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Teresa Holley

2 years ago

I was in need of a new vet for one of my cats that I have been dealing with behavior issues (inappropriate peeing). I wanted to find a practice that specializes in cats because of the behavior issue. Dr Frana and staff were amazing, they took such great care of Chloe and come to find out that she had a UTI but also gave excellent advice on how to make Chloe more comfortable and happy. We haven't had any more issues with inappropriate peeing and I have a new vet for the rest of my cat.

Amy Shubert

2 years ago

Dr. Frana and the team are so incredible!! I was visiting my mother here in Clearwater for Christmas and my cat was not doing well. I took him to AA Animal ER and they wanted me to follow up with a vet to perform blood work. I was originally told that he would be lucky to see the end of the week and his prognosis was poor, as he was in stage 2 kidney failure and was severely anemic, with a temperature of 94°. After visiting Broadway Cat Hospital, my little Ollie is doing so much better! They have been giving him good medications, Keeping him on tasty health food, and have gone above and beyond to provide for my best friend. The entire team is incredible! His temperature today is over 101°, the pinkness has returned to his gums and paws, his jaundice is getting much better, and he is looking to be in great shape!

Julie Baker

2 years ago

Dr Frana is an amazing vet that spends time with you to explain everything. I have my own cats and I’m always rescuing kittens and she has been so kind helping me navigate fostering babies. Best bet I have ever had.

Zsofia Kali

2 years ago

Great place! Highly recommend to all cat owners who love their furry friends. They helped my family and our cat through some of the hardest decisions. I only wish I have found this place sooner! Amazing and kind Doctor and staff. They truely care for all cats!

David Jacobs

2 years ago

My 2nd visit for my cat. It's very fair priced. The vet she's great. Very knowledgeable will explain everything and will work with you. They do house visits as well as pick up and drop off. It's really a great cat hospital. Your cat will be treated like a true friend and they're good people and are very helpful. I highly recommend. This place also has online shopping for cat food and variety of things.

Kristina Anderson

2 years ago

I’m convinced that this is the most amazing cat hospital to ever exist. Dr. Frana took the time to speak with me and answer any questions I had even though she had a busy schedule today. The hospital is so clean and welcoming and they took great care of my sick kitty. Dr. Frana and her team truly care about the cats they care for. I will definitely be bringing my cats here from now on.

Matt Terhune

2 years ago

Great staff. They really care. Highly recommend

Joyce Ringuet

2 years ago

They took such special care of my Grady right up until the end. With love and kindness

Tatianna P.

2 years ago

If you want someone to care about you, your pocket and your cat then go to Broadway Cat Hospital. I think its top tier care here. They know you and your cat when you are a regular there. I don't think I'll ever find a vet that meets the standards that Broadway Cat Hospital set. They are affordable & if you can't pay in full, they will set up a payment plan with you. They will give you samples if you ask. They will address all questions & concerns no matter how many times you call. I can go on and on of all the great things they do. My cat & I love Dr Frana and Lee. We miss them so much. ????

Leona Hamrick

3 years ago

Frana is a brilliant vet. She clearly understands cats and their needs very well. The issue is a clear lack of EQ. She cannot stop talking long enough to collect an appropriate history or understand the needs of her cat parents. That was enough for me. As a human PCP of 25 years, I expected a colleague courtesy and conversation regarding health concerns in my cat. I was met, instead, with someone that talked "to me" not with me. I'm guessing most without a healthcare background are fine with this. I, however, am not okay with it and will not go back. I practiced a team approach to medicine where patients and their families mattered. I expect the same from my vet.

Kristin Hoffman

3 years ago

**Update** - I thought about deleting my original post but it’s important to remember we all have really difficult days that coincide, but caring and kindness always prevail...Dr Frana personally called me after she was aware of what happened yesterday and apologized. Cody is her husband and he was helping due to short staff and an unplanned surgery...but she made no excuses, and acknowledged that my time is just as important. She offered to see our pet at our convenience...outside of normal business hours. This means so much! She shared how important customer service is to her and her staff. And it shows. Thank you Dr Frana - we look forward to meeting you!! ???? Original post - “Made an appointment for my cat to have rabies vaccination. I showed up on time and called from parking lot. Cody answered and took information and said it would be a few minutes and someone would be out. 15 minutes later still no one. I called to see how much longer and he said they had multiple emergencies throughout the day and were quite behind and that I could wait longer or reschedule. I’m a single full-time working mom to two kids that took time out of day and made accommodations for my kids in order to care for our pet. I understand emergencies....what I don’t understand is why Cody didn’t care enough to call and let me know they were behind schedule 30+ minutes. I couldn’t wait any longer. Waste of time, stress on our cat (she hates car rides), and now I have to find another vet as we just relocated here. What happened to customer service?”

Christine Daniels

3 years ago

They have helped 4 of my cats over the years and are always gentle and tell you everything before hand and take the time to answer your questions. They take such excellent care of every cat just like it was their own ! I would not go to any other vet ! I learned about them from a good friend over 12 years ago .

Barbara Janks

3 years ago

I absolutely love the people who work at Broadway Cat Hospital! Dr Deana is wonderful and I wouldn't take my cat anywhere else.

Cheryl Hudecek

3 years ago

I recently adopted a brother and sister cats from a shelter. They both tested positive for kennel cough (the vet told me the long name but it basically is kennel cough). I can't say enough about the treatment they provided to my "kids". Nebulizer treatments to pilling to teaching me how to do it, plus nose drops. Both kids are on the mend it will be a while of pills to get them 100% but I can honestly say that without their help and concern for these cats I don't know what I would have done! Please be understanding they are not allowing peeps into their office due to the virus outbreak, but they provide excellent curbside service. The doctor and her team are very concise into the treatment plans even if it is done while you sit in the comfort of your car and they are outside in the heat of the day wearing a mask. Kudo's to everyone that works in this office and how they provide the quality of care under the current circumstances.

Dan Pregler

3 years ago

After rescuing an orphaned kitten, everyone here did an amazing job helping us get him back to health.

Dawn Marshall

3 years ago

I took my cat to this particular vet in regards to the wonderful reviews after moving to the area recently. Unfortunately, my experience was poor. I took Moose in on the morning of May 6th and his blood/urine lab work was performed that day. It took over a week to get his results back. A tech, not the vet, called me on the evening of May 14th to tell me Moose was in stage four kidney failure, he was anemic, and needed blood pressure testing/monitoring and blood pressure medication. I requested an email copy of his lab work they performed and reviewed it on May 18th with professionals outside their office. I also requested the lab work from September of 2019 from my vet in Phoenix, they said they were going to order it from them, for comparison purposes, but they never did. Upon reviewing his current lab work his white blood count and neutrophils was extremely high, which indicated a bacterial infection. The BUN and Creatinine levels are his kidney readings, and although they were slightly higher, they were not anywhere near stage 1 of kidney failure, let alone stage 4. His actual diagnosis is chronic renal insufficiency, or simply put dehydrated, with a bacterial infection that could be attacking the kidneys. With that being said I requested the vet supply me with fluids to administer for the dehydration, antibiotics to fight the infection, and special food to try him on a kidney diet. They did write and fill all those prescriptions for me, and it would have been highly unlikely they would have done so had he not needed any of what I requested. During all of this chaos I did ask the techs several times that the actual vet, Dr Audry Frana, call me but I never heard from her. I also asked Lee what was the hold up in getting treatment for a sick cat, and her response was they have been really busy and their business has recently doubled. It was a very unprofessional experience.

Gene Ellis

3 years ago

Best cat veterinarian in town! Great service and compassion for the animals.

Jack Jallo

3 years ago

Have been taking both of my cats here for over a year and I wouldnt even consider anyone else after the other places I've tried. This is the move for cat owners specifically.

Kat Rowe

3 years ago

I had a fantastic experience. Not only did they help with a flea issue, Lee found some other issues and let me know how we could fix them quickly and thus improve the overall health of my Cat. Even in this time of pandemic, they were safe, proactive, and very kind. I would recommend this vet to anyone with a cat.

Katherine Krawczyk

3 years ago

Receptionist was rude when I had questions about when pet owners can come in with their pets. Won't be getting my business now.

Mark Losee

3 years ago

They take great care of our csts!

MaShell Holt

3 years ago

This is the best cat hospital ever. The most dedicated Dr. I have ever seen. Small family owned practice, Dr. Frana, Lee and the whole office staff is just wonderful. Dr. Frana saved my 12 year old Maine Coons life. Thank you.

Matt Kellogg

3 years ago

So far, it appears the new Vet, and support personnel, have picked up right where Dr. Perry left off. We hope this continues.

Millie Hackney Brun

3 years ago

I am very thankful that I went back to Dr. Frana. I will admit I left and didn't give her a chance. I guess when you love a vet and they retire you think you'll never find another one as good. Everyone is different and everyone deserves a chance. Dr. Frana saw my little girl Rain when they didn't have any available appointment's. Lori took Rain and dropped her off on a Friday when they close early. Dr. Frana made the time to see Rain. Tomorrow is Rain's last day on her antibiotic's and she is feeling much better. Rain wasn't eating, wasn't drinking was lethargic, and had a fever. In my opinion Dr. Frana is AMAZING! She is very caring and it shows. My little girl Rain loves Dr. Frana. That might be hard to believe but it's true. We love Dr. Frana, Lee, Tina & Shanon. Not to mention Dr. Frana's husband. :) I highly recommend Broadway Cat Hospital. I'm so thankful my sweetheart Rain is feeling better.

P Magers

3 years ago

Went for first visit to Broadway Cat Hospital in Dunedin. Really pleased with how the visit was handled during covid. Great staff. Dr. Frana really loves her calling. Just hapoy I chose to go to them for my cats care.

patti mccluskey

3 years ago

I have nothing but great things to say about Broadway Cat Hospital. Staff always offers me a warm welcome and has a caring attitude toward my cat. Dr. Frana goes out of her way to explain procedures as well as the options I could choose. Very satisfied overall!

Viki Watson

3 years ago

There is no other place I would take my furfamily

Adria Smith

4 years ago

I brought my VERY sick cat into to visit Dr. Frana. Not only did she help my little Diva but also called numerous times to check in on her! Very caring and quick acting saved Divas life! She cares more than any vet I’ve ever seen! Thank you so much!

Roger Bombassei

4 years ago

Our kitty feels better now

S P Kelley

4 years ago

Our family, kitties included, LOVE Dr. Frana and the ladies at Broadway Cat Hospital! We are in the process of relocating to South Carolina and Dr. Frana is making sure the transition happens flawlessly. She asurred me that she woud be …

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