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Imagined Imagination

2 years ago

So I had the unfortunate pleasure of being a former customer of theirs. Due to unreasonable demands to get an 8week old puppy heart worm prevention, they are making the veterinarian that examined my puppy already, send her an email. All puppies need prevention without heartworm testing because the test results do not show until 6months. It doesn’t matter the brand of prevention the fact is he just needs prevention. So I call her back to say they did what she asked. This time she looks and She asked me to have the vet email her that he was seen and they recommended heartworm preventative, which they did. Now she wants prescription paper with the specific brand of heartworm preventative and flea med, because “they haven’t examined him.” 1 they just want me to pay another exam fee so they are making me and the other vet jump through hoops. I have the receipt in hand from the visit and the results and she got an email from the provider. And as a client currently you would think they’d treat my business better, this is the 4th dog I’ve brought business to them about. NEVER AGAIN. Money grubbing waste of my time. Go to carrrollwood community animal hospital or shot clinics for actual customer service. Additionally, I brought my male shepherd here Thor he did not get his heartworm test with them because they don’t know what they are doing I hear struggling and fighting next door which is where they were attempting to take blood from him. He is an 85 pounds shepherd they have him on a tiny table top muzzled and pinned down. No wonder he was fighting, i sure as heck would too! I took my big boy to a shot clinic outside of cvs and guess what? Easy as pie! So hence why I didn’t want them looking at a defenseless 8 week old pup. I wasn’t gonna even talk about my last experience with them because I thought well I may need help but not from them. Go elsewhere

Douglas Earle

2 years ago

Dr Kim is a very compassionate professional. We have used him for 10 years and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

Donna Mccoy

3 years ago

He appears to be a very caring doctor,

Katelynn Sparkman

3 years ago

If you care about your animals at all, please don’t bring them here. We brought our dog up here because our regular vet couldn’t see her that day, and she was acting weird and we thought she needed to be seen that same day. We bring her in, and the Dr. proceeds to tell me that she’s in congestive heart failure. As well as possible liver or kidney infection/disease. Takes bloodwork, and says they’ll get bloodwork results back the next day. Mind you, we’ve had a dog previously who had congestive heart failure, so i know what all goes in to the upkeep of a dog with such an issue. They don’t give us any medicine for heart failure (and didn’t do an x ray or echo or anything to confirm that her heart was indeed failing) and gives us 2 medications. The one medication they gave us is called Carprofen. We thought it was a little odd, and a simple internet search would show you that you should NOT prescribe this medicine if the dog has kidney, liver, or heart failure disease. Interesting, considering that’s what he thought my dog had.... the next day we take her to our regular vet, and turns out she has diabetes and he was surprised she hadn’t even crashed yet, her levels were so bad. And informed us that our dog does NOT have congestive heart failure, and was utterly shocked that a Dr. would prescribe carprofen to a dog in her condition, and warned us to NOT in any circumstances give that to her, that this medicine could’ve literally killed her. It’s a good thing we searched it beforehand, and trusted our instincts and did not give it to her. So this Dr. not only misinformed me that she had congestive heart failure, essentially telling us that our dog was dying when she was not, but then proceeded to give us a medication that could’ve seriously killed her. Now if you want to go to a skilled and compassionate vet, i recommend going to Animal and Exotic Medical Center, on dale Mabry highway in Lutz. Please bring your animals somewhere where they actually care about them, and don’t falsely tell you that your dog is dying or give you medicine to kill them.

Linda Muralt

3 years ago

Cheat loved Dr. Kim! He took wonderful care of my furbaby.


3 years ago

I highly recommend Dr. Kim and his wonderful staff. He really cares for his patients and ensures he takes the correct measures when working with elderly fur babies. I only wish I had known about him sooner so I could have been going to him for years instead of just these past few months. He runs his business with a passion for his clients and not a passion for the dollar. If I could give him 10 stars I would.

Aaron Dixon Chiropractor

4 years ago

Dr Kim is a great vet! We have been bringing our three dogs to see him for a couple of years now. He is honest and straight forward and doesn’t try and run up the bill like some other clinics do. Dr Kim and staff are very professional and it’s easy to bring our dogs in whenever we need him. My wife and I are very happy with this clinic! Highly recommended!

Jason Beetley

4 years ago

Dropped my puppy and full grown German Shepard at his establishment for kennel care . Puppy at 6 weeks weighed 10 pounds at drop off. Picked her and my Shepard up Shepard was healthy as well as her at drop off. At pick up her ribs, spine and hind quarter bones were visible to the point of starvation. My Shepard's eye was swollen and he also had lost weight. And there explanation was they cut her food in half because she went to the bathroom to much. Which I paid them quite well to take care of them. Both got home and ate like they have never eaten before. I suggest stay as far away from this vet and his business as you can. They certainly do not care about your four pawed family at all. To them it's all about the money Dr Kim and his whole staff are not animal lovers.

Brigitte Lee

5 years ago

Took our Yorkie here for his shots. The Dr. Kim and his staff are just amazing and so friendly. You can clearly see that they love animals. The office is clean and service is fast. They have 2 locations. We will definitely continue bringing our fur baby here. Highly recommend.

lea s

8 years ago

Highly recommend! I love Dr. Kim. He is a great vet. He may be a little straightforward but it is much better than trying to sugar coat his words so I don't get offended. My cat surely has more than 9 lives thanks to him.

Robert Sirota

8 years ago

I first visited Abbott Hospital years ago when my chocolate lab puppy got ill from eating (ironically) a bag full of chocolate 2 days before Xmas. He was very ill the next day. My wife and i thought there was no hope, it being Xmas eve and …

Vanessa Rivera

8 years ago

I have been taking my dog to Dr Kim for years now. He is an amazing doctor and has a wonderful staff. He always gives my baby a treat when we go in, so my pup loves going to this clinic. Prices are always reasonable. But more importantly his warm personality toward my baby has been more valuable than anything else because my baby has always been very nervous with our vets. I highly recommend Dr Kim as your vet.

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