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Karina Marie Bidot

2 years ago

My husband and I are so thankful for this place and staff, we had an amazing experience tonight with Margo who helped us out during a very difficult time of trying to find a place to put out puppy down due to her being in pain. Margo made this super simple for us after us searching for a place for hours and not finding help at any other location. You guys were an answered prayer tonight.

Wubby And aiden

3 years ago

We took are 8 month old bulldog here, at first we thought we took her to the right place.. the 2 staff members who were there and on call took our baby back, a few hours later came out and told us that they would not send our baby home if they didn’t feel she was 100 ok. They took our money gave us miss leading information, sent our baby home and a couple hours later our baby was extremely worse. She ended up passing away a hour after we took her home! This place is a joke!!!!

Missy Lagera

3 years ago

We just got back from a visit to Pet Emergency Center after a small scare with our dog, Duke. Dr. Kiser and Nicole were both phenomenal. They both had a very calming presence and were sure to communicate with us about everything they were doing for our pup. Nicole listened to our concerns patiently as we panicked and gave more information than they probably needed. Dr. Kiser was efficient and kind as he explained his assessments and processes with us. Also, the adorable decor of very artsy pet paintings helped distract us from our panic. If we ever have another scare for our pet's health after our vet's hours we will definitely come back here. Thanks so much to the staff at Pet Emergency Center for the amazing service!

Devin Liladrie

3 years ago

Very honest and pleasant people.


4 years ago

This was my second time needing this service. Once on Thanksgiving my gerbil was very ill and the staff was very understanding and treated her like her life mattered. Today I rushed my dog in because she got hit in the eye hard with a tennis ball. The vet ran appropriate tests and her assistant was courteous and knowledgeable. No complaints. I’m happy this after hours service exists.


4 years ago

I'm extremely disappointed in this place, and heart broken. The only reason I choose this place was because it was the only emergency hospital open during the weekend; when my little ferret was having problems due to a blockage in his stomach. They lack compassion, empathy, and I truly believe they don't care about the animals, only the currency. I wasn't reassured at all I didn't feel like they wanted to help, and when the time came they couldn't even tell me WHAT was in his system, only that it was a blockage, regardless for all the test we paid for that apparently didn't help them. Also... one of the staff members actually had the audacity to say, "I've never done surgery on a ferret before" before leaving him in their care... would you want to hear that from the person who's suppose to save your baby? My little man was alive before we went in, but after spending two days there, and a thousand + dollars, he died. I'll never get to play with him again, or be with him. I just wanted more time with him.

עדן עמירם

4 years ago

We had a problem with our little puppy and Dr Seth M and the people there helps us a lot and being so nice!! Recommend.!!

Josh Westerlund

4 years ago

They are not open 24 hours on the weekends like they say. Showed up with a sick pet and found a sign to drive to a sister location almost 8 miles away. There is a closer emergency vet hospital 3.5 miles north on Unversity Ave. Disappointed …

Eleen Ferreira

4 years ago

Most amazing staff at night. Thank you so much for everything. I’ll be definitely switching from Hollywood animal hospital to you guys.

Anya H.

4 years ago

Went here late at night because my dog possibly got bit by a spider. They were so caring and professional. We walked right in, no waiting, were seen right away. I would highly recommend this place to anyone needing great care for their pet.

Irene Trujillo

5 years ago

We took our small dog who had injured himself here because nothing else was open at the time. It was probably around 2am. The two girls working were extremely insensitive to the situation. They were laughing in the hallway and taking …

Jacqueline Pixiefitness

5 years ago

I’ve visited this facility back in March 24, 2017 with my female dog who had gone into labor.. I have welped litters before and I new something was wrong, so I took her here. They euthanized all 8 of her full term puppies because they …

Jordan Boudlal

5 years ago

Extremely unprofessional receptionist. I just called, 12/18/18 at 12:43am because my dog is in pain and acting up. When the extremely rude lady answered the phone, the call was going in and out, so I asked her to repeat her hours of operation, which she then shouted “oh my god!” In frustration as if it was inconvenient for her to repeat the three words she started saying. I will NEVER use their services and I highly recommend no one trust this business. Incompetent, nasty, and unprofessional staff should be reported. Good luck to anyone who goes there. Also, this is not the first bad experience I’ve had with this clinic, I might add.


6 years ago

By far the greatest, most loving, Doctor I've ever encountered!!! Dr. Seth is all about the care of the animal. My Dutchess was in labor and we discovered she couldn't push one of the puppies due to it being too big. Of course it had to be …

Tinny TinTin

6 years ago

I took my puppy to the pet emergency center last week due to the sudden onset of illness. He is a one-year-old border collie mix and was vomiting and had diarrhea with lots of blood in it. Although the hospital was busy, they were prompt, …


6 years ago

With what happened to my cat and other Animals it is genuinely clear with the care provided, they are considerate and loving wanting the best for the patient no matter what species. The staff was understanding and very knowledgeable. I would recomend to anyone, just be prepared to pay upfront. No billing department. But if its an emergency its worth it.

Rey Pena

6 years ago

My poodle mix was attack by a pit bull. I decide to go to the Tamarac location because of rating. I paid $570 for emergency care. Before leaving, one reception advise I can return for free to remove his drains. I returned 3 day later to a …


6 years ago

Dr. Monk needs to acquire some bedside manner because he was not tactful about my dog's condition when she was admitted overnight. To be honest, I didn't know whether to thank him for his candor, or punch him in the face for being so …

Kimberly Narvaez

6 years ago

I took my french bulldog here last night because she got bite by something and had a horrible reaction & threw up twice. The staff was so nice and cared for her like she was their own. We were seen within 10 to 20 mins and were home within 40 mins. I highly recommend this place and will return in the future.

Jackie Sugg

6 years ago

The woman who answered the phone was so incredibly knowledgeable and helpful! She spent time researching and doing the math on our three dogs weights to decide if the amount of chocolate they got into was harmful and determined that they'd be fine. The two emergency vets I called before that told me to come in immediately and it would be $100/dog for the office visits only and then more to induce vommitting, get fluids etc. Thank you so much for not causing us to spend all of our Christmas money on unnecessary things! You have no idea how much you've helped us with a simple phone call. You were wonderful and, even though we live in Pompano Beach, this will be our vet of choice if we ever need anything!

Gina M.

6 years ago

I brought my pet here because of the high ratings on google, however I really wish I hadn't. …

Erica A

6 years ago

When our senior Maltese's diagnosis proved grave, the doctor and staff at Pet Emergency Center were gracious and understanding. They took into consideration our unique financial circumstance and tailored a care plan that aligned with our budget. Their main focus is the well-being of the animal and it shows in their work. We're very grateful to have found them when we did. My only complaint is I definitely noticed some compassion fatigue from the vet tech/receptionist. She was empathetic, but it did seem a bit forced at times. And once our dog was humanely euthanized, the vet never returned to personally reassure us and see us on our way. The vet tech came out, said she had passed and we can leave whenever we like. Room for improvement..


6 years ago

You people do not deserve to be in animal care. I wouldn't take a dead cricket to you. How dare you use disrespectful and incompassionate talk to someone who is in anguish over their sick pet!!!! How dare you tell my sister and brother in …

Holly Iannucci

7 years ago

Last night my dog Bella went into labor. What should have been exciting quickly turned into a nightmare when the first puppy got stuck in Bella's pelvis and required a csection. I talked to Dr Keiser first over the phone who was very …

Valery Elise

7 years ago

Its been a long time coming for this review. Long story short, Oct 24, 2015 my dog was poisoned from accidentally eating potpourri, I immediately took her to Banfield Hospital for treatment. Banfied is not a 24 hrs hospital so I had to pick …

Sneak Chamber

7 years ago

Decent pricing depending on what you're for. My dog had been ill for a while when my mother and I began to tumble options. We …

Robert G

7 years ago

I took my cat in here today because of complications of his kidneys. Unfortunately i had to put him down due to failing kidneys. The staff was very friendly and extremely understanding of my pain. I have no comllaints of they way they …

Pamela Graham

7 years ago

On March 9th at 8:40 p.m. I went into the pet emergency with my dog that had cancer and had a major seizure it was a hard day for me knowing that my dog was dying I couldn't let her suffer anymore they did such an outstanding job they were …

Alicia Graham

7 years ago

The team there the Sweetest most Compassionate group of people working there. They took Amazing care of my dog.


7 years ago

When you own a lab mix, it's bound to happen: She ate a toy. Completely gone in seconds. My vet and tech were very friendly over the phone as well as in person. They were as concerned about my dog as I am. They were able to induce her to vomit out the toy. The price was very reasonable for after hours care. I had called a closer, different ER vet clinic before finding this one. They wanted unnecessary X-rays before inducing my dog to vomit even though I know when and what she ate. That would a waste of time and money. This clinic was quick on their feet and efficient on what they do. That is how all emergency (animal and human) should operate. Will use again for future emergencies.

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