracie! This was my 1st time there and I will definitely recommend them to ANYBODY!

Sapphire Investment Group

2 years ago

The crew at All Pets was amazing. Outstanding customer service. My cat had a toy stuck on her paw and was yelling incessantly. Nicole came to the rescue and within 5 minutes the toy was removed and my kitten was happy again. Now she’s resting comfortably. I highly recommend All Pets.

Gordon Barnes

2 years ago

We took our dog Beauty in for an emergency visit. She is a senior (16 years old) and required immediate care. Mind you, this is at a late hour where most emergency services were closed or denied us the opportunity to bring our dog in due to the high level of activity at their site. We called All Pets Emergency and they immediately offered us the opportunity to bring her in. Upon our arrival, Tyra welcomed us and gave us a calming presence to let us know that everything would be alright. Likewise, the attendant and vet were also very caring and attentive to our dogs needs and saw her immediately upon arrival. They listened to our concerns, acted with a sense of urgency, and gave us an honest assessment of our dog’s condition. We are thankful for their high level of professionalism and compassion during of time of difficulty and confusion, which gave us calm and reassurance. Thank you to the staff (especially Tyra) for providing us with a fantastic experience during a most difficult time. If you want a staff that truly cares about your love one, we highly recommend the team at All Pets Emergency. They are simply the best!!!

Janna Kregoski

2 years ago

Really wonderful crew here. When I called, they were clear about wait times and what I could expect when I arrived. We were triaged within five minutes of arriving. After the doc examined my pup in the back, he was very thorough with his explanations of what could be causing it, and included "minor" issues as well as the primary one I was visiting about. Very clear and to the point - no additional tests were needed for my pup, but I'm sure they would have recommended them if required. I'd recommend them to anybody looking for quality emergency care for their pets!

Kacie McCoy

2 years ago

So kind and gentle with my pup! Kept me nicely updated and laid out how it works right from the start! So good I wish it was a regular vet clinic too!

Perian Rogers

2 years ago

We recently had a scare and took our dog to All Pets Emergency - thankfully she is fine. The amazing staff (especially Dustin) were wonderful, patient, kind and understanding. We received the best care for Piper and for us. I would highly recommend their service.

Rhea Waltman

2 years ago

I took my sweet cat, Sadie, in on Friday, June 25 and again yesterday, June 29, for a reoccurring issue. Dr. Tison, Dr. Waters, and Dr. Itkin went above and beyond for my little girl. The staff members that I interacted with were professional, empathetic and just amazing. The few names I remember are Tyra, Dustin, Amanda, and Amber. I failed to get the names of the receptionist from Tuesday morning's 5 AM check in along with the vet tech that handed Sadie off to me each time for pick up. They too were incredible. Very thankful to have this ER vet office reasonably close to my house.

Tammi Nelms

2 years ago

Everyone was so kind and concerned!!! The Dr. was just great, and took good care of our cat Key!!! She got her tail caught in the recliner and lost enough hair, you can see her skin! Highly recommend this place!!!!

Diane Abramson

3 years ago

Dr. Newton is outstanding! She saved the life of our male pug, who was born with a liver shunt, and also performed a successful patella surgery on our female pug. I won't trust anyone else but Dr. Newton in an emergency situation. Extremely pleased with the staff and care they received at All Pets.

Eric j. Martin

3 years ago

I went and waited in the parking lot and wait a little while to see if my baby seemed to get worse. 15 mins after sitting one of the front desk lady’s came out asked me what I was doing. The 2 front desk lady’s were so worried and sketching out about me. Then I noticed patients would come out and be looking over at my car seemin conserved the whole wait to thei car. Then a what looked like dr came out in scrubs got in his truck back up and shined his headlights on the back of my car and sat for a second, back up again and left. I went in and asked if there was a problem, I was told “most people come here because they have problems with their dogs, and it’s 2am n the morning they were worried for their safety. I simply asked them to ask the doctor what the signs were for bloat, they told me the dr visit was 95 dollars I said I’m not asking him to look at her I’m asking him for information about blot in dogs I was told the dr wouldn’t go for that I would have to pay the 95 dollars. Absolutely unreal, these people do not care about helping your babies; they just want your money. I’m absolutely Appalled. DO NOT BRING YOUR BABIES HERE!!! For their safety, because my dog could have been dying they didn’t care about that they cared I paid them the 95 dollars or leave and not wait in the parking lot.

Melony Grant

3 years ago

Thank you thank you thank you to the staff at All Pets Emergency. I called the receptionist at 2 am when my cat was having side effects from his yearly vaccinations. She calmly answered all of my questions and helped me decide coming in was the right choice. I was immediately shown to a room and they were very thorough in their questions and intake. Dr. Sewell came in and explained the care they would give him and a cost estimate. I thought I would be there all night since there were a few pets in front of me but we were in and out in less than two hours. Kimchi is feeling so much better and I’m so thankful for everyone’s kind and comforting words while I silently freaked out in the room. I could even hear them talking sweet in the back to him and other animals and it’s clear everyone here is an animal lover. So thankful they were there to help in Kimchi's time of need and make him feel all better.

Reis Williams

3 years ago

My Great Dane pup Rupert had to have emergency surgery to remove a pacifier from his stomach. The Dr. was great and I can’t say enough about the front desk staff. The ladies helped me and were great and so helpful! They put up with my consistent calling to check on him. Thank You!

Susan S.

3 years ago

If you're pet has severe illnesses/needs surgery, Dr. Newton is one of the best vets my pets have ever had. She and her staff are very attentive. She does not work nights or weekends. However, she is your best bet when it comes to a competent veterinary surgeon.

Carly Upchurch

3 years ago

Have to give a HUGE THANK YOU to All Pets Emergency and Referral Hospital for taking such amazing care of my dog, Henley. Henley is 3 year old French bulldog and I noticed he was having issues breathing which were affecting his quality of life as he was getting older. I took it upon myself to find a specialist/surgeon that would be able to help me. I found Dr. Newton after searching the internet. I emailed her asking some questions in regards to potential surgery. She responded so fast and was eager to help me. I set up an appointment with her and I have never felt more comfortable talking to a Dr in my life. Dr.Newton and I ( I say “I” because she never pushed surgery on me) concluded Henley would need brachycephalic surgery which included stenoic nares and elongated soft palate surgery. She was very compassionate and outlined easy to understand next steps and was super patient with all of my CRAZY questions. She was very compassionate and understanding of all my questions/concerns. She clearly laid out treatment plan, including potential risks, side effects and how they would monitor Henley during the treatment process. I must say that Henley formed a special bond with Jordan, Dr Newton’s tech. During his surgery and overnight treatment I was sad and scared to leave him but Jordan gave me her personal phone number( I’m sure she wishes she didn’t ????) so I could ask her questions or voice my concerns which I really appreciated. Jordan sent me pictures of Henley so I could see him throughout the night. She really went above and beyond and will forever be a friend of mine. Henley was so well taken care of by ALL of the staff during his surgery and the weeks that followed. He is and will ALWAYS be so excited to see all the amazing staff at All Pets. The front desk staff are also amazing and incredibly understanding of the stress many clients are under when bringing their pets in for various scary things. Everybody there was so friendly, and genuinely cared about my Henley. The atmosphere there is very professional, but so relaxed, friendly, and caring. Bottomline, there are wonderful, highly skilled, caring people that work here and I’m beyond grateful for all they have done for Henley. I felt like we were genuinely cared about, heard and that Henleys quality of life was #1 always. Today Henley is breathing better than ever. He’s running and playing like I’ve never seen before. Thank you so very very much, All Pets!! We love you all!! .

Lisa Garmon

3 years ago

I'm so happy this place was recommended to us!!! Due to a horrible experience at another emergency vet, I almost did not bring my Bella here. My baby got sick Saturday morning and after her regular vet visit, she started getting worse. Bellas regular vet was closed on Sunday, so I was recommended this vet. After we got there, Bella was taken back to be looked at. When we got to speak to the vet, he was awesome! He told us what was wrong with Bella ( An issue her vet didn't catch) , gave us our options on her treatment. Very professional! And the receptionist Amanda! She is an angel! Very friendly and professional! SHE really made feel like I knew our Bella was in good hands. To top it off she called me to let me know she went back to loved on her. To me, that's going above and beyond her job to let me know she went to check on my baby!! Thank you for putting my trust back in emergency vets. Definitely will refer this vet and will always use this vet!!! Thanks so much!

Liz Deel Sosebee

3 years ago

Awesome staff & Dr. Very reasonable price ???? ???? Thanks u all

Chase Campbell

3 years ago

The doctor we saw was very professional and nice, but our 8 week old puppy got kennel cough in there which now has spread to our other puppy and senior dog at home. So ridiculous. Clean your kennels. He shouldn’t have even been put into one. We waited 2 hours for them to give our boy an overview. Again, the doctor was great but the facility not so much.

Vern D

3 years ago

Beware. We took our precious little dog to All Pets Emergency when she began breathing shallow. She was 16 but in excellent health previously. The Vet tech took her to ‘the back’ to check her vital signs and would later take her again to ‘the back’ for heart and lung Xrays. We were later told she became stressed so a total body X-ray was done instead. The Vet explained that her vital signs were ‘ok’ and her heart and lungs were not bad at all. He said the only thing he saw was a small amount of inflammation around one lung and he suggested a ‘trial’ injection of furosemide and a prescription to take home with us. The Vet tech again took her to ‘the back’ for the injection. Meanwhile, the receptionist came in to me to collect payment. About 20 minutes passed while I waited up front to take my baby home. When the vet tech finally brought her out to us, she was conscious but did not look right. Seconds later she began opening and closing her mouth wide struggling to breathe and was suffocating. We were in shock and total disbelief. I cried for help and we begged to be allowed to go with her to ‘the back’. They took her again to ‘the back’ and moments later we were allowed to meet them in the front exam room. Our baby was motionless, had been intubated and had blood coming from her nose and mouth. The Vet said he had given her epinephrine but she ‘was gone’. No I’m sorry, just ‘she’s gone’. Our lives are forever changed. They took my best friend and constant companion. Our hearts are beyond broken and the horror of that night will remain with us forever. I don’t want this to happen to another precious fur baby so please avoid All Pets Emergency.

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