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Sara Gonzalez

a year ago

Amazing! Dr. Tipton and the nurse Liz were incredibly patient with Bruno! Thank you so much, 100% would recommend.


a year ago

They were very understanding and I recommend them highly

Shannon Tellbuescher

a year ago

I love Thrive Vet! We’ve been taking our silver lab here since we adopted him and they are wonderful. Prices are affordable and the staff is very caring and knowledgeable. They always call the day after his appointment to check up on him. I highly recommend this veterinarian!

Peter King

a year ago

Good food very good service

Lorenna Fernandes

a year ago

Dr Tipton and Apple are the best! Thank you guys for taking good care of little Leo!

Frank Brinds

a year ago

Great people that did a super job with our little Andy

Deborah Griffin

a year ago

Both Dr Tipton, and her assistant Apple were wonderful. Very knowledgeable, friendly, and took good care of Maya ( my pup) I highly recommend THRIVE.

Nena Robert

a year ago

As always, nicest staff and great service! Doc took her time and Apple, the vet tech, was incredibly helpful.

Toni Jones

a year ago

Dr.Tipton and Apple the technician both genuinely both seem to care about Zoe‘s well-being. This was my first visit to this place today and everyone that I had contact with was super nice and professional and seem to really care about your pets.

Jessilynn Perdue

a year ago

Sorry I don’t remember her name but the associate upfront, was too sweet! Dr. seemed knowledgeable & was nice! Apple was very accommodating & nice as well! Thanks Ladies! ❤️

Jocelyn Ortiz

a year ago

I took my dog Bella here because her vet was not available to see her the same day. I called this place and they were able to see her the same day. We couldn’t wait longer... she was so sick. They were very professional and so kind with my Bella. I recommend this place to anyone who really cares about their pet, and want to see them well. Very nice place and so clean. I am so grateful I found them???? Thank you so much for your flexibility to schedule Bella’S appointment. Thank you Dr. Tipton.

Sarah Edwards

a year ago

I have struggled to find a good vet that i can take my stranger danger scared dog to that will work with me to make the experience better for her. She has to be muzzled, she isn’t aggressive just scared and it puts my mind at more of an …

Eric Delgreco

a year ago

Great place! Friendly people, affordable. Definitely recommend.

Karen Gutapfel

a year ago

My first time in and they are closed due to staff shortage and I would have to go to St Pete

Yana Cross

a year ago

They have no doctor assigned for months.

Tyler R

a year ago

Excellent service and care for all three of our animals.

Sue Fetsch

a year ago

How to coupon to get Science Diet $4 off, had trouble with the coupon it was good the register said no but she gave it to me anyway it's a nice place it's clean friendly they're just too expensive.

Amy M.

a year ago

Absolutely amazing Veterinary clinic. I adopted a 9 month old kitten 2 days ago and noticed that she was sneezing, had a stuffy nose and watery eye. Thrive got us in quickly which I am so thankful for because I was worried about my little Lilli Belle. The entire staff from the scheduler on the phone to the vet tech to the veterinarian herself were kind, patient, knowledgeable and caring. Dr. O'Hara explained everything to me upfront and gave me choices in terms of treatment for Lilli. She took her time making sure I understood everything and set my mind at ease. I was made aware of costs and options in a clear and understandable way. I was absolutely amazed at how affordable the visit and treatment plan was. Thanks for your kindness and concern. I recommend Thrive in Seminole to anyone who has a four-legged furry baby.

Kylene Minnicus

a year ago

Good vet for quick easy things . also prices good

Gisele Magras

a year ago

Great care. Would recommend to anyone needing a vet.

Jeffery C

a year ago

I will not do business with this company or location again. There are so many things they did wrong. The location has a chain across the entry, so no one can come in the reception area. Instead we had to stand INSIDE the PetCo store by the chain the entire time our dog was inside. (what sense does that make? It's OK to be inside the PetCo store, but NOT inside the vet area.) My dog was a rescue dog, he's very clingy and does not like people. I explained to the receptionist that Max was jabbed in the spine (he's a small dog) the last time he got shots and yelped and bit at the vet. Re remembered the experience and was obviously very scared. I asked to go back with him and they refused. instead they drug him by the leash to the back. 5 minutes later they drag him back out to the PetCo STORE, so I could put a muzzle on him. How professional is that? It isn't! They blamed it on company policy that I guess they have to do traumatic stuff like that IN THE PETCO STORE instead of the vet exam room.. No sense at all. I asked repeatedly to be able to go back with max that he was scared and needed me or my son with him... They refused and blame it on company policy. 15 minutes later they're done with him and call my PHONE to tell me about his health. The vet NOR the vet tech would come 20 FEET to the chain they have up to TALK TO ME.. Instead I have to try hearing the vet over my cellphone over the store music and customers inside the store. Again, only 20 feet away from the person inside the exam room with Max. I tell them I can hardly hear them and why can't they come out and talk with me.. Again, told it's company policy.. That's one of the dumbest policies ever! So I don't hear half what the vet said and they bring max out with my bill. Max has a broken tooth. I wanted them to look at, but because of the muzzle and the Vets REFUSAL to allow anyone in with him, they didn't even look at the ONE thing I wanted them to look at... My son or I could have easily showed them the broken tooth... Instead Max had a muzzle on the entire visit! So I get a bill for nearly $200 for nothing but a couple of shots. They didn't do what I wanted, and now Max is even more traumatized than he was to begin with. I will NEVER bring my pet nor recommend this company to anyone. I'm still baffled how they think it's a good idea to further traumatize a dog that I told them was already scared of people. To then separate him from the people he trusts and make an even worse experience for him... All they had to do was let me or my son stay with him during the visit. EASY.!! Never again with this company!!! And if I get a response, don't BLAME it on covid. EVERY SINGLE business is OPEN in the county and mask free (or optional) Refusing to come out of the exam room or allowing anyone to stay with a traumatized pet has nothing to do with covid!! Resonse To their answer:::: NO, having an office person run interference between the vet and the customer is NOT part of covid practice. It's ok for the office person do do VET stuff inside the PETCO?, along with ALL the other customers etc inside the PETCO. Yet you think your vet will somehow contract covid by a customer being with their pet.... NO... NOT common sense. NOT a good excuse. My pet was was already afraid of people and your vet doc with poor manners made things worse... Not a valid excuse and pretty lame of you to try.


a year ago

The staff here is amazing! The concierge Bella, was so kind to me and my furry little friend. The nurse Lauren took such good care of my dog. And talking to the doctor is like talking to a good friend. Highly recommend this clinic.

Cristal Bolte

2 years ago

Great price, but I would prefer to go in with with my fir-baby

Lana Zabriskie

2 years ago

After having all four of my dogs at this clinic in the last 6-7 months for exams, testing, and vaccinations (two of them going on more than one occasion for multiple rounds of boosters/shots between September and March), I was advised today that they are unable to refill their flea/heartworm medication unless i bring each of them in again for another examination since the current vet on staff has not personally examined them..... in spite of the fact that they have ALL been seen (and prescribed the meds) by a vet on staff there following exams within the past several months (one as recently as February). I was told if I had chosen the St Pete location instead of the Seminole location, there is a "regular vet" there and this would not be an issue. Additionally, I would encourage you to keep copies of all treatments/vaccinations they provide to your pet if you utilize their services. On more than one occasion I received emails indicating a vaccination was due when in fact it had recently been administered. I have had to email them copies of vaccination reports more than once. If I had not kept track on my own, my pets would have received double vaccinations.

Miranda Cooper

2 years ago

They really care about the pets. Very happy to have found them.

Lori Brown

2 years ago

Very gentle with pets. Also explain what they are doing with your pets and what they actually did thoroughly with pet owners

Pablo Minaca

2 years ago

Customer service Not friendly neither helpful. ????

susanne Suchodolski

2 years ago

First time here since I moved. Too lazy to drive 20 minutes to my old vet. (Big mistake) Sad that after a $35 exam fee they then charge $38 to look at a microscope. Apparently thats affordable?? After ear medicine and a 1yr rabies …

Cary Floyd

2 years ago

I was horrified of the experience I had today, I took my kitten in for a sick visit with an appointment at 8 am. I was notified at 8:45am that the Dr. had not arrived. I was then notified about 9:15 that Dr. was on her way and I could leave kitten and they would call me when it was time to pick up. I waited until 10:15 and was told Dr. was catching up and would call in 15 minutes. Never got a phone call so I drove back to pick up my kitten. They said he was being evaluated when I arrived, which was 10;45. As I was waiting I noticed 2 customers walking out with their dogs, medicine in hand. The Dr. then called me and asked if I could pick up my kitten in an hour. I expressed my displeasure and asked why other animals were seen before my kitten when my appointment was 8 am. She told me that she had two dogs with anxiety that needed to be seen right away. This is bad business practice and I didn't even get an apology. Instead she snapped at me and said I could talk to her business manager. He also never apologized ,was rude and extremely unprofessional. My kitten sat in his carrier for 3 hours because they thought the dogs anxiety was more important than my kitten's illness. I am disgusted and will never go back to this vet again.

Andrew Wallace

2 years ago

I would give no stars if possible. I called twice to make sure they could handle my pets needs only to be told when I arrived at my appointment that they could not accommodate my pets needs. This place is a joke. Don't think it is an …

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