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Megan Steward

2 years ago

It took everything I had to come in to pick up my dog of almost 20 years' ashes. I was over stressed and dissociated when walking in but worked up the courage to ask to pick them up somehow. I bought the $630 package for her, which was to include the paw prints and the urn. I said I am here to pick up Pip's ashes. The response from the heavier set lady with the curly brown ponytail was where is your mask in the rudest tone?, (the place did not ask for masks a few days before, they randomly changed their policy and decided that was the day to make people wear them again) She held the ashes away and made me leave. My husband had to come back.(how could I attempt to ask for Pips ashes again? Just to do it the first time took everything out of me. I get them and they left her paw prints out. Now we have to ask for our pets death paw prints for the 3rd time. She argued with my husband saying maybe I did not get them. YES,FOR $630 I 100% PAID FOR HER PRINTS. They still have not given them to me. Where are my dogs prints. Why is this happening? The desk woman could have easily said I'll bring YOUR PET'S ASHES to you outside, she could have said I'm sorry for your loss. It was disgraceful. We have been talking about her ever since and in the midst of the grief I have been feeling she added to it and still does every day I think about this experience. The only good part about losing pip is I will never have to see that women again.

Michelle S

2 years ago

Called the day before to confirm I could come by the next day to pick up flea meds for my dog. The person I spoke to took their time to look us up in the computer and confirm details about my dog. Everything was set. Since I've moved out of the area, I went out of my way to drive 45 minutes to pick up the meds the next day. When I arrived they told me the request had been denied, because my dog had not been seen recently enough. Fine, if that's their policy, but no one told me when I called, and no one called me to let me know it had been denied! They knew I had moved. I told the person that I spoke with and she saw it was in the computer. They let me drive an hour and a half that day for nothing. The two people I spoke with were both very calm, not very upset this had happened, apologetic or helpful. If I had gotten great service, I would probably continue to make the trip. Now I've got to find a new vet : (

Jaci Pustelnik

2 years ago

My cat was acting very off and strange and no vet close to me would take me in. I got in straight away here and they took my baby back immediately and started to check on him. They were very kind and helpful and I’m so appreciative. They even helped me apply and be approved for care credit. This is the only place I’ll be taking my babies.

Lyndsey Bartz

2 years ago

My pregnant Rottie required an emergency c-section and after calling 7-8 animals hospitals they were the only ones that accepted us immediately. They were all so patient with me (a crying sobbing mess who was holding 2 newborn puppies in a basket) and showed me more kindness than a very famous animal hospital in Tampa who made me feel that I was to blame for my girls issue. The staff qt Seven Oaks helped me find formula for the babies(located in their convenient pet depot), they all comforted me, and provided me warm blankets and items to feed the newborns while my girl was in surgery. Sadly, none of my other puppies made it but the staff reassured me that hope wasn't lost because we still have at least 2 babies and thats a miracle. They called me this morning to ensure my girl is recovering well and were happy to help me when I called with concerns about her healing process. I really appreciate the entire staff for everything they did! Thank you Dr. Guida for saving Mika's life!!

Diane Scherer

2 years ago

Have been going here for several years. Vet medical care is getting close to people care in expertise, which means rising cost. I have saved money here from previous vets due to purchase of a wellness plan offered by Seven Oaks. I want top quality health care for my doggie kids. Also love my vet, Dr Guieda, and tech support is great. There is an emergency vet operation at the same facility. I don't plan to to go anywhere else.


2 years ago

Anna and Dr. Pearson were fantastic with my puppy. Very warm and conscious of her skittish nature.

pam carr

2 years ago

My dog was sick and had not eaten for several days. My regular vet would not see him for over a week. I called and they took him that same day. What I liked was that they gave me a choice of treatments starting with the least cost and the fewest procedures to the maximum. I chose the lesser but if he had not gotten better I would gone the full route of tests. This saved me a lot of money. Sure enough with the meds and fluids he got better.

Michele A

2 years ago

My dogs have always received great care from here!

Craig Randolph

2 years ago

I lost my dog Fluffy, paid for their services to have dog taken cate of. Two weeks later $500 plus dollars gone and no phone calls, when i went to the facility they promised a follow up call. NOTHIING. If you have any other choce do not use

Alejandro Zeballos

2 years ago

So far I had always had a good experience. The grooming is a very good price


2 years ago

My Cavalier King Charles suddenly was very sick when I first moved to Florida. I found Seven Oaks Pet Hospital and they saved my fur baby’s life. Dr. Wishik was an answer to prayers. Since then I have had all of my fur babies seen at Seven Oaks. Every veterinarian is fantastic that I have seen. They all love and treat my babies like their own. The vet techs are beyond knowledgeable and go out of the way to help with anything. Every time I call or come in the front staff is so friendly and welcoming. I know my fur babies are in good hands at Seven Oaks. Thank you to all the staff at Seven Oaks! Madame Gussey, Humphrey Bobark, and Max love you!!

Brenda Mel

2 years ago

Took my dog Bella there for an emergency check up. Everyone was so great.

Chris S.

2 years ago

This clinic offers free grooming services in exchange for 5-star Google reviews, so fair warning: Their rating is inflated by customers wanting to receive these services. This isn't how an honest review system works, and if this clinic was really that good then the bribing of patrons wouldn't even be necessary. It's like riding with an Uber driver that offers you a 5-star rider review in exchange for a 5-star driver review - It happens a lot but if the driver's score was good to begin with they wouldn't need to even mention a trade of this sort. I feel like the same goes for 7 Oaks Animal Hospital IMHO.

Christian Gomez

2 years ago

Buddy loves coming for a visit! The staff (Anna, Maddy and Kelly) took great care of us during the appointment and doctor Pearson answered all of our questions

J Couture

2 years ago

My mind is finally clear to write this review on Seven Oaks Pet Hospital. I originally decided to trust this Vet office in my cat's care because a family member of mine used to work with Dr. Reddy at Banfield and started with him during the time they originally opened up Seven Oaks. Since returning to Florida, our cat began ill with symptoms she never gotten before. Since June 2020 until Oct 2021, I had brought her to office ,multiple times for symptoms that kept arising. I was told she had infections and told she even had Feline Herpes and these were the cause of her symptoms. I made it clear to Doctor that she has always been indoors and never had any symptoms that this virus displays. However, the doctor ignored all that and insisted she had it. I finally paid to have cultures done to rule out this virus and others. They were all NEGATIVE! Meanwhile each time we have brought her they prescribe antibiotic after antibiotic. Symptoms fade but resume shortly after. With even more added symptoms that did not make sense. One day our furbaby was not acting herself and even just finishing the last antibiotics, it just didn't make sense. I decided to get second opinion and in one day, we are given the absolute worst news, our furbaby has cancer. Her bloodwork was so bad and her being in pain, we had to make choice to put her to rest. At this point there was little that can be done. We were all so hurt by all this, since it was caught off guard, and definitely not what we had expected. However, being a nurse and having the new doctor read off the lab levels, it made all sense of why she was not improving. It made sense why she was acting the way she did and displayed the symptoms she did. On top of it all, the doctors at Seven Oaks have NEVER, ever discussed her low WBC, low weight, and high lipase, and other low lab value concerns 6 months ago. Had we known and had they took the steps to do further diagnostics, there is a BIG chance we could still have her with us, even if it meant 2-3 more years. We are still very upset with how the doctors at Seven Oaks handled her situation. They are obviously not trained or educated enough to properly assess, diagnose, and even recommend appropriate testing. In one day at a new vet office I get more accurate information than I have ever gotten from Seven Oaks in over a year of her visiting them. I have WASTED money for tests, procedures, their pet member plan, and medications that were not appropriate. I am sharing our experience so many of you think twice to bringing your fur babies to them. I regret not seeking another opinion sooner for our Bella. This is definitely a lesson learned. It's sad as pet owners, we have to look everything over in our pets medical records and figure out what is normal and not normal. It's sad we have to get another opinion to verify if what this Vet office is stating is in fact true. There is nothing that can bring our baby back and I hope our story and the loss of our baby brings light to others continuing or thinking of seeking care at Seven Oaks Pet Hospital.

Jim Singleton

2 years ago

We took our son's dog Whiskey in for surgery to remove a growth on his leg. Dr. Guida and Gabe took excellent care of him. The surgery went well and he is back to being himself again. Love this place and we will continue to come to Seven Oaks Animal Hospital.

Kelly Breeze

2 years ago

Close to home, very responsive and professional.

Krista Bukowski

2 years ago

Love the Dr.s ( Veterans) and staff.

Monika Paul

2 years ago

"Gladace" who answers the phone is completely clueless and I actually had to do her job for her. and there’s another language being spoken in the background Extremely loud! Clearly not in the office. I had to ask her several times to look up my information b.c I didn't remember the groomers first name. And she starts rambling off names. I had to ask her three different occasions to look up my profile.! I never had this issue before with this place and after todays phone call I am tempted to change vet offices. Why source out your own office phone calls to a person who is clueless!?!???

Darleen Gracia

2 years ago

Every time we’ve called or come here, they’ve been very response and quick to resolve our issues. The staff is very friendly and professional. Nice and clean facility! Overall I would recommend!

Link Sistrunk

2 years ago

Doctor: Guida Texhnician: Anna They were very courteous and polite.

Luis Hernandez

2 years ago

we have two pets that we get groomed regularly -well pleased

Nivi Naik

2 years ago

Dr. Reddy was amazing. He definitely is caring and is very compassionate about what he does answering any questions you might have.1st time here and will definitely be back as my future vet. My puppy Rori had a good time. His team working with him is amazing as well..Highly recommended!!! ????

Ron Couture

2 years ago

The actual doctors are great! Caring, attentive and professional. The front office staff needs training in customer service and empathy. That's why we're going elsewhere. Would recommend as a last resort.


2 years ago

Love this place. I just started bringing my dog here (second visit) and she seems to love it. The prices are very reasonable and my groomer is very good with my spoiled 2 year old dog.

Debbie Rusnak

2 years ago

Dr. Guida and technician Kristen were AMAZING with my fearful dog Shiloh. Shiloh is a rescue and not sure who to trust. Dr. Guida and Kristen took their time with Shiloh as she reluctantly entered the exam room, and by the time we left she was giving them kisses. I am beyond grateful for their kindness and patience. Thank you!!


2 years ago

Staff is forever wonderful! We've been with Seven Oaks since 2016 and they've always treated ours and others babies with love and care ☺️????

Ron Dell

2 years ago

Great place that got us in quickly for an urgent matter. Caring, explained things well, all top notch!

Michael murdok

2 years ago

Dr. Pearson and Tech Anna were very helpful and supportive.

Jazmine Jones

2 years ago

I been going here for about 3 years now and I haven’t had a problem till now. Took my dog over the weekend to get groomed and a shot. Bonnie is her normal grommer and does an excellent job with my very timid fur baby. However Bonnie was booked and I decided to try the other groomers as i didn’t want to wait and they usually do somewhat of a good job as Bonnie. Once I picked up my dog they explain they had a hard time with her which was hard to believe as normally that’s not a issue. To make matters worst not only where there attitudes as it took them longer then normal and it was then closing but they informed me that her “tooth just fell out”. She is a senior dog and teeth aren’t in best shape however it was clear she was very stressed and in pain. No pain meds or anything as to how to care for her after her teeth just “falling out”. I drive from Clearwater to here but after this experience I will not be returning again. Now I’m taking care the best way possible for a still stressed and in pain dog.

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