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Gretchen Jasinski

2 years ago

Always the best, so caring!

Dana S

2 years ago

I went to Citrus Park because my regular avian vet was out of town for an extended time. Dr. Brooks and the rest of the staff were kind and gentle with my senior parrot. We tried multiple treatments. Unfortunately, I had to euthanize her but I feel better knowing she was handled gently at the end.

Kristy Thorsen

2 years ago

I just learned that this clinics boarding facility was responsible for the inhumane and horrific treatment and ultimate death of one of my childhood dogs. I was hopeful when I looked this clinic up that it may have been closed or at least had an ownership change since this happened almost 30 years ago, but sadly the website show it has been owned and operated by the same Vet since 1984. Our dog was tortured and put in a cage that was too small for him for 4 days. My father returned one day early to pick up our dog and found him to be in shock, wet and in horribly shape and he died that night. This is heartbreaking ???? ???? as Sammy was the most lovable and loyal boy and was loved. There is a special place for anyone who would ever even consider harming an innocent sweet animal.

Jenny Golubeff

2 years ago

Super friendly front desk staff. Very organized and asked lots of questions about my pet. Nurse and vet were very patient and informative

Randy Elkin

2 years ago

Treated me and my family with great care. Took my Yellow Crown Amazon there and they were very knowledgeable.

Crimson Eirene

2 years ago

Affordable. My snakes, cats, rodents and lizards will be going here (already got three in the system here)

Samantha Chappell

2 years ago

Dr. Brooks has been my vet since I was 7 years old. My family dog and cat went here until they passed away. Then I started bringing my own cats and dog. He has passion for what he does and he loves animals. He honest about what’s going on with them and he’ll tell you what the different treatment options are. He cares for the animals like they are his own. I’m grateful to have such an amazing vet all these years and I can’t imagine taking my fur babies anywhere else. Thank you for all that you and your staff do on a regular basis.

Aileen Collins Love

2 years ago

They took in an injured Osprey I found. Thank you


2 years ago

It's been a long process having our bunny treated, but the doctor and staff have worked hard to make sure he is comfortable and making progress. They also worked with our limited budget to make sure we could get him the treatment and …

Fulmer Photo

2 years ago


Lynne Florian

2 years ago

They have been very helpful and informative with my chicken. I would definitely recommend this Veterinarian.

Scartato Ardimoore

2 years ago

I bring my Quaker parrot here for all non-emergency needs and they handle everythinh with confidence and care.

shannon Welsh

2 years ago

This clinic was the only place that had a doctor qualified to see our rabbit and got us an appointment the next day. (I called 5) The quality of service started with the front desk personnel. The girl upfront was very friendly and helpful on the phone and In person. The vet tech was also exceptionally friendly knowledgeable. The doctor also was great and took the time to explain what our rabbit needed to get better. He did not act like he was in a rush and explained everything to us. I would definitely recommend this place and go back in a heartbeat.

Yolanda Fernandez

2 years ago

Doctor is caring and the front desk workers are excellent.

Athena Marie

2 years ago

I have been taking my girls (2 Rats) here for a while. The girls at the front desk are really nice and helpful. I always ask a ton of questions and they always try to get an answer. The lab tech and the doctor are knowledgeable about rats and give good advice on their care and are honest in their assessments and recommendations. This is my go-to for care for my girls (and any future ones I may procure).

Yitsy Suarez

2 years ago

Took my rabbit to get his nails trimmed. Quick and everyone was very nice! I paid $25 for the trimming.


3 years ago

My bird had a bump on his nose which was causing his beak to cross over. They have me an appointment literally the next day from when i called. I took him in and they gave me all types of explanations and gave me a lot of information, i took him in for surgery the next morning and he was done in the afternoon, they called and updated me on my bird and let me know when i can come get him (they already charged me for an overnight stay so that was pointless) I wasn’t able to pick him up but my dad picked him up the next day. they informed my dad on the medication and how to administer the meds. Update - they charged me for vitamins that they never gave me. They were also supposed to give me a sample size bag of bird food to start my bird on to switch his diet since they said the sunflower seeds and corn in his bird food weren’t good for him. They made my dad buy food, and it wasn’t even the right one that the doctor told me he needed and now my bird won’t eat it. The doctor also told me corn was bad for birds because of the salt however the handout they gave me that says what fruits and vegetables birds can eat clearly states that they CAN eat corn. There’s just a lot of things that aren’t adding up unfortunately and now i’m confused on what to feed my bird. There is still a noticeable bump on my birds nose after the procedure and i’m just hoping they got everything and it’s just swollen but will go down with meds.

Carolina Quintero

3 years ago

Very good but a little pricey.

karl kristof

3 years ago

Dr Brooks is one of the best all-around animal veterinarians in the business he is very compassionate and always has the animal's best interest at heart highly highly recommend citrus Park animal hospital

Marangely Galvin

3 years ago

Very nice, and dog love the doctor

Mike McLeish

3 years ago

They were able to see my sick green-cheek conure that day. Dr Brooks was very experienced with birds and his recommendations for healthy diet made perfect sense. Their prescriptions and vitamins were reasonably priced, and my bird loves to take them, which was a huge plus. Dr Brooks even called back the next day (on a Saturday) to check on how he was doing.


3 years ago

FOR ANYONE WITH EXOTIC BIRDS!!!!We took our Indian Ring neck to this facility on Monday to get blood work for DNA and for Beak and feather disease because his feathers were falling out and not growing back out. Beside the feather issues, Our bird was a very happy bird. Very talkative and active. He loved spending time with us and was very personable according to the vet who saw him at this hospital. After the blood work was done, our bird was very lethargic, we figured it was because of the blood work that was drawn. The next day nothing had changed except he wasn’t eating as much, on Wednesday we noticed he just stopped moving all together so we took him to the animal hospital at night. The Dr there told me that she did not know what was wrong with our bird but that chances are he wasn’t going to make it. This morning I called the the Vet that originally saw Blu and the tech said that the bird was already very sick when they saw him. Funny thing is the Vet didn’t mention that our bird was very sick and the only reason we took Blu in is to figure out why his feathers weren’t growing back and to find out if he was a male or female through bloodwork period.! Our bird was a very active and happy bird until he was seen at this facility. We weren’t allowed to go back w the bird so we have no idea of what could have happened back there. Last night he threw up, today he has black and green stool. My advice to anyone who has a bird is do not take them here. I don’t think they are as experienced with birds as they say they are. Sadly, we made a mistake that we will always regret.

Shayla Anderson

3 years ago

I’ve never been here however, when I called the young lady was very helpful and informative. She directed me in the right direction to find care for my pet with the timing I needed.

Jessica Marosi

3 years ago

Hubby took grandmas dog here when she was very sick. They took very good care of her. Recommend.

Joseley Torres

3 years ago

They always take care of our exotics from PetSmart 1741 and always do the outmost for us. Thank you to all the staff for always being diligent and more importantly kind and empathetic.

Mindy B

3 years ago

Dr. Brooks and staff always give my fur babies the best care. Always pleasant to talk to. Thank you!!

Natalie B

3 years ago

Liz was really unprofessional dragging my dog down the hallway and onto the scale, picking her up by her leash knowing her legs are dislocated. And telling my family just cause we didn’t have our cat in a crate that he was gonna get hit by the cars outside. I’m not happy what so ever!

Michael Perez

3 years ago

The staff are very knowledgeable and kind. Visits are reasonably priced

Natalie Rodriques

3 years ago

Took my Pit bull to this vet... friendly staff but a waste of Money..... was told there is nothing wrong with my dog. I got a second opinion …

Norm G

3 years ago

Good staff and fair prices, better than any of the national chains I have used.

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