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shanese hines

2 years ago

No one to help me but I found what I needed

Pamela Murray

2 years ago



2 years ago

Always have the pet supplies I need in stock and friendly staff.

Steve Johnson

2 years ago

The store had just what we were looking for.

Sarah T

2 years ago

I don't remember the guys name but he's amazing! If I could hire him for my own store I would! Always happy and chipper and has a great attitude!

Hank Hoogenboom

2 years ago

Pet smart has whatever u need, good helpful staff

Debbie Ciolli

2 years ago

BEWARE...They Told us 3-4 Hours, Obviously Rushed her thru because We got a Call she Was Done in Less than 2 Hours. Less than 2 Full Hours to Bathe, Dry, Shave, Cut, Trim Nails & Ears & Yes Face & Tail...Then We're Told, she Needs a One On One Groomer or A Vet Groomer who can give her a Light Sedative. I've Personally Groomed Angel for Many Years, I AM NOT A GROOMER. Angel like All Dogs Can Sense People. What She Obviously Sensed Was a Person who Just wanted to RUSH HER THRU & Because she's NOT That Type of Dog, the "Groomer" Suggested She go to a Different Place..She IS A handful but she's a whole maybe 13 lbs & If a Groomer Was 'Professional' & They knew Ahead of Time She Hated being Groomed, Seems like since THEY Said, Oh She'll Be Fine, 'I have Only Her in Here so I'll be able to take My Time'. She was Shaved, as I asked, So It's Not Like I Asked for an Entire Scissor Cut. She is a small to Small Medium Dog...Obviously Like Yard Service, they just Want to "Blow & GO!"..First of All if You Read thru the Reviews Petsmart is like a few other Franchises where they "Lump together" the Different Reviews From Multiple Locations, into One Huge # so You "think" Wrongly the Place is Great. First let me say we've lived in this County Full time for close to 40 Year & We've had a lot of dogs & Not all have needed grooming while others I've Groomed Myself. This is the case with Our Angel Baby a White Poodle Terrier, we think Mix, because All Of Our Animals Are Rescues. While Angel does Hate being Groomed, We made this Clear even before making the Appointment In Person. My Husband discussed how Angel is with Us when We Groom her & how other Groomers have told us, We've had Angel for almost 10 years now, told us, she Acts better with other people because she does Not know them, even Our Veterinarian just recently told us She was Fine with them. So, knowing "How" She is We DID Discuss this Prior to Any Appointment. Now We Are Extremely Disappointed Because They Obviously Rushed Her, Again, Taking LESS than 2 Hours & When My Husband Went to Pick Her Up, He said, They Had a Lot of Animals in there Being Groomed, Not the Slow Pace they Told Us it Would Be, For Her. So, Do NOT believe what They Tell you & If Your Dog or Cat is Not a Quickie or a "Blow & Go"..Take them Somewhere that Tells the Truth...They'll Take Their Time, Not Rush Your Family Member Thru like an Assembly Line & Have a Bit of Patience. She Looks Fine But Again, Just Beware & Know, they'll Obviously Tell You What You Want to hear, Especially if at the Time, They Need More Appts. Never Again. We Will Definitely Ask Our Very Trusted Vet, Dr. Roger Welton at Maybeck Animal Hospital, Who He'd TRUST.

Cheryl Ouellette

2 years ago

My little Teddie and I loved it great store....

Amanda Jones

2 years ago

This is a smaller PetSmart but still has plenty of fun toys, food, and supplies. Like many places it is a bit understaffed but my experience with the staff there has been primarily good. Checking out is fast and efficient if you're only needing something quickly. Four star rating is only because their stock is always low in one area or another - I've had trouble finding cat food, certain fish supplies, dog dishes, training pouches, and more. Again, could be lack of staff or possibly the current issues with supply chains. I've only met two staff members who could advise me on pets, the others were not knowledgeable. Essentially, it's hit or miss if you need help while you're there.

Cynthia Mora

2 years ago

They work with animals very well when I take my dog for her nails to be cut

Erica Gardner

2 years ago

This is the absolute worst experience I have EVER had with any type of place that claims that actuallly care about animals. We purchased a red bearded dragon and also bought the "top of the line" sanctuary for him. We had three choices and we chose the top one. It had all the bells and whistles because we wanted to make sure we were doing everything 100% correctly. We hve adopted 32 cats, 7 dogs, 2 rabbits, 8 guinea pigs, and multiple aquatic animals in the last 20 years. All have been happy and healthy and we have found good homes for those well enough to go to another home. We have kept those with the most difficult disablliities and have 14 animals right now. LOng story short, the lizard became sick after 3 weeks and we rushed him back to the store to be seen by the vet. They claimed he didn't have the right lighting. They said they would pay for his care and I could get him in two weeks. Three days later the manager called and said they would not pay for his care and come pick him up or let him die (those were his words) or let the store have him and care for him and we might get our (merchandise) back. He was a member of our family, not merchandise. He died in their care three days later and we could never get any answer or story on what happened. We went to visit him twice and they didn't wnat us to see him. This is a total scam!!! They killed our pet!!!

Kimber Miller

2 years ago

Ordered 40 Red Rosie's Online. Got home and counted only 28 10 of which where dead. I called to see if I could possibly come the next day to get the remaining and the manager was so proud that she was confident she counted 40 that there was nothing she could do and to have a good night and hung up. I think her name was Audrey idk. So I sent in a email to customer service and the pet care manager and general manager both called and emailed me to replace the red Rosie's. They where helpful and very nice. Thank you to Jermel and Taylor!

Me Doe

2 years ago

Always a cheerful welcome when entering the store. The Grooming Salon is always busy, my pup gets taken groomed with care. Kudos to Heather and Kate!

thomas padgett

2 years ago

quick and easy pick up capstar flea treatment works great

Tom Gary

2 years ago

The young man that helped me was wonderful. He had such a great attitude. I enjoyed shopping there.

Abigail Morrison

2 years ago

Best customer experience from the cashier, didn't have a whole lot of interaction with the workers on the floor but the girl who checked me out was super nice and knowledgeable

carlos morales

2 years ago

No much different than any other petstore, don’t expect to be able to get a pet in store.

Erin Kling

2 years ago

I've never had a bad experience at this location. Always clean and organized.

marie Bourbousse

2 years ago

Who is this new employee " Jay" who walks around like he owns the place and when you ask him something, he can't answer you and has to ask another employee? Don't you train your new employees to know what they sell in the shop and how to help the customers? And I'm writing this post after 3 visits to your store and witnessing the same problems all three times with the same guy!! That's really a big disappointment, i was not expecting this low customer service from THAT shop!

mike v

2 years ago

New store manager or assistant manager that replaced Whitney " Jay " is a terrible manager. The guy is absolutely incapable of answering the simplest pet-care questions and pawns off all the in store pet owner questions to his employees. The staff seems unhappy for the past few weeks and i can tell some of the employees are over-stressed and overworked. Seems like the kind of guy who takes himself way too seriously.

Nicole Roberson-Rodríguez

2 years ago

Great pet supply store! Clean shopping area kind and knowledgeable employees.

Tom Winter

2 years ago

Few employees. Hard to ask a question

wendy trebert

2 years ago

Found what I needed, enjoyed seeing kittens for adoption. I like pet friendly places

Kat Miller

2 years ago

Just moved to this area, so this was my first time in this store. I showed up a bit late, an hour before closing. The store looked great and the employees that assisted me were very polite and knowledgeable. It was a lot of fun talking to the employees about their new Halloween themed pet supplies and different varieties and origins of fish. I just wanted to drop a positive review and say thank you PetSmart!

Keith Smith

2 years ago

I prefer this Pet Smart over other pet stores in the area simply because they seem to have what I'm looking for when I need it. An example of this would be recently needing steps for my pet. Another store had steps, but they were just a plastic mold with a slip cover on them. The slip cover slid around so easily it appeared dangerous. Not only were the Pet Smart stairs safer, they had a couple different heights so I could choose the one better for my situation.

James Hose'

2 years ago

Stopped in during to grab some pet food... Not my usual PetSmart but was on the way.. store is smaller, a bit darker not as bright..

Pam Larry Mills

2 years ago

Our four month old toy poodle, Minnie, loved her first grooming with Katie! Thank you Katie for being patient and kind with our puppy! She was happy after and looks great!

Sally Erner

2 years ago

Rude employees who are mask nazi’s

Meagen Roberts

2 years ago

The groomers are really kind and did great with our baby.

Vicki Blu

2 years ago

Very organized, the employees were knowledgeable and friendly. The fish tanks were spotless! In fact, all the animal areas were clean and spotless. This is by far the number #1 big box chain.

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