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kristy lowry

2 years ago

My family and I are new to the area and can’t say enough about how happy we are with Bloomingdale Vet Clinic. We have senior dogs and they have had a multitude of health issues since we’ve been here, this move has really taken a toll on …

Serena Mckee

2 years ago

Excellent experience and will be my always go to dr. Thank you so much !!

Vada Lucas

2 years ago

I am new to this area and my friend recommended I take my sick baby here. I am so glad I did, we don't know what the outcome will be just yet, but Doctor Jenn was very thoughtful and knowledgeable in helping me choose the best path for her treatment.


2 years ago

My baby girl was all I had left. She loved me through homelessness and getting the help I needed to get back on my feet. This vet office actually seemed to genuinely care...[ I'm a little on the harsh side when it comes to vets, probably because I'm ignorant of their work] but it's been 2 months since she passed in my arms at the age of 16 and I still cry everyday for her. She kept me going. Just because I was a failure didn't mean she should have to suffer for my shortcomings. I kept trying and living so she'd never be afraid or alone. I appreciate the respect her and I were both treated with and that she was in my arms and passed at home.


2 years ago

Still doing masks here. Medical training must be close to zero if they still believe this works. Go to Veterinary Center at Fishhawk. They have common sense and don't force you to follow stupid rules made by stupid people.

Elizabeth Anne

2 years ago

Dr. Duvall was so kinda and helpful! They were able to get my pup in right away after I noticed an infection. The office was clean and the whole staff very kind

Corey Tappan

2 years ago

Very unprofessional. Doctors never call back, does not seem interested in talking while you're there, and can't even weigh the animals correctly. Go here if you want to save a few bucks, as they're prices are very reasonable, but that's about all it's got going for it.

Sherry Batchelder

2 years ago

The worst vet!!!! Dr Ramirez is very unprofessional. About 2 years ago I had to sadly put one of my cat down. Dr Ramirez had myself and my daughter hold our cat down to inject him because he couldn’t control him. This was the first time I had put and animal down and was very traumatizing. I continue to go here but seen the other Veterinarian. Dr Duvall is very nice and haven’t had any real problems. However, I have a dog that they think has Lymphoma. I brought him in on Friday to get and Steroid shot to relieve some symptoms. When we got there I was informed that both veterinarian where out of the country and they had a fill in doctor. (Would have been nice to know) I ask that they do an Aspiration of lymph node to confirm that it is Lymphoma. The fill in Dr said he was not comfortable doing it , so I made another appointment for Monday. They quoted me $20 for the aspiration I was told they would read it in house. Later got a phone call saying they were going to charge me $70 for another office visit, Which was understandable. When I got there on Monday, after doing the aspiration which entailed two needles in his lymph nodes. They told me it was going to be $387. It was only suppose to be $90. They told me they misquoted me and they do not read any biopsy in house. So I told them I would write a review of my experience, and Dr. Remirez called me and rudely informed me they will NOT be sending out my dogs biopsy and refunded my money because I said I would write a review

Amy Soto

2 years ago

Have always had a good experience here, very knowledgeable vets and can treat most things I closing mo or surgeries right in the office!

Judith Arnold

2 years ago

Very nice and friendly ,I will be back.

Lauren Bogar

2 years ago

Excellent service! That office manager, Laura, was just amazing. She helped me so much with all of my questions. My wife and I will be bringing all our pets there from now on as long as Laura is there. I just feel such a sense of passion from her. Best vet office ever!

Larissa Kisner

2 years ago

We love Doc Jose. I have a 14 year old Pom and he has helped me so much.

Joe Gess

2 years ago

Our 14 year old cat Miss Kitty has some kidney issues and they provided us guidance as to the various options available for treatment from blood tests, x-rays and food for digestive purpose. Dr. Duval thank you so much for caring and providing the proper care for our loved cat that is and always will be part of our family. I also want to thank the two attendees who showed their love for our cat and the front desk for being so courteous in getting us in so quickly.

Lottie Jean Thompson Chancey

2 years ago

Awesome all the way around

Naty B

2 years ago

Dr. Duvall is great. She is always friendly and let's me ask any questions. She always gives me the option of running expensive tests or not, which I appreciate because some are unnecessary. We also used the groomer and found it very affordable.

Kristi Bequette

2 years ago

The BEST! My kitties have never been SO CALM at their annual visit until now! And they're 11 & 8 years old. Can't say enough good things about Bloomingdale Animal Hospital. (And! so happy they let me inside with them... which is why I went there)

Catherine J Fulton

2 years ago

Excellent service, wonderful caring staff. Very relaxed yet efficient. We were seen on time and the visit was not rushed. I was allowed to go in with my cat which was important to me. Masked are required. I was very pleased with the experience ( this was my first visit) and will continue to use them as my vet.

Steven Distelrath

2 years ago

This was Wolfey's first vist. Staff was top notch. Full filled all of Wolfey's needs and my expectations. Wolfey chooses Bloomingdale AH hands down. We rate it 5 stars.

David Lindie

2 years ago

Her first visit. The staff was fantastic. Made her feel safe and calm. This is going to be our vet.

Douglas Bakke

2 years ago

Pooch is always happy after his visits. They do a great job of checking him and making sure he's in good shape. Reasonable prices and convenient location. Staff are always very friendly and helpful.

Patricia Ryan

2 years ago

Very pleased with the service for my kitty ????

Consider The Child

2 years ago

Awesome and Efficient. We have several pets. Even our latest Emma loves the service!!

Ryan Bogan

2 years ago

Fantastic veterinarian services. Even through the pandemic they provide caring and understanding services. The staff is friendly and treat your animal as one of your family. We have 2 dogs and a cat in our family and have brought them all in for routine services. Having recently moved here we sought to find a vet like out previous one, who while explaining all option, always suggested the least evasive one first. After much research we found Bloomingdale Animal Hospital and are very happy.. One of the biggest reasons for giving 5 stars is the fact the Dr. Ramirez did not try to push or suggest unnecessary medication or surgery for our 12 year old Yorkie, even though he made us aware of everything and every option. If you need a caring responsible vet for your dog or cat, this is a fantastic choice.

Dustin Westergom-flick

2 years ago

An amazing vet clinic! Great staff and ever so trusted by my huge family and friends as well as myself!

lauren Petrone

2 years ago

I moved here a year ago from west palm beach. I have spent hundreds of dollars in this office, as I also just got a new puppy. The new puppy is taken to a daycare so that he can have the best life and not be crated all day long. Twice in the past month my puppy has gotten kennel cough. Neither time was this office able to see me but they kindly refer me across the street to the urgent vet where the mark up for service is unreal. When my other dog who they also have known and treated got sick with the same thing after spending hundreds of dollars with them, they could not wave the 55$ fee to get him seen to also get some antibiotics. I could understand if they didn’t know my dog or have records but they do. I could understand if I never brought my dogs in to see them. But I literally have them in their all the time. They book back to back have people waiting in the parking lot for hours in hot cars waiting to have their dogs seen and I just can not get over how rude and unprofessional the front office staff is. Please don’t use this vet. Do not take those five stars as a sign of them actually caring about your pet. They want your money. That’s all.

Ronald Loebel

2 years ago

They are amazing people. Truely a great place to take your pet for all services. I would recommend them to anyone who needs them absolute best for their pets.

Badass Motherfucker

3 years ago

This is the place to bring your dog ???? .my dog is getting old , but they take care of him.

Jesse Nieves

3 years ago

If you do not have a scheduled appointment, the facility has a dropoff policy but you will need to call to determine when they can fit your pet into the schedule. The veterinarian will arrange to see the pet between scheduled appointments so there may be a wait. The veterinarian called after examining our cat to discuss the findings from the physical exam as well as pricing for shots, medications and additional treatment options. The initial assessment was $55 with an additional charge for an injectable antibiotic. Total charge for the office visit was $120 which was lower than other vet clinics in the area.

Jamie Butterweck

3 years ago

Whatever you do, STAY SWAY from Bloomingdale Animal Hospital!!!!!!

Cherish Wells

3 years ago

Unfortunately I had to put my dog to sleep due to illness. I feel very blessed that the Clinic was not only willing to fit my baby in last minute, but the staff was all very kind. I am especially appreciative of doctor Ramirez for taking the time to console and explain her condition to me. His assistant was also very loving when he took my baby away. I highly recommend this clinic and Dr Ramirez.

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