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Angelica Bernal

2 years ago

They don't have hours of service online, on their property nor on their answering service.

Kiara Washington

2 years ago

ms.debbie &her family does my minnie wonders , every other month ! haircuts last &s he always comes home pretty ???? ! Debbie gave my baby her first hair cut in 2016 &I’ve been going to her ever since. No one else has cut her ???? ! We love you guys !!!


4 years ago

My dog loves it..nuff said.

Cindy Baldwin

5 years ago

Best place ever ,they do a wonderful job and you can tell they treat your pet so good, my Molly is always so happy when I drop her off and pick her up

Dr. April Jackson-James

5 years ago

They make our puppy happy & pretty again. We love this place

Heather Resume

5 years ago

Have been to the groomer approx 3xs. Called 1.5 weeks out before 4th Holiday to book. Left msg. Nothing. Called 3 more times within a week. Nothing. Finally got the man the day before the appt. He says nothing's available. I said I've called 4xs and did this early to get in. He says he doesn't recall I called 1.5 weeks ago but doesn't deny it. Says again he's booked up unless a lot of ppl cxl. He does apologize and say there's no excuse. I said well I guess I will find another groomer. And he says ok good luck. He doesn't say - het you know,What? I will put you in next week and give you a discount or $10 off or just something nice. He says nothing to save the relationship. Why is that? We've always tipped well and have had no issues prior. I don't understand how businesses feel that they are doing so wel and are SO profitable they don't care if they lose a good customer or two or three over a perfectly honest mistake on their part. I was disappointed yes. But the conversation wasn't horrid or rude on either side. So I don't get it. I guess they must be able to afford to let good customers go...

Joanne Jeremiah

5 years ago

Good customer service. My dog was so matted and had to be cut very low i was worried but bebby made me feel confident to leave my dog thanks deb n fam

Richard Lynch

6 years ago

I've been going here for years without any problems. Nice people.

Marco Romo

7 years ago

Cuz they know how takin care of pets.

skip kamermayer

7 years ago

This may come as a shock to you...It sure is a shock to me as I am forced to write a BAD review. I have been taking my beagle to Debby's for almost one year with no problems. Today, 7/15/2016 I was told to bring my dog in between 8a.m.-10a.m. I was there at 9a.m. All I was asked upon arriving was does my dog get along with other dogs. I told them yes he does get along with other dogs. I was then told that my dog would be done by 11:30a.m. Upon arriving at Debby's at 11:30a.m. I could not believe how confused everyone was that worked there. They looked at me and all they said was," we're sorry, we forgot to groom your dog". I placed my dogs harness on him and left without saying a word ( I think that was a wise thing to do, seeing how mad I was ). My dog spent 2 1/2 hrs. at Debby's and had NOTHING done to him. ie; washed, ears cleaned, nails clipped. This treatment, or the lack of treatment is unexceptable. NO ONE SHOULD PUT THEIR DOG THROUGH THAT. I received one," I'm sorry", and not another word was said by staff. If that keeps up, that office space will be empty. This is just my opinion, so I guess it's food for thought. I WILL NEVER BRING MY DOG BACK TO DEBBY'S PUPPY LOVE.....HE DESERVES BETTER.

Kathy Dollar

8 years ago

I have been bringing my dogs to Debby's for nearly 13 years and have only great experiences. They are very nice and caring people that bend over backwards to give good service and accommodate their clients.

Natt G

8 years ago

Used to take my dog to petco. He hated it, would pull away and whine. And only after visiting Deb's twice, he pulls me towards the door. He always comes out happy and energetic with a shiny coat. Petco would accidently make him bleed when cutting his nails. Never have that issue at Deb's.

Beatrice Jackson

10 years ago

I have been taking my dog there for a couple of years now. They treat my dog like she is part of their extended family. She knows when we pull up to the door where she is and she does not fight me like she did with the other groomer. I have had nothing but great experiences there and would not go any where else. Keep up the good work.

Baby Doc

11 years ago

I brought my bichon in for shampoo and they did more than expected - they filed her nails, checked her ears, etc., and she looked beautiful once more...very happy with service, Marlene (using my daughters computer).

Greg Pacey Moore

11 years ago

Not to say these people are rude but they are very unprofessional. I dropped my dog off to be groomed with instructions to shave him down all one length. I was at the grocery store when they called for me to pick him up, the man on the phone says he is ready and they are all done for the day and for me to come get him ASAP. I thought this was odd phone manners for a business man to have, regardless I show up to get my dog. The price was $45 which mysteriously went up $10 from the first time I brought him to this place. I handed the man $60 he then looked at me and said I don't have change for this. I asked him if they took credit cards his response was a resounding NO. He continued to look at me like I’m supposed to just let him keep the change, so at this point I am just looking back at him. He then offers to go get change; I said ok at this point the man got very huffy and upset. I then had to sit in the parking lot for fifteen minuets (with milk and other perishable goods in my car) waiting for him to return with change that a business that does not take debit/credit should have on hand. Finally he returns I take my change and go home let my dog in the house while I get the groceries from the car. When I get back into my house with my bags I notice blood all over my house, my carpets, and my couch. Being that I have black interior in my car and the fact it was raining I did not notice that my dog was bleeding profusely from his back paw. They cut his nail all the way down! I immediately called my vet they told me to put pressure on it and hold it until it stopped bleeding (this took hours btw). I tried to call the groomer but of course they did not answer they were in such a hurry to get home. The next day I show up at there office and the guy blatantly accuses me of causing the damage my self, and took no responsibility for there actions. I have had my dog Groomed dozens of times this has never happened before, if his nail had cracked or split I would understand but the nail is strait across from where they shaved it down. I brought with me the copy of the invoice from Stanley Steamer, which there insurance should cover. The man said they would not cover the damages and then went on to blame my dog and to say that he was bad during his grooming.( I am assuming they don't have insurance) I found this insulting considering my girlfriend is a professional dog trainer and normally our past groomers always commend him for being very good. Needless to say the business owner should have owned up to there mistake and at the very least showed some kind of remorse. I would not recommend this groomer to anyone for the simple fact that if anything happens to your pet while in there care they will blame it on you because they most likely have no insurance to cover there negligence.They are unprofessional, Not to mention my dogs hair has many patches of hair longer than the rest. This should have been the easiest job of the day for them instead they rushed it and caused my dog pain. In the end I hope it will cost them a lot more.

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