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Don Cadwallader

2 years ago

We had an excellent experience our first time at TAH. From the front desk staff, to the tech and the docs, our pampered dog was shown great professional care and attention—and for a reasonable price. We know there are many good vet clinics in the area—you can’t go wrong with this one.

Brent Brooks

2 years ago

Thank you so much Stephanie for actually asking what's wrong with my dog and going out of your way to see if the doc could squeeze Thor in. I am very thankful they were able to squeeze my pup Thor in to help relieve his pain. Brandon was great with Thor and very nice to me. And a special thanks to doctor Vance for helping us out. The staff is very friendly to you and your pet. Nothing worse than seeing your pets/kids in pain. This is my new permanent vet. Ty again

Heather Wilmoth

2 years ago

Staff was very friendly, professional and caring. I brought one of my cats in for a check up and vaccines. He was so scared but the staff handled him with care. Definitely recommend taking your pets here.

Sombra Soto

2 years ago

It was a really nice experience and what i Really Love They showing you everything that they are doing to the dog and Explain everything to you .. Keep up the good job

patti seitz

2 years ago

Whenever one of my pets is not well and I call, I always get an appointment right away. The front desk staff, the vet techs and Dr Vince and Suero are passionate about what they do. Ima frequent flyer there and no one ever gets annoyed.

Nancy GP

2 years ago

I called in to speak with Dr. Alex and he was so courtesy to take time to speak with me about my new puppy. I was so worried that my baby was going to be scared coming in but he let me know that his team was friendly. They were! My puppy stayed in my arms and everyone was super friendly to him. We got his shots and Dr. Alex is was so gentle with him. This is the best animal hospital in Winter Springs - thanks for caring for the cat and my new puppy in such a loving way! Such caring and loving staff at this animal hospital!

Linda B

2 years ago

Dr. Suero and his staff are always great with our animals!

Charles Wortham

2 years ago

Always nice and responsive to our issues.

Casey McDonough

2 years ago

DO NOT BRING YOUR PETS HERE. THIS VET LOST MY DOG. -Tuskawilla Animal Hospital brought Link outside (unfenced area) without a proper collar and leash on. He wiggled free from the vet because he was not properly strapped to anything. -Link ran from the vet at 10:15 AM. I have ring camera footage showing Link already way into the wooded area and the 1-2 members of staff WALKING to figure out what happened. He was already long gone and not in sight, so he would have not been spooked, as some claim. -I was not notified of his disappearance until over a full hour later (11:17 AM). -On said phone call, the vet (Dr. Suero) told me there was no reason why he should have been outside and that was a mistake, as he was there for a bath / flu shot. -While out looking for Link, the vet called his staff (~12:00 PM) requesting that they stop looking and return to the office. One employee of the vet expressed to me that he (Suero) would fire them if they didn’t return. -The vet (Suero) called me one final time (never heard from him again, not even when Link was found) at 6:33 PM saying, “These situations happen…” - I hung up. -Tuskawilla Animal Hospital did not post any flyers or signs until 27 hours after his disappearance. They also did not post on their social media until I commented on their page forcing it. -Link was found covered in 25-30 mosquito / fire ant bites. The fur on his ears was rubbed down. He partly ripped one finger nail and had several belly scratches. Not to mention, the severe trauma from enduring hours of thunderstorms outside by himself. -After Link was found, Tuskawilla Animal Hospital did not offer the reward to the good citizens who found him, nor did the vet (Suero) call me personally. We have not spoken since his initial disappearance. All lost posts were deleted on their social media.

Bobby Brians

2 years ago

OMG Thank goodness I found this animal hospital!! THIS ANIMAL HOSPITAL IS THE BEST - what a great animal hospital my dog was suffering from stomach issues and Dr. Alex got it all squared away. Thanks for helping my dog and making me feel better by prescribing the needed medicines for him to get back to normal again. Love you guys!!

Andrew Gilbert

2 years ago

My wife and I have been bringing our furry babies to Dr. Suero for over 20 years and we have always received the "Best of Care"! We feel valued as clients and we feel confident that we get the best care anywhere! Thank you Dr. Suero and staff for always making us feel like we are a part of the family! Andrew, Lori, Lady Paris and Sir Winston

American Luxury Transportation

2 years ago

I was seen instantly with a sick older dog, she will be put down after a second opinion but I am sure the Doctor knows his business, I am not interested in his politics on breeding and comments on his his anti breeding stance was not necessary, the dog in question that he said should have never been breed, she has 32 kids, over 50 grand kids and 100’s of great grand kids, she has 8 Gran Champions and 19 Champions because of her, he saw her at 114 sick pounds at the end of her life not at 180 muscular healthy pounds, shame on him at our hour of sorrow to take a shot at Ginger and me for breeding her several times, mastiffs rarely live past 10 years and she is 9.5 years so she had no negatives from breeding she got old, I am grateful that the vet got to see her and for a hundred bucks she is comfortable and my wife and I now can make plans for her to eat the Rainbow bridge on her terms, thanks for the medical advice and giving us a direction

BM Institute

2 years ago

This vet / animal hospital is super responsive and highly professional. Thanks for caring for our dogs for so many years! These folks are the best and I know they really love animals! I can safely say this is the best vet clinic in town!

Judith Jones

2 years ago

I have been seeing Dr. Suero for 40 years with all of my dogs and cats. He and his staff are caring, experienced and knowledgeable! My current dogs love the staff and the doctors and I know they are giving them the best of care.

Madison Ryan (Madison)

2 years ago

Back in April, my daughter's dog had started shaking his head quite a bit within a very short amount of time. I took him to a vet close to her house as this vet had very good reviews on Google. I was told that I could not go back with her dog to the exam room, however, they were very quick, efficient and told me he had allergies. Gave me meds and was to be seen again 2 weeks later. 7 months later we were still dealing with this however, her dog now had a very puffy ear. I called Tuscawilla Animal Hospital as this is close to my house and told them my story. They made an appointment with me for the very next day. Dr. Vince took one look at her dog and told me he needed surgery to take care of the hematoma which is why he had the puffy ear (which was due to his excessive shaking head). He took ear swabs and informed me that there was extensive ear wax build up and he had bad ear infections in both ears. Made the appointment for surgery for the next day and he came through beautifully. Dr. Vince is very thorough about what needed to be done and I was able to go back into a room with her dog. I was able to ask questions directly to Dr. Vince and was given a concise and detailed estimate of what the charges/services were with no hidden costs. Price wise, they are a bit higher however, the service is outstanding and my daugher's dog received the right medical attention at this clinic the first time around that we did not get (for 7 months) at the other. I highly recommend taking your pets here.

Meg Wilson

2 years ago

My Noella and Ember had a great experience while they were boarded at Tuscawilla Animal Hospital over the weekend. They got a bath and came home smelling clean and fresh. Thank you Tuscawilla team!!

Sherry Yoars

2 years ago

When I needed you the most, You were there. Everyone was very caring not only to my dog but to me also, I was advised as to what needed to be done. All of my questions were answered. I am so thankful for finding such a caring place.

Ashley-Marie Buley

2 years ago

Both doctors take the time to listen to our concerns and truly seem to care about our pups. They have gone above and beyond for us over the years - meeting us on weekends and keeping the office open for an end of the day emergency. Only good things to say about the staff at Tuscawilla Animal Hospital.

Cecille Anderson

2 years ago

Not the cheapest vet in town but well worth the extra to ensure my 20 year old cat gets the care she needs when I am unable to be at home with her. They have been her prime vet for all of her life and do a great job. Dr. Chimientiis a wonderful vet and goes above and beyond to ensure she gets great care.

Karen Callan

2 years ago

The office staff is always so helpful and pleasant! They go out of their way to make coming in as easy as possible. The techs obviously love our animals. It makes a somewhat stressful visit easier.

Maria Cristina Bruschi

2 years ago

I've met Dr. Chimienti only yesterday, when he tried every possible option to save my faithful friend Cotori. At the end, we couldn't save her, but I am SO appreciative for Dr. Chimienti's compassion and incredible follow up. I'm so glad that my Cotori was in the most capable hands at the end of her life. Grazie Dr. Chimienti, from an Italian to another :)

Pete and Jen Amato

2 years ago

We love Dr. Chimienti. He’s patient, answers ALL our questions (even if he has to research & call back), and best of all, my boxer pups love him (and staff). One disappointment - I miss Dr. Liro !

Sandra Agudelo Lopez

2 years ago

Everyone was amazing and friendly from checking, from Veterinarian and to check out. Definitely recommend

Terri Kruczek

2 years ago

My appt was at 1pm. It was my first time attending this place. My dog didn't get called back until 1:32pm. My time is valuable and sitting for a half hour waiting was disappointing. However, they made up for it once my dog was called inside the exam room. I was extremely pleased with how fast the vet came into the exam room to greet us. HE stayed with us and didn't disappear to deal with other patients at the same time like the other vet place I've been to. The vet was very professional and seemed genuine towards the well-being of my dog.

Fonda Cerenzio

2 years ago

Everything was organized and Doc and staff were very kind and took good care of all of us! Also let me wait in the parking lot until our room was ready! Had our 2 Shih Tzus there for their annual exam so it could have been hectic but it was not! Many thanks to all involved! Don and Fonda Cerenzio;)

Edward Pisani Jr

2 years ago

What a good professional animal hospital - I totally refer them to all my family and friends!

Edward Strassberger

2 years ago

Excellent treatment of our cat Mystic at her annual exam!

heidi holloway

2 years ago

Update after vets response: Most of your response speaks for itsself just in the fact that you claim you would offer to just buy a new dog after your negligence. If you actually had compassion for animals that would not even be an option. Link is a pet and a family member, if you lost someones child you would not offer to adopt them a new one! Aside from the fact the owner said that this was NEVER mentioned/offered to her in the first place... Furthermore... I think YOU may be the one who is confused of what happened as part of the timeline... The owner did NOT pick up fliers other community members that were helping in the search did... which you did not have ready for over 24 hours later. The owner never stopped searching for link from the first moment she was told...and your staff did NOT search for hours or show up that night when the owner and other complete strangers searched in the dark and in the rain for hours while you and your staff had long since gone home and forgotten about it. Bottom line here, just admit fault and apologise, pay the reward to the people who located him. Stop tryind to defend yourself when you KNOW you did wrong. We all know mistakes happen and we are all humans but how we respond shows who we are as human beings... and your response to this situation has shown many of us how you really feel about your clinents and their beloved pets... If I could give zero stars I would. I have never and will never bring my animals here after seeing how a friend was treated when this vet office lost her dog! The owner was not even notified for an hour after he was missing and they acted like they absolutely didn't care. Thankfully the dog was recovered through no help of this office and over 36 hours later.. and the vet has yet to apologize to the owner for their own mistake! And instead is reporting her posts sharing details about the incident and removed bad reviews from their Facebook page. This office is shady at best. Highly recommended you take your furbabies elsewhere!

lauren mcdonough

2 years ago

This place seems great until they LOSE YOUR DOG! How does that even happen?! Response: The dog was found covered in fire ant bites, cuts and ticks. Due to the trauma, he’s extremely fearful of leaving his owners, going with his owners to a new place, etc. I would be shocked if you actually had 12 people looking or if this is the first time you’ve lost a pet.

Samantha Tanner

2 years ago

Worst vet in town. Please consider taking your beloved animal anywhere else. They have a proven track record in doing more harm than good (just a simple google search can provide) and after the most recent incident of them losing a dog, I can’t even fathom how they’re still in business. EDIT TO ADD: What type of vet openly admits that dogs are squirmish in this type of environment, and takes a dog out on a temporary leash (as in not a fitted proper leash without a proper collar) to a non fenced in area? That’s literally asking for trouble; and then you have the audacity to act like it’s normal. The same type of doctor who 1) doesn’t have a staff that cares enough to go after the dog (video footage has been obtained from multiple cameras of the dog running and no one following), a vet who doesn’t inform the owner till we’ll over an hour later that the dog is missing, and a vet who tells his staff that they will be fired if they don’t come back to the office while they finally go out to search for the dog. (There a signed affidavit claiming as such.) Not to mention the vet took almost 24 hours before they ever posted about the missing dog, and ONLY after the owner called them out on their lack empathy for the situation. Once they DID post, they offered a reward in which they refused to pay out to the citizens who found the dog and returned the dog to their owner. I again state: worst vet in town. If you love your pets; do NOT take them here.

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