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Cathy Camp

2 years ago

Our dog got attacked by a Pit Bull (Jan 1 2022 ) When we brought our dog in, we thought the dog had only bit our dogs head as for …

Mariane Smith

2 years ago

Horrible....made my poor dog wait while she was suffering. Worst experience of my life and sadly had to be euthanized. Even that was traumatizing as i was rushed out of there. Such a sad way to say goodbye to my beloved girl

Cathy Ralston

2 years ago

Myself and my daughter had her cat Cynder here several times over the last 3-4 months. The staff is very nice and friendly, to both the pets and the family. Would recommend this place to everyone. Prices are great also.

Lyndie K

2 years ago

My Noel is special needs/elderly and has had to go here several times recently due to a variety of serious health issues. Each time I felt like the vet and the techs have listened to me and made me part of her treatment. They would come in the room with me to give Noel fluids which was much less stressful than taking her in the back. It is a relief to know that in the middle of the night, if Noel starts struggling and it’s over my head, I know that I can drive 20 minutes and get her help. There are times when she’s struggling and it’s very scary. It helps Noel and I to have somewhere to turn when she’s having a rough time. All the overnights you guys work are worth it. You are saving lives. You saved my girl on a couple occasions. She’s my life. She’s my soulmate. I don’t know what I would do without her. Noel and I thank you for all that you do. ????

Jerilynn Thompson

2 years ago

I was told that this was a first come/first serve clinic. I understand that somr emergencies would take precedence. After an hour and a half of waiting and watching almost EVERY one being taken ahead of us, I am absolutely disgusted with this place. Don't waste your time there.

Michelle C

2 years ago

We had to make the tough decision to put our dog down. The staff was so caring and accommodating. Kristen at the desk was very helpful and kind as well as the doctor.

Mamie Elizabeth

2 years ago

The worst place. No communication. I was the 3/4th person in and sat in the waiting room for 2 hours and then finally made it into a room. I then waited another 1/2 hour before I decided enough was enough. No one there seemed to care and sitting in there for 2.5 hours is miserable when no one is keeping you updated with anything. They don’t seem to have any sense of urgency or compassion for people or animals. This area needs an emergency vet place that actually has people there who can help.


2 years ago

Long wait but great service

Leah Garton

2 years ago

About a month ago, Rosebud, my 70-lb, 10 year-old female pit bull mix got attacked by my foster dog. She had several large lacerations that I knew would need to be sutured or stapled, so I took her to Animal Emergency of Hernando. Most people are scared of pit bulls, but the staff and vet treated Rosebud like the sweet soul she is! Given how busy they were, their service was quick and compassionate. Dr. Palacios was wonderful with my sweet Rosebud, even considering age and temperament in how she treated my pup. They were able to ease her pain with medication, clean the wounds, and then staple everything closed. They didn't even have to sedate her which I was worried about because of her age! The last time another dog attacked Rosebud and she needed sutures, the emergency bill was over $1000, but my bill was less than $300 at Animal Emergency of Hernando. I just want to say how much I appreciate being able to have my dog treated at an affordable price. What a service to our community! I thank all of you that work at Animal Emergency of Hernando!

Jovan Zeller (Tree Care)

2 years ago

I am a frequent flyer and I am grateful for Dr. Stone and her staff. We should consider ourselves lucky to have such a great emergency vet clinic.

Cassie Gerner

2 years ago

Very thankful for this facility, tonight I had to bring my dog Bailey in after she got into a fight with my other dog. She ended up needing staples and pain medication. We were in and out in under an hour and the whole staff said how much they loved Bailey. They even cut her nails. Very affordable & very caring. Glad we found this place.

AnimalLuvr's Dream Rescue

2 years ago

Animal Emergency of Hernando and Dr. Stone have been incredible with our rescue pups on multiple occassions. Efficient, reasonably priced and most important compassionate. THANK YOU! ????

Eric Hooper

2 years ago

Dr. Stone and staff was amazing. They had a sense of For my injured dog. Thank you Dr Stone.

haley sampson

2 years ago

waited about 3 hours each time we've came here. friend of ours tried to help this lady out with her bill and the vet double billed her. they charged her 475$ when she only was meant to give 100$ SHE STATED MULTIPLE TIMES THAT SHE WAS ONLY GIVING 100$ TO THE BILL.... all they care about is money. also the big lady in the purple shirt doesnt know what shes doing.

Heather Graham

2 years ago

Dr. Wagner killed our dog.. I brought my 4 year old dog in bc he was lethargic, not eating and throwing up.. Dr. Wagner said his stomach was cramping and he had gastritis.. he gave him shots, an oral medication, and a pill and then told us not to give him any food or water until Thursday (it was Tuesday night).. we asked if he could have been dehydrated from being outside in the heat earlier, he flat out said no and was confident that it was stomach cramps and he would be fine in 24-48 hours.. the next afternoon we took our dog to his real vet for another opinion…. His vet said that he could not believe that he didn’t do blood work the night before or that he was not given an IV bc he was in fact dehydrated from the heat that day, like we asked this so called “dr”.. not only that, but the vet was shocked that we were told not to give him water bc that’s exactly what he needed, hydration…. Our vet stayed 2 hours after closing trying to help our boy, and then told us to bring him back to the emergency clinic to another dr that was on duty that night that they trusted (I forgot her name).. the clinic didn’t open until 5:30 so we had to bring our boy home for an hour while we waited, but he wasn’t looking good….. he ended up seizing and passing away in the car on the way back to the emergency clinic…… we trusted Dr. Wagner to help our fur-baby but instead he mis-diagnosed, mis-treated, and neglected him which ultimately lead to his death.. he gave us a quick guess so he could push us out the door so the next “check” could walk through.. If you love your pets, do not bring them here

Jerry DeBurger

2 years ago

Everyone was caring and compassionate. The vet was wonderful. She was honest about what our options were and explained them. Even though there was nothing they could do for our cat Misty, they made sure she was comfortable and gave us all the time we needed to say goodbye. If we ever have another pet emergency, we will definitely use them again. Thanks again for the wonderful service, care, support, and kindness you showed us at such a difficult time.

Kathleen Perkins

2 years ago

I called for pricing and information prior to going. They were knowledgeable and helpful. I arrived and was promptly greeted with a smile even though they were short staffed like everyone now. I was put into a room within a reasonable time for an emergency care. The technician was very nice. The doctor came in, listened to my concerns and addressed them providing options. They tried a few different things prior to deciding she needed surgery, which I appreciated. The doctor was more concerned about treating my dog, exhausting all options, rather than money in her pocket. I would highly recommend this practice. The facility is clean, all the staff is knowledgeable, the doctors care and the prices are reasonable for an emergency vet. Thank you for saving my Scarlett and her 6 puppies (they all lived). You made a difference!

marilyn gonzalez

2 years ago

Nice place super nice with our pet and very clean

Tiffani McPadden

2 years ago

I went at 5pm and was home with our pup by 645pm. Everyone was so kind and helpful, fully explained everything before doing anything to her. They truly saved me a lot in many ways today, our pup is back to her normal happy bouncy self. We’re so grateful for Animal Emergency of Hernando and all their staff and doctor!

Yvonne Caldwell

2 years ago

After being told to take our cat to the emergency vet we decided to take her to Animal Emergency of Hernando and let me tell you I am so glad we did. Our 5 yr old cat was vomiting and was getting weaker and weaker. The local vet was an absolute mess of a situation. Dr.Stone and the staff at this facility are absolutely amazing. We spent multiple days at the vets office, on and off, and each time we treated with nothing but kindness and respect. Our beloved kitty had to have two operations within days of each other. To anyone who knows this can be quite expensive. Dr.Stone worked with us 100%, caring more about the life of my precious baby than her pocket book. She could have given up when all seemed like it was not helping after her second surgery. Dr.Stone gave her all, trying everything she could and in the end it was more than we could have ever asked. Lemon is doing great. no vomit, eating healthy and soon able to be her sassy self again fully. Removal of the staples is even taken care of by a pop in visit and no cost. Most like to charge you for everything they can. I got nothing but professional and to the point with Dr.Stone. She cares for the wellbeing of the animal, not how the human feels it should happen. I have nothing but the utmost respect for this Doctor and her staff.


2 years ago

They truly care about animals and pet parents. I had to rush my 7yr old Dobie Nixxy for heart and lung issues. Turned out it was DCM and we had to put her down. They let me stay with her as long as I needed and even the lady we administered the euthanasia was choking up and tearing up. Great compassion and support. I love them!!

Raven Dawn

2 years ago

MONEYMONEYMONEY! Thats all they care about! I’m very bad at standing up for myself and after talking to a few people I really wish I did, they basically made me get an unnecessary test done fo something she she has been vaccinated for and I made it clear she was vaccinated for! I asked if I could just take her to her regular vet for it and they said oh no we’ll do it today and just made me feel like I had no say. The test obviously came out negative but cost me around $200 extra, but of course what can I do since I stupidly signed the papers? Not only was that, but the vet was very rude because my PUPPY was barking at her in fear, she talked to me like I don’t know how to take care of her. Not happy at all with my experience!

Kristen Adams

2 years ago

Excellent doctors and staff! Treated with kindness and respect throughout the whole process, the emergency pricing is more than fair.

Carlos & Katiria Orsini

2 years ago

Great Service , professionalism & without me even being there they were able to give me directions on what procedure to do while on the phone , Thankyou for helping us with our miniature schnauzer Romeo once again

Andrew Harbuck

2 years ago

Been their twice. Little pricey,but it's after hours. Got excellent care both times. Second time vet opted for a more conservative approach. Could have gone the other way,so I appreciate her honesty. We will continue to use this facility for Amy emergency.

Tom Johnson

2 years ago

Unfortunately have had to use their services more than once. Each time they have been honest and fair in theirs treatment and costs. Remember people this is a EMERGENCY vet.....

Christine Jarque

2 years ago

Very thankful for this emergency hospital. Although there sometimes is a long wait, the staff is wonderful. They have cared for many of my pups ❤️ I would highly recommend them.

Its Only Ra

2 years ago

Absolutely terrible! Went in at 10:30pm last night because my 6.5 week old puppy was weak and his sugars were low. Found out it he had a upper respiratory infection. They put a catheter on him, injected him some sugar and some antibiotics. Got sent home by the doctor with the catheter on "just incase" I have to rush him back, because apparently the puppy was fine and he would be back to normal in a couple of hours. Fast forward 6 hrs later. I constantly checked up on my puppy but this last time I checked on him, he was crying loudly. I picked him up to find him really weak, dried eyes and snout. I gave him water and then rushed him back to the E.R. He passed away on my arms as I'm driving. I get to the E.R and one of ladies in the front desk was rude and snotty when I had asked her who do I need to speak to, because I was just here a couple of hours ago. Long story short, I was put in a room after they took my dead dog back. Waited an hour before they told me anything. They forgot I was completely there waiting in the room so I went back to the front desk and waited there. I have not spoke to anyone but the front desk lady. No doctors or nothing! She tells me she wishes she can tell me what went wrong or why he died because they didn't have an absolute answer. I will never ever return to this hell hole! I will speak to someone who is above everyone there to find an answer. I spent so much money in a matter of hours for my dog to die and they don't have an answer regarding his death after I was sent home and told he was ok?! I know it's not going to bring my dog back but I deserve an answer on why he died!

Rene Knapp

2 years ago

Our heartfelt thanks to the Animal Emergency of Hernando and all the wonderful doctors and technicians who helped save our dog. Two weeks ago we brought him in and he needed emergency surgery. Dr. Stone was amazing and she explained everything to us. The techs were friendly and empathetic. The cost was fair and affordable. I would always feel confident to use them in the future for any of our pets if needed

Steve Newsome

2 years ago

Great service when they were on Deltona Boulevard very rude to me will never go back there again

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