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Tracy Aspen

2 years ago

There just isn't a place with sweeter people and they do a fantastic job with our old man dog. Love this place!

Nadezda Kallas

2 years ago

Love it ! my dog was groomed there and I like that grommet listen what I was requesting! My dog was happy ????????!

Alexander Wiand

2 years ago

We take our dog Harley there every time she needs to get groomed and this place always does a fantastic job.

Jana Hickman

2 years ago

They did a fantastic job on my German Shepherd! Definitely going back!!

Dan C

2 years ago

Called at least five times, no one answered. On diff days and at diff times. Honestly don’t know how do they do business.

lady lifter

2 years ago

Extremely upset with this place....I have a 2 year old pomeranian with a magnificent coat....I showed sandy a picture....I specifically asked if this was as shaved or scissor cut, as ANY clipper cut can damage the under coat...she assured me scissors only....when I picked him up he had a teddy bear cut, I was mortified....again I asked if she used the clippers she said no just scissors and a comb With the I said then you used the clippers she said yes but it’s not shaved bc the guard was in the a hairstylist myself I know what a clipper cut is...I called back the next day to tell her how I felt that she wasn’t honest with me from the get go....she told me again that if the clipper guard is on it’s not shaved....ridiculous...the place was chaotic, LOUD....extremely stressed out my dogs were when I picked them up...which they said they weren’t yet there was a huge box in front of the play pen then we’re in bc my Yorkie kept jumping and it pushed the Yorkies face is uneven as well... I said follow his last cut which she did not, its jacked .....they said oh the did great no problems....Just be honest with people and them then the truth about everything....awful place will not return.. In response to your response. ..I never once said my dog suffers from the heat....I specifically asked you not to shave my dog with the clipper, i showed you 2 photos asked you if the cut could be done with just the scissors and you said yes used the clipper on my dog.....whether you put a clipper blade attachment to your clipper or not its a clipper cut .....he was shaved with the clipper.... why can’t you just have told me that and we would not be having this for leaving “happy” I was in shock and taken back bc of all the squealing you were doing saying how great he looked...I should be demanding a full refund at this point for all of this aggravation.

Mary Banks

2 years ago

I have been taking my dog MooShoo to Fresh Prints Pet Spa for almost two years. I get him groomed/bathed about everything three weeks. Sandy does an amazing job. I just drop him off and I totally trust Sandy to determine what is needed, full groom or just a bath. I love the fact that when I drop him off for his appointment he is taken in and I receive a call as soon as he is done so I can pick him up so that he is not in a cage all day. In the past I have had groomers where I would drop him off at a designated time and he would sit for hours till they could get to him. This has never happened with Sandy and Fresh Prints. Only downside is that we are moving and I can’t take Sandy with me!

Rachel Perez

2 years ago

In our household, getting manis/pedis has been low the priority list for humans and pets throughout the pandemic. When we had a need for a last minute nail trim and Fresh Prints Pet Spa made walk-in room for my 15 yr old chihuahua and treated him like a king.

Jocelyn Stelson Wynston

3 years ago

Sandy did a great job and they are such a great group of people working there. I have a shitzu/bichon mix with high anxiety and they were so patient.

Amber Escue

3 years ago

I can’t say enough good things about Fresh Prints! They treat our pups like family and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to groom them!

Andrew Dezso

3 years ago

We recently moved to the area and I asked for a groomer recommendation in our local FB group. Overwhelmingly our community mentioned Fresh Prints and how happy they were. Did not disappoint. We took out two girls ( Cairn and Papillon) there today and was very happy with everything. They were caring and did an excellent job on both . I would highly recommend and will be using them regularly. Thank you Fresh Prints !

Ryan Cobb

3 years ago

Everyone was so friendly and nice. They did a great job on the cut. You gotta check them out.

james mcinerney

3 years ago

Amazing groomer. This was our first time using Fresh Prints and we are very happy that we did. They made our dog Motley look and smell amazing.

Edwin Derderian

3 years ago

My dogs are so beautiful!

Denise Sikes

3 years ago

This is a great place to take your pet for grooming and a trim. Steve, Robert and their staff do a great job! I drive over from the Southside because I like them so much!

Athena Shaw

3 years ago

Fresh prints was the best experience we have ever had with a groomer! We tried this place because they were able to get him in quick. The other place we took him was disappointing he limped and had other strange behaviors for a week or more. At Fresh Prints he came out very happy. When we went inside we did not here the usual whimper. We just heard their parrot actually barking. It was amazing and I was relieved when I came in. You could see that the groomer was petting the dogs and being very friendly towards them. This will be our new regular place! 10/10 would recommend!

Alyssa June

3 years ago

Such a great place to bring your fur babies! My cat Zoe got rubber tips applied to her nails and it was so quick and painless! They even let me go back with her :)

Alan Johnson

3 years ago

First time here and they went above and beyond to accommodate my “senior dog”. I will be back and would recommend to anyone.

Flo Campbell

3 years ago

When I first moved here from the north, I was worried about finding a good grooming salon. Fresh Prints did not disappoint. The staff is kind and friendly. They are very capable of grooming complicated breeds, especially my golden doodle! Beau loves it and so do I!

Heather Nabers

3 years ago

We will never take our dog here again! The groomer (Anna) cut a chunk out of my dog’s paw and it was bleeding profusely. When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was that my dog was still on the grooming table which was odd since they called me 25 mins prior to tell me he was done. The older gentleman working the counter consulted with the the groomer about the price and then started to ring me up. At this point the groomer mentioned that she had to shave my dog because he was matted (he wasn’t) and that he bit her while she tried to get a mat out of his paw. I told her that I was shocked because he’s usually so well behaved when getting groomed. While paying for the visit, I was distracted because I could see Anna and another groomer (older woman, I believe her name is Pam) hovering over my dog with paper towels and doing something with his paw. They were talking quietly between the two of them but it was obvious something was wrong. This went on for 3-4 minutes. After paying, I asked them if there was something wrong with his paw. The older woman nonchalantly stated that Anna had nicked his paw and they were trying to stop the bleeding. There was no further explanation or apology. When they let him off the table, he came running for me and was visibly shaking. I noticed blood on the floor where he walked. I was alarmed and asked how bad it was and whether I should take him to the vet. The older lady quickly let me know that it wasn’t bad and there was no reason to take him in because they wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway. She sounded annoyed that I even asked. The other groomer, Anna, knelt down to show me his paw. It was yellow from where they tried to pack the wound with Quick Stop sand (to stop the bleeding) so I couldn’t see the wound clearly. At this point, I was upset and just wanted to leave. On my way out, I heard one of them say they should just reverse my payment and not charge me for the visit....but still no apology or even acknowledgment that they messed up. Once I got my dog in the car, I noticed there was blood all over my seat. While trying to get him situated, Anna came out to tell me they reversed the charge and that she was embarrassed about what happened. I thanked her but told her I planned to have him seen right away. I drove straight to the vet where they confirmed there was a gash in his paw which would require glue and antibiotics to avoid an infection. $140 later, he’s now at home, on antibiotics, and wearing a cone. Although accidents happen, I’m very upset about the way this was handled. They were so unprofessional! Instead of being up front with me when I got there, they tried to cover it up so either I wouldn’t notice or it wouldn’t appear as bad as it was. Then, they discouraged me from taking him to the vet. Had I listened to them, his paw would have likely become infected. At no point did anyone offer an apology or acknowledge wrong doing while I was in the store. This was the final straw and we won’t be back. There were several other red flags I noticed during prior visits. Based on my experience, I don’t think they care about the well being of their clients. Read the other reviews on a Yelp!! It’s very possible that they’ve traumatized my dog and ruined the grooming experience for him. My mini golden doodle who has been going to the groomers since he was 16 weeks old has never bit a groomer or even been hard to deal with. Past groomers have always raved about how sweet and easy to groom he is. Because of this experience, he will likely be anxious and skittish anytime I take him to get groomed in the future. Don’t make the same mistake. Look elsewhere!

Jenni F

3 years ago

The staff was very friendly. I took my Aussie there after reading other reviews online, they were spot on. I'll be taking my boy back.

Misty Falcone

3 years ago

Love this place! They do a great job and are super nice!!

Rob Edelman

3 years ago

Looking to get your dog groomed or bathed. This is the place. The folks here are great with your pet and service is usually timely and efficient.

Samantha Albrecht

3 years ago

I moved to the area recently and it's always difficult to find a new, good groomer. They were able to get my fluffy pup in ASAP. The location was clean and we'll lit and you could see the dogs in the crates and those being groomed which was really nice. Transparency in how they treat and groom the dogs is refreshing - other places I'd been take them to the back. She was done quickly and her cut was perfect. They were all so polite and kind and the cost was great. I'm used to paying $20-40 more. So grateful to have found a wonderful place for my fur baby.

Adam Curtiss

4 years ago

Brought my mini Aussie in and she looks beautiful after a day at the spa. It was at least $30 cheaper than other places nearby and they did a great job. They are quite busy and book quickly. I’d recommend calling a few days before you plan to bring your dog in.

Anette Desbaillets

4 years ago

My dog was very well taking care of.. will go there again

Crystal B

4 years ago

Super friendly and my Ace always comes out looking super cute!!

Dawn Lindner

4 years ago

Efficient service, inexpensive and convenient to my home.

Eric C

4 years ago

I love this place mostly because the staff treat my dog like family. I also like the way the shop is set up. They don't take the animals into a backroom out of view of humans for their grooming. I trust them greatly as they have not once let me down over the last year.

Jeff Aspen

4 years ago

The only place my dog likes to go for haircuts. They're so good with him and do a great job besides.

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