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josh S

2 years ago


Ana Ataury

2 years ago

Best animal hospital ❤️Doctors and staff are amazing!

Bertha Acosta Carballeira

2 years ago

The whole team is great, our babies enjoyed their first visit!

Beella Bones

2 years ago

A long wait time in the hot car (with a/c) for us waiting for staff to come out to get her!! It's outrageous I almost fainted way to long. She was clean from bath! my poor baby & me in the hot car ???? ????‍♀️????

Andrea Leiva

2 years ago

My Maltese Mya is always in good hands with them ????

Fabiola Fabiola

2 years ago

Dr. Chistina Pollitt , is am amazing vet i meet her a few years ago wen my old English bulldog had linfoma her cancer was already spread out, other vets told me she is dying , ohhhh put her down , feed her chocolate and wine Even though wasn't much to do for my dog, Dr. Christina was the only vet that care to help. My other dog Max is about to be 16 years old , an my Bella a yorkie 12 years old are under Dr.Christina Pollitt care she is the only veterinarian i thrust! Dr.Chriatina and her staff always call back and give you an update on how your pet is doing Thank you very much Dr. Pollitt From : karla and rodrigo The best vet that will care for your pet.

Mercy Roberts

2 years ago

The staff and doctors are amazing and wonderful with my dog. Every vet you go to has wait time to be seen and I can tell you that any wait time experienced is due to the time taken by the doctor and staff to care for my pet and make sure I understand everything that's going on. Dr. Polit & her associates are extremely knowledgeable and professional. My dog is happy and eager to walk into the office due to the nature and gentleness of the staff. I recommend this office to anyone who is looking for a vet/staff that truly cares and loves animals.

Seppi Leveroni

2 years ago

Staff is always helpful and knowledgeable

Sarah Morrell

2 years ago

I can to this vet for one reason and one reason only. I thought I was obligated to come here because I got my pup from Petland. I have been at a different vet office for years now with my other dogs and cats. Never have I felt the wya I have from sunset when you come to this vet they want you to wist in your car an hour after the appointment is scheduled. You'd think anyone who cares about animals wouldn't let an animal stay in the Florida heat for over an hour in the car. They milk you for every penny they can get from you and honestly u felt they don't genuinely care about your animals. So glad I realized u was not obligated to come here and I can't wait till my vet that I've been with for years gets to meet my new pup.

S Hernandez

2 years ago

They are good but they are expensive

Kelly W

2 years ago

What an amazing first time experience. I've gone to chain clinics in the past and they have totally changed my perspective on pet health. They set up the first appointment and asked me about my pet, did a health follow up call BEFORE my appointment (free) and gave me 2 reminder calls. The appointment was smooth and efficient and covid friendly! They stood outside my car and asked my concerns, and were so gentle with my pup. They communicated at all times during the visit over phone, let me weigh my options, and answered all my questions. When telling me prices they didn't push me to make a choice! I will 10000% be coming back here, amazing work! ????

Chris Leal

2 years ago

All around pretty good. They try and sell you everything under the sun. There's always an additional issue other then why I called. Overall good service.

Trent Wilson

2 years ago

Great service at Sunset Animal Hospital. They treated my puppy better than my sisters doctor treat her kids. They explained all my animal’s medications thoroughly and effectively. They even made it a point to follow up with me the next day to see how my pet was feeling. I will definitely recommend their hospital.

Teri Houston

2 years ago

The visit was handled very well in spite of the Covid19 restrictions and I feel comfortable that my pet was treated well and lovingly since we could not be with him during the exam.

Javier Bidot

2 years ago

The Sunset team is very professional and responsive. I am at ease knowing my Aussie gets top notch quality preventive services and care.

John Ganness

2 years ago

Great staff very friendly and professional

Theresa Scalzitti

3 years ago

I have a new puppy (now 1) and have been taking him to Sunset Animal Hospital from the start. The service has been attentive and caring. Even though they are taking Covid protocols, you are still able to speak to the doctor at every visit and share any concerns or questions. Thank you for taking good care of my little Max!

Merryl Petroglia

3 years ago

Sunset Animal Hospital took care of my cat Mouse. He had a 400 blood sugar when he went to the vet. Started on insulin and special food. Dr Sanchez called me with all of his labs and plan of care. I am happy to report he is now off of insulin and doing well. They took an interest in him and he is doing very well.

Janice S Matos

3 years ago

SAH’s Puppy Check Service was quick and comprehensive. The staff is super friendly and you can tell they live their job. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

Gladysr Quinonez

3 years ago

At Sunset Animal Hospital they take good care of my maltese named Dolly. I love the extra care that Dr. Sanchez gives my baby because she treats them like family.

Enrique Octavio Morales Sanchez

3 years ago

I am incredibly happy to bring my pet to this Hospital, They have been seeing my Dog for more than 5 years and they have always received very professional attention.

Hayley Simmonds

3 years ago

As a professional and an animal lover, I wouldn’t refer this Vet clinic to anyone.. Like many of the other reviews, our puppy was referred here from the pet store we adopted him from. Maybe it’s because I moved here from another state and am not sure how Vets do business in FL, but I have never experienced this level of unprofessionalism... I brought my baby in for an emergency check up without serious concerns, just wanted to make sure he was okay. After a few hours they called to let me know that all my original concerns were no longer there, but then continued to list off a bunch of test they wanted to run that amounted to a huge bill. When I asked why these test were needing to be run and what they thought might be wrong with my puppy, they had no explanation.. I could never imagine going in for an appointment, the doctor finding nothing wrong, and then opting to do a million test. Good Vets I’ve worked with in the past with my fur babies would have sent me home with my puppy with signs to watch for since there were no longer any concerns, having you come back if the puppy continued to behave that way in the future if they had no reason of concern or idea of what may have cause his morning sickness. (my puppy skipped breakfast, and then ate grass to throw up a little foam, how normal dogs react with tummy aches, I called to let them know this and they recommended I come in for an emergency check up for $75, which seemed worth it to me just to have my baby checked out) When the vet called they said he had no fever, was acting fine, and had ate. Seems to me like he was feeling better. Then they insisted that they run a bunch of test. When I questioned why they needed to run them since he was doing better, the only explanation was “i would do this for my dog” in a snobby voice. Of course I would do anything for my dog. Which is what this clinic uses against you to get payments. Now if they had actually looked at his previous records they would have saw that he had symptoms of a common parasite in puppies, that can easily reoccur (he had this parasite a few months prior)... Being an experienced Vet clinic, they would have suggested testing for that first. Unfortunately they were un experienced and money driven so they ran more test than needed. When I called to check up on my puppy, the technician was once again unprofessional and made me feel panicked by telling me that the Vet needed to speak to me and she couldn’t tell me anything. Instead of saying that the Vet was busy and would call me back with Jacks update. So for 20 minutes my mind raced with what news a Vet had to give me that a technician couldn’t. Of course I know that the technician was under qualified to give medical examinations, but by saying the Vet “needed” to speak with me sounded so alarming. There was also not a single ounce of compassion in her voice. However, This same technician was able to tell me that I needed all these test run but not the outcome.. They need to retrain their staff and have a better relay of communication to the families who are there because they love their animals and expect top care. If only they start running Sunset Animal Hospital like they care about animals and they’re families, more than money, maybe they will stop losing business. The three other appointments my puppy had gone to with them I’ve also experienced similar concerns like rudeness, them not knowing what vaccines he had already received, and still no explanations for the things they insist your dog needs. I don’t appreciate how they reply to all of the negative comments trying to justify themselves after the fact. It’s distasteful. My partner and I are now searching for a more family oriented Vet. I would highly recommend NOT going here if you want you fur baby to be known by name (embarrassingly they still had not put his name correctly in the system after I corrected them on the 3rd visit) and not just a number with a price tag.

Ashley Musclow

3 years ago

First off, only came here since they have a partnership with the place where I got my puppy. Supposedly, it was to save us money on vaccines and everything a puppy needs their first year.... if you don't price shop, you might think you're saving money. Really, this vet just make their prices higher, to then discount, to then make you think you're saving. I learned my lesson and have now price shopped other vets and they are all consideredably lower than this vet. As for the veterinarians their selves, they ignored the fact that my puppy is clearly underweight. I've asked for non-prescription required food recommendations, but receive no advice. Instead the receptionist decided to add on the expensive diet food sold in the office. Clearly disregarding my question and trying to upsell. The vet ignores my request for a heartworm prescription(so I could buy online to save $$). They argued saying that they sell it too. I'm aware, but when the vet charges $28 a heartworm pill and chewy .com has a box of 6 for $32 its not worth it. Every visit I have to have them read a detailed list of items on the receipt because I'm constantly catching their random add-ons. The vet is quick to get off the phone, not showing any care or consideration in their work. When I look for a vet or any business I want to help support, I look for the ones who show an honest work ethic and care to build a relationship with their clients. This vet clearly is just here for the money. Its very unfortunate. Very poor professionalism. Not friendly employees and certainly not a neighborly vet. I have switched my puppy to a friendly privately owned vet now, who will do anything to ensure her health. I recommend you do the same, to not only save money, but the health of your pet.

Jorge Pareja

3 years ago

Great place,excellent customer service ....I have taken my dogs to this clinic for many years and always leave happy and I know my dogs are in good hands with Dr Polit. I live in palm beach and I don't mind traveling almost an hour to take my dogs to this place....highly recommend it.

Fidel Tamayo

3 years ago

They treat my puppy with love!

CleveKura Kura

3 years ago

Love love love Sunset Animal Hospital and what's more important my little boy Maxim my French Bulldog loves it.

Diana Rodriguez

3 years ago

The best Animal clinic that has been. Great customer and patient service. Overall I am very satisfied with their service.

Czarney Ellington

3 years ago

I brought home my little girl, Cassie Czar, an early birthday present during this Pandemic. Like any newborn human child, there has to be a followup with their pediatrician. I took my 8 week old Shetland Sheepdog to her first doctor's visit. In the midst of social distance, as a parent, I had to wait outside in my car. However, the staff and doctors did a great job in providing the necessary link to register. They consistently communicated through phone and curbside. Cassie was given a good report and I was given instruction regarding her future health care. I will continue to use Sunset Animal Hospital and would recommend anyone to consider using this facility for their furry child healthcare. #ThanksTeam


3 years ago

Horrible & Liars!! They said my dog needed to be sedated for an x-ray on her leg when she didn't really need to. Spoke to other vet clinics shortly after and they said, you don't need to have your dog sedated unless the dog is in pain, if the area is swollen, bruised, etc.. The other vet clinic was able to tell me what was wrong with my dog without an X-ray and being sedated. I'm never taking my pet here ever again!! Also, the attitude on the phone isn't customer friendly.

Dane Robertson

3 years ago

They take great care of my pup!

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