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Lynda Garner

a year ago

We always receive the best are for our fur babies. The entire staff is to be commended for their concern and care of our felines and their parents. Our most recent visit for a badly matted and wounded Persian cemented our previous appreciation.

Brian Coule

2 years ago

We exclusively go to this vet because they have treated all our furry creatures like family. On the two sad occasions where we have had to put down our family pet, they have shown compassion and we have them come to our home to say goodbye.

Claudia Lobo

2 years ago

I wanted to share this review because I had a disagreement with a doctor at the clinic. However, the doctor remained professional. Needless to say, I went back to the clinic when my doodle had a wart. The same doctor removed the wart right away and was very professional. He truly turned things around, which is commendable. I highly recommend El Cid Animal Clinic. Just superb leadership and customer service!

Julia G

2 years ago

The vets and staff here are great. Always find a spot when there's some minor emergency for my pup.

Jessica Julian

2 years ago

My 3 stars are for Dr. Brozman and staff for holistic care. (She deserves more stars!) She saved the life of my papillon and is truly amazing. But unfortunately I cannot give this business a full 5 star because I had so many issues regarding regular veterinary care. I gave them a long rope due to Covid protocols and thought it was that reason there were so many miscommunications and the lack of personal interaction. But after repeatedly dropping the ball and Dr. Garcia never even came out to introduce himself/herself!? I don’t even know. This vet is a ghost. And then finally learning they missed some puppy vaccines they were supposed to have done I finally gave up and moving my business elsewhere.


2 years ago

NOT HOLISTIC BY ANY MEANS!! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY! OVERPRICED. I went here when my new pup was little because she was having stomach issues that were getting worse and worse. First they wouldn't let me go in with my pup because "C0vid" which irritated me because she can't speak up for herself - she's a dog. Dr. Brozman made a huge deal about me feeding her raw and acted like I was killing my pet and I was the reason she had these stomach issues. She did x-rays, stool examinations, the whole nine yards. She called me from a private number (very weird) and left me a voicemail about how my pup had a serious infestation of hookworm that was picked up from the litter. No apology about her rude bahavior & accusations, nothing to calm my worries, just a voicemail telling me to pick up CHEMICAL wormers for my pet. That seemed to help but not completely so then they prescribed her antibiotics as well. Seeing the trend? Not so holistic, huh? At the end of everything I was charged over $1,000 for these couple visits! When my pup was all better I asked the "holistic" vet about a natural heartworm product that many people swear by, she glanced at it and said "well, I don't know if that's going to work but we have a product that is natural and we can sell you" aka trying to make even more money. After all this she asked me to bring in my pup for her shots and I asked the office for the vaccine insert via email which I never got a response back. If it's so safe and effective, why can't you email me a copy of the insert? My pups personality and energy changed after all the meds so I ordered nosodes from a homeopath in Montana and she is back to her old playful self. Be careful with all these chemicals these vets are giving your dogs. You wonder why they have kidney, gut, skin, cancer issues, etc. well, look at what is being put/injected into your pet without any proper way for him/her to detox it. Also, getting ahold of anyone at this office is nearly impossible. Nobody answers phones and there's no follow-up on how your pet is doing. It's been over 5 months since that visit and my girl is thriving, living a natural, chemical free life!

Meredith Rouse

2 years ago

Did an amazing job with my dogs mouth had a ulcer in his mouth for a year on his front fang tooth. no one wanted to touch it. They pulled the tooth and did reconstructive surgery and my dog like a puppy again! When I had a question about another tooth I was able to talk to the doctor, he said to bring my pup back in for a complimentary look and opinion. Very impressed with this whole practice.

Paloma Nieves

2 years ago

Dr. Garcia, Val and the entire staff are angels. They always make my dog Abu feel safe and loved. When I drop Abu off at this office, I know he is receiving top of the line care. They go above and beyond what is expected. Also a plus that they are bilingual. My dog was able to travel to Spain with me and they worked with the vets in Madrid to ensure that he had all proper records, medications, food, etc when I arrived. I am now a patient for life! Cannot recommend high enough.

Easy Breezy

2 years ago

Dr garcia and his staff were amazing! We took our pitbull here after a dog bite from another dog and he was very helpful and relieved us of any worries of an infection. He was very informative and I would most definitely go back! Would highly recommend!!

Shawn Robinson

2 years ago

Worst experience ever. Terrible customer service. I wouldn't send my enemy there.

Christelle Tropina

2 years ago

El Cid This is a lengthy review about dental surgery on a senior dog with heart murmur …

Todd B

2 years ago

I really love them at El Cid they do care personally about our babies! Thanks Todd and Georgia!

Carol Diamond

2 years ago

Canine dental cleaning. Very, very thorough, and expensive, but worth it. Not the usual quick polish you get at your vet. The real deal.

Paul Motz

2 years ago

Very friendly and polite nice and comfortable for your animals

RayRay socraycray

2 years ago

Poor training shows with some employees as well as mismanagement. Every day the appointments are running behind and it seems they are under staffed. Also there’s several techs there that aren’t certified. The practice seems to be all over the place, I myself witnessed this first hand. Also, the clients that go here have prejudice, and outright discriminatory to the African Americans that work there. Over all this is a messy place to work or attend.

Tricia Marie Basinski

3 years ago

Dr. Garcia, Jessica , Val, Victoria and Seth (those behind the scenes) are all awesome. I appreciate all the effort towards making Whitey’s appt. as comfortable as possible. In turn, I’m more at ease with dropping Whitey to them. Thank you ElCid Team!!

Ryan Deauville

3 years ago

I've had so many great experiences here! Our puppy is our first child. She has always been in wonderful hands with Dr. Garcia and the staff at El Cid. I know it can be hard to find a vet you truly trust, but I knew after the first appointment with Dr. Garcia we were in good hands. On one occasion when our pup tore a ligament in her knee, Dr. Garcia was able to help get her in to see a specialist immediately and even helped push her up on the surgery schedule. We are forever grateful for El Cid and Dr. Garcia!

susana sanchez

3 years ago

The service is amazing! Thank you very much.

Steve Secrist

3 years ago

This is IZZY.. She found us about 3 weeks ago.. We took her to Elcid for her 1st puppy visit and WE LOVE THIS PLACE!! Couldn't have asked for a better Vet to take her to.. Looking forward to a LONG and HEALTHY relationship with Elcid.. Thanks for everything guys!!

Ali D'Agostino

3 years ago

Phenomenal. White Glove Pet Care from start to finish . Many thanks to Patrick, Kierra, to Dr. Garcia to listening to my concerns about my dog and addressing them with knowledge and genuine compassion. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I was able to make appointment same day. Care for my dog was exceptional at every touch point. Can't thank El Cid Animal Clinic enough!

Beau The Rescue Dog

3 years ago

Dr. Garcia was absolutely wonderful, educated, patient and compassionate! He patiently listen to my concerns and provided in site. He’s passion and love for his work and the animals show and are totally part of his identity. The entire team is outstanding and a joy to work with! Never a wait time. Appointments are taken on time. The Practice is clean! 5 stars!

Brenda Romano-Ferro

3 years ago


Eliana Peach

3 years ago

EDIT: This place has unfortunately gone way down hill. Maybe three visits in a row, Garcia was out of office. Random vet saw my pets. My last visit, I MADE AN APPOINTMENT for 12, arrived at 11:45am. When I arrived, I noticed immediately that they were slammed. I asked "should I go someplace else?" (I have a backup vet) the receptionist told me, it was fine I'd be seen the same day. So I waited. 12:30 rolls around. "Are you sure I should wait?" "Yes" So I waited. At 12:50, she tells me I should go somewhere else. Justly, I demanded my dog be seen, she's 15, has never had major issues, seeing her suffer with a sinus infection was difficult and the prospect of having her uncomfortable for another week was out of the question. Garcia gave me 6 minutes max of "this is what's wrong with her" without tests or cultures. The "I AM GOD" mentality he showed was disturbing. A month later I get a letter from them saying they don't want me to come back. Like I even planned to. To add insult to injury, the quote they gave me? $1300 for one tooth, that could POSSIBLY, Be causing the issue, as again, he is GOD and doesn't need to run tests to determine the issue. Save your money and your patience. Go someplace else.

Save A Pet Florida

3 years ago

The team at El Cid Animal Clinic is top notch, very friendly and responsive. Dr. Garcia is an excellent vet who provides loving care to all his patients and possess a vast knowledge in animal medicine. We love him and his team!

Kristen Juozenaite

3 years ago

Dr.Garcia and his staff went above and beyond when we had to put our husky to sleep due to terminal cancer. It was the scariest decision I’ve had to make and everyone was so wonderful, caring, kind and supportive through the entire process. I truly couldn’t be more thankful for Dr.Garcia and his staff helping our Angel.

Karen D'Andrea

3 years ago

Honestly, this was the best veterinarian experience I've had since I moved to Florida three years ago. Kudos to Dr. Garcia and team for your excellent customer service.

Kimmie D'Alelio

3 years ago

The front office team is excellent - really appreciate their level of professionalism and efficiency. Also, very impressed with how the office is handling the pandemic and taking care of patients while keeping owners safe and informed. Dr. Garcia spoke from the exam room with my pup and was thorough and patient with all of my questions.

Joshua Isaac

3 years ago

My dog came out happy, the vet Checked all my concerns and the clinic made it quick and easy


3 years ago

El CID Animal Clinic examined my 6 month old cat, Bones, this morning. He was listless and couldn’t eat or drink. I was new to this area in Florida and I was very lucky to have picked this clinic. Every one of the staff and the doctor were very compassionate and kind. Excellent people. The other reason I’m posting this review is that I was personally feeling ill. It was very hot outside and the doctor and staff rushed to help me. They brought a wet towel for around my neck, many cups of cool water and then called 911. I had some medical problems which led to difficulty breathing. Paramedics came and checked me out. I did not have to go to the ER. I am so grateful to find these wonderful people for my cat and also for the Cat’s mom. Thank you all! Margaret Mann

Mel B

3 years ago

They are very kind, caring, and you don't feel rushed. I highly recommend bringing your fur baby here

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