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Lindsay Jones

a year ago

Have been going to this vet for a couple of years now. They used to be great, but after moving back in the area I noticed they had a brand new staff. Took my pup in for a skin infection (red flaky, smelly skin / some sort of dermatitis.) The appointment lasted about 3 minutes resulting only in advice to bathe her (which I'd already done 3 times within the last couple of weeks with the same shampoo recommend.) Was then charged $60 for no real care and advice that could have been given over the phone. Won't be taking her back here.

Thom Joss

a year ago

The quality is good. we brought our dogs since we have them and spend a lot of money. its pricey and i found a coupon for a exam but is only for new customers ☹️ we had never a discount for nothing and need to do an exam before we get a new prescription for a a treatment they had it before the whole time. that seems to me a way to make easy money.

Dana Fults

a year ago

Amazing customer service, very patient and kind explaining the bill and my options. Highly recommended! ????????????

Mark Isenberg

2 years ago

I have been taking my cat and two dogs to Tarpon Animal Hospital for two plus years and recently met Dr. Katy Lawrence who took very good care of our barfing Papillon,Gizmo,with medication after xrays and blood work. She sat with us to answer all questions and explain the followup medicine we were to administer. Gizmo quickly got back to normal and I suggest the other Doctors and staff are equally caring and wise as to what will help our pets get well. We trust Dr. Lawrence and thank her.

Reed Amlaw

2 years ago

These guy's have taken care of two of my dogs over the years. Highly recommended by me. Latest medication, caring and professional friendly people.

Regina Gibson

2 years ago

They have always taken great care of all of our doxies. Great service and great staff!

Ryan B

2 years ago

Been going here for a while now. Had my puppies here and my beautiful pomsky goes here. The vets always expensive but at least these people are nice Here's a picture of my dog..just because


2 years ago

They got my baby kitty in on extreme short notice and fixed her up. I will definitely be using this vet again if needed

George E. Juscott

2 years ago

I would highly recommend this animal hospital to anyone who is looking for a truly caring veterinarian. The staff is very very kind, helpful and absolutely wonderful. I am not a rich man. I do okay. They worked with me in every way they could. Thank you guys again for helping me with my puppy. God bless you for that. My dog is my world. If I could give them 10 Stars I would! I believe in giving credit, where credit is due. And they are well deserving of it.

David Scheideberg

2 years ago

Have been using Tarpon Animal Hospital on and off for almost 20 years now. The service has always been hit or miss. The techs are usually knowledgeable and are not afraid to ask for answers from other Techs or the Drs. My major complaint is the unnecessary tests such as blood work that often is not nessasary. During the almost 20 years dealing with this place I don't think my dogs have ever been seen by the same doctor twice. Often the Doctors have to get a recap of my dogs condition from me instead of gathering that information from the dogs actual charts, For standard vacanations and regular checkups this place is fine. For emergencies or diagnostic services please consider an emergency hospital .

Darlene Walters

2 years ago

The way they always take care of my dog always explain everything I need to know. They treat my Lucky like one of their own

wendy varrin

2 years ago

Quick and efficient. Just needed some blood work and I was in and out in under 10 minutes.


2 years ago

Way over priced on the pet exam alone. 55 dollars are you crazy. Other vets charge half that and do the exact same. Best part is that they do the exam and never tell you if everything is good or bad or what you can improve on. Be honest and charge a fair price, all vet already to kill you and then to do it for the heck of it is not right.


2 years ago

Mark is very knowledgeable but they are very hard to deal with if you need to return or exchange anything


2 years ago

I don’t like to leave bad reviews but I want to let you know my experience here. We all know how vet bills can be unexpectedly pricey. My cat had a UTI and after all the testing and medication cost I could not afford anything extra at that moment. The vet said indoor and outdoor cats need to take flea medication and heart worm medication monthly. Okay, I agree. (my indoor cat already takes flea meds monthly) she was pushing the heart worm meds on me at that moment. I told her I cannot afford heart worm meds at this moment. She said “ okay? all animals need it, do you want a single or six month dose?” I told her again, I cannot afford it and I’ll come back another day to get some. She was pushy and said again “ All animals need it, would you like? A single or six month dose ?” She didn’t respect the fact that I told her I couldn’t afford it at the moment. I never been in any establishment where someone didn’t take no for an answer! I finally said fine, I’ll take a monthly dosage (which was the cheapest) I think they seriously get paid extra or get some kinda perk for up selling products. After that episode I let things go. Fine, whatever! Not sure how many months later, My cat started acting off and wanted to bring her in for a check up. I called and tried to make an appointment. The lady on the phone said they were booked for a week. I told her “ there’s no way you can squeeze her in at any point?” She said “ No.” I said “what do I do if she needs to see her vet?” She casually said “ you can take your cat someone else” So, I said “ you want me to take my cat to another Vet?” She casually said “ yes, you can” I was speechless. I didn’t want to be rude so I said okay. It’s Like, they were so booked that they wanted people to go someone else or something! I took it as a red flag! It’s like having a primary doctor who you trust to see and the receptionist says “ go somewhere else” That was it for me!

Craig Maeglin

2 years ago

Inexperienced Doctors who want you to order very expensive testing anytime they find the smallest problem in blood work. After a thousand dollars in on testing just to get my dogs teeth cleaned I decided to get a 2nd opinion,and glad I did. Tests weren't even necessary per a much more experienced Doctor at Advanced Vets. Blood work was misread from Tarpon and wasn't at all needed !! BEWARE!!

Talon P.S. & Tarian P.S.

2 years ago

Very gentle with my Oldman kitty. Even he liked them.


2 years ago

I had to show up there almost instantaneously the If staff was phenomenal everything they did was above and beyond I would recommend them to anybody The advice they gave me saved my Delilahs life!!!!

teana jones

2 years ago

The vet and techs are absolutely amazing!!!! They took care of my baby girl after she was bitten in the neck by another dog and even with all the testing and blood work n etc that was done plus daily wound care visits I was shocked when I saw the total price! I was expecting at least a grand and I have paid barely half that. This is now my go-to Vet!!! They even have an after-hours emergency location for 24/7 care! I absolutely love this vet. I have never been so relaxed going to a vet. normally it is outrageously priced and ridiculously long waits but we were in and out every visit from day 1!

Chris Blacharski

2 years ago

The people are super nice and friendly. My Senior puppy got a full check up, and they were very thorough. We figured out great options to keep him healthy and going for years.

Gina Burken

2 years ago

PSA: please don't ever take ypur pets to tarpon animal hospital. A few weeks ago I took my healthy senior cat in to establish him as a client. The only reason we were doing this was to have a vet closer. It was a HUGE mistake! I provided them with years of records from my previous vet. They said he would get the same treatment as he was use to. I asked several times on the day of our checkup. They gave him the wrong anesthesia ( he never liked going to the vet) and 3 doses of it. They never told me. 2 days later, I had no choice but to let him pass because their mistake caused irreversible damage. They never told me what they did. I found out from an emergency visit to my old vet. Please do not trust Tarpon Animal Hospital. Today they had the audacity to send me marketing mail. Please take your pets elsewhere. I dont want anyone else going through this experience.

Colbey wittenzellner

2 years ago

Very convenient and staff could not be more friendly!! The curbside service was great and I liked how they brought me out a quote of about what the total could be. A+ from me with no complaints

arnold morton

2 years ago

Well, little over a week ago I had a serious problem my 4 year old Rottweiler had pulled her hip out of her socket and she was in severe pain and I tried to call and make a emergency appointment with the vet I had for many of years but they couldn’t see her or schedule her in for another three days, and I knew this wasn’t going to work, I had to find a veterinarian fast. So, I called Tarpon Animal Hospital and they booked her in right away. The Doctor she seen was Dr. Lawrence and she was very aware of what was going on with my precious little girl and ran a few X-Rays just to confirm what was wrong and she was right. So, she prescribed her some pain medication and some inflammation medicine and antibiotics. Also, she helped me find a very good surgeon I have known for many years and he performed my little girls surgery and she is doing good now. So, thanks to Dr. Lawrence and everyone at the Tarpon Animal Hospital that helped me with my little angel ???? I love her very much and wouldn’t know what to do with out her.

Edee-Jo Egts

2 years ago

They were very informative and the cost was very reasonable! I liked the staff and the Dr. Was great. Thank you Tarpon Animal Hospital!!!♡♡♡

Sherry Stillman

2 years ago

Very kind, caring and compassionate staff. Love these people. They take equally as good care of my interested geriatric doggo, as they do my puppy. They are amazing!

Debra Miklowcic

2 years ago

Our dog, Sadie has been a patient at Tarpon Animal Hospital for 12 years. Our recent visit was stressful for us because of health issues in an elderly dog. But the staff and Dr. Katy Lawrence could not be more compassionate and professional. They calmed our fears and provided Sadie with the best possible care. Thank you all!

Kathy Jacobs

2 years ago

Our Shih Tzu got his jaw broke by a pit bull. The whole staff were so caring and fixed our baby up immediately. They went above and beyond! ????

Larry Parker

2 years ago

Close, courteous, and fairly priced. They are very gentle with my dogs.

Kimberly Black

2 years ago

I'm so glad I found a caring animal hospital for my fur baby. The only issue for me is that I can't go in with him, our other vet allowed us in la, but since we now reside in fl it is what it is. Thank you to the caring staff for checking in on Franklin after his surgery . ???????????? we'll see you soon for his follow up. ????????????

Allison Clark

2 years ago

I have used this vet for a couple of years, first with my Morkie and now with my Doberman but I will not be going back. I have had an issue with this vet every single time I have brought my Doberman to them since the very first visit. The vet is clueless and instead of just telling you that they are not sure of something they will just make something up so they can charge you. I went in for a routine exam and was charged $34, two weeks later I had to go back for them to collect a urine sample and was charged for that and $58 for an exam fee. Not sure how their exam fee went up so much over that period of time? Then on top of that at my Dobermans very first visit they noticed her hair was a little sparse, so they did a skin scraping but found nothing was wrong. Even though nothing came up in the scraping they sent us home with a weeks worth of antibiotics “just in case”. Then a couple weeks later she developed bumps on her skin so we took her back. We were told that she had a bacteria infection and needed to take new antibiotics for two weeks and be bathed with a medicated shampoo twice a week. I asked how they determined a bacteria infection, did they do skin scraping again or some kind of testing? I was told there was no test or anything done, the vet could just tell she had a bacteria infection but had no idea what it was from. This is when I knew something was wrong. Now that we have found a new vet the bumps on her skin have turned out to be mites, which we have cleared up almost immediately with bravecto. So now they have loaded my poor dog up on three weeks worth of antibiotics that she didn’t even need. The antibiotics were not cheap either. Don’t get me wrong, I did not mind paying for them at all had they been needed but they were not at all. In fact, being on them when not necessary is harmful and will build up a resistance to them if she ever seriously needs them in the future. So this goes to show that they could careless about what is actually needed for your dog, as long as they are making money. Do yourself a favor and bring your dog to a vet that actually knows what they’re doing, or would be willing to admit when they are unsure of something so that they don’t treat for a problem that doesn’t even exist and cause more issues.

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