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zuya H

2 years ago

Dr Ford is very good. He doesn’t prescribe more than what you need, not like other vet always try to give your baby more test and make you pay.

Selina Shultz

2 years ago

Very happy with Dr Ford and his staff.

Geraldine Flug

2 years ago

I love the affordability of this vet care under the thrive program. They always text to follow up after appointments to see how the dog is doing. They respond to text if you have any questions. I just had my female eight-month-old dog spayed and it was very affordable, compassionate, and easy. The dog is doing great and was sent home with anti-inflammatory drugs to help with swelling or pain..She is eating, Drinking, and going potty. It feels like personal service to me because of the good follow up. I highly recommend it

allie ammenheuser

2 years ago

Dr. Crouch and the team at this location are amazing. I brought my 6 month old puppy, Cali, in for a concerning cough and Dr. Crouch made me feel at ease and provided great education on the matter. What I really love is that instantly when entering the exam room Dr. C gets on the ground and embraced my dog. You can tell she has a love and passion for what she does. This was our 3rd visit, and every visit has been just as warm. I also appreciate that all my questions were answered and there was no sense of rush to get me out of there. No pushing of unnecessary services either. Pricing was less expensive than I thought, and honestly cheaper than other offices I’ve been to in the past. Thank you Thrive Team at Durbin!!!

Denise T (NeeceeT)

2 years ago

Outstanding experience with the whole team! Affordable prices, and they review prices and options with you before treatment.

Khurram Shah

2 years ago

Dr. Crouch was very caring and kind. She treated Zues with respect and care and went beyond of what my expectations were. I am glad I have a good Veterinerain in my corner. I trust her and her nurse Aubrey was very understanding as well and knowledgeable. I would definitely Reccomened this clinic to anyone who wishes good care at an affordable price. You don’t need to dread going to vets that charge a lot and don’t provide good cate for your pet, just go here and see for yourself.

Michelle Humphrey

2 years ago

The nurse and vet were very nice and listened to my concerns and had answers. Very happy with them. Did not do any unnecessary test.

Sabrina Zulqarnain

2 years ago

Over a year ago, I gave this office 5 stars. Things have since gone down hill. The vets, the vet techs, office staff were great. What is not great is the ease of making appointments and scheduling. The schedule is booked out weeks in advance. Their suggestion to this problem is to take my dog to the ER Vet for every routine issue when they are booked out weeks in advance. That defeats the purpose of continuity of care and preventative primary care vet visits. When I finally got an appointment, they canceled my appointment three times. After the third time, I canceled my Thrive Vet membership. I’m not sure how accurate it was but when I first took my dog to this office, I was told by staff that they give preference to those with their membership. That clearly has not been the case for me. The vets and staff can be the best in the world but it doesn’t make a difference to my dog’s health if my dog isn’t able to be seen due to poor scheduling practices.

Calli Miller

2 years ago

Dr. Crouch is the best! It’s hard to find a Veterinarian that is so caring and explains things in such detail as Dr. Crouch. Not only do I feel like I’m getting adequate care for my dogs, but she treats them like family. I’m so glad I gave this place a try!

Cornel Buiciuc

2 years ago

Not very nice customer service!

Maria Hurtado

2 years ago

Lack of urgency, poor customer service front desk and over the phone. If you want your pup to establish a great relationship with a vet that will treat your pet with great care and concern I advise going else where. This is a more “treat em and street em” type clinic.

Corey Parrish

2 years ago


Robin Anderson

3 years ago

I had given this clinic a 5 star rating 6 months ago. This location has gone downhill, quickly. Do not count on professionalism or posted hours to be honored. They recommend you call first, but do not answer the phone. If you call their corporate number you will be put on hold while corporate tries to call the Durbin location. If you are standing in front of the clinic while corporate tries to call the location (during regular business hours), you can hear the phone ringing inside the office and no one picks up. If you call ahead to schedule an appointment, (and actually get Tomica on the phone) she will be short, surly, and NOT take the time to listen to your reason for calling. You will be put on hold many times. Tomica will put you on hold again while she pulls up your account. I was put on hold 3 times before I even spoke. Tomica will not be able to call you by your name correctly even though she has your account in front of her. I was called Robert Anderson, I was called Miss Robertson, and when I told her my name was Robin she put me on hold again. There are plenty of veterinary clinics that want your business and can give you the service that you and your pet deserve. I should add they they have held me hostage by refusing to dispense a years worth of heart worm preventative (or even 2 months worth). I have been told to come by each month so they can weigh my dog and give me the EXACT dosage based on weigh. This has been expensive and inconvenient since the clinic does not keep regular hours. This indulgence would make sense if the clinic was reliable. I’ve been told it was MY fault that I did not get my dog’s heart worm meds for several reasons. They excused themselves because they said I came during lunch time, (not true); I was told it was my fault for not calling ahead and at the same time the clinic says they keep a supervisor there during business hours (in the back even when the close sign is up) specifically to dispense meds for those without appointments. This is just not true since I was standing there listening to my call ring in their office while I was standing there. No one was in the clinic at 11:30am on a Saturday. And good luck dealing with Tomica. If she is overworked, please get her some help. If this is habitual then please relieve her of her customer facing responsibilities. Perhaps she would be better working in the back where she does not have to talk to people. I review businesses all the time. This was not a professional experience.

Ivy J

3 years ago

The staff truly care! The vets are extremely diligent and do their best to keep your bill affordable

Avengers Assemble

3 years ago

The vet's and the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly here however, what I don't like is the lack of urgency or the ability to get same day appointments when an unforeseen illness pops up. I don't find it acceptable nor professional to tell me that I must take my pet 50 miles away to another facility that has no history on my pet especially when I pay for a monthly plan at Thrive. Nearly all vet's in this zip code have the ability to see urgency appointments even if it's for 15 minutes to rule out something important and begin a prescription, at least to stabilize until a further exam can be attained in a day or two. To not be able to be seen for 7 days is unacceptable and poor service when I have a sick pet that needs attention now, not in a week. Will certainly look elsewhere for the quality and swift attention to care that we're needing at the present time.

Christine Palagonia

3 years ago

I moved into the area and was looking for affordable vet for my two pups, Jake and Emma. Thankfully I found a place I feel comfortable with and so close to my house. Dr Cargill and all techs have been great.

Shan H

3 years ago

GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! I cancelled our monthly vet plans today. We have generally healthy dogs and do not require a lot of vet visits unless of course something unexpected happens. Below is why you should take you pet somewhere else..... 1. You don’t actually get to talk to people at Theo five when you call. I called today for an unexpected emergency, our dog was in pain and I needed to bring him in TODAY. The “scheduling office” said I could be seen on Feb 7th. That is 7 days from now for a dog in pain. I was told to go to emergency vet. I said I want to speak to someone at the office and that never happened. 2. As stated above I was told to go to an emergency vet. Funny how I need to go to emergency vet for something that would take them 10 minutes to look at and fix (broke nail) but when I took my 2 dogs there last time with a baby I had to wait 2 hours past my appt because they had emergencies come in. I waited without complaining because I understand an emergency and know they happen and would never want an animal in pain to wait. 3. What is the point of paying a monthly rate if they take 7 days to see you for an emergency???? Bottom line, go to a private vet where the office answers the phone and treats you like a person. I called a vet I have never been to after hanging up on them and was told without question head over now and we will get him looked at. I am sorry but when you call your vet where you are an established patient with an emergency and all they say is we can see you in 7 days or go to emergency vet, it is definitely not a vet I would want to be a part. Luckily the one today was great and we are 100% moving over to them!!!

Alexa S

3 years ago

Cassidy and Dr. Cargill were very helpful and so kind! They had my cat in and out to examine his problem and followed up with her recommendations for him. They assured me my baby was taken great care of. This is important as a pet owner to know. I will be back for all my vet needs with them!

Robert N.

3 years ago

Convenient, good prices if your a Thrive Plus member!

Lala Skoorb

3 years ago

Our cat is a scaredy cat but acts tough and scared many other vets. At Thrive they were so nice and understanding we will not take her anywhere else. Great first experience!

Kristine Nold

3 years ago

Truly the best vet experience I’ve had in a long time! They are thoughtful and caring, and really go far to work with you for payments. I was even texted the next day to check up on my dog. Will definitely switch over to them permanently!

justin hope

3 years ago

Took my kittens in for a first exam. I appreciate the covid precautions and friendly service. We'll be going back.


3 years ago

Highly recommend as they provide affordable exams and vaccination packages. The vet and vet tech explained everything in detail and spent extra time for questions and offered great knowledge. I will return.

Haeley Thormaehlen

3 years ago

Dr. Kali Gennette has hands down been the best vet that my dog has ever seen (and he’s cost me some money and multiple different vet visits, surgery, medications, you name it the last few months????) You can tell that she genuinely cares about you and your pet. She also tries her very best to make every decision that’s made as affordable as possible. Thankful this location opened up nearby. I wish I had caught the vet technician’s name as well because she’s just as sweet and awesome. We are moving soon and I wish I could take the whole staff with us. Thank you guys for everything so far.

ericka ortiz

3 years ago

This was our puppy's very first vet appointment. They were very kind and attentive - answered all of our questions. We didn't have to wait long before they checked her in. Very kind and helpful staff. I really appreciated that the Doctor called to fully explain her check up and made time to discuss my concerns. I kinda wish we would have asked to go in the room with her, especially since it was her first appointment. Check out was super easy and contactless. Overall great experience and it couldn't have gone any better.

Erica Jackson

3 years ago

My Abbey had to come in because she couldn’t move her back legs. Dr. Jamie was compassionate and suggested we try shots as I couldn’t get an MRI. Sadly they did not work so we had to do the most heart breaking thing. Dr. Jamie and all techs were so caring and treated our Abbey with the most care!! I strongly suggest everyone to bring their beloved pets to see the Dr’s and techs at Thrive!!!

Drake Harmon

3 years ago

Very affordable and great staff and the Dr. was super nice and caring. We have 3 dogs so vet trips can be expensive so we used to drive across town to go to first coast no more homeless pets. We are so glad to have found this close by our house and will only go here from now on. Highly recommend!

Cristina C

3 years ago

Be aware, we took our cat on Jan. 11 they managed to convince us to join their “pet healthcare plan” you get “free exams” still managed to spent over $100 in one visit. One of the Vets put our cat in a flea treatment for three months, each …


3 years ago

Always polite, organized, and putting my animals first. They will go above and beyond and recommended only what they feel is best for your fur baby!

Carlie Shields

3 years ago

They took really good care of my baby

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